Top 20 Home Decor Manufacturers in China

By Sarah
April 2, 2024

You might have seen dreams of embellishing your dwelling and elevating your boast levels. Most customers think about decorating their homes. You can estimate this industry’s worth by checking out the following data.

  • The home decor industry has a market size of 128 billion USD.
  • The growth rate is 5.33%. (Source: Statista)

It shows the potential of the home decor industry and is a chance for you to try selling. Before that, you need suppliers to dress up your dreams.

We have enlisted 20 top China home decor manufacturers that can prove valuable to you. Check out the list!

1. Top 20 Home Decor Manufacturers in China

Stop your quest for the top China home decor manufacturing companies. We have carefully reviewed the top 20 manufacturers. Take a look!

1) Wesmo Industries Limited

There is no single reason for not listing the Wesmo industries. Best quality. Best products. Professional staff is ready to listen to your demands actively.

Wesmo Industries Limited

It has an in-house design team that crafts the best sample designs. Unique products are fantastic choices for a brand. Moreover, it has 20+ years of experience in manufacturing home decor products.

The best products include:

  • Flower vase
  • Book holders
  • Interior home decor art pieces.

The essential products include:

  • Free Inspection Report. Wesmo Industries cares about quality and offers you inspection. You also get free inspection reports showing the product’s quality.
  • High Monthly Output. It can produce 100K+ products per month. That is amazing if you have a well-established brand and want bulk products.

2) Foshan Navonato

Foshan Navonato is a well-known name in the home decor industry. It started exporting products in 2010. Because of quality products, it is one of the top manufacturers. Moreover, bigger manufacturing setups are another treat for a customer.


There are a variety of products.

  • Porcelain Tile
  • Rustic Tile
  • Luxury stone tiles.

The primary pros include:

  • Short lead times. It takes up to 15 days for it to manufacture the bulk products. It has quite a short lead time. You can keep the business flowing with fast production.
  • ODM/OEM services. Believe in the supremacy of Foshan Navonato of OEM/ODM services. It offers a full-fledged customization facility.

3) Conda Clock Limited – China

If you’ve started your home decor business, Conda Clock can be a helpful partner. Since its inception in 1992, it has helped consumers get quality watches.

There are multiple varieties of clocks you can explore at this home decor manufacturer. These include:

  • Quart Clock
  • Wall Clock
  • Metal Clock
  • Crystal Clock
  • Clock Hands

There are many perks to working with this home decor manufacturer.

  • High monthly production. This supplier produces up to 100K products monthly. If you are looking for bulk production, it can be the right choice.
  • Quality products. Don’t bother about the quality. Conda clock focuses on quality clocks.

4) Foshan Shunde Guoxin

Foshan Shunde Guoxin is all about consumers looking for home decor products. Shunde Guoxin has more than a decade of experience in home products.


Their primary focus is to provide home appliances.

The essential products include:

  • Aroma diffuser
  • Humidifier
  • LED Light
  • Wall Switch

Here are some benefits you get from this home decor manufacturer.

  • Customer Satisfaction. Shunde Guoxin tries its best to satisfy consumers. Therefore, you can find positive reviews online.
  • Quality Home Products. This home decor manufacturer aims at quality. Products go through inspection processes before delivery to consumers.

5) Foshan City Nanhai Yudi Hardware Products

Yudi hardware products are above levels of quality. They have been producing inventory for many years. Founded in 2009, YUDI has an integrated system of raw materials and production. That saves you more time and creates more products in less time.

Foshan City Nanhai Yudi Hardware Products

Four engineers and 20 technical people are ready to prepare your designs and fulfill your dreams.

The main products include:

  • Screen
  • Showroom Screen
  • Hotel room screen
  • Dining room screen
  • Complete export facility. This supplier exports products to different countries. It can be your chance for hassle-free shipping.
  • Variety of products. Different designs are impressive. You’ll love all the products available at this home decor manufacturer.

6) Chaozhou Yuanwang Ceramic

Are you looking for ceramic-related home decor products? Look no further than Yuanwang ceramics. A dedicated supplier has worked since 2006 and offers the best quality products.

Chaozhou Yuanwang Ceramic

The primary product collection includes:

  • Ceramic canisters
  • Bowls
  • Vases
  • Garden candles

Relax! There are some benefits of working with this supplier.

  • Large manufacturing plant. The factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters. It is enough to produce hundreds of products simultaneously.
  • Quality products. The product quality is beyond words. You’ll love it. So, don’t miss the opportunity to work with this supplier now!

7) Hangzhou Ninfe Home

The name is enough for the Hangzhou Ninfe home. It has been working in the home decor industry for more than 15 years. The focus on quality and adherence to customization makes it a top supplier. Moreover, Ninfe Home produces an extended range of products.

Hangzhou Ninfe Home

Some essential products are:

  • Aroma Candles
  • Room sprayer oils
  • Fragrance oils
  • Scented stones

This supplier has many pros in its pocket. You can take a look at them!

  • Do you have any special requirements for your products? Ninfe home decor manufacturers are keen to listen to it. They will offer the best services for your branded products.
  • Customer satisfaction. Ninfe supplier extends a helping hand to the consumers. That keeps you nurturing the best products with quality.

8) Qingdao Bo Rui Heng Trade

Bo Rui Heng is all about glass products. Since 2011, it has served its consumers with all glassware products. Do you know the best part of their deal?

Qingdao Bo Rui Heng Trade

It delivers a quality and seamless experience. This home decor manufacturer focuses on the consumer experience.

Best-selling products are:

  • Glass holders
  • Glass vases
  • Glass cups

The benefits are:

  • Quality products. Don’t fret; it has the best quality products. You can test the quality in labs as well.
  • Competitive rates. Product prices are meager. It can raise your profit margins and flourish your business.

9) Xuzhou Jirui Glass Products

Jirui glass products are just amazing. They deploy the latest technology. A team of technical persons handles all your production processes.


With 11 workshops, they are reigning in the glass industry. A variety of home decor options puts you in control.

The best-selling products include:

  • Glass jars
  • Cosmetic bottles
  • Drinking bottles
  • Honey bottles
  • Food containers

The benefits are:

  • Complete shipping facility. Good news for you! You don’t have to find the shipping providers. This supplier also ships for you! Sit and get relaxed!
  • Cutting-edge technology. The dedication to quality production is beyond imagination. Automated technology increases product accuracy and minimizes defects.

10) Foshan Shunde Rongcanghai Furniture

If you are a furniture seller, here is another pick for you. Foshan Shunde Rongcanghai solely focuses on producing the best quality modern designs.

Established in 2012, it manufactures the quality furniture for the hotel rooms.

The essential products include:

  • Aluminum Chair
  • Wood chair
  • Bars

The benefits include:

  • Unique Styles. Different designs of furniture are fascinating. You get an excellent place to get the branded furniture.
  • Reasonable Pricing. The pricing structure is flexible. If you are going for bulk, prepare for some discount offers.

11) Quanzhou U-Wanting Art & Crafts

Do you want some extraordinary products for your home? Don’t miss the train of U-wanting art and crafts. It has been working since 2019 and has produced quality products for consumers.

Quanzhou U-Wanting Art & Crafts

The active R&D team produces innovative designs and enhances product offerings. From decoration to home decor, you get the following products.

  • Animal Statues
  • Flower statues
  • Human sculptures

It has the following benefits for the customers.

  • Quality products. U-wanting has some of the best products in the town. Excellent quality. You’ll shoot up your business repo.
  • Customization. Feel free if you want the custom designs of your sculptures. Shock your consumers with their handmade sculptures and make more sales.

12) Foshan Dixi Hardware

Located in Foshan, this supplier has more than ten years of experience. They manufacture furniture primarily for hotels. If you want to decorate your home with furniture, it can be an ideal choice.

The essential products include:

  • Steel hotel chair
  • Hotel banquet chairs
  • Baby Chairs
  • Tolleys

The benefits include:

  • Access to the Latest production tools. This supplier deploys only the best tools for production. That increases the precision of features in your products.
  • After-sale services. Dixi Hardware is not going to leave you soon. They help you resolve all your problems even after the sale.

13) Foshan Fuzhidao Furniture

Foshan Fuzidhao is also a top furniture manufacturer founded in 2011. It has served consumers around the globe. Best quality stuff is the reason behind its immense popularity.

The essential products include:

  • Banquet chair
  • Aluminum chair
  • Steel Chair
  • Metal chair

The benefits include:

  • Good quality. Fuzhidao has the best quality furniture products. It can speed up your business growth.
  • Competitive costs. The cost is reasonable. You can make more money by purchasing furniture.

14. Ningbo Jiayu Craftwork Factory

Ningbo Jiayu has 100+ workers dedicated to producing the best quality products. It exports the products to various countries such as the US and Europe. Founded in 2006, it furnishes quality only.


The essential products include:

  • Photo frames

The benefits include:

  • Excellent Quality. Jiayu offers quality products to the consumers. You can improve your business status by winning consumers’ trust.
  • Reliable shipping. Shipping is quick and dependable. You get products safely at your location. Isn’t it enough for you?

15) Yuyao Yisheng Metal Products

The fantastic collection of metallic home decor products is shocking. Yisheng metal products have the best quality. Moreover,  it supports the consumers to start their brand.


Simply put, it is the supplier you always wanted to work with.

The essential products include:

  • Curtain rods
  • Finial
  • Bracket
  • Curtain rings

The benefits include:

  • If you’ve got some specific requirements regarding the products, inform the team. They will input your creative ideas.
  • Customer support. Customer support is fantastic and ready to resolve all your problems sooner.

16) S&L Digital arts

S&L Digital Arts is a Chinese home decor manufacturer specializing in digital arts, such as images and pictures. It has a solid technical team that resolves your issues. Plus, attention to consumers is an excellent choice.


The essential products include:

  • Photo frames
  • Mats
  • Diploma covers

The benefits include:

  • Stylish designs. Product designs are creative. It can be a massive opportunity for a newly established brand looking for good sales levels.
  • Quality production. The production process involves quality control. That is great for your business recognition.

17) Guangdong Peiyi Electronics

Do you want some lights to light up your home? Head over to Guangdong Peiyi Electronics, which has 80-plus industry experts. Moreover, the deployment of advanced machines gets you precise products.

The essential products include:

  • Picture frames
  • Lights
  • Lightboxes

The benefits include:

  • Innovative designs. Peiyi Electronics team introduces unique and excellent designs. Your consumers are going to love them.
  • International shipping. Whether you live in the US or Europe, this supplier has got you there.

18) Dingzhou Huaguang Candles

When the Huaguang Candle comes out on the top, your research ends. Best candles. 500+ staff workers offer their services. Every product has to go through different testing methods.

The essential products include:

  • Church candles
  • Taper candles
  • Spiral candles
  • Tea-light candles

The benefits include:

  • Variety of candle products. Different types and styles of candles ease you up. You can grab candles and test their quality.
  • Customization. This supplier listens to all your customization needs. So, be liberal in telling your demands.

19) Fuzhou Well Arts & Crafts

Fuzhou Well Arts and Crafts has worked in the home decor industry for 10+ years. They have massive production setups and good-quality products.


The essential products include:

  • Leather storage boxes
  • Tissue boxes
  • Photo frames

The benefits include:

  • Excellent Quality. Quality is always the best because of the superb production setup and good team.
  • Good pricing. The pricing structure offers you a variety of discounts. You can make higher profits.

20) Wuxi Xushan Glass Products Factory

Wuxi Xushan Glass products have achieved a big name in the industry. All owe to the well-equipped production system and focus on the glass quality.

Wuxi Xushan Glass Products Factory

The essential products include:

  • Glass plate
  • Glass clock
  • Auto bulb
  • Glass coaster

The benefits include:

  • Complete shipping access. It ships products around the globe. You don’t have to worry about the shipping when working with this supplier.
  • Good quality. The quality is incredible. You can increase your sales with this supplier.

2. Home Decor Materials You Should Consider

If you are wondering about home decor materials, don’t forget the various products on this list. These include:

● Wallpapers

People want to amp up their room’s beauty. Therefore, they need solutions that embellish their walls. On the one hand, you might see the painting as the best idea. No doubt it is the best, but vintage painting is expensive.

Therefore, customers head to the wallpapers and wall-hanging materials. That adds to the ultimate beauty and enhances the glamor. Thus, sales reach the next level. You can make more bucks with wallpaper sales.

● Doorknobs

Doodknobs are still underrated in the industry. But they have a high value—all prices for their customization plus the glamorous look at your doors. A themed homeowner customizes the doorknobs according to the requirements.

● Flower Vases

Selling an elegant flower vase to consumers is still a dream for many sellers. You might love to have artificial flowers. A flower vase with different colors is the perfect addition to your theme.

● Mats

Have you ever wondered about the red carpet? That is just amazing, owing to the excellent beauty. Now apply this case here in your homes. It would look terrific if you spread the nice-looking mats on your floor.

It will keep your floors from getting dirty and will show your grandiosity.

● Kitchen Accessories

Are you a chef? If yes, you might know the significance of pressure cookers, ovens, or griddles. Even the shelf organizers look impressive at first glance.

● Furniture

Mid-century furniture is beyond words. Desk, chairs, and beautiful tables are not just places to sit and eat. But show your luxurious living and spice up your home’s beauty. Many people try to snatch such products at any cost. You can raise your margins by selling. So simple!

● Lighting

Imagine your fairy world. Lights are hanging in the centers of your home, and you walk around at night. Don’t you think it still looks like the dream?

Lighting is not just a guide in the dark but also an ornamental piece if you put them in specific patterns and themes.

3. Search Home Decor Manufacturers in China

China home decor manufacturers are not miles away. What you have to do is to do a proper research.

The question is, where should you find China’s home decor manufacturers? Three key answers. Hunt them down now!

● Search Platforms

Do you know about Alibaba? It is one of the biggest suppliers’ directories. You can head over to Alibaba and search for the suppliers.

Don’t worry, it is not just Alibaba. Additional websites include Taobao, 1688, Made-in-China, and Dhgate. Look for top suppliers on these websites.

● Visit Trade Shows

Sometimes, there is a risk of online scams. And it happens too often due to easy technology use, such as AI. Fake suppliers are around, but you still have a solution.

Visit the Canton Fair or Guangzhou trade shows. Suppliers gather around to showcase their products. You can’t only find the supplier but also communicate to know about them and deal safely.

Luckily, you are available in person, and the risks of scams are 0%.

● Search Engines

Don’t you try Alibaba? Can’t you go to the Trade shows? One last chance— Hey, Google!

Open up your Google Chrome or try out the Bing. DuckDuckGo can be a good option if you are trying out probing into China home decor manufacturers.

4. Ensure the reliability Of the supplier

Ratios of scams, especially quality scams, have increased. You have to avoid that on priority. Therefore, working with a supplier can be difficult if you don’t follow these tips.

Take a look at tips for your safety.

● Look for suppliers with transparent company info and history.

The foremost thing to do is to dig into the suppliers’ profiles. For example, you’ve found a supplier on Alibaba. Look for the following things.

  • Verification status of the supplier.
  • Where is the suppliers’ factory?
  • Confirm the company info.
  • Go for the real-time images.
  • Check transaction history.

Monitoring all these factors will minimize the risks of working with a pesky supplier. You’ll deal only with the professionals who commit to quality.

● Read multiple third-party reviews.

Have you heard of Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Capterra, and many other sites? If yes, go ahead and search for the supplier.

Know about the company. Search on Google and Yelp for the reviews. Many other online websites offer reviewing. You can read the reviews and understand where the supplier is lacking.

● Verify any quality or trade certifications claimed.

Trade quality and certificates are paramount if you want to sell online. Amazon won’t let you sell products in the US without the UL certificates for your products. Similarly, FCC and many other certificates must be in your hand before selling.

Talk to the supplier and ask about the certificates and quality.

  • Do the suppliers have quality control?
  • What type of certificates does the supplier provide? Where are they verified?

You’ll save yourself from upcoming business hassles.

● Evaluate communication style and responsiveness.

A professional home decor manufacturer knows how to lean towards the customers and offer them the best services. That is the thing you should notice.

Conversate with the supplier about different aspects of your business. Know about the costs. You should even go one extra mile for price negotiation.

A professional manufacturer will try to attend to you in the best capacity. He might propose some discounts to acquire your business deal!

● Compare pricing between suppliers for competitiveness.

Have you received the quote from the supplier? Don’t wrap it right now. Instead, talk to many other suppliers.

Let me give you some tips here. Suppose you’ve got 10 Chinese home decor manufacturers on Alibaba. Get quotes from all of them. Compare the costs and filter out the lowest quote.

Make sure the quality is good. Talk to the best supplier to see if he can reduce his quote.

● Ask about quality control practices and standards.

Quality is the epitome of your business. You can’t miss it because it can skyrocket your business reputation. Therefore, confirm the quality control from the supplier and know how they process the pre-production and pre-shipment inspection.

Work with some inspection services to ensure a better quality at such a point.

5. FAQs

1) Is selling home decor products profitable?

Yes, 100%. Home decor is not only a high-selling niche but also highly profitable. You can make more money with the right product selling.

2) What type of home decor sells the most?

Home lighting, mats, and wallpapers are among the best-selling items in home decor. You must have the right supplier and advertise your store correctly. That is all for your success.

3) What is the profit margin of home decor?

You can save 20-50% by selling in the home decor business. But it depends on what products you are selling and their profit margins.

4) How do I start a decor brand?

To start a home decor, look for the steps:

  • You must have a supplier.
  • Set up your online store.
  • List your home decor products.
  • Advertise your business.
  • Start selling and shipping.

It is not a very deceptive task.

5) Why should I buy from Chinese home decor manufacturing companies?

It is a good question, but there are many reasons to do:

  • Prices are competitive and even lower compared to other manufacturers.
  • Chinese home decor product manufacturers are super creative.
  • Shipping facilities are available.
  • Quality is the best!


If you are looking for branded home decor items, always look for the custom home decor manufacturers. Discuss your deals and close them only if you are 100% sure of the contract. Ensure there are no hidden charges, and you inspect the products before shipment.

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