Top 15 Air Conditioner Manufacturers in China

By Sarah
March 19, 2024

Are you looking for an air conditioner? Have you tried any Chinese brand? If you are searching for a good air conditioning unit, read this to learn the best brands!

Air conditioners are necessary in any home, office, or business place. But because of the high cost of living, one may hesitate to get one. The other leading global brands are also expensive. So we are bringing you the top makers from China.

1. Top 15 Air Conditioner Manufacturers

1) Gree Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. is based in Zhuhai. It is the biggest producer of household air conditioners worldwide. They sell split-type and window air conditioners. It started in 1991.


They manufacture small appliances, washing machines, and refrigerators. Gree has grown into worldwide markets, such as those in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

2) Midea Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Midea Group is a maker of air conditioners. It started in 1968 in Guangdong, China. Since then, the business has grown to operate in more than 200 nations and territories. It is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of home appliances, including air-conditioners.


Midea manufactures portable air conditioners, air purifiers, and air conditioning unit types. They have split-type and window air conditioners. Their products are popular for being affordable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient.

3) Haier Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Haier is among the biggest producers of air conditioners worldwide. Since its founding in Qingdao in 1984, the company has grown to operate in more than 100 nations. They also manufacture consumer electronics and household appliances.


Haier is famous for manufacturing premium air conditioners. They boast of cutting-edge technology and low energy consumption. And, they sell portable air conditioners, windows, and split-type air conditioners. They also have ductless mini-split air conditioners.

4) Hisense Air Conditioner Manufacturer

This company began to operate in 1969 in Qingdao. They have grown to operate in more than 160 nations. They make different air conditioning units. Some are portable, window and split-type units, and more.


Hisense is the best option for homes and businesses. They are cost-effective and energy-efficient. They are leaders in the industry due to their quality and innovation.

5) AUX Air Conditioner Manufacturer

In 1986, the AUX Group founded the Chinese brand AUX Air Conditioner. Today, they are one of the top producers of air conditioners. Some are portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, split air conditioners, and more.


AUX placed third in the category of air conditioners. Their factories are in Ningbo, Nanchang, Tianjin, Brazil, and Indonesia. AUX air conditioners have cutting-edge features and energy efficiency.

6) Galanz Air Conditioner Manufacturer

The company started in 1978 with factories in Zhongshan City and Foshan City. Galanz produces air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and other home appliances.


They have portable air conditioners, window air conditioners, split air conditioners, and more. Galanz has built a solid reputation for quality both here and abroad.

7) MBO Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Founded in 2010, the MBO Group is home to the MBO Air Conditioner brand. They are a high-technology company. It has its production, research, and sales for air-conditioning products. Some of their products are wearable, central, and home air conditioning.


It became one of the “Top Ten Brands in the Air Conditioning Industry”. It also helped create the GB/T 7725-2022 national standard for room air conditioners. MBO has more than 600 patents, of which more than 100 were invention patents.

8) Chigo Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Chigo started in 1994 with a base in Guangdong, China. Chigo is a maker of air conditioners like split-type, window-type, portable ACs, and more. It exports to different countries.

Chigo Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Chigo is a modern, expert maker of air conditioners. It sells both residential and commercial air conditioners globally. Chigo is now a top brand in air conditioning due to its superior goods and innovative technology.

9) Chunlan Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Chunlan has the longest history of professional air conditioner manufacturing in China. They built its first set of air conditioners in 1973. Chunlan was the first Chinese air conditioner company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Chunlan Air Conditioner Manufacturer

.They sell commercial and household air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and other items. They are among China’s biggest business empires.

10) Kelon Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Kelon, or Hisense, is a maker of refrigerators, air conditioners, and other home appliances. The company started in 1984. Their main office is in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China.

Kelon provides a long range of air conditioners and freezers to the worldwide market. They commit to the study and advancement of air conditioner core technology. They are the best choice for comfort, dependability, and quiet design.

11) Changhong Air Conditioner Manufacturer

The Changhong air conditioner business unit provides a comprehensive selection of HVAC goods. Since 1958, it has been one of China’s biggest manufacturers of household appliances.

Changhong Air Conditioner Manufacturer

They make portable, window-type, floor-standing air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and lights. Their five production facilities are in Mianyang, Zhongshan, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

One of their achievements is to make dust-free fresh air solutions. It fixes excessive noise, dirt, and viruses.

12) TCL Air Conditioner Manufacturer

TCL opened in October 19991. The TCL Air Conditioner Business focuses on producing a range of air conditioners. It includes portable dehumidifiers and air conditioners for homes and businesses.

TCL has a worldwide network of ten production facilities. They are located in China, Brazil, and Indonesia. Some of their famous models include the FreshIN, GentleCool, Elite, and Q-Series models.

TCL Air Conditioner Manufacturer

TCL AC has emerged as one of China’s major producers of air conditioners. It has been in the top three in the country’s AC market for several years. They sell a wide range of dehumidifiers, portable ACs, and commercial and home air conditioners.

13) Shinco Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Jiangsu Shinco Appliance Co., Ltd., the company’s official name, started in 1921. They provide dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners.

Shinco Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Shinco is now famous for providing high-quality goods and first-rate customer support. For easy customer delivery, they have warehouses in the USA, UK, Germany, and Australia.

Shinco has an annual design capacity of 3.5 million units of household air conditioners. They have partnered with big brands. Some of them are LG, Samsung, Electrolux, Westpoint, Delonghi, Teco, Kingfisher, and more. They also sell to more than 80 foreign nations and areas.

14) Yair Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Yair has a history spanning more than 30 years. The company was among the first in China to manufacture air conditioning systems in 1988. Their office is in Chuzhou, Anhui, China’s Economic and Technological Development Zone.

Yair Air Conditioner Manufacturer

The business is a high-tech corporation. They have “National Accredited Laboratory (CNAs)” and the “National Enterprise Technology Center”. China has acknowledged its 16 independent testing laboratories.

Yangzi Air Conditioning focuses on “scientific and technological innovation and green development.” It is the first company to popularize energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and cozy air conditioning.

15) Sonlu Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Sonlu Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Jiangsu Sonlu is a company with headquarters in Suqian, Jiangsu, China. It is the manufacturer of air conditioners under the Sonlu brand. They manufacture equipment for commercial refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

They are dedicated to making intelligent home appliances market. And, they offer air conditioners and refrigerators. Sonlu has partnerships with many international and domestic first-line brands.

2. China Air Conditioner Basic

China’s air conditioning market has grown big in the last several years. The economy has grown massive. The need for air conditioning increased. More people are becoming successful. More brands are rising to fame. Due to this, China became a global leader in the market.

Two companies rank in the market- Gree and Midea. If you have seen these brands in your country, then you know that these are great brands! Consumers trust these brands. They cater to the needs of consumers. It is very useful for any home or workplace.

Big brands like Samsung and LG entered the Chinese market. They invested to cater to the needs of the Chinese market. Today, more and more Chinese brands are dominating the market worldwide.

3. Why Buy Air Conditioners in China?

An air conditioner has an impact on the environment. The Chinese government made a rule. Companies should make air conditioning systems that will not harm the environment. You can be confident of buying for the following reasons:

1) Energy-Saving

You save money and electricity because their AC has an energy-saving feature. It uses minimal electricity while keeping the room cool.

2) Balanced-Airflow

The AC made in China circulates the air evenly so all areas of the room become cool.

3) Good filtration System

The AC units can filter odors and dust that can cause health problems. If you have allergy problems, this will benefit you.

4) With Built-In Dehumidifier

The air conditioner with a built-in dehumidifier is matchless! It protects your house from mildew, mold, and dust mites. It works well in hot and muggy weather to stop molds and viruses from growing on furniture and other surfaces.

5) Affordable

The air conditioner manufacturer can produce affordable units. It also includes all the best features an AC could have. You can get significant discounts when buying them in bulk orders.

6) Easy to Import

Importing AC from China is easy because direct companies can assist you. You can even get help from a sourcing company to reach out to factories. They can help you from negotiating up to the delivery of the units. They can assist you in clearing the products from Customs.

7) Qualities of Air Conditioners in China

The air conditioner is not only about making your place cool or cold. Also, if you cannot buy expensive units, you can trust the Chinese brands because of the following:

8) Energy Efficient Standards

China introduced a standard for room air conditioners. It needs to be energy-saving. By following these guidelines, it guarantees that AC units are more efficient. It allows you to use it longer while using less electricity. Think of it as having a phone with a longer battery life!

9) Globally-Leading Efficiency

In China, the best air conditioners have a category of “Grade 1.” These Grade 1 air conditioners are the most efficient in the US and Japan.

10) Transition to High Efficiency

China aims to remove less efficient air conditioners from the market. They want to improve by removing the old systems. This will have a big impact on caring for the environment.

11) Cooling Action Measures

China’s Green Cooling drive aims to improve the function of an air conditioner. The goal is to provide relief, control humidity, and be energy-efficient while using it.

12) Modern AC Features

You can buy modern air conditioners with intelligent features! You will get energy-saving settings, remote controls, and timers. Your life will be easier with improved efficiency and convenience.

13) Long Lifespan

AC units last long. They are dependable and durable. You can use them for a long time.

4. What Types of Air Conditioners Can You Buy from Air Conditioners Manufacturers in China?

1) Home or Commercial Air Conditioner

You can buy different types of home or commercial ACs from China. And, you can get the window or split-type that are energy-efficient and durable. You can install them in any home or commercial space. They are available in different sizes and HP (horsepower).

2) Central Air Conditioner

You can use central air conditioners in residential and business spaces. Here, the cool air circulates via a network of vents and ducts to power the device.

You put the compressor, condenser, and fan in the outdoor unit of the system. Then, the evaporator and blower fan in the indoor unit. It can make an entire home or building cool using only a single unit.

3) Solar Air Conditioner

If you are looking for an air conditioning system that uses solar energy, China is the best source. You can buy solar air conditioners from the top manufacturers in China. It works by converting photovoltaic (PV) panels to turn sunlight into electricity.

Solar air conditioners offer many advantages. In the long term, they are cheaper, environment-safe, and energy-efficient. They are perfect for places with erratic electricity supplies or distant areas.

4) Cabinet Air Conditioner

A cabinet air conditioner is used in industrial areas. It can maintain acceptable temperature levels for components inside an electrical enclosure. It is also called an enclosure air conditioner or control panel air conditioner.

The top companies that sell them are:

  • DBS Cooling Technology (Suzhou) Co.
  • Qingdao Toyo Industry Co.
  • Suzhou Langji Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou Cybere Cooling Technology Co.
  • Ningbo Hicon Industry Co
  • Guangdong Quanguan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Metalthings International Trading Co.
  • Cooltec Cooling Technology (Qingdao) Co.

5) Portable Air Conditioner

These are light and movable mobile air conditioners. They are perfect for cooling individuals, small rooms, or areas. You can find them even from online stores like Alibaba,, and Taobao. These are among the best sites to get portable air conditioners in China. You can compare prices from thousands of suppliers.

China has wholesale market locations for portable aircon, too. They are Yiwu International Trade City, Guangzhou Wholesale Market, and Shanghai Xinghui Market. They are home to a large number of portable air conditioner sellers.

6) Floor Standing Air Conditioner

For an air conditioning unit placed on or close to the floor, you can buy a floor-standing air conditioner. You see floor-standing air conditioners in business areas. They use it in dining rooms, hotels, villas, data centers, and hallways.

They can also be a wise option for homes, especially if you can’t attach or mount anything to the wall. You can get a variety of models from Midea brands or companies like:

  • Qingdao Vestar International Industry
  • Yiyuan Air Conditioner (Zhejiang) Co.
  • Shenzhen MoreTrade Network Technology
  • Guangdong Head-Power Air Conditioning Co

7) Truck Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a cooling system for the truck’s cab, you can fund suppliers in China. It keeps the truck’s cab at a comfortable temperature in hot or muggy weather. It is best to use when you have to drive at highway speeds and you can’t pull down the windows.

The truck has a delicate electronic component and can break in extreme heat. You can find manufacturers in China that offer high-quality truck air conditioners. (Haier, Changhong, Kelon, Hisense, and more)

5. How Can You Import Air Conditioners From China?

Most of you may think that it is risky to buy an air conditioner in China. But if you are a company that wants to buy in bulk, it’s worth it! You can get them at a low price, with a complete warranty. Here’s how you can import:

1) Selecting the manufacturer

We have listed the top 15 manufacturers in the first part of this blog. If you are in search of the leading and well-trusted brands, you can select and choose from the list.

If you need another supplier, you have to search for them from online platforms like Alibaba. There are other sites like Made in China or Global Sources.

The selection process is the most important. The air conditioner is not a cheap appliance. You want to make sure to deal only with reliable sellers. Also, they must have experience in exporting.

They should know the risks and challenges when shipping these items to any country. There are also regulations they need to follow.

2) Price

The price of air conditioners in China varies by type and strength. So before you check out the price, you have to set a budget. Then, list down the features that you like. Next is to reach out to the suppliers you have chosen and ask for quotes.

When comparing prices, check the features. Research and look for reviews on the brand you chose. Look for red flags like their durability and if they are energy-efficient. This is important when deciding so you don’t only look at the price but also the benefits you can get from each.

Air conditioners in China can be 30-50% cheaper than Japan and US brands.

3) Shipping

The most common methods to ship air conditioners from China are via air or ocean shipping. It depends on how soon you need it, how much budget you have, and the quantity.

Sea freight is the best option as it is cost-effective and suitable for bulk shipment. If you choose a reliable freight forwarder, your shipment is safe. Some get insurance to protect them against loss and damage.

Once it reaches the port, you need to clear the package in Customs. You will need to make arrangements for local handling. You also set the delivery to your address once it reaches the port of destination.

4) Timeframe

Sea freight requires a longer transit time than air freight. The time it takes for your shipment to reach the destination port may be several weeks or months. Planning the delivery is important.

Other factors that can lengthen the delivery time. The Chinese holidays and peak seasons or holidays can extend or delay the delivery. You need to check the available dates for delivery and make some adjustments.

5) Wholesale

Wholesale prices and discounts are available when you reach the supplier’s MOQ. Some suppliers can give low MOQs, like 10 or 20 units. However, some suppliers have higher MOQs, like 50-100 units, to get their wholesale price.

6) Custom Clearing and Fees

Every country has its own customs clearance process and rules. Customs processes are more complicated when shipping by sea. You need to provide accurate paperwork. It includes invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin.

7) Sourcing Agent or Company

A sourcing agent or company is a one-stop solution for any sourcing needs. If you need help looking for the right supplier, they can help. They offer services like sourcing, negotiating, Shipping, Customs clearance, and more. They make the whole process easy and convenient for you.

6. How do you find the best air conditioner manufacturers in China?

1) Check product reviews.

We have shortlisted the best air conditioner manufacturers in China. To know which brand is the best, check for online reviews. Google is very helpful in showing you good and bad reviews about their products. Checking on reviews can help you with your decision.

2) Communicate using the Online Chat Platforms.

If you will use Alibaba and other online marketplaces, reach out to the supplier through chat. Do they respond fast? Do they answer your questions with clarity? Good communication with suppliers starts with how they respond when you chat with them.

3) Know their clientele.

You can confirm their reliability by getting to know their current clientele. And, you can get in touch with these clients to do reference checks. You can find out more about their reliability, quality, and experience with the products.

It will help you determine whether they can make changes to their items. This works when you have special requirements. You will know their place in the market by learning about their clients. Do smaller companies or well-known brands prefer them?

7. FAQs:

1) Who is the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in China?

Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. is China’s biggest air conditioner producer. With its headquarters located in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, Gree is the leading manufacturer of household air conditioners worldwide.

Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. has about 8,000 workers. They have ten factory locations—China (Hefei, Chongqing, Wuhan, Tianjin, Wuhu, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Changsha), Pakistan, and Brazil.

2) What are the best China air conditioner brands?

Some of the best brands are Gree, TCL, Midea, Haier, Hisense, and Aux. These brands are well-recognized in most countries.

3) Who manufactures Bryant air conditioners?

Bryant air conditioners are produced and manufactured by Carrier Global Corporation. Carrier now produces 17 different AC models, each with a different set of specifications. Their product lineup is smart and well-structured.

Bryant is a reputable air conditioning manufacturer. Bryant is a sister company of big companies, including Carrier HVAC, Payne, and HEIL.

4) Who manufactures Goodman air conditioners?

Goodman Manufacturing Corporation is an American firm based in Houston, Texas. Goodman manufactures air conditioners and other products like furnaces and heat pumps. Since its founding, Goodman has operated as a stand-alone division of the Daikin Group.

Daikin is the biggest producer of HVAC systems and accessories worldwide. In 2012, Daikin purchased Goodman. It has grown its operations in the largest HVAC market in the world—North America.

5) Who manufactures American Standard Air Conditioners?

American Standard is a wholly American company. They make air conditioners and other HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) products. American Standard is an excellent choice in the United States.

6) Who manufactures Champion air conditioners?

Johnson Controls makes Champion Air Conditioners. It has over 140 years of experience in heating and cooling systems.

Champion AC units are manufactured, installed, and developed in North America. They provide competitive product warranties and have stringent quality control guidelines.

7) Who manufactures Comfortmaker air conditioners?

United Technologies Corporation’s International Comfort Products (ICP) produces Comfortmaker air conditioners. ICP manufactures air conditioning and heating products under several trademarks, such as Comfortmaker.

The Comfortmaker brand has been around since the 1950s. It is popular for offering a variety of air conditioners to suit all budgets and tastes.

8) Are air conditioners in China efficient?

Yes. China has made great efforts to increase air conditioner efficiency. It helps the environment and lowers household costs.

Summary and Conclusion

You can find excellent air conditioner manufacturers in China. China is a world leader in high-quality, cost-effective, and energy-efficient air conditioners.

You should consider China when looking for a home or business air conditioner needs. There are many brands you can choose from that are well-loved by global consumers. We have listed 15 Top Brands that you can trust and rely on!

The air conditioner manufacturing industry in China is of remarkable quality. You can get modern units with all the best features. It matches the big brands you have known for years.

If you want to search for a manufactured home air conditioner supplier in China, we can be your partner! JustChinaIt is your one-stop solution for all your sourcing needs. Let’s chat today!

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