Top 14 Chinese Dropshipping Suppliers You Need to Know

By HX Wenli
September 1, 2022

Chapter 1: Dropshipping Basics


Dropshipping is an e-Commerce sales method in which a store does not stock the items it sells. When a store uses the dropshipping model to sell a product, it buys the item from a supplier and delivers it directly to the customer. As a result, the seller does not handle the fulfillment.
The seller owns the stocks and product inventory in a regular retail store. In dropshipping, the seller fulfills orders by purchasing goods from a third party—usually a wholesaler or manufacturer. The third party will then process the order and send it to the customer.

What is China dropshipping?

China dropshipping is a model where you select the best China dropship suppliers and work with them. China brand dropshipping is in-demand because there are many good products you can buy from China. Many online sellers started and tried this in AliExpress in recent years.

Why is dropshipping popular in China?

The manufacturing business in China has multiplied over the past decades. No wonder dropshipping to China has become popular these days. It is a low-risk business model. It allows sellers to sell products to clients without paying the high operating costs.
Because of the lower costs, it allows you to become successful much faster than other business methods. Dropshipping from China allowed sellers to grow their businesses without high business capital.
You can find almost any consumer product in China from all product categories. You can find and seek help from a China dropshipping agent if you need to look for the best China dropship suppliers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Made in China dropshipping?


Online sellers can say that dropshipping from China can be convenient or a hassle. This selling model made a lot of success for many and a headache for some! Let’s see some of the pros and cons below.


Wide variety of products

China dropshipping sites offer thousands of products in different categories. Sellers can add as many product categories as possible to their online shops to attract more buyers. Clothing is one good example.
China dropship clothing suppliers have many choices of ready-to-wear or customized clothes. If you dropship from China to USA, you can sell all kinds of clothing-from kids to men or women. The China dropshipping fulfillment team can directly send the orders to your customers within a time frame.
Aside from clothing, you can sell China dropship electronics, car parts, and accessories. You can also choose from sports, home, and beauty products. You can see the different categories of products they sell from China dropshipping websites.
As long as there is a demand, China dropshipping suppliers can supply that product for you What you need to accomplish is find a reliable China dropshipping manufacturer or supplier that sells high-quality products.

Shipping Options

The shipping fee is essential to buyers. If you offer good shipping perks, your sales can grow big. When dropshipping China free shipping is a great option. But of course, this is not always the case.
Sometimes, dropshipping can cause high shipping costs than the product itself. Sellers will always work with a shipping company that can provide the lowest shipping price. Choosing a dependable shipping method ensures that customers receive their products on time without complaints.


Competitive Pricing

When dropshipping China products, your chance of earning a good profit is high. China knows the competition is tough among other countries like the US and Europe. They will sell the product to drop shippers at a low price to achieve their sales goal. This way, the supplier and the online seller will have a win-win state.

Offers Print on Demand

POD (print-on-demand) items are drop-ship items that are personalized and manufactured when a customer orders them. As a POD seller, you must choose a China dropshipping POD supplier who will source and stock all available supplies to print and ship things as requested.
The China dropshipping POD supplier handles everything. Because dropshipping has become so popular, this sourcing approach has become a simple way to find good things to sell on Amazon. Simultaneously, it offers an exciting possibility to start your own business.
The POD sellers will be in charge of their marketing materials. They will then market and sell them on their websites or platforms like Amazon. Some POD suppliers offer dropshipping China free shipping for a minimum order requirement.


Longer shipping time

Shipping time takes too long when dropshipping from China. When you choose an economy type of shipping, it can take from 2 weeks to a month before you can receive your order. The only exemption is when your dropshipping supplier has stocks in their Amazon warehouse and shipping within the US.
The China dropshipping fulfillment is workable, but the shipping schedules are unpredictable. It has to go through customs checking or transporting from one country to another. When there are natural calamities or pandemic restrictions, delays are also expected.

Language barriers

Most China dropshipping companies have communication problems since they cannot speak English. A small percentage of Chinese people can only communicate in English, so this can be a big problem when you need to resolve disputes or negotiate with your suppliers.
There are ways to find a Made in China dropshipping supplier who can speak English well. You need to hire the best dropshipping agent in China to help you connect to these suppliers. If the China brands dropshipping suppliers cannot speak English, the China dropshipping agent will communicate on your behalf.

Product quality issues

There are many counterfeit or low-quality products that you can buy in China. It happens when you do not source your suppliers the right way. Dropshipping from China can be convenient, but one downside is the product quality, especially when the product cost is too low.
It will help your business if you seek help from a dropshipping agent in China to connect you to the best China dropship suppliers. They will provide good options, but they will ensure that the quality of products is satisfactory.

Chapter 2:  Best China Dropship Suppliers

1. AliExpress

With millions of products available in AliExpress, dropshipping from China can give you unlimited options of products to sell. This platform has been known to be established for years, and you can find Made in China dropshipping suppliers here.
If you are interested in their dropshipping program, you can read about their 2022 guidelines here.

2. Alibaba

Signing up for Alibaba’s dropshipping business is easy. There are two reasons why many online sellers choose it: it can deliver to 200 countries worldwide, and its Cloud Computing service can let you access your store on pc or mobile.
Alibaba has more than 100 million customers worldwide. Though one of the challenges is the competition between sellers, you can still find your way to success if you find the suppliers of top-selling products. You can also hire a China dropshipping agent to help you succeed in this business.

3. CJdropshipping  


What you will love about this platform are its print-on-demand or POD products, free USA warehouse inventory, and materials you can use to market your products. They also have an insurance policy if the goods are damaged or lost.
CJ Dropshipping handles orders from other apps like WeD2C, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, and WooCommerce integrations.
All purchased products are processed within 24 hours and delivered by DHL within 3-7 working days globally. CJpacket is its shipping method, but it can take 7-15 days or more depending on pandemic restrictions.

4. DHGate 

It’s a Chinese wholesale and one of the best China dropship suppliers with a global reach. They have a DHGate marketplace where you can buy things at wholesale pricing and then resell them on your website or through another channel like eBay or Amazon.
They have the lowest minimum order quantity when it comes to buying requirements. This is excellent news for online sellers who are just starting or have a small marketing budget. MYYShop is a dedicated page for DHGate drop shippers. If you want to sign up, you can check the mechanics here.


5. Banggood 

If you are looking for another Chinese wholesale platform, you can sign up for Banggood. It is one of the most extensive Made in China dropshipping suppliers with millions of products. That implies that Banggood has a low markup on most of its best-selling items.
To get the best out of this channel, you can hire a sourcing agent China dropshipping expert for Banggood, so you can only connect to reliable suppliers. There is no membership cost when you sign up. You will get customized shipping invoices and personalized product recommendations from this channel.
At Banggood, you may get discounts ranging from 5% to 20% off. It will help online sellers who are just starting their dropshipping venture.

6. LightInTheBox 

If you are a fan of lifestyle products, this is the right channel. LightInTheBox is a dropship from China offering products like jewelry, bags, shoes, outfits, watches, and electronics. They have 100 million stocks, so you won’t have to worry about out-of-stock products because they keep everything in store!
LightInTheBox ships internationally within 4-7 days. With their excellent monitoring system, you can track the progress of your order at any time and from anywhere. It offers an easy order management system that lets you keep track of your inventory and update your store with the most up-to-date prices at any moment.
You can start your China products dropship business with LightInTheBox today by finding the goods you need on their website!


7. Gearbest

Gearbest is a reliable dropshipping platform that allows you to stock your online store with a wide range of products. If you do not have a warehouse or China warehouse dropshipping suppliers, Gearbest is your best option!
Gearbest chooses suppliers based on a professional evaluation system to provide high-quality goods while also keeping product categories extensive. Their strategic brand product, Globalegrow, is known in all parts of China.
You can dropship China products with over 5000 brands and reliable suppliers. You can see almost a thousand new products being added to the site every day. If hiring a dropshipping China sourcing agent is not in your budget right now, this platform is worth trying.

8. HyperSKU

HyperSKU offers numerous pricing options for drop shippers if you want to save on overhead costs. You can add up to 50 products to your order for a reduced price. They send things directly from dropshipping suppliers in China and get them within seven calendar days anywhere.
They also have a bulk order option that lets you handle all of your dropshipping orders from one location. This means you’ll have less work and more time to focus on expanding your business! Online sellers and buyers choose this as one of the best China dropship sites.


9. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a dropshipping China company with around 200,000 suppliers, so you can set up your online shop and choose from millions of saleable products. If you cannot afford to pay a dropshipping agent in China, this platform ensures you are dealing with great suppliers.
Dropshipping China products to any country are made possible with Chinabrands. You don’t even have to make a minimum purchase for a product you want to dropship. You can work with their suppliers and grow your online business in more than one location.

10. uDroppy

Are you looking for a China wholesale dropship supplier? You can now set up your online shop with the best China wholesale dropship platform. You won’t run out of options since they have 1000 categories of products you can list on your store.
It has a unique business model that allows it to sell its items at wholesale pricing to customers worldwide. To access their exclusive products, you can sign up as a member of the uDroppy Dropshipping Club.


11. DealeXtreme

Want extreme discount deals like dropshipping China free shipping for highly discounted items? This is possible with the DealeXtreme platform. Most sellers and dropshipping China suppliers offer dropshipping China free shipping.
You can use different shipping methods from its dropship fulfillment China suppliers. Note that shipping days may take up to 15 days or more, so be sure to choose the best way for your customers.


12. Wiio 

When you sign up in Wiio, it’s like getting your own dropshipping agent in China. It is because the platform can source the product, purchase the product, and stock it for you. They ship the product fast and a bit cheaper than other sites.
Some online sellers hire sourcing agent China dropshipping to get them straight to the sources. The good thing about Wiio is that they work with qualified suppliers so you can be successful with your online business.

13. Zendrop

This is a chosen platform for those who would like faster shipping to their US customers since they have the best China dropship suppliers from the US!. This platform doesn’t come free for all major features and only works with Shopify.

14. Geekbuying

If you cannot find a sourcing agent China dropshipping electronic products only, this is your platform. They only focus on electronic products, so if you are looking for this niche, this is the right channel.
If you are a new seller, you need to be cautious about finding a supplier here since some products are not very good quality. It also offers dropshipping china free shipping in some product categories.


Chapter 3:  Finding the Right China Dropshipping Companies

Dropshipping China products are a good source of income online. With the proper planning and partnership with Made in China dropshipping suppliers, you have the big potential to grow.

Why should you find reliable Chinese suppliers when dropshipping from China?


The problem with dropshipping is you can only rely on your supplier’s service. If they do good, your customers will like your shop and become your regular customer. However, if your supplier is unreliable, your shop will rain complaints and product refunds.
Problems arise from time to time—for example, delays in product delivery or low quality or damaged product. Some online shops grew big because they collaborated with the best dropshipping agent in China to help them find a good supplier.

Factors to Consider when Choosing  Your Dropshipping China Supplier

One of your goals when building your dropshipping business is to create a good reputation. Whether you are planning to hire a sourcing agent China dropshipping or work on the task alone, here are factors you need to consider:

Good product quality

The first impression lasts. If your customer gets a damaged or unusable product, they may decide not to buy from you again. They can write a bad review and share this experience with people they know. You need to choose a proven great supplier because of their product quality.


Shipping fee and speed

During the pandemic, the shipping fee became higher due to many factors of Covid19. Until today, the shipping fee is still rising, which can hurt your business. Some dropshipping China free shipping also poses a red flag.
Choose a method that is practical and helpful for your customers. Your dropshipping supplier should work hand in hand to ensure you can deliver the items to your customer for a fair shipping price. Also, do not expect a fast shipment when you pay a low-shipping price.

Cost of product

Researching a product you would like to put in your shop will give you an overview of reasonable pricing. Your dropshipping supplier should be consistent or reliable regarding product prices.

Should you hire a dropshipping agent in China?

Many are asking if a China dropshipping agent is necessary. If you are new to dropshipping, it will not be easy to distinguish the remarkable dropshipping suppliers in China. This is because companies can pretend to be a wholesaler or direct suppliers.
With millions of dropshipping warehouse China suppliers, you can experience difficulties finding the one with two major requirements: low price and high-quality products


For example, if you want to search for a China dropship clothing supplier, you will be overwhelmed with the results you find with every search. The best dropshipping suppliers China are not just those with detailed profiles and certification in their profiles. 
The problem is that some traders and wholesalers can post fake pictures of factories or company certificates in Chinese. The role of a China dropshipping agent is to keep you away from these suppliers who can give you problems after you make a purchase.
The best dropshipping agent in China will direct you to the legit suppliers who will provide you with the following:

  • professional service
  • lower cost
  • high-quality of products
  • long-time partnership

Is it expensive to hire the best dropshipping agent in China? It depends. If you search for a sourcing agent China dropshipping but cannot afford a high fee, you can select a company that can provide you with professional but practical service fees.

Chapter 4:  Tips When Choosing Your Best Dropshipping Suppliers China

Use dropshipping software.

Dropshipping software or tools can help you manage your business with ease. It can do many things for you like business automation, shop management, product research, and improving your shop. It helps you save money for some complex tasks.


Visit US trade shows.

Most  Chinese suppliers attend US trade shows to offer their products. You can talk to a dropshipping agent in China in these trade exhibits, and they can communicate very well in English.

Checklist when researching

When you hire the best dropshipping agent in China, they check on the legitimate aspects of the suppliers. But if you do not want to get a dropshipping agent China, we recommend that you check the following when researching your suppliers:

  • A business license
  • The company location
  • Their ownership status
  • Photos of the factory
  • Any certifications
  • Contact information
  • Product Delivery Speed and Quality

Know the Do and don’ts of dropshipping .

If you’ve been dropshipping for a while and your profit is not growing, you could be doing something wrong. When dropshipping, you must focus on your niche ad sell only what you know. You need to offer customers value and understand that Dos can help you succeed. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts.
When you have tried all the options and still cannot find results, you can hire the best dropshipping agent in China. The China dropship agent can help you sort out and fix your dropshipping problems.


Be a successful drop shipper.

Is it hard to find a good dropshipping supplier? You must try a sourcing agent China dropshipping. Learn how to drive traffic to your online shop by focusing on your SEO and marketing. Do not launch a product that is not your specialty.
Always focus and improve on your best niche. You can find reputable and direct sources through the help of a China agent dropshipping expert. Do not stop learning and keeping up with the changes. Create a long-term plan and stick to achieving your goals!

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