This tip will help you to identify the factory on Alibaba in 1 minute!

By justchinait
September 11, 2020

1、Log into the Alibaba website :

2. Enter the keywords of the product you want to find in the search box or research it by pics

How to find the best keywords for your product?

Tip: How to find the best keywords for your product?

  • Add the material, model no., process to the keywords. For example, replace  iPhone case with an iPhone x tpu case.
  • If you don’t find the same product when search it by pics, please click on similar products and get keywords in the description of it.

3. Identify the actually factory (the most important skill)

After finding the product, how to identify the factory?

There is a company name on the right after clicking on the product picture, please click on it.


Click the blue triangle symbol in the upper left corner, you will find the basic information of the company, which include the business license. The business license is in Chinese, please translate it.

A: 90% of the company with a business license address of Room***, …Community or …Building are trading company.

The address of the actually factory is generally a certain industrial zone, and there is no Room number.

  1. Is the address on the business license consistent with the contact address? If no, trading comany! If you see several different addresses on a website, trading company also.
  2. Check the factory video and pictures on the website, whether the name of the factory appears on video or pics are the same as that on the business license, trading company if no.
  3. Don’t believe the factory pictures and videos completely, they’re easy to COPY
  4. Check the product catalog on the supplier’s website. If the category spans a large range (such as a factory produce 3C products and beauty products; A clothes factory won’t produces accessories.) Most manufacturers only focus on one type of product. There are a lot of categories, which is unprofessional. Factories usually only make their own professional products, and the product category is also single.

The above points are practical small tips to distinguish between trading companies and factories. Quickly verify your suppliers!

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