The Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Affordable Office Furniture from China

By Sarah
March 12, 2024

urniture is an important asset and investment. Where do you buy new tables and chairs when you want to change your office? Is it ok to purchase it from online sellers?

We have heard so many bad stories about buying things online. Have you heard of “Expectation vs Reality”? Seeing them so good when looking at the website but not when you receive them? That is so frustrating, right?

This may seem familiar to you. You may have heard that Chinese products are not good. But if you will read this blog, we can help you get the best office furniture in China! This is your complete guide to finding the best supplier and how you can buy from them.

1. Buying Office Furniture from China

1) What is buying office furniture from China?

It means you buy any furniture items from suppliers or factories in China. China is known for being the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture. Buyers choose to buy office furniture from China. It is an intelligent way to get good quality products at an affordable price.


2) Why is China a good choice for business office furniture?

There are several reasons why China is a good choice:


China can produce high-quality office furniture at a reasonable price. The labor cost is also low.

Plenty of Raw Materials

Chinese suppliers have a large variety of raw materials. They can produce a vast range of furniture types and patterns quickly.

World-class service

Chinese suppliers place a significant priority on customer support. They make sure that customers get excellent help. They assist them in every step of their buying process.

3) Should you buy from office furniture manufacturers in China?

Buying from office furniture stores in China is a great choice. You will find that the price is lower than what you can purchase from your local market. You can also get an excellent quality for a reasonable price.

Also, you can ship the items from China to your country. There are many options to choose from. Your supplier or sourcing company can assist you with this. Once you are ready to buy and ship, you can ask for cheap but quick shipping quotes.

2. Office Furniture in China You Should Know

What is the most common furniture you can buy from China?

1) Furniture made of metal

This category includes shelves, cupboards, cabinets, desks, and chairs. Because it is strong, metal furniture is mainly used in offices.

2) Furniture made of wood

Items made of different kinds of wood fall under this broad category. Chinese furniture is made of oak, ash, maple, cherry, and walnut wood. Some examples are bookcases, cabinets, seats, and desks.

3) Soft Furniture

Items with upholstery, such as couches, armchairs, and ottomans, fall under this category. It can be fabric or leather types.

4) Northern Elm Furniture

In northern China, north elm is a wood frequently used to make furniture like desks, chairs, tables, and cabinets. It is usually brown and has a feather-like appearance. It is resistant to decay, so furniture made from this wood is durable.

3. How do you choose furniture for the office?

1) Determine Your Needs

Make a list of every piece of office furniture you need first. List items like tables, seats, workstations, and other items. Consider the nature of the work, the number of employees, and the space available.

2) Aesthetics and Comfort

Choosing a good style and color of the furniture is essential. It can motivate one to work and become productive. Choose furniture that reflects your company’s style.


Aside from the look of the furniture, choose one that is comfortable. For example, when selecting a chair, pick one that can support the lower back and your posture. It will help you avoid health problems.

3) Budget

Make a reasonable budget for your furniture. Choosing very cheap items can be risky. Investing in a good one can help you save money.

4. How is Furniture Shipped from China?

When you buy from an office furniture manufacturer, furniture from China can be shipped by:

1) Ocean or Sea Freight

The most popular and economical way to send big loads of furniture is by sea freight. It can take several weeks, though, and is the slowest method.

But this is the cheapest! You have an option like Consolidated Shipping, where you only pay for what your items occupy in a container. Your supplier or sourcing agent can help you choose the best option based on your needs.

2) Air freight

It is a more costly yet quicker option. It is ideal for smaller orders or in cases where you need the furniture immediately.

3) Rail freight

Another option for transportation to nations in Europe and Central Asia that China borders. Sometimes, it uses combinations like Sea Freight and Rail Freight Shipping. It depends on where you are shipping the furniture to.

5. What are the price ranges?

The price range of furniture depends on the style and materials used. However, the price difference from China is lower than any other supplier.

Let’s give an example. If an office based in the US is looking for a swivel mesh office chair, there is a big difference between Amazon US and Alibaba suppliers. On Amazon, it is priced at $100-$150; on Alibaba, it is around $50-$70 per piece. The price can exceed $30 when you buy it with a minimum MOQ.

You can save as much as 30-70% when buying furniture in China. You can get modern office furniture without breaking the bank!

6. Lead Times of Delivery

There are some of the things that can affect the lead times for furniture delivery from China. They are the location of the supplier, the kind of furniture, the shipping method, and the country where it will be shipped.

It usually takes a minimum of 3 weeks or three months for the furniture to arrive at the delivery address. The production time can also have some challenges. The supplier may extend the due date due to other tasks, like quality inspection or packing.

As for delivery, the quickest option is typically air freight. It can arrive in a few days to 2 weeks. The slowest and least expensive alternative is sea freight. However, it has delivery timeframes that range from a few weeks to many months.

The easiest way to determine your order’s anticipated lead times is to speak with your supplier or sourcing agent.

7. Research Manufacturers and Suppliers

When you want to buy any office furniture, you must do research. You need to check on a few manufacturers and suppliers.

It helps you in finding reputable and trustworthy suppliers. Research suppliers and manufacturers to ensure you get high-quality goods at a reasonable cost.

You can use the following guide when doing your research:

  • Find suppliers on Chinese platforms

Search Alibaba,,, and other sites to find suppliers of office furniture you need. They are reliable marketplaces where you can find suitable suppliers. Check their certificates, licenses, years in the business, and more.

  • Check the details about the company’s reputation.

Read reviews, client endorsements, and evaluations. It can also provide information about delivery schedules, quality assurance procedures, and the supplier’s manufacturing process.

  • Evaluate the costs, goods, and services.

Ask the supplier to check out sample products. You can use this step to see if they can customize it based on your specifications.

  • Shortlist a few suppliers.

Check out a few suppliers and compare them. You can weigh out your options if you get to know more suppliers instead of just choosing one.

What Factors Should I Check When Dealing with a Supplier in China?

As soon as you have selected the supplier of your furniture, you need to be mindful of the following things:

  • supplier’s terms of payment
  • Lead time and delivery
  • MOQ of the seller
  • Procedures for quality assurance and inspection
  • Warranty and After-Sales Support
  • Intellectual property rules

The abovementioned things will help you understand how sellers work with their buyers. You can ask questions. It will help you identify the good and bad points. This is important for your chosen Chinese office furniture manufacturers.

8. Tips When Choosing a Manufacturer or Supplier

1) Choose the correct type of supplier

There are different types of suppliers in China. There are traders, direct manufacturers or factories, and wholesalers. When buying bulk items, we suggest you buy directly from the manufacturer.

2) Understand the Chinese Holidays

The Chinese holidays can impact your orders, and delivery schedules can be moved before or later. You have to plan and arrange your delivery.

3) Build a relationship

Always build a strong relationship with your supplier. Respect and trust are fundamental. Chinese manufacturers are serious when dealing with their clients. That is why the proper selection of suppliers is the first thing you must work on.

4) Factory audit

Before you make a final payment and deliver your items, you must consider a third-party agency that can check the furniture.

5) Invest in high-quality furniture

Though buying from a Chinese supplier is to save on cost, you must get your pricing right. Always check the quality. If you can stretch your budget, invest in items that can last long.


9. Get Quotes and Samples

When asking for quotes and samples, make your communication simple and clear. Some Chinese suppliers may need help with English. So when you email or chat with them, enumerate everything you need.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Contact suppliers

Get the items from their website that you want to inquire about. You can also specify the office furniture designs and materials you want. You can ask them to recommend or show products that match your requirements.

  • Request pricing quotes for bulk orders

They will let you know the MOQ for each item you want. Ask them to send you the quote for the wholesale price. You can also ask them to include all the fees they may charge later.

  • Send actual product photos.

Ask suppliers to send photos of or physical samples of products. Those photos come from their office furniture warehouse.

You can do your checking if the photos are only from the internet. Direct suppliers have these photos handy and can send them to you in full detail.

10. Negotiate and Place Order

When you negotiate with your suppliers, you need to prepare as well. It means you should know about the market and rate. It will provide you with a negotiating starting point.

Be professional all the time. Throughout the negotiating process, act professionally. Consider the supplier’s viewpoint and strive for a solution. Here’s what to do:

1) Compare quotes among shortlisted suppliers

They may all differ in pricing. Compare by checking what is included and not included in the pricing.

2) Don’t limit your negotiations to only pricing.

Negotiate for better pricing, minimum order quantities, production time, etc. Always aim for a win-win situation.

3) Be patient

It may take some time to negotiate. Remain calm, and don’t hurry the process.

4) Place a trial order first.

Place a small test order first to check quality. If satisfied, place the bulk order.

11. Discuss Shipping and Customs

1) Decide shipping terms

Most importers use the sea freight mode. Air freight is the most expensive. Get shipping cost estimates from your suppliers if they have shipping partners. You can also check with other freight forwarders. If you have a sourcing agent, they can assist you in getting quotes.

2) Learn import duties and taxes for bringing commercial furniture into your country.

You must know that there are duties and taxes when you import furniture from China. It must go through the importation process right after paying the fees. Each country has a specific guideline when you ship products.

3) Ensure the supplier can provide all documentation needed for customs clearance.

Your supplier is responsible for the following documents that are needed for shipping and customs clearance:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading
  • Import License
  • Freight Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin

12. Inspect and Clear Customs

A customs officer will examine all the documentation related to your goods. It needs to be accurate and current. This is the first stage in the customs clearance process.

A customs clearance process typically takes 24 hours. On the other hand, it could take longer—a few days to several weeks—if any paperwork is missing. If your items need to be examined, it will take more days.

We have three essential tips for you on this process when you import any home office furniture from China:

  1. When the order arrives at the port, thoroughly inspect the furniture for damage before accepting delivery.
  1. Submit complete documentation to customs and pay any import duties after the assessment.
  1. Hire a broker if needed to efficiently clear customs. They assist you in avoiding compliance problems and guaranteeing seamless transactions.

13. Top 10 Largest Office Furniture Manufacturers in China

We recommend these best office furniture manufacturers if you want to buy wholesale products of discount home office furniture:

Name of Company: LAMEX


Location /Production: Lianhu Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan

Products: Office Furniture – desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, storage, conference room pieces

Kitchenware, Lightning, Carpet and Decors

Year Founded: 1977

Name of Company: AURORA


Location /Production: Jiading District, Shanghai

Products: Office Furniture, 3D Printing, Electronics, etc

Year Founded: 1965

Name of Company: QUAMA


Location /Production: Qiantang’s new area, Haining, and Xiaoshan

Products: Office Furniture, Hotel and Villa Furniture

Year Founded: 2000

Name of Company: BOKE


Location /Production: Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan City

Products: Ergonomic office desks, chairs, and furniture, School furniture

Auditorium chairs

Year Founded: 1999

Name of Company: UB FURNITURE

Location /Production: Tangxia Town, Dongguan City

Products: Office Furniture and products, Printing Equipment

Year Founded: 1973

Name of Company: KINWAI


Location /Production: Jiangmen, Guangdong

Products: Flat Panel and Upholstered Furniture

Year Founded: 1993

Name of Company: SUNON


Location /Production: Qiantang’s new area, Haining, and Xiaoshan

Products: All kinds of Office and Home Furniture, Education Furniture, Hospital Furniture

Year Founded: 2000

Name of Company: CRCLOGIC


Location /Production: Zhuhai

Products: Steel Office Furniture products

Year Founded: 1993

Name of Company: UE FURNITURE

Location /Production: Anji County, Zhejiang Province

Products: Office Chairs, Massage Chairs

Year Founded: 2001

Name of Company: ONLEAD


Location /Production: Guangzhou

Products: Office Furniture, Partition Walls, Steel Products

Year Founded: 2002

14. FAQS

1) Is it safe to ship furniture from China?

Shipping furniture from reputable and trustworthy China office furniture manufacturers is safe. Some of its advantages are:


Manufacturing expenses in China are competitive. When compared to others, furniture is less expensive.

Broad Selection:

China has an enormous selection of furniture types, finishes, and patterns. There are many options available. You can get modern, classic, or custom-made pieces.


Furniture can be made to order in most manufacturing office furniture in China. Because of this, you can customize designs to fit your needs.

Worldwide Shipping:

China boasts a vital shipping facility that enables international goods transportation.

2) How can I ensure the furniture’s quality is excellent?

Here are things you can do to ensure the quality of the furniture:

  1. Write an agreement with all the requirements, including the standards for quality and safety.
  1. Take Quality Control measures such as During Production Inspection (DPI) and Final Random Inspection (FRI).
  1. Get Certifications that the furniture passed the quality and safety standards. ( For example, EN 71 is for children’s furniture, and EN 581 is for outdoor furniture).

3) Does furniture in China have a warranty?

Chinese furniture may or may not have a warranty. It depends on the supplier, manufacturer, and particular item. China office furniture manufacturers may include a warranty for material or workmanship flaws. It is valid for some time, like one year to three years.

Different manufacturers have different warranty terms and conditions. There are coverage, duration, and exclusions.

4) Is it hard to ship and get a customs clearance when importing furniture from China?

Although buying furniture from China can be easy, the import process is challenging. You need to be knowledgeable of the process to make it successful. It requires careful preparation, familiarity with laws, and professional help from customs brokers.

5) Who can help me import furniture from China?

A sourcing agency can help you with the complete process. They can locate the trusted and best suppliers of cheap office furniture. They assist in negotiation, ordering, shipping, and getting customs clearance. If you need a sourcing agent, our company, JustChinaIt, can make it easy and seamless.

6) Is customized furniture better?

In certain situations, customized furniture may be beneficial. Your furniture is made to fit your personal needs and tastes when you customize it. It means it has all your desired functions and fits your area exactly.

You can choose the material, color, style, and usefulness. It guarantees that your furniture will be unique, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Customized furniture can cost more than pre-made furniture and might take longer. Considering the advantages and disadvantages before deciding on customized furniture is essential.

7) Which city is famous for furniture in China?

China’s furniture industry zone is in the Shunde District of Foshan. It is the most extensive facility and production city for furniture.

There is a place called Lecong Furniture City in the district. You can find the biggest Chinese suppliers of furniture manufacture in that area. There are more than 3800 stores.

Longjiang Town is another well-known center for furniture in China. It has the largest furniture share in the country.

15. Summary and Final Word

China is a global leader in the production of furniture. You can get them, particularly in areas like Lecong Furniture City in Foshan. China is a popular location for buyers worldwide when buying discount office furniture.

Here are a few things why China is the best source:


Because labor expenses are lower, Chinese furniture is frequently very reasonably priced.

Quality and Variety

China produces high-quality furniture despite its reputation for creating inferior goods. China boasts more than 50,000 furniture manufacturers. They provide a vast array of styles and patterns.

Wholesale rates

Compared to retail rates, furniture is sold in China at wholesale prices far lower. This makes it a desirable choice for customers on a tight budget.

When you want to buy furniture from China, a sourcing company like ours, JustChinaIt, can help you with the following process:

Locate a Chinese Manufacturer or Supplier:

Look up and get in touch with reputable manufacturers.

Get quotes:

Know how much you need to pay when, including import costs, shipping fees, customs duties, and other costs.

Price Negotiation:

Work out a great deal with the supplier.


Develop samples and ensure quality control to ensure the final product meets your expectations.


Make sure that you and your provider abide by the rules and standards.

Purchasing Stage:

You must agree with your supplier and follow a legal process when buying.


Select safe ways to make payments.

Quality Control:

Examine goods before delivery.


Arrange for logistics, shipping windows, and container capacities.

We can provide a wide range of services to get you to the best supplier, up to inspection and delivery. Working with us can help you avoid supply chain issues and save money and time.

To ensure successful furniture buying from China, keep in mind that working with a reputable sourcing firm is essential. We can help expedite the import process, improve product quality, and offer insightful advice.

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