The ultimate guide for 2020 year-end product selection and marketing channels

By justchinait
November 26, 2020

Facing the upcoming 2020 holiday season, what to choose from has become the top priority for sellers. However, there is a forecast of holiday season selections and marketing channel recommendations made by industry insiders based on the current situation, which can help sellers achieve a headwind.

1. Consider more traditional, local customs and DIY products

Affected by the epidemic and the implementation of quarantine measures, people may be more inclined to “vacation at home” during this holiday. Sellers may consider preparing goods that are more specific to the local customs of the target market and their traditional holiday needs.

Many consumers this year may support some local small, medium, and micro-sized black-owned stores. Also, consumers tend to purchase online similarly, and the trend of offline self-pickup contactless shopping is likely to continue until the Black Friday period. But you need to be aware that many retailers have announced that they will no longer be open for Thanksgiving this year.

Marketing point:

1) Handicrafts

Sellers can ask KOLs to share ideas and inspiration for making greeting cards as a marketing point, and convey to consumers that greeting cards, a holiday gift that maintains a safe social distance, can also send their best wishes to each other.

2) Food category

You can ask KOLs to initiate festive individual food discussions on social media. When KOLs upload food photos or recipes, they can bring the brand’s Tag to drain the store.

2. Marketing channels can target TikTok, Instagram, etc

Looking at the particular circumstances of this year, although, as consumers, whether they will choose to spend more in physical stores remains to be determined, many people will undoubtedly find inspiration for holiday shopping from social media channels. The rise of TikTok in the Z era is an indisputable fact (TikTok is the world’s most downloaded App in Q1 of 2020). The launch of TikTok for Business on the platform now also creates a new channel for sellers. Instagram has previously launched a payment program that can be checked out in the App to provide consumers with a smoother shopping experience in the Instagram Shop section and a new market opportunity for sellers.

Marketing point:

1) Home gardening

KOLs can use Pinterest to upload tutorials for eye-catching gardening potted plants, including gardening elements such as “thriller, filler, and spiller”, and tag them on Pinterest are useful for searching.

2) Fashion category

KOLs on Instagram can bring festival-related tags and upload brand-related clothes to attract consumers’ attention. KOLs can also encourage fans to forward comments, forward like comments, and send the same style to a lottery, etc. activity.

3. Carefully plan authentic content

This year’s gift guide should be trendy, and there will be a lot of carefully planned gift shopping lists for specific audiences and some local black companies.

Marketing point:

1) E-commerce website

Lifestyle-leading KOLs can make a list of their favorite gifts during the holiday season, and can provide detailed explanations of brand sponsorship content, such as labeling a “self-care kit” and defining it as a luxury handicraft.

2) All black skincare brands

You can ask black beauty KOLs to share a guide to tell consumers their favorite beauty products from black manufacturers.

4. Consider category diversity

Both KOLs and brand owners can consider diversifying categories and promotion channels. It can be seen that today’s consumers pay more attention to those real and non-traditional brands.

Marketing point:

1) Retail

KOLs representing different races, genders, body types, etc. can post pictures to show their holiday styles and accessories to attract the brand and highlight the inclusiveness of the brand.

2) Brands that lead an active lifestyle

In the context of keeping exercise during the holiday season, fitness bloggers and other KOLs can share stories of trying to find high-quality sportswear, while promoting the benefits of the brand and showing different clothing styles.

The most important thing is to stay awake all the time preparing for the holiday season and make tactical adjustments according to the changes in current forms and policies. Sellers who can quickly adapt to the latest consumer needs will be the final winners in this battle.

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