The Insider’s Guide to Sourcing Stylish Rattan Patio Furniture from China

By Sarah
April 9, 2024

Outdoor furniture has a lot of business potential. This business has an annual revenue of 52 billion USD. The current annual growth of 4.52% is astonishing.

Wish to accomplish your luck in this industry?

Start with the rattan outdoor furniture. Less competition but higher profit margins. Don’t you want that?

We have written this guide on maximizing your profits by purchasing from China rattan outdoor furniture manufacturers.

1. Rattan Outdoor Furniture basic

1) What is rattan outdoor furniture?

Rattan is a matchless option used in the furniture industry. It is a perfect combo of luxury and aesthetics available to you at the same time.


In actuality, rattan is a plant that comes from the palm trees. It manufactures different types of chairs, tables, and sofa sets. They all come under the category of rattan outdoor furniture.

2) Why should you buy from China?

It can be a good question whether and why you should consider China Rattan Outdoor Furniture manufacturers.

But there are various encouraging reasons.

  • Cheaper costs. Chinese rattan outdoor manufacturers are famous for their affordable prices. You can make more bucks with higher margins.
  • You get a Variety of rattan outdoor furniture products. No matter if you want to buy a chair or sofa, suppliers have all. Believe in their supremacy.
  • Fast shipping. Reliable export services are available. Shipping is inexpensive.
  • Bulk production. If you want 100 sofas, get it! China manufacturers provide a short lead duration, saving you time.
  • Customer support. Once you have purchased for the first time, they treat you as a potential business opportunity. So, you get premium customer service.

3) Rattan outdoor furniture production in China

China is at the top of the billboard. It exports billions of dollars of furniture products every single year. Here is the disclosure of the data.

  • China exports earned 107 billion USD through rattan furniture.
  • China will export 104 billion USD of rattan furniture in 2024.
  • According to the forecast, it will increase in the upcoming years

Source: Statista

2. 5 Popular Types of Rattan Material

Technically, all the rattan layers make up different types of materials. They have other properties. Take a look at five main types.

● Reed rattan

Reed rattan comes out from the wood and has more porous properties. Unlike cane, it retains stains and has good absorbent features.

You can use it in the Wicker rattan outdoor furniture.

● Cane rattan

Just beneath the outer layer of rattan material is the cane. It goes through various steps of processing and makes up a flexible material.


Due to its flexibility and natural colors, it is famous for chairs and luxury materials. It does not retain stains, which is a fantastic feature.

● Synthetic rattan

Experts have decided to make synthetic rattan products. Then, the polyethylene helped out. It has the same features as natural rattan and doesn’t absorb moisture.

You can use it instead of natural rattan in all the materials.

● Himalayan Rattan

Do you know about the Himalayan mountains? This rattan plant grows out there, reading up to 80 feet long.

The best thing about Himalayan rattan is its resistance to adverse environments, even snow. It is more common in ornamental products.

● Manau Rattan

The Calamus genus makes up the manau rattan. It is the most demanded rattan type due to various applications. Plus, you get the highest durability compared to other rattan types.

3. Things to Consider when buying rattan outdoor furniture

Whenever buying China Rattan Outdoor furniture, make a perfect choice. Don’t fall for scam traps. Moreover, check various factors when choosing the furniture. Here are some tips.

1) Product Size

You don’t have to rely on the images. Sometimes, online photos of Rattan outdoor furniture do not have 100% accurate dimensions. A single-centimeter change in dimension impacts the overall. Moreover, you will not get the luxury.

So check the dimensions of the products if listed on the website. Know about length, width, and relevant options.

2) Frame material

Frame materials such as steel or aluminum can be decisive. For instance, Steel is prone to rust but durable. It is cheaper and affordable.

Aluminum is another reasonable option in this category. It ensures better resilience and long life. No more worries about the rust as well. So, think about the frame material based on what you need.

3) Frame thickness

Not only is the frame your fellow, but also its thickness. Thickness can define the cost, long life, resilience, and sometimes luxury.

Thick steel lasts longer but costs you more. You’ll invite the luxury inside your doors. Think twice about the material before you land your purchase.

4) Flat-packed or Pre-Assembled

Flat-packed rattan outdoor furniture comes in parts. If you have relevant expertise, get ready to assemble it yourself. The flat-packed benefits are lower costs. However, it can be a big hassle if you do not know.

Pre-assembled comes with complete assembly—no hassle to join parts. Get luxury. But it is an expensive option compared to flat-packed.

5) Cushion material

Rattan Outdoor Furniture has some cushion materials. It can be either polyester or acrylic. The cost of every part is different. Acrylic fabrics are the best ones, ready to ease you up with a variety of features—more durability. No fading occurs. Polyesters are more famous for their affordable costs.

 Things to Consider when buying rattan outdoor furniture

6) Filling packaging

A cushion material has fillings of foam or fabric. What do you prefer? It is time to decide here. Moreover, if you own a brand, packaging can be crucial. You might go for the branded packaging. Ask that from your sofa set manufacturers.

You can provide them with your requirements and get it done on time. Ensure you have the custom rattan outdoor furniture manufacturers.

7) Glass thickness

Do you own a platform of glass on your coffee table? Ponder about the glass quality and thickness.

Thick glass doubles up strength and also imparts a longer life. On the other hand, it can be expensive too.

8) Fixtures and fittings

Home themes decide where you should set your white rattan outdoor furniture. If you have much space available, go for the rattan recliners. If you want to save space, rattan wall recliners can amp up your home theme beauty.

9) Cost

The final thing is the cost! Customers want the lowest possible price. Remember, they won’t compromise the quality of it. So, you should offer cost-effective gray rattan outdoor furniture. Buying from China rattan outdoor furniture manufacturers offers you cheaper options with quality.

Grab at the lower costs and entice more consumers to buy your inventory.

4. Search rattan outdoor furniture Manufacturers in China

Finding the best supplier involves meticulous research. We have some resources where you can do research and get the supplier. Take a look!

● Search Platforms

Alibaba is a top supplier directory. Take a moment and visit it. Search for your products and get a complete list of suppliers. Filter out the top one to smoothen your business.

● Visit Trade Shows

The trade show is the fairest option if you have plenty of time. You have to visit the Canton Fair in China. Find out the rattan outdoor suppliers and confirm your deal.

● Search Engines

Search engines such as Google or Bing are accessible resources for your research. You can explore top suppliers and read the reviews.

5. Factors to look for in the best supplier

A supplier can sometimes be crap. So, how do you work with a top rattan outdoor manufacturer?

Here are some tips to sort out this matter.

● Check experience.

Does your supplier have experience? You must confirm the experience. There are various pros of working with an expert team. You’ll convey an accurate message regarding products. And get the exact quality based on your business requirements.

● Company info and history.

Company dealings with other consumers are significant. That is how you would know how far the supplier goes to satisfy you. Moreover, confirm the business location by checking out company info.

● Read reviews.

On Alibaba or Google, you can check out the number of reviews about suppliers. Go through the reviews thoroughly to know how a supplier is. It evaluates the lacking features of suppliers.

● Evaluate communication style and responsiveness.

A professional supplier tries to get the deal. You can talk and assess the responsiveness of the supplier. Know how suppliers communicate. Does supply listen to all your requirements?

● Approximate competitive pricing between suppliers.

Get quotes from multiple suppliers and compare them. It is the key to lower costs yet effective quality content.

 Approximate competitive pricing between suppliers.

● Ask about quality control practices and standards.

Quality control ensures the premium rattan outdoor furniture. Discuss quality control and get images of how the supplier complies with quality.

● Request photos of the supplier’s warehouse/operations.

If the supplier has an associated warehouse, request real-time images of the warehouse. You can also get a detailed video of the production process and factory tools.

6. Ask questions

Get to the point with the supplier. Ask specific questions like:

● Ask detailed questions about the products.

Get A to Z details of outdoor wicker rattan furniture. Questions can be:

  • Types of furniture available.
  • Types of material used.
  • Different styles of furniture
  • Size
  • Material quality
  • Furniture specifications

If these match your specific requirements, you can hit the buy button.

● Inquire about design, materials, dimensions, and weight.

Design is half-round or full-round. Material can be manau or Himalayan rattan. Be liberal when talking about the quality of the material. Assume the weight because consumers love lightweight furniture.

● Request more photos and videos of the actual product.

Go to the pictures. It is even better if your supplier offers you 360-degree images.

● Ask about customization options.

Are you working with a custom supplier? That is great because they will listen to your design requirements.

7. Do a pre-shipment inspection

Do you care more about the quality? Then, strive harder for it through the inspection. Ensure all of your products have no defects.

● Ask the supplier to provide photos/videos before shipment.

Before the supplier ships delivery, keep the demands for the photos and videos. You can get one sample out also to ensure it meets your design demands and feasibility. Go one step extra with the lab testing processes. You’ll also study whether or how many samples are defective.

● Thoroughly review images for any defects or issues.

Suppose the supplier has sent you images; then what should you do? It is simple. Go through the photos thoroughly to detect any defects and issues.

● Look closely at the details.

Check out all the details of the products—the front of your furniture. Back and side images are also crucial. Plus, you can inspect the frames. If it is an aluminum frame, how does it look? It is aluminum or an alloy of it. Check all the aspects.

● Ask follow-up questions if any part appears questionable.

Did you find any defect? It is time to speak loudly and tell the supplier. You can calculate all the defective items and go for the inspection with the inspectors for better accuracy.

● Request adjustments or repairs if needed based on the inspection.

Is the repair possible? Request the supplier about the repairs. If you get the replacement, that is an even better part of your business. Make sure all the components meet your AQL and inspection criteria. Organize the defect categories. Filter out the minor defects from major ones. And understand what exactly you require for your business.

● Consider a third-party inspection service for additional validation.

Sometimes, external inspection through images is not enough. You want a detailed inspection through the inspection team. Look around and find out the top inspection service. Before you hire, check:

  • The company is popular and certified by famous certificate departments like UL.
  • How many years of experience does the inspection team have?
  • Relevant labs for testing products.

Think about all the aspects of the quality.

● Only approve shipping once you are delighted with the quality.

Suppose the inspection company has given a green signal about quality. Then, ship products. Ask the supplier to ship to your doorstep.

8. Handle Shipping And Customs

Shipping isn’t as simple as you might wonder. You must handle customs, shipping costs, and import duties in cross-border shipments. Here are vital steps to determine all the aspects.

● Ask about shipping costs, delivery timelines, and carrier options.

Shipping involves delivery time and shipping costs. There are air, sea, or railway shipping options. Different rates are applicable depending on what method you choose. First, confirm the shipping price, then decide whether you should choose it or not.

● Clarify who handles customs paperwork and import duties/taxes.

Customs clearance involves various documents like:

  • Bill of Lading
  • FIATA Bill of Lading.
  • Road Waybill (CMR)
  • Air Waybill (AWB)
  • Rail Waybill (CIM)
  • ATA Carnet.
  • TIR Carnet.

Clarify with the supplier about the document preparation. Is it you or the supplier who will make sure of the clearance?

● Ensure proper HS product codes are used for classification.

HS codes classify the products into the relevant categories. Moreover, import duties depend on the HS code. A wrong code can halt your clearance and might cause the suspension of goods. Therefore, check whether you have input the correct HS code.

● Provide suppliers with accurate commercial invoice values.

You have to prove all about your products. Whether it is a commercial invoice or bill of lading, you must have all the documents ready.

● Confirm if a supplier can handle customs clearance on your behalf.

Most suppliers offer hassle-free clearance. For example, they do everything for you. From document preparation to customs fees, they handle on your behalf.

It is better to verify whether the supplier handles custom clearance. You can send the payments to the supplier directly.

● Obtain tracking number and monitor shipment status.

For real-time shipping tracking, get the tracking ID from your supplier. You can track it online on websites like ORDER TRACKER.

● Have shipping docs needed for clearance ready if self-filing.

You can keep all your documents handy. Prepare all the invoices. Add product labels. Include all the details relevant to your HS codes, shipping locations, and destination location. Make sure you are shipping 100% legal products. These things will keep you safe during the upcoming inspections from customs.

● Prepare to pay duties/taxes upon delivery.

If the supplier hasn’t paid the customs, you don’t have to worry about it. You can pay it online at the customs website. If the customs office is around your location, you can manually visit and pay the fees instantly to get the clearance.

● Grab shipping insurance.

What if accidents happen to your shipment? What to do then? It is not rocket science. Get insurance from different companies. It will recover all the losses due to any accident during sea or air shipping.

9. Top 10 Rattan Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in China

We have listed the Top 10 China rattan outdoor manufacturers. Take a look!

1) Artie Garden Furniture

Regarding Artie Garden, you get the best quality rattan outdoor furniture. It embarked on a journey in 1999 and has served 100+ countries globally.

 Artie Garden Furniture

Sofa, dining set, and coffee table get all the products from this supplier. Here are some benefits of this supplier.

  • It exports products globally. That saves you from shipping concerns.
  • Artie Garden delivers Durable furniture items.

2) JYL Outdoor Furniture

If you need a supplier from Foshan, don’t overlook JYL outdoor furniture. Not just rattan but also other varieties of products are there to increase your ease.

 JYL Outdoor Furniture

As a brand, you get a seamless experience by purchasing products. Here are some benefits for you!

  • It feeds Eco-friendly furniture to everyone who loves nature.
  • Furniture quality is quite exceptional.

3) Higold Furniture

Higold Furniture is an award-winning company working since 2005. It delivers furniture for dining rooms, lounges, and hanging chairs.

Higold Furniture

  • Innovative designs entice consumers to buy more products from them.
  • Quality is their crucial feature elevating their brand repo.

4) Agio Furniture

Agio has been a top choice for years. It pockets 400 million USD of revenue every single year. Moreover, it has been working since the dawn of 1987. From rattan lounge sets to dining sets, you get all types of furniture products you need.

Agio Furniture

Key features are:

  • Various styles increase your furniture diversity and give a new life to your business.
  • Quality is the reason they have stepped up to the top.

5) Linya Furniture

Linya Furniture is a subsidiary of the parent company of Linya Group. The best part about China’s rattan outdoor furniture manufacturers is the best quality products. You get an outdoor sofa, patio, and benches.

Agio Furniture

Here is the recommended reason:

  • You get certification to boast about your product’s safety and quality.
  • A more extensive manufacturing setup of 350K meter square is a fantastic opportunity.

6) Longda Forge

Modern style. Classic style. Polishing. Manufacturing points to the Longda forge, which is ready to serve you. You get a dining, table, and conversation set for your business.


The following unique features make Longda Forge the best choice.

  • One million furniture set production is marvelous if you need bulk production.
  • Export to 40+ countries is another quality feature for you.

7) Mindo Outdoor Furniture

Mindo Outdoor Furniture is a top name in this furniture. It supplies quality furniture to consumers and increases their access to the products. The main products are the garden furniture products.

Mindo Outdoor Furniture

Here are the benefits.

  • Eco-friendly production is the critical feature.
  • Mindo doesn’t compromise on quality. Therefore, you get the best quality furniture.

8) Yotrio Furniture

Yotrio Furniture’s journey hasn’t started as a furniture company. Initially, it began manufacturing umbrellas in 1992. In 1995, the experts adopted the furniture industry and created furniture products. Now, you can get patio furniture, an umbrella, and gazebos.

Yotrio Furniture

It has the following key features.

  • Yotrio manufactures trendy products that are good for your business.
  • It provides access only to the quality furniture.

9) Express-garden Furniture

Look no further about the popular furniture manufacturers when Express Garden is there. 20+ years of experience in furniture is enough to prove its worth. Plus, the quality furniture products entice you.


From dining to lounge set, explore all the furniture products. Here are reasons why it is so popular.

  • It delivers almost all of the products on time. You can maintain selling levels of business.
  • Costs are not high. You can save more when working with this supplier.

10) De-Garden Furniture

De-Garden furniture is our top pick because of its popularity and best quality. Over 20 years, it has served consumers globally. Sofa, tables, or chairs are available. You can grab and ship through their shipping options.


Peculiar reasons make it a popular option here.

  • This supplier aims for top quality. You can make your business popular due to quality products.
  • Excellent shipping facility keeps you relaxed because your products will arrive at your doorstep.

10. FAQs

1) Which type of rattan is best?

Full-round rattan is the best one, but it can be expensive. Manau rattan type is also the best one compared to other types.

2) How do I know if my rattan furniture is good quality?

Inspect the material if you want to know the quality. Synthetic rattan makes up the best furniture with aluminum frames.

3) Is rattan furniture good for the outside?

Yes. Rattan is famous for its outdoor uses. The glamor and flexibility of the material make it worthwhile everywhere.

4) How profitable is the rattan outdoor furniture business?

If you invest plenty of bucks, you can make up to 40-50%. Even if you do not order a bulk production, 20-30% is a decent profit margin you get.

5) Why is rattan furniture so expensive?

Rattan is an expensive material because of its complex procurement and processing. Therefore, rattan furniture is also costly.


If you want to buy rattan outdoor furniture, look at the top-notch furniture manufacturers in China. Discuss your projects. Tell them about potential business. It is better to negotiate for the cost to maximize profit margins.

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