Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market – The Most Comprehensive Guide

By HX Wenli
November 12, 2021

If you’re looking for the best watch deals, Guangzhou is the place to be.
This city is home to the largest wholesale watch market in China, with plenty of options.
The market has everything from high-end luxury brands to more affordable options, making it the perfect place to find the perfect watch for you.
With so many options available, this market will have something for everyone.
In this guide, we’ll show you everything about finding the best deals on watches in Guangzhou.

Chapter #1 Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market Introduction

China has become one of the world’s largest economies, with its GDP primarily based on exports of manufactured goods and raw materials sold globally. Today, it is difficult to find a country that does not engage in trade with China. Wherever you go, you will discover Chinese-made products widely available on the market.

Guangzhou wholesale market

1) What can you buy in the Guangzhou Watch Market?

If you want to buy brand whole watches in bulk, replica wholesale watches, or cheap watches wholesale, you have to visit the right place. The Guangzhou wholesale watch market is the best place to find high-quality brand replica watches at the most competitive prices.
The Guangzhou Watch wholesale market is one of China’s most popular wholesale markets. China’s watch wholesale market meets most of the world’s demand for replica watches. There are many wholesale markets in China where you can source products for reselling. 
Guangzhou has China’s largest watch market. The Guangzhou watch market is a collection of needs where you can find watches for wholesale, retail, repair, and brand services, etc.

2) Location of the Guangzhou Watch Market

The Guangzhou Watch Market, in Guangzhou City’s ZhanXi Lu, Yuexiu District, is a low-cost watch paradise. It offers a wide variety of affordable branded copy watches in bulk or one-piece, watches accessories, and watch fittings. There are many watches of various types and styles available in the Guangzhou watch market. Most recent and popular luxury watches copies are also available. There are also watch repair services available.
It does not limit the watch wholesale business to any Guangzhou watch wholesale factory in the area. However, over 3,000 companies from all over China, making the Guangzhou watch wholesale market one of the world’s largest cheap replicas watch markets.
You might get lucky to find an excellent timepiece by a well-known watch brand for 500 to 2000 Yuan in this watch market.

Location of the Guangzhou Watch Market


3) When was Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market Established?

Guangzhou wholesale market is one of the longest history markets. It has served as China’s export hub since its inception in the 1980s. Well-known cheap brand watches are available throughout the world. These watches may not bear the most expensive logo of the brand, but they are excellent value for money. You can purchase in bulk or individually in the market at the best prices.


4) Why do you purchase watches from the China Watch Wholesale Market? 

Guangzhou is a wholesaler’s paradise. If you want to buy in bulk, it is one of China’s best cities to visit. Why should you buy from wholesale markets instead of trading companies or factories?
For their products, trading companies or factories have only one quality standard. You have a few options for making a decision. Rates of companies and factories are also inflexible, leaving you with few options.
Cheap watches wholesale markets have an advantage over these factories or companies. It’s easy for you to find a wide range of high-quality products that meet your customers’ needs on the market. You can also bargain with wholesale market suppliers and choose the products that best fit your budget.
Guangzhou watches wholesale market contributes significantly to the global fashion industry on a vast scale. Graceful, luxury watches and clocks are critical features of this vast market.

Reasonable Pricing 

A trendy watch on your wrist shows that you have either saved your money for years or received a gift from your loved ones. While these masterpieces symbolize respect in the boardroom, not everyone will spend lavishly on this luxury accessory.
If you are not willing to spend a lot of money on watches, there is some good news for you! A wide variety of inexpensive yet elegant watches is available for a fraction of the price of their more expensive counterparts.
You read that correctly! You can find high-quality watches, clocks, and accessories at reasonable prices from wholesale watch vendors in the Guangzhou watch market. Consider a women’s wristwatch with graceful diamond-like stones. Every woman would love wearing it. This fantastic, beautiful watch wholesale price is only US$1.88 for 5-29 pieces and US$1.35 for over 1000 pieces.

From Profession to Perfection

You always wish to purchase a perfect watch. At wholesale prices, the Guangzhou watches wholesale market presents these masterpieces to consumers who are constantly looking for ideal and professional watches. You can achieve a more timeless and classy look by wearing these watches.

purchase a perfect watch


Have you ever dreamt of wearing something unique that would set you apart from the crowd? You should dream bigger because you can find highly fashionable watches at Guangzhou’s Watch wholesale market. The market offers a wide variety of looks and accessories to select unique pieces of art.

Design and Craftsmanship

The Guangzhou watch market provides essential trendy and cheap watches wholesale. This can enhance your appearance and define your personality. The look you choose will be only a complement to your overall appearance.

Design and Craftsmanship

Each watch on the market’s shelves embodies quality. These timepieces represent tradition and history. They precisely designed complex pieces of technology in the market by their hands. You will probably enjoy wearing these unique pieces of watches.

A wide range of watches

What type of watches do you want? Water-resistant diver watches or automatic watches? Is it better to wear a clock or a military watch? Is it better to wear a quartz watch or a sports watch? Is it better to wear a fashionable watch or a Swiss watch?

wide range of watches

Do not worry. Because the Guangzhou watches wholesale market always introduces trendy and functional watches. A large variety of Cheap watches wholesale from Chinese watch manufacturers wholesale will undoubtedly meet your needs. So stop looking here and there and go to the Guangzhou watch wholesale market to find what you are looking for.

5) Who Are The Customers Of the Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market?

Customers of the Guangzhou Watch Wholesale market include suppliers from all over the world. It includes importers, exporters, sourcing agents, traders, wholesalers, retailers, consumers. They sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Daraz, and other online or offline platforms.

6) Brand-Copy Watches Available at the Guangzhou Watch Market

Sometimes replica watches are of such high quality that it is difficult to tell if those are replica watches. Finding a fine replica watch will be difficult with various options available in the Guangzhou watch market. The following ones are some of the most renowned Guangzhou watch brands:

Guangzhou Watch Market
  • Rolex 
  • Patek Philippe & Co
  • Audemars Piguet timepieces
  • Jaeger Lecoultre
  • Breguet & Co.
  • Cartier says
  • Montblanc
  • Corum
  • Omega 
  • Tissot 
  • Heuer Tag Heuer
  • Guess what
  • Casio

Chapter #2 Watches Categories in Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Market

1) Jewelry Watches

This famous market offers a diverse selection of jewelry and fancy watches. The following are some must-have watches. Please note that the prices listed below are wholesale only for reference to give you an idea of the price range. The watch wholesale price of various types will vary.

These adorable Cheap watches Wholesale with charming jewelry patterns will cost you US$3.50 for 2-99 pieces and US$2.50 for 500 or more.

Jewelry Watches

2) Digital Watches

The fantastic digital watch, which any watch enthusiast would love to wear, will cost you US$4.42 per piece.

Digital Watches

3) Gift Watches

Gift Watches

The couple watch set, which anyone would love to give to his or her mate, will cost you US$6 for the first 199 pieces and US$4.50 for the remaining 1000 pieces.

4) Decent Professional Watches

Wearing a wristwatch may have declined slightly because of the increased use of smartphones. Many professions, however, still require employees to wear watches. Watches are a must-have accessory for professionals such as pilots, military personnel, entrepreneurs, caterers, stockbrokers, and designers, among others. They wear professional watches daily.

Decent Professional Watches

Guangzhou watch market offers a selection of decent professional watches at reasonable prices. Consider this metal quartz watch, each component of which screams professionalism and perfection. 5-9 pieces watch wholesale price US$10, and over 30 pieces watch wholesale price is US$9.41.

5) Smart Watches

Consider this new 2021 smartwatch with various functions such as wireless charging, 75-inch size, health and fitness, sports smartwatch 6th series, FK99, and two straps. A smartwatch like this will set you back the US $26 for 2-10 pieces and the US $24 for 1000 or more.

Smart Watches

Chapter #3 Popular Guangzhou Watch Wholesale Markets

1) Zhanxi Clocks and Watches City

The Zhanxi Watch Center, a four-story structure, opened in 1999. The shops are on the first and second floors and primarily sell clocks and watch accessories; it is the world’s first high-end watch market.

Smart Watches

Address: №65, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou.

2) Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center

Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center is a gigantic clock and watches wholesale market. It covers 25,000 square meters and has about 2,000 shops. It houses almost all China’s well-known watch brands and is the Zhanxi Circle’s largest clock and watch market.

Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center

Address: №59, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

3) SanYi Clocks and Watches Market

Sanyi Clocks and Watches Market is one of the largest middle-end men and women cheap watches wholesale and retail markets. It covers approximately 5000 square meters and has approximately 600 shops and offices.
Address: №61, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

4) East Watch City

It is a commercial building, founded in 1977 with six floors and a total area of 3000 square meters. It primarily sells clocks, watches, and accessories.
Guangzhou, No. 6, North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District

5) New Kowloon Watch Center

This watch center is a small wholesale market for watches. They divide it into two sections: area A and area B and, 78 stores remained in area A, while 61 stores remained in area B.
Address: №63, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

6) Clock & Watch City

Haiying Clock & Watch City is primarily a wholesale market for clocks and watches, and accessories, with approximately 100 shops spread across the first and second floors.
Address: №3, North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

7) Mongkok International Watch Center

The Mongkok International Watch Center is one of the largest clocks and watch markets in the world. Watch wholesalers and retailers in the market, as well as approximately 500 clocks and watch shops.

8) Yifa Commercial Trading Plaza

The Yifa Commercial Trading Plaza is a watches wholesale market for clocks, watches, and watch accessories. These shops primarily supply domestic watch distributors.
Guangzhou, Western North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District

9) Guozhan Clock and Watch City

This Clock and Watch City is a low-end clock and cheap watches wholesale market. It mainly sells stock clocks and watches.
No. 68, Western Guangyuan Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou

10) Clock & Watch Center the Right Way

The right way The Clock & Watch Center is a watch wholesale market where there are stocks and suppliers. They offer custom watch services. 
Address: Guangzhou, No. 5, North Street, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District

Chapter #4: What Are the Common Challenges You May Face When Buying Watches in Guangzhou Market?

1) Language Barrier

A language barrier is a common challenge in completing the best deals with suppliers, resellers, and buyers from all over the world. To overcome this challenge, you need to know little about the Chinese language. You need to hire a competent agent or hunt for the best supplier to get the best possible prices for you.

2) Finding a Particular Location

You may find a particular location using Internet research. It is possible to search for reliable suppliers on B2B platforms (such as Ali Baba, Trade Key, and Global Sources). It is frequently impossible to determine whether these suppliers are the actual manufacturers of these watches. They could be the brokers who refuse to offer a competitive price. 

You may choose to visit a relatively unknown country where you have never been before. You must look for respectable suppliers, visit the factory, verify their dependability, inspect samples, evaluate quotes, manage time, and ensure quality.

3) Dealing with the Wrong Supplier

If you are not willing to hire a sourcing agent, go with a committed supplier. Choosing the wrong supplier can lead to problems such as shipping delays, product returns, poor quality, non-competitive prices, and so on. No responsible business owner wants this. As a result, choose your supplier wisely.

4) Currency Barriers

Bring cash unless you can pay with We Chat or Ali pay. They can avoid many risks with the help of a diligent sourcing agent. He can overcome obstacles such as language differences, time differences, and negotiations.


Challenges You May Face When Buying Watches in Guangzhou Market


Chapter #5 Points to Consider before Buying Watches

1) Prices Can Vary

The competition among different sellers at Guangzhou watch centers is high. Retailers are offering low-profit margins. They practice this to win the buyers.
As a result, sellers made adjustments ranging from 2% to 5%. Remember that requesting a large discount, say 25%, and show that you are new to the market. Knowing this, the seller will almost certainly quote you a high price to entice you to bargain.

2) A Watch Glossary

The watch terms for parts and working, you should know.

  • Crown: The twisty knob on the side of the watch’ that you used to wind it (and to change the date).
  • Pusher: We push this button for the smooth working of different processes. Such as an alarm or date corrector and chronograph.
  • Bezel: The circular piece around the watch’s face with crystal in place.
  • Crystal: It is the transparent cover on the watch face. It consists of different materials of plastic, glass, mineral crystal. It protects the watch face.
  • Lug: The arms of the watch case that holds the bracelet or strap together.
  • Hands: These tell the time.

The complex assemblage of parts that powers the watch is the movement.

  • Complication: A watch performs any function other than telling the time: date, alarm, chronograph (stopwatch), and perpetual calendars that provide the month and day of the week.
  • GMT: The watch that uses an extra hour hand to tell the time in multiple time zones. The most well-known of these is Rolex’s GMT-Master.
  • Skeleton: A “skeletonized” watch exposes its inner workings, revealing the movement and other complications.

    A fancy term for stopwatches is a clock. Any watch can measure time on subdials. 

3) Watch Size Matters

People buy luxury watches, especially now that people are buying more and more online, with the changing times how. Your wrist size is more important, so you may go through the watch buying process efficiently.
There are some obvious guidelines to follow. Watches for smaller wrists should be smaller, and watches for larger wrists should be larger. With choosing the right watch, the watch case diameter is the most important and noticeable variable.

4) Watch Straps

The bracelet affects the size and overall appearance, and comfort of a watch. It holds the dial.

Bracelets Types

A bracelet is a metal band affixed to a watch (as opposed to a rubber or fabric strap). Every major brand has a unique take on bracelets.
Rolex, which employs four distinct designs, is the most precious in terms of its bracelets. The Oyster is the original Rolex bracelet, and most people are likely familiar with it.

Rubber straps

While traditional sports watches have metal bracelets, the most sporty pieces usually have a rubber strap.

Bund straps

The leather strap is a thick leather pad with loops that your watch inserts into its dial. They designed the pad to keep the metal bruises in hot or freezing conditions by skin touching it directly.

Watch Straps


6) Return Policy and Warranty

A return policy and a warranty are two essential features of a watch replica store. Make sure of this so that you can make a safe purchase. That way, you can return a defective watch or have a watch repaired by the company at no cost to you.
However, you should check if they have any absurd return policies, as this is a red flag. The warranty must be valid for a reasonable time, which is usually at least six months.

7) Looking Different Stores and Compare

You can have many options, especially in large markets with multiple stores. Find out what the stores offer in terms of quality, price, and services. 

8) Repairs, Maintenance of a Replica Watch

Replica watches are illegal, so never take your replica watch to an authorized dealer to avoid getting in trouble. Look for a replica-friendly independent watchmaker. You can also ask for help at the Replica Watch Guide if anyone knows where you can find one.

Chapter #6: Get Best Deals When Buying Watches in Guangzhou Market

1) Buy Watches in Bulk

You can get large discounts on bulk purchases, which will also affect your unit price. However, before placing a bulk order, double-check the tax policies and shipping costs. You should also know the optimum quantity in which you are safe in the Chinese cheap watch wholesale market and the country of import.

2) Identify the Right Wholesale Watch Suppliers

Chinese manufacturers sell widely all over the world. Wholesalers and retailers buy from all over the world. So selecting the right wholesale watch supplier is difficult. You need to be an excellent negotiator and have market knowledge. You should know about the cheap watches’ wholesale prices, tricks, and tips for bargaining.

3) Do you prefer buying from factory outlets or Guangzhou watches Wholesale Market?

The answer is simple because trading companies or factories have only one standard of quality for their products. You have a few options for deciding.
Rates of companies or factories are also not flexible, leaving you with virtually no options. Wholesale markets have an advantage over these factories or manufacturing plants. You can finalize the deal by negotiating pricing with the Wholesale suppliers.


Get Best Deals When Buying Watches in Guangzhou Market


Chapter #7: Verify Quality of Watches in Guangzhou Wholesale Market

1) Examine the Crystal

The domed piece of crystal that protects the watch’s face is the Crystal. You should examine it minutely. It should not be cracked, broken, or damaged.

2) Cross-checking the Price

You can cross-check the price from various sources from 10 to 12 suppliers to avoid fraud or overcharging. If you intend to sell in that market, you can calculate all the details, such as shipping costs, profit margins, and market prices. You can also look at samples from your competitors.

3) Check the Movement

 The watch’s internal mechanism keeps time and powers the watch’s functions. The mechanism is the movement of a watch or timepiece, also known as a caliber. In contrast to the case, this encloses and protects the movement, also displaying the time. Mechanical timepieces, which have many moving parts in their clockwork movements, gave rise to the term.

4) Confirm the Leather Quality

Before you buy a leather strap, make sure it is of good quality. Leather degrades the quality by being of lower quality. It is a super-masculine choice to confirm the highest quality leather. You should know it is a highly divisive option that elicits strong feelings both for and against it.

5) Focus on Small Details

Everything from the numbers, the hours, the second hands, the lug size, and the pusher and changer contribute to the watch’s aesthetics. If these details are more numerous, the watch may appear to be larger. The watch’s overall appearance should be balanced and appealing.


Verify Quality of Watches in Guangzhou Wholesale Market


Chapter #8: Uncovering the Secrets of Replica Watches

1) Risk of Buying Fake Watches

Some replica watches are of such high quality that they are difficult to distinguish from genuine ones. Even in wholesale markets, some suppliers would like to engage in various quality tricks. They use terms like the Chinese movement, the Japanese movement, and the Swiss movement. Are you able to distinguish between the two?

2) Prepared and Non-Prepared Buyers

You are a prepared buyer if you should do some homework and have reasonable first-hand knowledge about watches. You are an unprepared buyer if you have not researched the technical aspects and other features of watches and market flaws. A haphazard buyer of replica watches risks losing money as well as the quality of the watches.

3) Inquire with a Store Employee

You should be familiar with the details about the watches they sell. Knowledge about brands, types, features, complications, and so on can assist you in obtaining the exact watch you desire by allowing you to determine whether they have what you are looking for.

4) Photographs of watches can help

Bring photos to show them because Chinese pronunciations of brands can vary, and there are no real samples at the counter to avoid the cops. Fake watches are usually hidden in secret offices where you can be shown around. It is usually safe to carry watch photos with you.

5) Bring a hand lens with you.

You can bring a loupe to inspect the mechanisms of the watches, especially if you are very particular about the mechanisms.


Uncovering the Secrets of Replica Watches


Chapter #9: Importing watches from Guangzhou watches wholesale market

1) Hiring a Reliable Sourcing Agent

 Before importing from China, it has long been customary to consult with a knowledgeable sourcing agent. The same is true when purchasing in bulk from the Guangzhou watches wholesale market. You can minimize many risks with the assistance of a diligent and dependable sourcing agent. He is capable of overcoming challenges such as language differences, time differences, and negotiations.

By working with JustChinait, you can avoid scammers, get the best deal, and ship the product to your door for your watch import.
And our service features are as follows:

  • Reliable Suppliers Guaranteed.
  • Quality Guaranteed.
  • On-Time Delivery.
  • One-stop Solution.
  • No hidden Charge.
  • No Kickback.

Let us help you with your watch import right now.

2) Choosing a Committed Wholesale Watch Supplier

Do you know what characteristics a good supplier possesses? A good supplier is accountable for quality issues. Consider finding damaged strips on 20% of your Guangzhou watch market imported watches. You are not going to brush it off, are you? The dedicated supplier will consider the issue and take responsibility for it.
He intends to take action as soon as possible to resolve the issue. He will replace any damaged items and make certain that the problem does not reoccur. An irresponsible supplier will try to avoid his obligations.

3) Doing Some Homework before Placing an Order 

Do some research before purchasing watches from the Guangzhou wholesale market. There are many sellers in this popular market. Many suppliers sell comparable products made of various materials. Your store will bring you the wrong products if you do not clearly understand what you want.
In addition, learn about the rules and regulations for importing cheap replica watches from China. This can assist you in lowering the risks associated with customs and shipping.
Learn the commodity codes for the watches and accessories you intend to import. Before you can collect the imported goods, you will almost certainly have to pay a customs duty.

4) Compare and Negotiate the Price

One advantage of shopping at wholesale centers is that you can haggle with Chinese wholesale vendors to get a good deal. You can bargain with a vendor to reach an agreement on a price for a purchase, especially if the price is quite high. It may also be advantageous to learn a few Chinese phrases to persuade a vendor through charm.


Importing watches from Guangzhou watches wholesale market

Chapter #10: Common Mistakes While Buying From Wholesale Watch Market

1) Placing an Urgent Order 

This is the topmost issue when importing goods from China, whether a watch or any other product. The excitement is understandable. All new business owners are eager to receive their goods to get things moving faster. 
These are frequently disastrous combinations. When you place an order in a hurry, it lacks the necessary product and packaging specifications. As a result, quality control packages may suffer. Avoid this blunder because of the consequences of poor quality of goods.

2) Overestimation of Profit Margins

In international trade, some foreign buyers find it hard to calculate the landed cost, hence the profit on the product. Further, new and inexperienced importers base their calculations on obvious products, logistics, and inspection costs. They ignore other hidden costs (like the cost of random customs inspections) that also affect their profit margins.

3) Ignoring Economies of Scale

When you request quotes from factories for watches, they will ask for the quantity. That will affect your logistical cost per unit. It will eventually affect landing costs and product quality. Importers frequently lose margins when the logistic cost per unit for LCL (less than container load) shipments is incorrect.

4) Lack of First-Hand Knowledge about Watches

When you lack first-hand knowledge about the watches, you are at high risk of losing your best deals with the supplier. Therefore, it is important to get first-hand knowledge about replica watches. You can come with a person having technical knowledge about the watches. You can alternatively hire the best sourcing agent or wholesale suppliers to guide you. Still, get the maximum possible knowledge about brand copy watches and the whole watch market in China.

Common Mistakes While Buying From Wholesale Watch Market

Chapter #11: FAQs about Guangzhou Watches Wholesale Market

1) Is It Legal to Buy Replica Watches from China?

It depends on which country you come from. In most countries, it is legal to buy replica watches but illegal to sell them. Few countries have import-friendly policies, while others’ customs are very stringent about importing replica watches. The chances are quite high that customs will seize your watches.

2) Can I Sell Replica Watches?

It may be legal to own replica watches in most countries; importing and selling them may be illegal. While some countries may have loose policies, some customs have strict policies for importing replica watches. There is a high risk that customs may seize replica watches. It is legal to buy a fake watch, but selling copy goods in the US and many other countries is unacceptable.

3) Is it workable to Import Small Quantities or in Bulk? 

Shipping many copy watches can be a significant risk. You might risk getting the watches confiscated, fined, or even being charged for legal responsibilities

4) Can I Buy Replica Watches Online?

Sellers of replica watches are using user-friendly websites, such as Facebook, Instagram to sell replica watches. So it’s yes, you can buy them online, but for your personal use only.
Our sourcing experts have years of experience in services ranging from sourcing to delivery worldwide. Subscribe and stay tuned!

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