The best way to shorten supplier delivery time

By justchinait
December 30, 2020

The Chilean customer Kate urgently needs 70,000 data cables and requested customized packaging for delivery within 7 days. Kate found many suppliers, but none of the suppliers could complete the order as scheduled. Kate found JustChinait. Justchinait is not a factory, but a Chinese purchasing company that helps international buyers find suppliers and solve order problems.

What did JustChinait do after knowing Kate’s needs?

1. All details before order confirm, checklist, payment term

Product: USB Date Cable

Type: Android

Cable length: 98mm

Function: Charging and data transfer

Color: White

Applicable interface: Micro

Maximum power: 2A

Order details:

①package: 1pc/color box

②barcode sticker on the color box

③shipping mark

④Quantity: 70000PCS


2. Production steps(3+7+5+7+3=25)

①Wire rod 7 days

②Interface 3 days

③Manual + test 7 days

④Packaging + labor + label + carton (logo printing) 3 days

3. Solution

After understanding the steps of the production data line, we can find ways to save time.

If this order is placed to the supplier, the supplier will not be able to complete it. Normally, it takes 5 days for a small factory to produce color boxes, 7 days for purchasing wires and interfaces, and 7 days for packing 70,000 data cables. Large factories will produce most of the raw materials themselves, which is even slower. Moreover, large factories usually have stable orders and will not accept urgent orders.

So Justchinait arranges products and packaging for different factories. Find the most advantageous person and do the most advantageous thing.

Justchinait selected the data cable factories from the supplier database, found 2 manufacturers with raw materials in stock, and then placed orders for 35,000 data cables to these two factories, requiring 5 days to complete. Because white is a very conventional color, there is no need for proofing.

Find a factory specializing in color boxes from the database, and go directly to the factory to communicate the design draft. After confirming the details, it is required to produce 70,000 color boxes in 5 days.

Justchinait prints 70,000 product barcode stickers based on the customer’s design, which can be completed in 1 day.

Finally, we found the carton factory that JustChinait has been cooperating with for a long time to produce 700 cartons urgently, which was completed in 6 days.

Because JustChinait is very familiar with the production of products, he knows that there is no problem for the factory to complete the order within the specified deadline. After JustChinait arranges the order, it sends people to 4 factories to monitor the progress every day, solve problems in time, and arrange for the factory to work overtime if there is a delay in the production schedule. Finally, on the fifth day of the data line, the color box was produced on time. JustChinait arranged for the color box factory to send the color box to the two data line factories, and the data line factory would pack them. On the morning of the sixth day, the carton factory sent the cartons to the two data line factories, and the factory started packing. Each factory packs 18,000 pieces every day and finally completes delivery in the afternoon of the 7th day.

The customer arranges the forwarder to pick up the goods on the 8th day.

JustChinait has rich factory resources and is good at dealing with factories. Therefore, we can always help customers with all the unexpected things. Customers are far abroad, and there is no way to quickly find suitable suppliers and monitor orders’ progress, so JustChinait is your best partner in China!

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