The BEST 40 Shops Like SHEIN

By HX Wenli
July 1, 2022

Luckily for us, many famous boutiques like SHEIN have popped up online.
Here are the best 40 shops like SHEIN that you can shop from anywhere!
Let’s dive right in.

Chapter 1: Websites like Shein

Websites like Shein

The success of Shein in the internet world became an inspiration for many fashion companies. People keep discovering websites like Shein, where they can buy cheap but great finds. They can now buy from these shops like Shein.
Despite the craze, some buyers are still looking for shops like Shein. Probably due to some not-so-good experience when they first ordered from Shein, or want some other styles, they look for more shops similar to Shein.
If you are looking for online stores like Shein, we will be giving you a long list!

Introduction to Shein

SHEIN is a fashion clothing company founded in 2012 in Nanjing, China. It has become a fashion e-commerce company with a  strong global presence.
Fashion is made more practical and chic! They sell women’s clothing as their company’s major focus. They also sell a few men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, luggage, and other fashion items.
SHEIN primarily sells to customers in Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East, and other consumer markets. They became famous because of their cool and pretty clothes designs.
They ship to 150 countries worldwide. It became a one-stop shop for practical but high-quality fashion pieces. It makes everyone enjoy the beauty of fashion without spending too much!

Why is Shein popular?

Who will not love clothes that are stylish, cute, and cheap? Best of all, you can receive it anywhere you are! Using the Shein app, you can find everything you’re looking for.
Like any company, Shein also experienced some difficulties in the past. But they succeeded with their effort and commitment to delivering high-quality clothes and service.
They have cool offers and discounts for their customers. Also, their marketing program is good. They offer free shipping and sale items all the time. Their customers keep coming back because they can read reviews, and their size charts are accurate.
Many clothing sites like Shein offer perks and big discounts to online shoppers. Aside from the great quality of clothing, they are also stylish and trendy. Later, we will find out about some clothing stores like Shein.

Shein popular

Why is Cheap Clothing like Shein in Demand?

Online stores like Shein produce fast fashion clothes. What is fast fashion?  
Fast fashion is defined as cheap, trendy wear that samples ideas from the catwalk or celebrity culture and converts them into items in high street stores faster to meet consumer demand. The goal is to get the newest fashions on the market as soon as possible so that buyers may get them while they’re still hot.
Some Shein similar stores are so good at selling fast fashion clothes because they are cheaper by 100% than when you buy from a high-end brand.  For example, if you buy from a high-end brand, a single top that can cost around $500 can be bought for only $50 from Shein or stores similar to Shein.

Cheap Clothing like Shein

Are there Stores Similar to Shein?

Yes! There are so many online sites like Shein where you can buy the latest trendy clothes of the season. These online shops like Shein sell a wide variety of women and fashionable clothes at economical prices. In the next chapter, we will give you stores similar to Shein. Read on!

Chapter 2: Shops like Shein

Shops like Shein

There are competitors of Shein who are doing well with their online presence too! If you look and visit each website, these stores like Shein offer bestsellers and updated fashion pieces that will match each fashion taste.
Take a look at each of the following online stores like Shein:


Get all the stylish t-shirts, tops, blouses, swimwear, dresses, denim jeans, and all types of bottoms in Romwe. You will find identical pieces here in Shein because the same company owns them. Aside from clothing, you can buy accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags, and stationery items here.
You can find plenty of promotions and sales on their website. Get flash sales, order discounts, buy more, save promos, and free shipping. The shop features designers’ artwork to their million online users and buyers on their platforms.


ZAFUL is another destination for the most daring, interesting, and edgy fashion apparel. They feature inexpensive collections, all about changing and season trends. Their goal is to achieve design excellence and provide great quality to meet the demands of every trendsetter.
You can buy tops, bottoms, gowns, swimwear, sportswear, denim, and intimates for all occasions. You will find sale items every day and chic pieces that will make you feel stylish!
If you are a new user, you can get 15% off on your new order in Zaful. You can also make money by being an influencer and joining their influencer program. What’s more, you’ll get a special discount if you are just a student.


Chicwish is a team of expert Indie fashion designers with over eight years of experience in the business. They use their talents and knowledge to recognize trends and remain ahead of the curve while providing consumers with vintage-inspired clothes.
Chicwish has made a name for itself in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia, where active lifestyles and cosmopolitan outlooks combine the finest of the East and the West.
With their well-designed pieces from tops, bottoms, dresses, and even fashion accessories, you will never run out of style. They have loungewear, swimwear, and even kids’ wear that will boost your fashion sense!

Pretty Little Thing

This fashion store like Shein, offers free next-day delivery for your orders. They have great designs of every basic staple every woman needs to feel and look confident! You will love how they present their clothes in their app.
Every piece of clothing you need- from basic to formal pieces- is available here. They have designs that are chic and similar to Shein. You will get outfit ideas suitable for every character or lifestyle.
With their regular and big size range of clothing, you can be in style whatever size you are. You can also buy accessories, beauty products like skincare and makeup, and stylish shoes at affordable prices.


If you love an online store like Shein, you will also love MissGuided. They sell not only clothes but also sell accessories and shoes that are stylish without having to break your bank!
Do not worry about the sizes because they have petite, tall, regular, and size sizes. You can see that the clothes are as good as those you can buy from high-end stores.
They can ship internationally, but you have to wait for 1-2 weeks. You will score many sale items and fun deals every week if you are a follower. It is available for customers in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, and Ireland.
Websites like Missguided are great online stores to get pretty and fashionable items.



Boohoo is similar to shops like Shein and is a UK-based online retailer of stylish and affordable clothes. You can find the latest designs of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, purses, accessories, and even beauty items.
Customers love them because they make fashion accessible and inexpensive to anyone. They sell plus-size and tiny apparel for ladies and have inclusive sizing. Boohoo also has affordable apparel for guys in tall and large sizes.
You can update your wardrobe anytime you want! With over 500 new products released every week, you’ll always be able to get the most up-to-date styles for so much less. You can also avail of their sales deals and discounts, whether you are a new or repeat customer.

Lovely Wholesale

A cheap but good online clothing stores like LovelyWholesale is a gem! Find everything you’re looking for on this Shein similar website with prices as low as 3 pieces for $10 and more.
Find elegant and pretty dresses for all occasions and get extra discounts when you buy more. They have good size charts for regular or plus sizes to shop the right style for you.
If you love clothes like Shein, you will also love these lovely pieces from this store. Buy tops, blouses, bottoms, denim, swimwear, sportswear, and dresses new in style but with affordable prices.
You can also buy men’s clothing here, and you will be surprised by how cool and trendy the clothes are. They offer huge discounts and sales offers weekly.

Ali Express

Long before cheap stores like Shein became popular, AliExpress was a go-to store for many fashionistas. You can get items with low MOQ ( as low as 1 piece) or buy more and get bigger discounts.
You will find all clothing pieces from Ali Express because of its thousands or even millions of suppliers. If you are an online shop owner or an Amazon FBA seller, you can also get your stocks from them and arrange the delivery to Amazon warehouses from your suppliers.
What’s different from Ali Express and other cheap sites like Shein is that you can buy all kinds of children’s wear, women’s wear, men’s wear,  occasional clothing, and customized clothes in Ali Express. You can also use their search image function to search for a particular piece you may have found from other shops similar to Shein.

Forever 21

Forever 21 has established 540 store locations. It is a fashion industry leader and sells high-quality, unique, and well-designed clothes.
Forever 21 may not be a 100% site similar to Shein because they have physical stores in many countries. Their store programs and promotions offer all global customers an optimized shopping experience.
Forever 21 has clothes styles of clothing like Shein. They are trendy, fashionable, and classy. They have good choices, both for regular or plus sizes. Clothes are available for men and women in wide varieties like premium jeans, tops, bottoms, activewear, dresses, and accessories.
If you are looking for places like Shein with more international scope and coverage, you can choose Forever 21. You have the option to buy from their online store and pick up the item in a store near you.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal, a clothing store based in Los Angeles, is a true original for affordable and stylish fast-fashion online. They opened the groundwork for places like SHEIN to gain a large following.
If you shop on their app, you’ll get an extra 15% discount and other free shipping or discounted promos. They have payment programs like Shop Now Pay Later. You’ll never run out of style with all their trendy pieces available every day.
Nasty Gal’s online store, like SHEIN and Forever 21, is identical to SHEIN, where you will find cute, inexpensive, and fashionable items. Nasty Gal is still the go-to place for budget dresses, shirts, trousers, shoes, and accessories for many women. Their designs may be simple, yet, it is a great choice for any lifestyle.

Nasty Gal


The London design team makes ASOS clothes to bring the freshest and most outstanding fashion pieces from clothes, shoes, accessories, and even giftable items. They also cater to face and body beauty products, making it a one-stop-shop for most customers.
ASOS gives all the fashion choices for women and men. They have different brands that can satisfy and fit your clothing moods. Some of the brands included in their shop are Monkl, Collusion, TopShop, and Weekday.
You can purchase from their online store or mobile app. If you are in a rush to ship, they have an express delivery so you can get them faster, even if you are from other countries, you can get them within 3 days.
ASOS is like other websites like Shein because their fashion pieces are really good; you will keep coming back for more!


Wish is an American online store and a store like Shein. You will find that most of the clothing designs are the same, and you can see exact clothes when you go to other stores like Shein or AliExpress.
They even feature an LGBTQ clothing line, school uniforms, and work clothes like scrub suits or PPEs. It is a store everyone in the family can enjoy because they sell clothes for babies, kids, men, and women of all ages.
Find some pet accessories and gadgets for cars and mobile phones in their shop. If you are looking for other things like drinks and bar items, you can find them here. You need to sign up to their app  to see everything in detail, unlike some places like Shein, where you can completely browse everything without signing up.

Just Fashion Now

Another similar site like Shein, Just Fashion Now, has interesting items that can transform your wardrobe and get updated with the trends.
You will easily find all their best sellers and new arrivals in their website dashboard. If you look for similar stores to Shein, you will not be disappointed with JustFashionNow since their clothes are in-style and trending.
If you are a loyal buyer, you will get bigger discounts as you increase your purchase. For example, you get 70% off on your fifth item when you check out! You will also love their FLASH sales. Get the best tops, dresses, bottoms, shoes, and accessories both for men and women in its pages like Shein.  


Like other stores similar to Shein, Rosewe features beautiful collections of trendy dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, swimsuits, and more. When you check out more than one product, you’ll get a special discount for each of the 2nd, 3rd (and so on items) you will buy!
Rosewe is one of the websites like Shein because of its top fast-fashion pieces for all sizes. Some women cannot find curvy or plus sizes, but this clothing shop features Plus Size collections.
Get jewelry and accessories for affordable prices in this shop. Some Shein similar stores are expensive, but when you check out the clothing prices here, you’ll find it very affordable, so you can also order as often as you can.



Another fashion online shopping like Shein that gives lots of discounts is Rosegal. The moment you sign up on their website, you’ll get coupons for $110.
Every Tuesday, their site showcases FLASH SALE for 4 hours so that you can score fashion pieces for very low prices. They have a wide selection of tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear, and seasonal outfits. You can see all their Sale items in one place so that you can shop only on those marked down pieces.
Shein like stores offer affordable original designs, and Rosegal will not disappoint you. They ship internationally and get great feedback from their global customers. If you are an influencer, you can join their Influencer Program.


NewChic has the latest t-shirts, tops, blouses, swimsuits, dresses, denim jeans, and bottoms. Accessories, jewelry, shoes, purses, bags, beauty products, and home and garden finds are available in addition to apparel.
On their website, they give a lot of promos and sales. Get free delivery, flash sales, order discounts, purchase more and save promos. The shop sells different brands to its online shoppers and consumers.
Suppose you look for websites similar to Shein with class and unique styles, head on to NewChic. They have 24/7 live chat support for all your customer support needs.

Chic Cloth

One of the popular websites like Shien is the shop called Chic Cloth. There are just more formal, and special occasions dresses you can find here.
Get affordable but beautiful prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest dresses, lace dresses, and shoes to match them. Their focus is more on dresses, but you can also find a few pieces like bottoms or jumpsuits.
Chic Cloth is one of the best popular online clothes shopping sites for special occasions. Get a designer prom dress for as low as $250, and dress up like you’re wearing that high-end piece!


Stylewe is also one of those stores like Romwe and Shein where you find the trendiest but affordable piece in each category. If you look at their site, you’ll find a collection of maxi dresses, blouses, pants, t-shirts, shorts, tunics, swimsuits, sets, and accessories.
Online shoppers love this fashion online shopping like Shein because their clothes are so good and colorful. You can buy the basic staples up to formal and elegant designs.
Like places like Shein, Stylewe gives you hefty discounts when you check out 3 or more items. Their bestsellers are selling out fast, so you need to sign up to their mailing list to get notified when they release new items.


Are you searching for places like Shein where you can get clothes and beauty accessories? Dresslily is a great choice! They have jewelry, stockings, scarves, sunglasses, belts, and even men’s accessories.
Dresslily has beautiful clothes for women in a wide variety of designs. Get the trendiest and most-loved dresses and tops of the season! You can also save much when buying undergarments, lingerie, and loungewear.
You can get the basic casual to formal pieces for work and lifestyle fashion for men’s selection. New members get a 15%, and check-out discounts are available for your sales tiers.


There’s more to online stores like Shein! Floryday is another site that earns thousands of customers each day. The moment you go to their website, you’ll first see many check-out codes and see how much you can save with a few purchases!
Get very cheap items that are below $10. You can see cute and pretty designs on their collections of dresses, blouses, tops, bottoms, and shoes.
You will be interested in checking on their New collection, top sales, and flash sales section so make sure to allot lots of time when browsing their site. Other websites like Shien do not offer really fast shipping but Floryday ships within 24 hours.

Fairy Season

Fairy Season is another favorite website similar to Shein. You will get a feminine feel once you see their website and see various designs from each clothing category.
You’ll find the cutest tank tops, dresses, beachwear, blouses, t-shirts, bottoms, etc. You can complete your OOTD because you can buy accessories and shoes to match your new clothes.
What you’ll find in Shein similar stores are a bunch of promotions. Fairy Season offers a special PayPal Payment promo, so you can get more discounts when paying using this option. You can also get a student discount on all items on the website. Free shipping is covered when you order for $99 and above.

Fairy Season

Rue 21

You will love Rue 21 because your fashion piece starts at $3 here, unlike other online stores like Shein! Even if their offers are for a limited time, you’ll enjoy 50% when you buy from their featured items.
Rue 21 is a clothing store like Shein where you can get those comfy daily pieces you can use when you go to school or meet up with your friends. Don’t worry if you need bigger sizes because they have a Plus size collection.
Find affordable but stylish fashion pieces like tops, jeans, bottoms, and dresses. They sell clothing for men and women. Match them with some of the cutest accessories that they also sell for low prices.


BerryLook is UK-based and a global online store. Like other Shein similar stores, it provides you with the most up-to-date fashion apparel for women like dresses, tops, bottoms, and swimwear. So many products in a variety of designs are available on their website.
Some fashion shops and other websites like Shein have excellent customer service, and BerryLook has them. Their team of professional customer service is always ready to help you with any inquiry or product concern when you order.
Furthermore, they have a global shipping service to receive your order globally. Enjoy discounts from their clearance sales and sale items. You will find them all in their dashboard so that you can shop based on categories like tops, dresses, outerwear, shoes, bottoms, and accessories.



Another Shein similar stores is Bohme. It is similar in terms of their clothes’ classy and stylish designs. They have great choices for dresses, tops, denim, shoes, and other accessories.
When it comes to prices, Bohme is not as cheap as websites like Shein because their clothes can start from $30 and above. But when you use the special discounts and look in their sale section, you’ll find pieces lower than $25. If you are looking for classier and more sophisticated styles, this is the place you should check.
You will also get free shipping for your orders and pre-order items that they will soon release. Get a look at their website and see why this clothing store is a favorite shopping place for many.

Ever Pretty

Ever Pretty is like the website Chic Cloth. They focus on dresses- from casual to formal. You will be amazed by the styles of dresses that they feature, like sheath dresses, halter dresses, backless dresses, and more!
If you are on a budget, you will not be disappointed with the bride dresses and gowns that they sell. Find the complete dresses of your entourage here. You can also find pretty prom or graduation dresses. Whatever occasion you’re preparing for, you will find the best dress piece in Ever-Pretty.
Every Pretty is one of the websites similar to Shein because you will find good pieces at affordable prices. You can even find some of the designs sold in Shein here. They offer custom sizing and size dresses.

.Ever Pretty


There are Shein like stores that are so popular not only because of their cute and trendy clothes, but also their shipping flexibility and discounts. And Modlily is a favorite of online buyers in many countries!
It is easy to find the sale items since they are featured in their Flash Sales section. Get pre-orders and shop the latest clothing lines like tops, dresses, bottoms, beachwear, and other accessories.


Suppose you are hunting for stores like Shein but better and more designs of formal dresses, head on to Zapaka. You will find the best prom dresses, vintage dresses, lace dresses, and casual and chic dresses here. You can also buy your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses that are so lovely and elegant.
It is a relief to find the cheapest clothing websites like Zapaka because you can update your wardrobe and be in style without spending too much. So if you have special occasions, Zapaka is one of the best stores to shop from and enjoy their dresses’ high-quality and sophisticated designs.

Eric Dress

One of the trendiest and best websites to buy clothes where you can  get cheap offers is Ericdress. Look for their Eric Deals section in the dashboard to see all the promos and clearance items you will surely love.
Ericdress sells a wide range of products for men and women clothes, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, special wedding dresses, occasion dresses, 3C, wigs, and more.
You can buy casual to formal clothes here. Find the hottest coats, blazers, suits, rompers, dresses, and gowns. They have plus-size collections too.

Belle Lily

From the basic staples to the chic casual style, Belle Lily sells cheap clothes like Shein. So if you want more online shops similar to Shein on your online shopping list, you will get great bargains on this site.
Check out all their dresses, blouses, t-shirts, tank tops, bottoms, etc. If you’re still searching for the best summer suit, you’ll find several pretty and sexy pieces here. Then, pair them up with the best sandals or shoes and other accessories from their collection.

Belle Lily


For sites similar to Shein, our 30th on the list is Milanoo.
Customers love lingerie, club wears, and outerwear in this online fashion shop. You will be happy to see stylish and trendy designs of their tops, bottoms, dresses, and jumpsuits. If you need some coordinates, you will love their 2-piece sets of suits and pairs.
Get items in their flash sales for as low as $20. Their discount can range from 30-to 70% depending on their featured items. Buy some fine pieces from all their clothing categories.


TBDress offers low-priced collections of women’s and men’s clothing based on changing and seasonal trends. They offer up to 50% discount when you use their mobile app.
You can get tops, bottoms, gowns, swimwear, sportswear, denim, and intimates for all occasions. Every day, you’ll find discount items and beautiful pieces that make you feel stylish! For chic and cool stores like Shien, TBDress is one sure winner!
If you are a new subscriber to them, you will receive up to 30% off your first order. You may also get more discounts on their wholesale program. Furthermore, if you are a student, you will receive a special discount.

Goodnight Macaroon

The feminine touch of this website will make you spend a long time checking on their bestsellers and collections. Goodnight Macaroon is one of the cheap online clothing stores like Shein with a wide selection of trendy items.
Find all the latest deals on clothes, shoes, sandals, and accessories in this fashion site. You can claim e-vouchers and enjoy their discounts when you become a loyal customer.

Goodnight Macaroon


One of the best places to shop like Shein is the popular Amazon shopping site. You will find a lot of Chinese sellers here that sell clothes on other platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress. You can get all the fashion items and clothes you are looking for on Amazon.
Most of the sellers here are FBA sellers. They have the stocks ready in the Amazon warehouse, so the shipping is guaranteed. Just make sure to check on the other buyers’ reviews to see if the item you’re buying is a sure buy.


You will get all the modern and trendy designs in Lulus for fresh and chic styles. They have dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, sets, swimwear, and even wedding dresses.
You are entitled to a  special discount if you are a student, a new buyer, or a loyal customer. They have cute sale items for up to 70% off, and you can score some pieces for up to $15 or below!
Other sites like Shein and Lulus guarantee the best pieces of clothing for a price you can afford.


H&M offers quality and affordable fashion clothes. They have brick and mortar stores in several countries and later on put their stores online.
H&M is a famous clothing line globally. They have clothes for men, women, baby and kids. It is similar to Forever 21. You will get plenty of rewards and discounts when you shop from their website and app deals.
If you want to check out  online Shops like Shein, check all the clothes in H&M and get up to 60% off from their sale section.


Is it time to change a few pieces in your wardrobe? Choies is a great choice for new tops, dresses, swimwear, rompers, bottoms, etc.
Choies gives you a wide selection of the trendiest and prettiest clothes online. It is one of the cheap clothing sites like Shein so that you can find many good deals in the store every day.


Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is one of the cheap clothing websites like Shein, where you can buy women’s, men’s, and kids clothing all in one place.
Find amazing deals like all jeans for $25 and even the biggest sale items of up to 75% off. Get all the clothes you are looking for here, from basic to formal. They have plus size collections too.

Princess Polly 

For clothing websites like Shein that offer free express shipping, buy now, pay later, and student discount, Princess Polly is a choice of many online shoppers.
Get the trendiest jackets, jumpers, dresses, tops, and jeans in their collection. Add some new accessories and shoes for as low as $10 and below.

Pink Lily Boutique 

Be in style without spending too much because Pink Lily is a fun and trendy place to up your fashion style. Get the best cardigans, kimonos, graphic tees, hoodies, pullovers, lounge tops, and bodysuits here.
For a more feminine look, try on their dresses and two-piece sets. Curvy and big sizes are available, so you can also choose from their collections. Aside from women’s clothing, they also have kids’ clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Pink Lily Boutique

White Fox Boutique 

White Fox is a global online shopping store with almost 2 million followers on its IG account. They feature their influencers who can help you choose the best style for your fashion taste.
You can buy from their wide selection of tops, dresses, lounge, swim, active, and bottoms. You can pair them with their collections of shoes and accessories. Get their beauty products like skincare to add glow and enhance your beauty.

Chapter 3:  Tips on Buying Clothes from Websites like Shein

If you have bought from several Shein like websites, you might see a comparison of the items you get from each store. Take note that not all online clothing store like Shein has the same quality and so you need to remember these helpful tips when buying.

Check the sizing chart.

Always check the sizing standard that they use for the clothes. If the online shop you’re buying does not sell internationally, there could be a slight or big difference in sizes. For example, Asian sizes are too small compared to American or UK sizes.
If you are not sure about your clothes size, you need to get the exact measure of your clothes size and compare it to their size charts using a centimeter or inch. You can check the tags or labels of your other clothes to get the right sizing for you.
It will be a hassle to return the clothes if your size is too small or too big. You will spend more on shipping the items back. Refer to their size charts or product reviews to get feedback about their clothes’ sizes.

Check the sizing chart

Read the description properly.

When buying from clothing places like Shein, it must be a habit for you to read the description. Do not just look at the pictures as they might show differently than when you receive them personally. For example, it might look like the cloth used in the picture is cotton, but it is actually chiffon.
Reading the details can set your expectations and will save you from disappointments. If you buy from stores like Shein in person, let’s say H&M or Forever 21, you can be a little familiar with their cloth quality. This can help you a lot when you buy from websites.

Check the return policy.

Before you check out your clothes, check the store’s return policy to ensure you can get a replacement for any valid scenario like when the clothes are damaged, incorrect size, or you don’t like them.
Customers can usually return an item for a refund within a 15 to 30-day period after purchasing it from an online store. Some companies will extend up to 90 days. Regardless of the time range you choose, it’s critical to make sure you have one.

Read reviews from buyers.

Most online buyers always go to the review section before buying clothes. If you are a new subscriber on similar sites to Shein or maybe sites like Romwe and Zaful, you’ll get a better idea of their products and service through verified reviews.
Hearing from actual customers will help you decide whether buying it is a good investment. It is a simple but practical guide for your buying decision.

Look for discount codes.

Who doesn’t want a discount?! Most online stores similar to Shein offer discounts through codes that you can see on the homepage. Examples are when you are a new customer, when you are buying more than 3 items, free shipping codes, or abandoned cart codes you can find in the email.
Extra discounts help you save a lot and keep you coming back for more. If there are too many discounts to use, always choose the discount where you can save the most, like shipping or New Arrivals items.

Look for discount codes.

Join their mailing list.

Joining the mailing list will give you perks like notifications on New Items, Flash Sales, and Clearance Sales. When you sign up, you also get some discount codes through emails and some VIP or loyalty perks.
Even if they are already the cheapest stores to buy clothes, they still give you some treats you cannot find when you just look at their website for deals through their newsletter.

Join their mailing list.

Chapter 4:  How to Import Clothes from China in a Clothing Store like Shein

If you are consider having your own shop like Shein online clothing, there are two ways to get and import them from China.

1. Find a supplier from B2B platforms.

Another website like Shein, where you can buy directly or in bulk discounts, is through the B2B platforms. More websites like Shein are listed on Chinese marketplaces where you can buy from manufacturers or suppliers.
For example, you can search through Alibaba, Taobao, or Made-in-China to get wholesale prices of cheap but fashionable clothes. You will be surprised to find the same items you can see on cheap websites like Shein.

2. Get a sourcing agent to buy from the factory directly.

Sourcing agents are better options when looking for lower wholesale prices for clothes you want to import from China. If you want to put up an e-commerce or shopping websites like Shein, buying directly from the factory will give you more profit.
The sourcing agents will help you locate the best clothing manufacturer that can produce clothes. These clothes are what buyers look for in places like Shein to shop. JustChinaIt can help you find a reliable supplier if you want to import fashion clothes from China.

Chapter 5:  Other FAQS about Stores Similar to Shein

FAQS about Stores Similar to Shein

Many trendsetters hunt shopping sites like Shein. Here are some more FAQs that we will answer about clothes stores like Shein:

1. Are there websites like Shein for men?

There are men’s online shops that are like Shein stores similar. You can buy men’s fashion clothes from these sites. They are the following:

  1. Romwe
  2. JackThreads
  3. End.
  4. YesStyle
  5. Forever21
  6. H&M
  7. Uniqlo
  8. Madewell
  9. boohooMAN
  10. Fashion Nova

2. What store is most like Shein?

Shein and Romwe have nearly identical products. They’re both owned by the same corporation.

3. What store like Shein has cheaper clothes?

Shein and other stores like Shein that we mentioned in Chapter 2 have some items that could be cheaper than each other. Sometimes, the total price is based on the discount you applied, or the sale items featured when you put them on your cart.

4. Is H&M better than Shein?

Some H&M items are better than Shein items. Since H&M is a global brand that caters to a high-quality standard, we can say that their clothes are better. Based on customer polls and reviews, though Shein is affordable, there are better clothes you can get from H&M that look like a high-end brand.

5. Who are top competitors of Shein?

Some of Shein’s top competitors are  ASOS, Zara, Jigsaw, AMARO, Ruby Ribbon, Fashion Nova, and Voonik.

6. Is it better to buy clothes from Amazon than Shein?

Some clothes that you can buy from Shein can be bought from Amazon. We cannot conclude whether these Amazon sellers get from the same direct source as Shein’s. However, when you consider price, if you can get it cheaper from any of the two, that’s the best choice to buy your clothes.

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