The Best 30 Global B2B Trading Platforms

By HX Wenli
November 19, 2021

China and Asia


Alibaba is the world’s largest B2B trading platform(China B2B trade sites) dedicated to e-commerce on the Internet, including business-to-business, retail, and consumer sales portals. The China b2b trade sites also provide online payment services, search engines, and cloud data storage services. Platform buyers come from more than 190 countries. China wholesale suppliers can register for free and can list up to 50 products, but memberships must be purchased to list more products.

Global Sources


GlobalSources is one of the first B2B trading platforms(China B2B trade sites) listed on Nasdaq under the name GSOL. It is headquartered in China and has 1.4 million sellers from around the world. Global Sources allows suppliers to register for free and publish up to 100 products. Most of the suppliers are from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Like Alibaba, Global sources are a catalog of China wholesale manufacturers and suppliers, mainly Chinese B2B e-commerce platforms. The best b2b e-commerce platform is associated with international trade fairs in Hong Kong, and well-known manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are participating.


3. dhgate

DHgate is a small B2B trading platform(China B2B trade sites) that allows importers from all over the world to buy small quantities of Chinese goods at wholesale prices. The B2B trading platform has more than 1.2 million international sellers supplying more than 33 million products. It has 10 million buyers worldwide and supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Suppliers can register for free. Also, Shopify also supports the sale of products.

Made in China


Made-in-china was established in 1996. This is one of the most popular online B2B trading platforms (China B2B trade sites) in the world. It supplies more than 3,500 products. The B2B trading platform supports 11 languages and has more than 1 million suppliers, which can be registered for free. The primary purpose of is to provide easy-to-access and improved network-based trading solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to promote China’s global trade.

The price is moderate, the effect is good, the inquiry email is targeted, and the Made in China inquiry system is a one-to-one delivery method: foreign buyers see your product information after the inquiry email is only sent to your email, and will not be forwarded Give it to your peers or competitors, which is a significant feature, which may increase the conversion rate.


5. ofweek

The week is another B2B trading platform(China B2B trade sites) headquartered in China. It focuses on supplying products for the technology industry and has more than 8 million members. Ofweek is composed of 25 independent websites, such as, which specializes in selling Internet-related products, and, which sells medical equipment. The platform has more than 300 million visitors every year and has suppliers from more than 70 countries. Suppliers can register for free, but the site also offers premium members.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

6.sourcing hktdc

The China B2B trade sites have more than 120,000 high-quality suppliers from Hong Kong, China, and Asia. By providing recommended information to suppliers offered by external organizations (such as Dun&Bradstreet and Intertek), it can help you identify trusted suppliers.

This China B2B trade site provides you with higher search flexibility. You can check thousands of certified suppliers and buy quality products in smaller quantities. You can also compare prices and minimum order quantities so that you can instantly contact and contact the supplier directly to understand payment and delivery status. Purchase product requirements-If customers cannot find a suitable China wholesale supplier in this online market. The China B2B trade site can publish its purchase requirements for free. Thousands of high-quality China wholesale suppliers are ready to meet customer procurement needs.


7. hifactory

This is a China B2B trade site, it is Find the Reliable Manufacturer, Supplier Quickly, Directly Purchasing from the Production for Quality Product, Connecting the Buyers and Verified Factories Worldwide.


8. Kompass

Kompass business directory: Access to over 33 million companies in over 70 countries. A unique tool to help you find new business leads and potential customers.


9. tradekey a Global B2B Marketplace Offering an Online Trade Portal with Over 9,373,749 Members, Making Business Growth Easier for China wholesale Manufacturers and Suppliers.


10. ecvv

ECVV was founded in 2006 and had 12 years of experience in B2B trading platforms(China B2B trade sites). This B2B trading platform is one of the largest China B2B trade sites in the world. ECVV developed the M2B2C model, which includes quality suppliers, complete product information, and guaranteed services for buyers.

They focus on 22 Arab countries with a cumulative +2.2 million buyers and 950,000 suppliers across China.
They are enjoying an excellent reputation in machinery, equipment, hardware, building materials, lighting, transportation electronics, electrical appliances, and other industries: Chinese industrial goods, china purchasing agent, multiple categories, safe payment,


11. tradeeasy

Go to for detailed information of manufacturers, exporters, product catalogs to importers, wholesalers worldwide.

Tradeeasy is a Hong Kong-based B2B trading platform(China B2B trade sites). They are a provider of integrated online and offline marketing solutions and managed automation services to assist SMEs. This enables B2B trading platforms to generate trade leads and convert them into transactions in a cost-effective, timely and efficient manner.

In addition to its Hong Kong headquarters, Tradeeasy currently has 9 offices in China with 500 employees. generates over 30,000 inquiries per month and has a community of over 350,000 buyers from over 200 countries.


12. diytrede

DIYTrade – China Product Directory, B2B Trading Platform with China wholesale Suppliers, Manufacturers. Includes searchable product directory, free website.


13. okchem

OKCHEM is an internationally renowned leading chemical third-party B2B trading platform(China B2B trade sites). OKchem is committed to providing a wide range of quality products from quality global chemical suppliers and offering a one-stop solution from sourcing, payment to delivery. to help them make informed decisions in overseas sourcing, which is cost-effective and time-saving.

European and American countries

Amazon Business

14. business

Amazon Business is Amazon’s best b2b website. Like Amazon’s B2C business, buyers need to create a business account to start purchasing. Suppliers can register and sell products for a monthly fee of US$39.99. Amazon’s existing B2C sellers can sell on Amazon Business through Seller Central.


15. thomasnet

The American B2B e-commerce platform focuses on allowing buyers to find suppliers and purchase products. Most of the transactions on this website are engineering and manufacturing products. The site has 60,000 daily visitors.


16. eworldtrade

eWorldTrade is a new online B2B trading platform that has developed rapidly, creating a new way of improvement for buyers and sellers. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, all of its primary operations are from Karachi, Pakistan. It has now become part of CPEC, making the trade relationship between Pakistan and China better. The primary purpose of this B2B trading platform is to help Chinese suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers reach their potential audience.

This online global B2B platform is said to be one of the fastest-growing online markets. Thousands of sellers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers are registering and meeting with potential customers from all over the world every day.

Thousands of manufacturers from different cities and countries register on the B2B trading platforms every day. It can be seen that the platform will become a strong competitor to all other B2B trading platforms.


17. kinnek

Kinnek, an online purchasing B2B trading platform in the United States, will review all requirements of suppliers. Suppliers have to pay a fixed monthly fee to receive buyer requests. It recently raised $10 million from companies such as Matrix Partners to continue to expand its market into new and vertical markets.


18. tiu was established in 2008 and is one of Russia’s largest B2B trading platforms, and a platform under Allegro-group, the largest e-commerce holding company in Eastern Europe. The products sold online on the platform cover industries such as construction, automobile, and motorcycle, clothing, hardware, power equipment, etc. The target market covers Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, China, and other Asian and European countries.

Currently, there are more than 850,000 online operating companies, more than 40 million products released, and 3 million daily page views. has more than 850,000 registered companies, used by more than 7.2 million people every day, 3 million web page views per day, and more than 40 million products and services.


19. fis is Russia’s leading B2B trading platform. It was established in 1998. Its purpose is to create a professional catalog of goods and services that can quickly find suppliers and business partners, and present company and product information with unique selling points.

At present, has 1 million monthly visitors, 3.1 million products and services on the platform, and 214,000 companies supplying them, covering 1,400 cities.

Middle East countries


20. tradekey

TradeKey is a B2B trading platform focusing on the supply of electronic products. The platform supports multiple languages (French, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and English), making it easy for more than 9 million members to use. Suppliers can register for free. Also, TradeKey provides a project called WomenInTrade to support women operating businesses.



21. trade

Founded in 1996, Tradeindia is one of the largest B2B e-commerce platforms in India. It provides a B2B trading platform for global sellers and buyers to communicate. Both parties can find suitable partners on the Tradeindia platform. Tradeindia serves India and even the world. Of manufacturers, importers, exporters, and service providers provide product promotion services, and buyers around the world can find suppliers and various commodities on the B2B trading platform.

Currently, the B2B trading platform has 2.9 million registered members, and the platform brings together 2,250 types of products. Popular industries: fashion clothing, copper products and accessories, smart home, home textiles, and home decoration, medical products, electrical and electronic products, etc.


22. indiamart

IndiaMart is India’s largest B2B trading platform. The website has more than 35 million buyers, 4 million suppliers, and 43 million products. Buyers from almost every country in the world are using this B2B trading platform, and more than 20 million business inquiries are made every month. Suppliers can register for free and create a small website to showcase their products.



23. ec21

EC21 is a global B2B trading platform that supports multiple product categories. The platform currently has more than 2 million suppliers, 7 million products, 3.5 million buyers, and 3.5 million monthly visitors. EC21 is headquartered in South Korea and is also its largest market. The B2B trading platform allows suppliers to register for free and provides a homepage to upload up to 15 products for free.

EC Plaza

24. ecplaza

EC Plaza is one of the fastest-growing B2B trading platforms in South Korea, launched in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. began as a B2B trading platform in 1996. EC Plaza has grown to the first online B2B trading platform, providing online and offline services to more than 400,000 members. This online B2B trading platform operates not only B2B websites, transaction consulting, EDI services, etc, but also provides offline transaction-related services for SMEs based on export marketing.

With a global network and high brand awareness, it will expand its business areas to the global market by providing more business opportunities, cost savings, convenience, and other essential values.

More than 4 million offers were released, which is the largest in the world. The website is also located at the top level of some leading ranking platforms such as Ranked, Alexa, and 100 HOT.



25. b2brazil

The B2B trading platform is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is the Brazilian online B2B trading platform and the entrance of Brazilian trade. The platform has established strategic partnerships with major companies, associations, and government agencies. It is a built-in bilingual (English-Portuguese). It is the only B2B international trade platform trusted by Google and established cooperative relations in Brazil. It is committed to promoting the development of Brazilian small and medium-sized enterprises. Develop and help international companies to expand their business in Brazil.

Popular industries: food industry, chemical industry, plastics, machinery and equipment, construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, machinery and metal, petrochemicals, automobiles, resins and coatings, petroleum and energy, textiles, beverages, cosmetics, mining, etc.


26. yeatrade

Yeatrade is an industry-wide B2B trading platform covering the entire Latin American region. Its main advantage is to use a direct sales index to match data and products from confirmed importers, exporters, users, and merchants to facilitate trade: twenty top products, five terms search priority ranking.

Covering countries and regions are Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and China.

Commercial areas covered: agriculture, forestry, fish, catering, construction, financial services, professional services, automobiles, textiles and clothing, energy and applications, chemicals, health and pharmaceuticals, mining and natural resources, and industrial machinery.



FGMVendors is a B2B trading platform featuring online trade shows. Suppliers can showcase their products to more than 20,000 active buyers. Most buyers are retailers with physical stores, and they are looking for wholesale goods to sell. Suppliers need to pay an annual fee of 449.99 US dollars to publish products and sell them here.


28. wholesalecentral

WholesaleCentral is a supplier directory. Buyers can search and click on supplier information and then purchase directly from the supplier’s website. To reduce fraudulent transactions, the site will review each supplier and select the best for inclusion. Suppliers can pay $399 on WholesaleCentral to get six months of display time.


29. makersrow

MakersRow is a B2B trading platform. Here, small businesses can easily find manufacturers and suppliers that can meet their product procurement needs. Currently, the site has more than 10,000 manufacturers and 100,000 brands and has produced more than 2 million products. Suppliers can register for a basic account for free, and all buyers must register and pay a monthly basic account fee of $35.


sourcing agent

Asian Products is a database and trade source presenting products, manufacturers, and suppliers to international buyers sourcing products in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand…etc.

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