Some secrets of purchasing shared by experienced buyers

By justchinait
November 10, 2020

As a purchaser, are you willing to deal with salespeople or suppliers who have no decision-making power?

What do you think of customer satisfaction?

Do you buy, will you the price very low?

How to purchase unfamiliar products?

For this series of questions, how will senior procurement experts answer?

Let me share with you the secrets that senior purchasers accidentally said!

Before, I was fortunate to chat with a senior purchaser. On a whim, he asked him a few questions about purchases. He was also very energetic after strong tea, so he was frank and told us something unknown. Mystery! I think about it carefully, and I think it makes sense! Such a secret is not daring to enjoy it alone; now, it is sorted out and shared with everyone!

1. Are you willing to deal with salespeople who have no decision-making power?

I quite like to negotiate the unit price with salespeople who have no decision-making power. Many salesmen said at every turn, I want to ask my superiors about this and then reported back, our superiors noted that this unit price could be done, and it was done at a loss. My superiors-now scolded me for saying that we can do it at such a low unit price.

I know what he said is false; he said so but was smiling in his heart, thinking that he met another fool. Such people can only deceive novices. I will not take this set. I will say, “Since you are embarrassed, then forget it, I will find someone else to do it.” The more he said this, the more I made him feel bad. If you kill him two more points, you have to do it if you don’t do it. I will tell him directly; I will drop two more points and cooperate with you. If you have any questions, ask your leader to call me, and he will do it. This is the psychological tactic of playing.

2. salespersons all hope to achieve customer satisfaction. As a purchase, how do you view customer satisfaction?

We know that customers will never be satisfied. If the business said, I have asked the above, the price can be done, but it must not be lowered, I usually say, OK, I won’t make you embarrassed, you will be able to deliver in time in the future. Customer satisfaction is not because you are satisfied with your price, but because you are satisfied with your character and feel that you are trustworthy and a person who works very well.

Purchase satisfactory things, but the company may not be satisfied, and the company will never be satisfied. As a company, the price reduction plan has been in progress, and the price reduction efforts have been increasing. How can you be satisfied? The part of the material price reduction is the company’s net profit. The market is limited, and the number of orders is also limited, but the space for throttling is unlimited.

3. Will you kill the price very low?

No, I’m frank in my purchases, and I will give suppliers higher profit margins. Purchasing will leave a way for themselves to show their ability to reduce prices. Only by giving the supplier a sure profit will the supplier cooperate with you and help you out in an emergency. For example, suppose you push the price too hard. In that case, the quality requirements are high, and the delivery period is short, you will be in trouble in a real emergency, and you will be scolded to death by the above because the other party will not help you.

4. How do you purchase products that you are completely unfamiliar with? How to determine the unit price and quality?

No matter how experienced purchasing, you will encounter things you are not familiar with. Regarding their quotations and products, it depends on money. If the payment is not a lot, there is no need to bargain. It is usual for them to earn more. If the amount is too much, find a few more suppliers to compare, if I don’t understand, the price can let the supplier pass on cost analysis. To see if the quality is certified, our project will also be confirmed.

5. Will you consider the size and strength of the other company?

The price depends on the size and strength of the company. Many things can be seen whether the price is reasonable from the aspect of sending the acknowledgment. Sometimes a company has a particular power, but its company is not necessarily very famous among its peers. These are what we often encounter. Well-known suppliers are not necessarily the most satisfactory. XX is the largest and most robust hardware factory in Shanghai, but I will only find them to supply it unless I have to. Some of our supply companies are not very well-known, but in the past, these small companies have low prices and good quality.

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