Sock It to Me: The Ultimate Guide to Socks & Stockings!

By Sarah
January 9, 2024

China is the best choice when importing all types of socks.

You can find socks factory, sock manufacturers, and wholesale custom sock manufacturers for all your sock needs.

You will get the best quality at the most reasonable low prices so you can make a profit on your business.

In this blog, you will learn:

What kind of sock does China make?

Why should you purchase sock from China?

Where to find the best China sock manufacturer?

Top sock manufacturer.

How to choose the best sock manufacturer?

Lots more.

Let’s get started.

1. Sock & Stocking Basic

Socks are one of the many products you can buy in China for a low price. If you want to get a variety of socks for your business, you can source them here. You will find socks of all kinds in China in bulk sale.


Socks are essential. People always buy socks all year round. Most brands you buy from the mall are all made in China. Today, people go shopping online to buy cheap socks.

China is the lead when it comes to sock production. They supply everywhere in the world. They partner with top brands to make socks for them. You can find all types and kinds of socks that you want to buy!

Do you need a guide on how you can purchase socks and stockings? We will help you and tell you where to buy, so just read on.

1) What are Sock and Stocking Manufacturers in China?

There are factories in China that make all types of socks. They are called manufacturers. Sock and Stocking Manufacturers sell their products for a lower price; that’s why most sellers buy from them. They are the primary source for all the buyers who buy in bulk or large orders. They also distribute their stocks to wholesalers or traders.

Just like other products, you need to select a reliable factory so you can be sure of the product’s quality. Some factories sell very cheap socks, but they do not last long or won’t meet your standards. If you want to find the best manufacturers, you can get help from a sourcing agent who will find them for you.

2) Why Buy Socks and Stocking in China?

From cotton daily socks or sports socks to comfortable stockings, you will find them all in China. Here are the reasons why you should buy from the suppliers here:

Product Quality

You will get the right material and color. The yarn or materials used can last long and are good for any season. It gives foot protection and comfort at its best.

Low Price

The price is good for its quality. You can get socks with great designs and colors for a fraction of the cost of other suppliers in the world. There is an MOQ requirement. The higher the MOQ, the lower the price.

Makes OEM orders

You can grow your brand by making OEM orders from suppliers. They can cater to custom requests based on your needs. They can also provide custom packaging.


Socks Inspection

Before items or orders are shipped, they can inspect and ensure they will send 100% defect-free items.

They can ship worldwide.

They can deliver your orders worldwide. You can choose from their air, ship, or train options for shipping. You can receive orders on time.

All in One Solutions

Get all the service you need with their one-stop solution offers. You will get all the help you need, from product sampling to after sales. They can be your trusted partners in your business.

3) Advantages of Buying From Socks Manufacturers in China

There are plenty of good reasons when you order socks from China.

Fast Order

The supplier can produce the quantity of socks for a short time. You can order in bulk, and the waiting time will be quick. They use reliable and high-technology machines for production.

Good Price

If you aim to make good profits, you should order from China. You can get the socks cheaply and even a minimum MOQ. If you buy in higher MOQ, you will get more significant discounts. The bulk or wholesale price makes it profitable.

Product Customization

One of the best reasons to order from China is because they can cater to your requests. You need to tell them about your product needs; they can customize it for you. For example, they can do any design, color, and style. They can do special packaging for your brand.

Flexible Shipping Options

There are many ways you can ship your orders. If you want it quick, they can do the express shipping. If you have a budget set for shipping, you can do the sea freight with order consolidation. Your supplier or shipping agent can help you choose the best option.

Choose from Direct Suppliers

You can have as many suppliers as you want. There are many reliable partners or suppliers to choose from. You can stick with one supplier or a backup supplier to ensure you have stocks. This is important when you are growing your business.

2. Where Can You Find Sock Manufacturers in China?

It is now easy and convenient to find a sock factory in China. But you must remember that not all you can see are great choices. You must research or ask for referrals to avoid a bad experience. Use the guide below to find some sources:

1) Chinese marketplaces

Popular platforms like Alibaba and AliExpress are good places to find suppliers. Just type the keyword “Socks or Stockings” on the search bar, and it will give a list of suppliers you can choose from.

Checking each one will help you determine whether they are a good choice. A few things to look for are the years of their operation, their customer or client reviews, and if they are verified. Other platforms where you can find them are Made in China, Global Sources, or TMall.

2) Trade Shows

You can meet your potential suppliers if you can attend the trade shows in China. For example, the Canton Fair is the biggest trade fair in Guangzhou, China. You can choose from all factories or direct suppliers and manufacturers of socks.

If you cannot go to China, you can also spot some online exhibitions by searching on Google. You can check the website of China International Import Expo ( for details.

3) Google

You can have plenty of suggestions from Google. Some Chinese companies use Google ads to promote their companies. Just use the search function to see some “Sponsored” results. You can contact each company and inquire directly about their service.

You can also utilize Google to look for any red flags of your listed companies. Just search and look for reviews or feedback. Do not skip the research part because it is a helpful way to ensure you will transact only with reliable suppliers.

3. Who are the Top Sock Companies in China?

Are you looking for a reliable sock company in China? If you have gone through the Chinese platforms and are still searching for a direct manufacturer, we have a list of companies that also work with big brands worldwide.

Not all suppliers are direct factories or have a facility that can do significant productions for wholesale orders. So, we have gathered the top companies that can serve you with expertise and professionalism.


You can find hundreds of direct manufacturers in the sock industry in China. But we are giving you our top choices with proven track records regarding service and quality.

Shaoxing Annor Textile Co., Ltd. Shaoxing City, Zhejiang province OEM and ODM Mens, Injinji Socks, Stance Socks, Animal socks, Deodorizing Socks, Compression Socks, Diabetic socks
Zhuji Qingyuan Knitting & Textile Co., Ltd. Datang Light textile city OEM and ODM Leggings, Socks, Stockings, Pantyhose, Silk socks, Baby socks, Printed Socks, Sports socks, Cotton socks
Wuhan H-Sun Resources Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Province, China OEM and ODM Compression socks, Sports socks, Crew Socks, Ankle Sokcs, Low Cut or Liner Socks,  Yoga Socks, Toe Socks, Crazy Socks
Haiyan Huacheng Hosiery Co., Ltd. Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province OEM and ODM 3D Printed Socks, Pet Socks, Baby Socks, Toe Socks, Knee and Tube Socks, Sports Socks, Crew Socks, Over the Knee Socks
Hangzhou An Bo Textile Co., Ltd. Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province OEM and ODM Men and Women Socks, Babies and Kids Socks, Compression Socks, Printed Socks, Invisible Socks,  Toe and Tube Socks
Shanghai Junzu International Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China OEM and ODM Thermal Socks, Athletic Socks, Summer Socks, Socks for men, Women and Kids, Ankle Socks, Toe Socks, Crew Socks, Fashionable Socks
ZHEJIANG KAITE KNITTING CO., LTD. Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province OEM and ODM Yoga Socks, Crew Socks, Anti-bacterial socks, Anti-slip socks, Babies and Kids socks, Compression Socks, Sports Socks, Toe Socks, Quarter Socks
Zhuji Zhongding Knitting Co., Ltd. DATANG TOWN, ZHUJI CITY OEM and ODM Holiday Socks, Thermal Socks, Custom-made Socks, Stockings, Tights and Leggings, Thermal or winter socks, Sports Socks, Yoga Socks, Ankle Socks, Crew Socks, Knee Socks
Wuxi Mika Textile Co., Ltd. Wuxi, China OEM and ODM Men/Women Socks, Sports Socks, baby and Kids Socks, Cozy Socks, Special Socks, Sports Socks
Roca Clothing Accessories Co., Ltd. Suzhou, China OEM and ODM Hiking Socks, Dress Socks, Skiing Socks, Running Socks, Active or Sports Socks, Football Socks, Expedition Socks, Home Daily Socks

These companies acquire certifications that carry a high standard when it comes to quality. They have ISO 9000 or ISO 9001, FSC, WRAP, SEDEX, ISO 14001, BSCI and others. Big companies who are looking for qualified companies look into these certificates.

Each company has an MOQ requirement. For bulk or wholesale orders, they can negotiate about the quantity. For production, the lead time is between 1 to 3 months, depending on the bulk of the order. During the holiday season, they can expedite it or may take longer, depending on the flow of orders.

They offer OEM and ODM services. And then, they can customize the products based on your requirements. They have different departments that can efficiently cater to and finish all products specified by the buyer.

These companies cater to countries like the US, UK, Australia, Korea, Middle East, Africa, Asian countries and more. Depending on the port where the products will be shipped, they can offer faster shipping and cheaper alternatives for delivery.

4. What are the types of socks and stockings you can buy from China?

The truth is, you can name all the socks you know and FIND THEM ALL in China! A socks company can provide you with every type of socks good for daily or casual use, sports, fashion pieces, and medical uses.


It can be toe socks, ankle socks, short or knee-high socks, stockings, baby socks, etc. Compression socks or stockings used for medical conditions to ease blood flow problems in patients are also available.

Here’s a list of what you can purchase from socks factory:

  • Men’s
  • Women’s
  • Kids
  • Babies
  • Sports Socks
  • Fashion or Iconic Socks
  • Anti-Slip Socks
  • Foot Covers
  • Medical Socks
  • Compression Socks
  • Crew Socks
  • Pet Socks

5. How do you choose the best socks company in China?

One problem you may need help with when buying from Chinese sellers is knowing whether they are responsible and reliable. There are many instances when a seller would say they are a direct manufacturer or factory. However, they are not.

Any company can put the best descriptions in their profile. The key is knowing and being smart enough to distinguish an authentic factory from traders. Note that wholesalers also pretend to be “direct companies.”

We hope this guide can enlighten you on choosing the right and suitable company for you.

1) Check the company and examine their profile

If you use Alibaba to find a supplier, you will find a few helpful tips. For example, when you type “socks suppliers” in the search bar, it will give a list of all the suppliers. At the top part of the dashboard, you can find tabs that say “All Suppliers”  and ” Verified Manufacturers”. The latter is a better option.

A Verified Supplier means the company has been inspected and assessed. They are more reliable and trusted by buyers. You can see their ratings and buyers’ reviews. Take time to examine the reviews to know what buyers experienced during their transaction.

Check how many years the company has been operating. The longer they are, the more experienced the company is. However, even if the company is new, it could also be capable. Please get to know the company by asking questions and how they answer your inquiries.

2) Figure out if they are a factory or just a retailer.

A retailer also buys from a factory. Usually, a retailer will claim to be a direct factory by showing borrowed pictures from a true factory. Check on their company license to ensure you will only transact with a factory.


You need to use a translator so you can read their license and see if it says “manufacturer,” or “trader,” etc. If you know someone who can understand Chinese, it would be a great help if they read and evaluate it for you.

3) Look at the certification.

If you are also keen on checking their certificates, you will find that there are two types. One shows the Audit certification, and the other is for the textile industry.

Depending on your company’s requirements, you can use this factor when deciding the right one for you. Some of the required ones are the following:

  • ISO 9001
  • BCI
  • MDML

4) See if they cooperate with company or brands

When the company has a website, they also indicate their clients. Feel free to ask them if they collaborate with some big brands. A direct factory will not hesitate to give out these details. Though they will not directly tell the names of their clients, they are confident to tell who they work with.

5) Ask for help from a sourcing agent

This last tip is very helpful for those who do not have time to do the research. Getting help from a sourcing agent can give benefits such as a reliable list of all potential suppliers. These agents have access to these companies and can locate them for you.

You just have to be careful when choosing the agent. Go only to sourcing companies that are legitimate and experts like JustChinaIt.

6. FAQs

1) Which country is the largest producer of socks?

China has the most significant production of socks yearly. They produce 35 billion pairs in a year! They supply to the world consumers. Many countries choose China for their sock supplies. Businesses and even big brands order and source their stocks from Chinese sock manufacturers.

The socks industry in China is doing very well. They are very efficient when it comes to production and services. They get the most prominent clients worldwide for socks or stocking products. According to a survey, China exports around $6.9B of socks each year.

2) Who is the largest exporter of socks?

China is the top country that exports socks to different parts of the world. With almost $7 Billion yearly, socks hit the 273rd spot of most traded goods. After China, they were followed by Turkey, Germany, and Italy. That’s how in-demand the product is!

China is also the number 1 exporter of footwear. Since they have established a reputable name in this industry, they also became the number 1 for other footwear products like socks and stockings. China has been second to none in the socks industry for many decades. They are the major source of footwear products worldwide.

3) Do socks factory in China offer custom-made socks?

Certainly, there are factories in China that offer custom-made socks for any demand or client requirements. In Guangdong, some factories supply all types of custom private-label socks for their clients in the US, UK, Asian countries, and more.

One company known for this is the Haining Wanshida Hosiery. They offer solutions and services to their clients for their business needs. If you are looking for a wholesale company for custom-made socks, you can trust their services.

4) Where can you buy cheap socks and stockings in China?

Most of the sock manufacturers are in the South of China. There are two provinces where the main production can be found: Jiangsu and Zheijang. There are hundreds and even thousands of suppliers you can find when you go to Chinese platforms.

These suppliers can be retailers or wholesalers, too. You can buy cheap socks and stockings in any major cities and provinces, but you have to get a sourcing agent if you want it very specific per location.

You can refer to the table above if you’re going to buy the cheapest but high-quality socks. There are many cities in China with qualified suppliers and direct sock companies. If you need more help to locate the other suppliers, you can hire a sourcing company. They have access to a database of qualified suppliers.


You can find hundreds of suppliers through different channels just by searching on the internet. We want to remind you that doing your research and checking the company carefully is essential to avoid future problems.

The price of socks depends on the type and materials used. Each company has a different pricing based on the product category and tier discounts. They also differ in their MOQ requirement. Samples are available so you can examine and check the product quality.

If you only want to buy a small quantity and cannot comply with the MOQ requirement, you can buy from socks retailers. They can also be generous with the discounts. You can try the suppliers on the platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress, DHgate, and more.

Do you sell on Amazon? You can find suppliers supplying your Amazon store and delivering the products directly to the Amazon warehouse. Are you also searching for Dropshipping sock suppliers? We can locate them for you.

If you cannot do research and need help finding all the suitable suppliers, you can hire a sourcing agent or company to do this task for you.

Socks companies in China can deliver good services and offer custom-made products. You can also collaborate with them to get more designs and achieve your business goals. If you need more help and would like to ask more questions, feel free to shoot us a message.

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