How to find Shoe Manufacturers in China – The Complete Guide

By justchinait
September 24, 2021

Today I’m going to show you how to find Shoe Manufacturers in China that gets:

  • The benefit to find from China.
  • Better price you can get.
  • The best way to grow your business.
  • And recommended shoes manufacturers in China.

Let’s dive right in.

Chapter 1: Find a Shoe Manufacturer in China—The Basics

Do you wish to have your shoes manufactured based on a new, unique idea, or are working on an existing idea? Either way, you should consider working with only reputable shoe manufacturers to actualize your product development dream. In this regard, you have two main options: working with a domestic manufacturer or buying from an overseas manufacturer.

According to Veem, China is currently the third-largest United States (US) trade partner, behind Canada and Mexico. About seventy-four billion dollars are funneled to China by US companies and businesses every year. Going by this, your business will probably need to offshore its manufacturing needs at some point.

Import footwear from China


Importing footwear directly from China has proven to be a successful venture for many businesses—presenting a fantastic opportunity for individual buyers and resellers alike. Even so, you should be very careful when searching for a shoe manufacturer in China. To help you get into the right deals, here are some of the  things you need to consider:

Initial Stages

First, you need to decide on the important details of the shoes you are interested in. You also need to figure out the type of manufacturer or supplier you wish to work with. These will help you figure out the right terminologies to use while searching for the right shoe manufacturer.

In this regard, there are different manufacturer types to bear in mind, including:

  • Manufacturers that produce based on your idea.
  • Drop Shippers—who supply products to fulfill orders of pre-existing products and brands.
  • Suppliers – these purchase already existing products and brands for resale. They include distributors and wholesalers.

Suppliers types


General Supplier Research

Next, you should figure out whether you will be working with a domestic or an overseas manufacturer. The right choice, in this case, will depend on such aspects as your budget, product type, and the target market. Bearing all there in mind, working with an overseas shoe manufacturer is a lucrative venture, especially for small businesses.

At Justinchinait, we have the expertise and experience to help you get into the best deals that guarantee high-quality products at an affordable price.

Chapter 2: Why Buy Directly from a Shoe Manufacturer in China?

Is your business needs high output, shorter lead times, high output, lower costs, and enhanced scalability? Then you should consider partnering with the best China shoes factory. According to the Entrepreneur magazine, China accounts for more than a fifth of the global manufacturing output.

Many foreign buyers love importing from China because it is an outstanding industrial location. According to the Leather Panel, the coastal boasts excellent logistics and infrastructure to support the booming manufacturing industry.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of partnering with a shoe manufacturer in China:

1) Lower Cost

Production costs in China are comparatively low. In addition to cheap labor, China has access to low-cost machinery, mainly from Taiwan. As a result, buying directly from a shoe manufacturer in China would be considerably cheaper than buying from a domestic manufacturer in the US or UK.

As an entrepreneur, you can source high-quality, yet inexpensive footwear from China. In most cases, you can save even more by ordering larger quantities. The lower production cost presents you with a greater commercial margin, which can be a competitive advantage for your business.


Shoe Manufacturer Low cost


2) Product Development Capacity and Diversity

Most of the leading shoe manufacturers in China have large product development departments that are staffed with skilled personnel. For enhanced diversity in product development, some manufacturers are known to apply computer-aided design (CAD) technologies in the manufacturing process.

How being the case, the best shoe manufacturers in china are capable of developing new models and designs fast and more efficiently. The manufacturers also can develop large quantities of any shoe model within a relatively short period.

This diversity and reduced lead times make Chinese manufacturers a preferred choice for foreign buyers in need of large volumes per shoe model.

3) Great value for Money

As compared to many other countries, the cost of raw materials and packaging for shoe manufacturers is comparatively low. Additionally, many Chinese shoe manufacturers guarantee better quality, shorter delivery times, swift response, and industry-standard after-sale services.

You are more likely to get better value for your money by partnering with a Chinese shoe manufacturer as opposed to a domestic manufacturer.

4) Shoes made in China have high quality

Contrary to the misconception by many, some Chinese manufacturers produce high-quality footwear products, especially when compared to other Asian countries. We will help you source high-quality shoes from the leading manufacturers in China that meet stringent European standards. 


Shoe Manufacturer in China-Value,quality,convenience

5) Convenience

Get exactly what you want when you want it. With the best Chinese manufacturers, you can get all orders, large or small, fulfilled within a short time frame. The manufacturers have the workforce and infrastructure required to produce the products required to fulfill large orders in time.

We can also attest to the fact that Chinese shoe product lines are well organized and refined. This may be attributed to the easy accessibility to materials in the country. The logistical advantage of the country means that you can get quick, repeat business when working with a Chinese manufacturer.

Chapter 3: How to Find the Best Shoe Manufacturer in China?

If you only need to order a small number of shoes, it is advisable to source from the China shoes wholesale market. If you need to order large volumes, custom, or even private label shoes, you should consider partnering with the right shoe manufacturer in China.

With so many manufacturers and suppliers to choose from, finding the right manufacturer can be a bit challenging. This is particularly the case for first-time foreign buyers. So, where can you find a reputable Chinese shoe manufacturer?  


Shoe Manufacturer in China-English platform

1) Alibaba

Alibaba is a renowned online global marketplace for merchants. When used properly, this platform can connect you with the leading shoe manufacturers in China. It is also a preferred marketplace for many businesses when it comes to finding existing products. You may even use Alibaba to find a Chinese manufacturer for your custom shoe designs.

To do this, just navigate to the site and run a search for the shoe type or model you are interested in. Next, browse through the various manufacturers and suppliers your search has yielded. It is easier to find trustworthy manufacturers with Alibaba as they vet manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors firsthand.

Even so, you still need to exercise due diligence while searching for manufacturers on Alibaba. Just to be safe, ensure that your preferred manufacturer meets the following qualifications:

  • Verified – This means that Alibaba or a third-party company has visited the manufacturer’s factory to verify their details.
  • Gold Supplier – This means that the supplier or manufacturer is paying for its membership.
  • Trade Assurance – This is a free service by Alibaba aimed at protecting your orders, right from payment to actual delivery.

The initial search for manufacturers on the Alibaba website is likely to yield hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers. You can fine-tune the results by applying relevant filters on the site. For instance, you could search your search results by certifications—such as the SA8000 certification that guarantees humane working conditions.

Note: Always ensure that your preferred Chinese manufacturer is not just a trading company. A trading company is essentially the middleman, hence cannot guarantee you the best price or quality.

2) Search Engines

The leading search engines, Such as Google and Bing make it easy for users to find almost anything over the internet. You can also take advantage of such services to find the best manufacturer in China. Simply enter the right search term into the Google search box, such as “shoe suppliers in,” then press Enter.

For the best results, try searching for different terms related to your search. For instance, you could run a search with such keywords as supplier, distributor, or wholesaler interchangeably. Some of the leading manufacturers may be left out by search engines simply because they have not optimized their websites.

As such, it is advisable to explore the second and even third pages of the search results as well. You may also use a few Google search shortcuts and tricks to improve the quality of your search results. With Google search, you will still need to verify company details for your preferred manufacturer. We can visit the manufacturer factories on your behalf just to verify that they are what they claim to be.

3) International Directories

Any of the leading sourcing experts can attest to the fact that directories are still a valuable research tool for buyers. Currently, there are numerous free online supplier directories that you may use to find a manufacturer in China.

You can use the directories to find shoe wholesalers and suppliers in China as well. Listed below are some of the most popular international directories you should consider using:

  • AliExpress – this is essentially an Alibaba offshoot that is suited for B2C customers. The directory allows you to contact the manufacturers directly
  • Tradewhell – though new, this directory is a valuable research tool for importers. It is particularly a good place to find a start-up supplier
  • Made-in-China – this is one of the best resources and directories of China manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and products. It is a leading B2B portal that lists SGS Audited Suppliers
  • Global Sources – based in Hong Kong, Global Sources is a B2B multichannel media company that has been connecting buyers to suppliers since 1971. Think of it as a one-stop sourcing service for high-quality products made by authentic factories and manufacturers.

4) Referrals

In addition to the three research methods and platforms discussed above, you can still get good leads through referrals. Ask for connections within your professional networks to find out if someone has recommendations or knows someone who does.

This way, you can get advice from individuals who have already succeeded in this product and market niche. Social media platforms are a great place to start—join relevant groups on Facebook and other online communities.

Find individuals and business owners with similar interests through such channels. Find out whether they happen to have a glowing review of a Chinese shoe manufacturer they have worked with before.

Chapter 4: The best Trade Fairs to Find a Shoe Manufacturer in China

Trade fairs are held at different times of the year to bring buyers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and suppliers together. When searching for the best shoe manufacturer in China, there are some of the trade fairs you should consider visiting:


best Trade Fairs to Find a Shoe Manufacturer in China


1) China International Footwear Fair (CIFF)

This is one of the most important footwear exhibitions held in China. The China International Footwear Fair is held once a year. The event attracts importers as well as foreign manufacturers, all seeking to access the domestic footwear market in China.

2) China Sourcing Fair: Fashion Accessories

The China Sourcing fair is one of the trade fairs held by Global Sources in Hong Kong, China. Although it is not as big and diverse as the Canton Fair reviewed below, it is worth attending for foreign buyers. Their fairs are popular for bringing together some of the high-end trading companies and manufacturers in the country.

3) The Canton Fair

Canton Fair refers to the China Import and Export Fair—a trade expo that is meant to connect Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers to exporters and buyers. However, most suppliers attend the fair to sell their finished products, rather than find clients for bespoke manufacturing.

Apply to visit the Canton Fair online and wait for their approval, which is relatively fast.

Chapter 5: The Best Way to find a Shoe Manufacturer in China—Hire a Sourcing Agent

While all the methods listed above are great, most of them only list the suppliers and manufacturers based on the information they provided. Only a few B2B platforms vet the wholesalers, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers.


hire a sourcing agent


Again, most of them never host the manufacturers’ premises to verify their information. As such, the best way to find a reputable shoe manufacturer in China would be to hire the best sourcing company. In addition to connecting you to the best shoe manufacturers in the country, we will physically visit the manufacturer to verify their credibility.

Our experts will help you verify company details. They will verify the manufacturer’s reputation, cost structure, and production capacity. We will also ensure that you get a competitive price for your order and even follow up with the manufacturer to guarantee quality and timely delivery.

Chapter 6: How does a sourcing company help to find a shoe manufacturer in China?

Our experts will help you navigate through any complexities you may come across while buying shoes directly from China. We will help you with such things as customs, regulations, documentation, logistics, and documentation. 

We also have a database of vetted Chinese shoe manufacturers, some of which are reviewed later in this guide. Our experts will link you to a reputable shoe manufacturer in China. We also visit the manufacturer’s premises to verify their information, including cost structure, reputation, and production capacity.


how sourcing company help


We do all these to ensure that the company is what it claims to be, hence avoid frustrations on your part. For more than 11 years, we have helped many businesses and individuals get competitive prices—regardless of their order sizes. Afterward, we will follow up with the manufacturer to guarantee consistent quality and quick delivery.

Chapter 7: Some of The Best Shoe Manufacturers in China

Different methods may be used to find the best shoe manufacturer in China. However, it pays to have someone on the ground. Our experts will follow-up with your preferred manufacturer, keeping you on top of the production process. 

Discussed below are the top Chinese shoe manufacturers you should consider partnering with:

1) Jinjiang Xingbao Footwear Co., Ltd


Founded in 2013, the Jinjiang Xingbao Footwear company is a renowned and reputable supplier of shoes to different parts of the globe. The manufacturer has its factories in Jinjiang, Fujian, China, and Jinjiang City. The preference of this manufacture by foreign buyers may be attributed to its capacity.

It has some of the best production equipment you can ever find in the country and employs more than 100 technical workers. With the right machinery and competent workforce, Jinjiang Xingbao is capable of delivering quality shoes at an affordable rate.

Main Products and Markets
The main products at Jinjiang Xingbao include boxing shoes, football shoes, golf shoes, and sandal shoes. All of these are made using selected materials to deliver exceptional quality. Jinjiang Xingbao products are mainly exported to North and South America, Australia, and Eastern Europe.

2) Henan Huaying Shoes Co., Ltd.

The Henan Huaying shoe company was founded in 2012. Since then, it has been exporting high-quality shoes to Western Europe, North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Over the years, the manufacturer has attained a reputation for prompt delivery and competitive prices.

In addition to high-quality products, the manufacturer is renowned for offering the first-class service and retaining long-term cooperation with its buyers. You will also find them to be highly responsive to any questions you may be having.

Main Products and Markets
The manufacturer specializes in casual shoes, sandal shoes, kids’ shoes, hiking shoes, and hiking boots. Most of the shoes produced by Henan Huaying are exported to North America. However, the manufacturer also exports to Western Europe and South America.

3) Wangdu Yuxing Shoes Factory


Established in 2011, the Wangdu Yuxing Shoes Factory boasts about 3,000 square meters of production space, with the administrative area taking up about 500 square meters. The factory has the machinery and expertise required for the rapid production of quality products.

With an output of about 15 million units a year, this is the kind of Chinese manufacturer you need to fulfill large orders within a short period. For enhanced efficiency, the company is managed by a team of qualified experts and its production workers are trained.

Main products and Markets
The Wangdu Yuxing Shoes Factory mainly produces casual shoes, sports shoes, injection shoes, cement shoes, and vulcanized shoes. For years now, the manufacturer has been exporting shoes to such markets as South America and North America. The company also sells shoes to the domestic market in China.

4) Wenling Torinwee Footwear Co., Ltd

As opposed to the other manufacturers reviewed above, the TORONWAL FOOTWEAR company produces both shoes and related products. The company was established in 2013 and its factory is based in Zhejiang, China.


Owing to their high-quality products and short lead times, the company has won admiration from its buyers, both home and abroad. To ensure that you get the best quality at a reasonable price, the manufacturer has a comprehensive quality testing machine. This is meant to ensure that all the products leaving the factory meet stringent quality standards.

Main Products and Markets
Wenling Torinwee Footwear is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in China for casual shoes, sports shoes, sandals, and boots. Most of its products are shipped to Africa, Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe.

5) Taizhou Baolite Shoes Co., Ltd

Based in Zhejiang, China, the privately-owned Taizhou Baolite Shoe company was established in 1982. It is one of the private joint-stock companies that are registered with the Commercial Bureau of China. Their factory occupies about 72,000 square meters with about 82,000 square meters of built area.

They have two main production bases and a total of four branch factories, which allows for rapid production of quality products. The manufacturer uses only the best production equipment to guarantee product quality.

Main Products and Markets
The manufacturer produces three main product types: cemented shoes, PVC injection shoes, and PU injection shoes. Their products are registered in more than 100 countries and regions across the globe. Most of their shoes are exported to Eastern Asia, Western Europe, and Western Europe.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this guide showed you how to find Shoe Manufacturers in China.
Now I’d like to turn it over to you:
What’s the #1 idea that you want to try first?
Are you going to start using sourcing agent in your business? Or maybe you’re going to work with trade show.
Or maybe you have a question about something you read.
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