The Query for Shipping Time from China to the US

By HX Wenli
November 9, 2021
China shipping

Chapter 1: Shipping Time from China to US

Shipping Time from China to the US Overview

Let’s talk about Shipping from China to the US. China is the biggest marketplace in the world where you can benefit from production costs and quick processing. When you’re done dealing with the factory or manufacturer, the next step is to ship the products.

There are several options when shipping packages from China to the U.S. From small to large parcels and quantities, there are a few ways you can save from the shipping cost from China. This article will tackle everything you should know about shipping goods and timing.

Why Is It Important?

The shipping time from China is estimated based on your service to ship the items to your location. Of course, the fastest would be the priciest. Knowing how long it would take the product to arrive will save you from frustrations. 

Below are the factors you must consider when determining shipping from China to US cost and how soon it can arrive at your destination.

  1. The type of goods you will ship
  2. The freight service type you will avail
  3. Weigh and the dimension of the goods
  4. Origin and destination
  5. Final delivery, whether it’s port-to-port or door-to-door delivery 
  6. Peak Days or Holidays

Chapter 2: 5 Types of Shipping Services

Types of Shipping Services

Let us now discuss the different shipping services you can avail of and know the shipping time from China. This can help you assess how soon you can get your goods. We will discuss all details in the next chapter.

  1. Courier Services
  2. Sea Freight Services
  3. Air Freight Services
  4. Door to Door (FBA shipping to Amazon warehouse)
  5. Small Parcel (such as postal parcel)
shipping services

Chapter 3: What are the Different Courier Services, their Shipping Costs, and Lead Time for Shipping?

Courier Services

Also known as Express Freight, this is a convenient service you can avail from top couriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, or SF-Express. Use this service when shipping single parcels and small package batches.  

Courier Services

Each courier service is committed to delivering goods in the quickest time feasible. The cost is determined by the size, weight, destination, and time of day of the package. Also, packages can be picked up or dropped off, and tracking status is updated by and by.

It takes 2-15 business days to get the package delivered to your destination through a courier service.  Let’s take a look and compare each:

  1. FedEx
Courier Delivery Time Packaging Types Dimension in Inches
FedEx 2-5 Days Envelope 9-1/2 x 15-1/2
    Pak 12 x 15-1/2
    Tube 6 x 6 X 38
    FedEx Small Size Box 10-7/8 X 1-1.5 X 12-3/8
    FedEx Medium Size Box 11-1/2 X 2-3/8 X 13-1/4
    FedEx Large Box 12-3/8 X 3 X 17-1/2
    Fedex 10kg Box 15-13 1/6 X 12-15/16 X 10-3/16
    Fedex 25kg Box 21-9/16 X 16-9/16 X 13-3/16
    Your Own Box 119 X 80 X 70 in (MAX)

For example, if you are shipping a 25KG Box from Guangdong Shenzhen to Sanger, California, the rate is $808, and you will receive the package in 3-4 days. Note that this price is based on a quote from their website. Other charges are not included. 

If you want to find out the shipping rate, you can use their online calculator:

To track your parcel, you can put the tracking number to see the updated status here:

Courier Delivery Time Packaging Types Dimension in Inches
  Next Day EXPRESS up to 300kg
DHL 9-15 Days DHL cross-border e-commerce package (DHL Packet International) Length + width + height ≤ 90 cm
up to 2KG
  4-10 days DHL Packet Plus International (DHL cross-border e-commerce traceable package) Length + width + height ≤ 90 cm
up to 2KG
  4-7 Days DHL Parcel International Direct Length/width/height ≤ 120/60/60 cm¹
Up to 20 KG
  4-15 Days PACK or Box length/width/height ≤ 120/60/60 cm
Up to 20 KG

For example, if you are shipping a 20KG Box from Guangdong Shenzhen to Beverly Hills, California, the rate is $734, and you will receive the package in 5-8 days. Note that this price is based on a quote from their website. 

DHL shipping time from China varies on the service you will avail. If you want to see an estimated cost for shipping from China to the US, you can go to their website to get a quote. Click here:

To track your parcel, you can put the tracking number to see the updated status here:

Courier Delivery Time Packaging Types Dimension in Inches
UPS 2-5 Days Envelope/Letter 12.5-15in x 9.5in
    Pak Varies
    Tube 38in x 6in x 6in
    UPS Small Box 13in x 11in x 2in
    UPS Medium Box 16in x 11in x 3in
    UPS Large Box 18 x 13 x 3in; weight limit 30lbs
    UPS 10kg Box 16.5 x 13.25 x 10.75in weight limit 22lbs/10kg
    UPS 25kg Box 19.75X17.75X13.25 weight limit 55lbs/25kg
    Your Own Box Your own container

For example, if you are shipping a 25KG Box from Guangdong Shenzhen to Los Angeles, California, the rate is $947, and you will receive the package in 2-3 days. Note that this price is based on a quote from their website. 

If you want to see an estimated cost for shipping from China to US, you can go to their website to get a quote. Click here:

To track your parcel, you can put the tracking number to see the updated status here:

SF Express is one of the reliable leading express logistics service companies established in China in 1993. It ships from mainland China to international countries.

For rates and tracking, you can find the information and quote after you put all the information on their website.

sf express

The table below shows the services they offer for express and economy shipping:

Courier Delivery Time Packaging Types Dimension in Inches
SF 4-8 Days SF Standard Express(International)(FBA) Note: You have to put in the dimension in their online calculator to check on the rates.
    SF Economy Express(FBA)  
    SF(Global Express+ Document)  
    SF(Global Express+ Type B Parcel)  
    SF Economy Express(International)(Package)  
    SF Economy Express(International)(Document)  

What is the Best Courier to Use?

Nowadays, each courier becomes very competitive on their offered services. For business needs, they offer express delivery of small packages and freight services for a massive amount of shipment.

Because of their known credibility, couriers know the importance of getting the package delivered effectively and efficiently. Therefore, if you want to reduce the shipping time from China, you must use their service.

Each courier company has its pros and cons, so the answer will depend on your demands and needs. First, however, here’s a quick summary of its Pros and Cons:

Courier Product Preference Pros Cons
FEDEX Electronics, food and wine, home and garden products, sports good, jewelries Fastest among delivery lead time, acceptable rates and with claims process for disputes High rates for Express Shipping
DHL Automotive goods, industrial products, home and office furniture, apparels, health, and beauty products Competitive rates and provides a refund for service failures Not available in all US Locations and longer delivery time
UPS Important Documents, clothing apparels, gifts, Fragile items Has more access points, fast delivery and with claims process for refunds High rates
SF Documents and all goods Practical shipping rates Delays

The importance of getting a refund can cover the following types of service failures from your courier:

  • Delayed Delivery and Errors
  • Defects and Damages Incurred
  • Missing Shipment
  • Additional Residential Surcharges
  • Charges for Address Corrections
  • Dimensional Weight Pricing Error
  • Charges for Extra Fuel
  • Charges that are duplicated
  • Void Shipment

International couriers have documents and permits that enable countries to clear their packages through customs faster than the local postal service. So, depending on the urgency of the delivery, you can select from a variety of shipping services they offer.

Are There Additional Fees From Couriers?

You may be surprised by additional fees, so let’s look at the three basic types of express courier costs you may probably incur:

1. Charges associated with shipping

The primary additional expense you’ll encounter with express couriers is the fuel surcharge. It varies weekly or monthly depending on the country and is calculated as a percentage of the shipping costs.

Check what Optional value-added services you have added to secure your shipment. It can be insurance or a request to deliver outside of typical business days like holidays or weekends. If the address you provided is wrong, you’ll get charged address correction costs or several delivery attempts fees.

2. Charges for parcel handling

Products tagged as “Dangerous” will incur an additional charge for proper handling. The surcharge also applies to packages that exceeded the courier’s package dimension requirements.

3. Charges for taxes and duties

Identify the terms you made for the shipment. If it is DDU (Deliver Duty Unpaid), the receiver pays the taxes and duties. When DDP (Deliver Duty Paid), the sender has paid the taxes and duties.

Chapter 4:  Air Freight Service

When Should You Use an Air Freight Service?

When you want your goods delivered in the shortest possible time, this is the most efficient way. Another factor is when your shipment has a high value or is high-priced. Thus, the average shipping time from China to US is shorter than 30 days. 

In a study done by Worldbank.Org, the expense of air freight, which is typically 4–5 times that of road freight and 12–16 times that of sea freight, limits demand. Airfreight charges usually vary from $1.50 to $4.50 per kilogram (or more), with air cargo valued at more than $4.00 per kilogram. 

china shipping

Things You Can Send Via Air Freight

You can send general and special types of cargo via air freight. Documents, pharmaceuticals, fashion clothing, factory samples, electronics consumer items, perishable agricultural and fisheries products are examples of commodities carried by air that have high unit values.

They also ship products that are particularly time-sensitive for manufacturing and emergency delivery of spare parts. Or they can send chemical goods or even animals.

Air Freight Service

Timetable When Using Air Freight Service

It normally takes 8-15 days to get the shipment delivered from China to the US because of the processes. Furthermore, it depends on the shipping route from China to the USA or if there are causes of delay.

We want to give an insight into the processes that take place when going for air and air freight service. Please see the table below for reference.  

Steps What To Do Details Duration
Step1 Shipment Preparation The importer or freight forwarder is responsible for assembling the shipment, which includes gathering, preparing, and packing products. 1 Day
Step 2      
  Cargo Loading and Customs Process RFT should be used to generate all security and transportation papers (Read for Transport). 2-3 days
    The goods will be picked up in accordance with the order and POA (Proof of Acceptance).  
    The goods are combined and a master AWB (Air Waybill) is issued before it gets transported to the airport.  
Step 3 Transit activity from China to US Refer to the table below for transit lead time reference. 1-7 days
Step 4 US Customs Clearance Completing process in the destination airport 1-2 Days
Step 5 Delivery Final delivery to the destination 2-3 days

This table refers to Step 3: Transit activity from China to US

Origin Airport Destination Airport Transit Time
Beijing Detroit 3 – 4 days per route
Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen USA 1 day
Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou USA 3 days
Guangzhou Miami 4 hours
Shenzhen Miami 1 – 4 days per route
Shenzhen Oakland 7 days
Shenzhen Atlanta 3 – 4 days per route
Shenzhen Boston 3 – 4 days per route
Shenzhen Washington 3 – 4 days per route
Shenzhen San Francisco 1 – 4 days
Shenzhen Detroit 3 – 4 days per route
Shenzhen Memphis 3 – 4 days per route

What’s the Document to Prepare When You Air Freight From China

Air freight shipment from China requires the documents called Air Waybill (AWB). 

Air Freight Service

It is a document that establishes the terms of sale for the goods. A packing list is a description of contents in a package. A customs clearance authorization is a document that shows that the importer or exporter authorizes an agent.

You also track your air cargo using your Air Waybill number on the site of the airline.

Charges for Air Freight From China to US

There is a formula on how to find rates for international services from China to US.

Volumetric Weight (kilogram) = length (cm) * width (cm) * Height (cm) / 5000

So, what comprises the fees when you get an air freight service? Below is a table for the list of fees you need to pay based on the weight per kilogram:

Types of Fees/Charges Details
Air Freight Charges  ( ranging from $4-$8 per kilogram)
Charge from China (Origin) Pick-up Fees
  Airline terminal fees
  Automated Manifest System Fee
  Document fee
  Export custom clearance fee
  Handling fee
Charge to US (destination) Airline terminal fees
  Handling fee
  Pick-up/ Delivery Fees
  Warehouse Fees
Custom Clearance Fees Import customs clearance
Amazon Fees Pick Up fee for Couriers and FBA warehouse delivery
 Other Services Fuel surcharges
  Security surcharges
  Container freight station
  Airport transfers
Door to Door Service Customs brokerage
  Pickup and delivery
  Cargo insurance
  Accessorial charges

What is the Required Minimum Weight for Air Freight?

The minimum requirement is 45 kilograms. However, most freight forwarders recommend >150 kilograms and > 0.5 CBM in volume.

Flight agents can assist you with a mixed service such as air freight plus UPS delivery combined to save on air freight costs. Once there’s enough cargo requirement gathered from different clients, the goods will be shipped via air.

When it reaches the US, it will be arranged for UPS delivery to get the goods to your location. However, the turnaround time is longer than expected.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Freight?


1. Air freight is ideal for transporting commodities that must be delivered quickly over distant locations. Air freight cannot be equaled by any other means of transportation in times of need due to the quickness of transporting goods.

2. Perishable goods are transported on time with a reduced risk of damage. 

3. Goods are delivered safe and on time. Tracking is available and, most of the time, consistent with the time reporting when it comes to the arrival and departure of goods. 

4. You can save costs since you may not need to rent warehouse storage due to the quick movement of goods. 


1. Shipping from China to US cost by air freight service is expensive.

2. It is not applicable for transporting big, bulky, or voluminous items.

3. If the weather condition is terrible, flights can be cancelled.

Chapter 4: Sea Freight Services

What is Cargo/Sea Freight Service  & When You Should Use It?

Sea Freight Services

Also known as ocean freight, the goods are shipped via sea in a massive amount. The charges depend on the factors such as the type and volumetric measurement of goods, place of origin and destination, and the type of service on the final delivery stage. 

Further, this is one of the top choices of international companies when transporting massive goods with acceptable shipping time from China. So when you want a lower cost for shipping, but time doesn’t matter, this is a practical choice. 

Generally, shipping time from China via sea freight may take more than 40 days to deliver the goods, depending on the process. Let’s elaborate more below.

Things You Can Send Via Sea Freight

There are two types of cargo you can ship via sea freight.

1. General Cargo

Goods that can be moved singly in one piece are referred to as general cargo. Examples are a pallet, a package, a barrel, or a box of goods. Groupage freight is defined as a collection of smaller units from multiple shippers that are consolidated into larger units.

General cargos are unitized that can be break-bulk (non-container packaging) or neo bulk.

2. Bulk Cargo

Bulk cargo can be dry or liquid goods. Sample of dry goods are sand, gravel or iron ore. For liquid bulk, it can be chemicals, petroleum, cooking oils, milk, etc.

For better understanding, here’s an illustration from Transportgeorgrapgy.Org.:


Types of Ocean Freight Services With Pros and Cons:

1. FCL- Full Container Load

Your shipment can be transported in 20-foot or 40-foot containers. You have entirely rented a container when you use this service.

This type of container is best for very huge items that take up the entire container or for susceptible things that you don’t want to share with another item.

2. LCL- Full Container Load

This is where you share the container with other clients if you cannot fill an entire container. Several clients’ products are collected and placed into a single container for shipment.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
FCL 1.Good for large and bulk goods that can occupy the whole container.

2. More secure because you’ll have authority in the whole container.

3. Quicker shipping time for urgent goods without contamination risks.
1. It is more expensive, and you will pay the price of the entire container even when it’s not filled.

2. Hard to book on peak season and more costly
LDL 1.Good for product shipment that cannot fill an entire container for cost-cutting purposes.

2. Easier to book on peak seasons.

3. Better for goods that have flexible delivery dates.
1.You have no knowledge or authority over other products.

2. Prone to delays due to long process of unloading Longer transit time  Goods are prone to damage and breakage

When to Use LDL:

  • The shipment’s gross weight exceeds 150 kilograms.
  • The shipment’s volume ranges from 1 to 18 CBM.
  • The transportation time can be around 5 to 7 weeks or more, depending on the route. 
  • The shipping route accessible is either direct or does not require any substantial transfers.
  • If your goods are on a list of restricted air freight items.
china shipping

Types of Containers

The International Organization for Standardization specifies standard sizes for shipping containers, often composed of steel or aluminum.

Type Capacity in Kilograms Capacity in Tons
20′ 28,130 kilograms 31 tons
40′ 28,750 kilograms 31.69 tons
40′ high cube 28,600 kilograms 31.52 tons

Timetable When Using Sea Freight Service

Here’s what to expect about shipping time from China to Us. Also, please note that the timetable can vary from location. For example, If you are shipping to the Philippines, China to Ph shipping time can be shorter.

Steps What To Do Details Duration
Step1 Shipment Preparation This is where the shipping process begins. Your products will be moved from the seller’s warehouse to the warehouse of your freight forwarder. The freight forwarder is responsible for assembling the shipment, which includes gathering, preparing, and packing of products. 2-3 days
Step 2      
  Cargo Loading and Customs Process This will entail giving a complete cargo declaration as well as accompanying paper works. 7-14 days depending on travel date
    A cargo receipt will be issued by the freight forwarder, verifying that they have received the items as indicated. The products will be stacked in their container if the cargo is FCL. If they are LCL, they will be stored at a warehouse until they are consolidated with other goods in a container bound for the same port.  
    The last step would is the container will be trucked to the departure port, before loading to the ship.  
Step 3 Transit from China to US This is the transportation period of the goods from the origin point to the destination point. 20-60 days
Step 4 US Customs Clearance Completing process in the destination port, form completion and paying required fees. 1-2 Days
Step 5 Delivery Final delivery to the destination. Inland delivery can be arranged through different options with your freight company to save cost. within 7 days

How To Track Your Sea Freight

You can use these tracking services to track your shipment:

  1. CargoTracking
  2. SeaRates

Charges for Ocean Freight From China to US

There are factors to be considered when determining the sea freight charges. It is not fixed and may change based on fuel cost or currency exchange rates. Shipping on critical days such as holidays can make the prices go up.

The fees are also calculated based on the size of the shipment. Containerized shipping is cost-efficient because it is rapid, simple, and effective. Other vessels, such as tankers transporting liquid cargo or bulk carriers transporting unpackaged dry products, may be more expensive.

In summary, here is the list of ocean freight fees:

  • Insurance of your cargo
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Customs security surcharge
  • Customs brokerage
  • Incoterms
  • Container freight station fees for LCL
  • Routing charges
  • Ports/Warehouse Pickup and delivery fees

Conventional international shipping terms govern ocean freight contracts. These are referred to as “Incoterms”, an acronym for “international commercial terms.” 

Incoterms specifies how far along in the process the seller is accountable for the products and when the customer becomes responsible for the shipment.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Sea Freight?

So, you can better decide if China shipping time via sea freight is acceptable for your goods or products; you can check this quick summary of its pros and cons.


  1. Sea freight has a higher shipping capacity, making it ideal for large cargoes. Other shipping options are only economical for lightweight packages that aren’t being transported in big quantity.
  1. Ocean freight is less expensive than other options. It costs around 50 cents per kilogram compared to ordinary air freight, which costs about $4 per kilogram and express air freight, which costs over $6 per kg.
  1. When shipping by air freight, there are various constraints on the types of items that can be shipped. For example, combustible materials cannot be shipped by air freight but can be shipped via sea.


1. Expect a longer transit time. Estimated time may be extended due to several factors such as delays and processes, port congestions, and unpredictable weather.

2. Longer shipping time can have negative effects on some goods. They are also more prone to damage and breakage.

3. Not all preferred destinations have available shipping routes. The routes can also make the shipping time China to USA or to other countries longer.

Chapter 6: Door to Door (FBA shipping to Amazon warehouse)

What is Door to Door  FBA Shipping to Amazon Warehouse?

FBA Shipping to Amazon Warehouse

This channel is commonly used by Amazon sellers or other online entrepreneurs when they want to restock and send the shipment to their warehouses. It is a combined service that uses air or sea freight services + UPS delivery.

If you want to become an Amazon FBA seller, your next step after sourcing the right product to sell is to get them delivered to Amazon’s fulfilment center. As explained above, shipping cost from China depends on the type of service you will get.

Thanks to this door-to-door delivery that will ship your product straight from the supplier or factory to the Amazon fulfilment center of your choice. Once your goods arrive at the US airport or port, UPS will take care of the delivery.

You can select from the two choices below:

  1. Air Freight & UPS Combined
  2. Sea Freight & UPS Combined
Type Shipping Time Price Range Duties and Freight Fees When to Use
AF + UPS Less than 15 days $1.5-$1.8 per kg Delivery Duty Paid Urgent delivery in less than a month
SF + UPS 10 days faster than sea freight $3.8-$5.3 per kg Delivery Duty Paid Flexible delivery date in less than 2 months

Pros and Cons of Combined FBA Shipping

Combined FBA Shipping

With this combined service, you are sending your products directly from the supplier to the Amazon warehouse.

Pros are, you’ll get cheaper delivery rates, faster turnaround time, and less handling of your products. However, the cons are, you cannot inspect the products your suppliers are sending and sending to multiple fulfilment centers where Amazon requests it is so complex.

The key here is, make sure you are sending goods separately from products that need preparation and one that doesn’t need.

Hiring Freight Forwarder Services

Combined FBA Shipping

When you want a smooth delivery and risk-free shipment of your goods direct to your Amazon FBA, you can hire the services of a freight forwarder. Essentially, they will sort out your products to consolidate shipments from China into smaller loads.

The advantage is your products will be thoroughly checked to ensure quality and be FBA ready. The freight forwarder acts as your middleman to inspect everything before it gets to Amazon. They have partner carriers to work within this case.

The disadvantage would be a slower turnaround time due to the handling processes of your products. It takes an additional 7-14 days before your product gets to the Amazon FBA.

You will also pay for their service, so it is more expensive. However, it will save you from shipment rejection and cost in the long run since the products have been inspected carefully.  You will also get a structured schedule of shipping.

Freight Insurance

This is an essential factor when you’re shipping goods to your Amazon FBA. If you organize overseas shipments by air freight or sea freight, you must ensure your inventory. Damage, theft, or seizure should all be covered by your insurance coverage.

Freight insurance should be in place from when your products leave your supplier until Amazon receives them at their fulfilment facility in the United States.

Chapter 7:  Small Parcel Service

What Is A Small Parcel Service?

A small package weighing around 1-2 kilograms can cost more when you ship it via courier services. In this case, a small parcel shipping from China is a practical option. You have two options to choose from below.

1. Parcel via China Post

Generally, it is only for the packages that are small and within the size accepted by China EMS.

Size: Maximum dimension 1.5 m

Volume:  Length + Height + Width = 3 m maximum

Weight: 30 kg maximum

Small Parcel Service

2. E-packet Express

This is the express service of China Postal Express for international shipping. Traditional customs clearances apply to ePacket delivery. You may be required to pay any applicable fees and taxes when they arrive.

The package limit for E-packet is shown as follows:

A standard package’s longest side should not exceed 60 cm. The total length, width, and height should not exceed 90 cm (l + w + h = 90).

A rolled-up package’s longest side should not exceed 90 cm in length. Furthermore, the sum of twice the diameter plus the length shall not exceed 104 cm (2d + l = 104).

For comparison, please refer to the table below:

When To Use EMS or E-Packet

Type Shipping Time Max Package Volume How To Track
Small Parcel via EMS 30-60 days 30 kg EMS
E-Packet 10-20 days 1.9 kg Aftership, 17Track, Package Trackr

Please note that you cannot claim lost goods under these services. Use it only when you want to take the risk of sending low-value items within the specified shipping time from China. Also, local post fees or customs duties should be shouldered by the recipient.

Nowadays, many ecommerce use e-packets for Chinese shipping to US and other locations. You don’t need a shipping agent in China to understand and avail of this service. Even drop shippers use e-packets for delivery.

Chapter 8: Why Was My Shipment Delayed?

Shipping companies in China go by schedule to avoid delays. However, some factors may seem uncontrollable that can cause shipment delays.

Delays in shipping are inevitable. If you don’t get your package within estimated time of arrival, it could be due to any of these:

1.Holidays and Festivals

When shipping from China, major festivals like CNY, Labor Day, and National Holiday cause significant delays since people go on long vacations. Also, Western holidays like Christmas and New Year are considered peak seasons, so expect delays during these times. 

Shipment Delayed

2. Courier Problems Like Missing Packages

There are several causes of missing packages by the courier. It could be misplacement, accidental unloading, removal, and defective or unclear mailing labels. It is vital to track and check the status of your package, so you’ll know what transpired during the process.

3.Territorial Rules  (Custom Checking, etc.)

Typhoons, storms, and heavy rains can cancel flights for air and sea freights. Low clouds and fogs can also delay air flights. Lost journey or re-routing can be a problem in sea cargo. Due to these weather conditions, shipment will be delayed and can prolong the delivery process.

4. Weather Problems and nature-related circumstances

Typhoons, storms, and heavy rains can cancel flights for air and sea freights. Low clouds and fogs can also delay air flights. Lost journey or re-routing can be a problem in sea cargo. Due to these weather conditions, shipment will be delayed and can prolong the delivery process.

Chapter 9: Tips for Dealing with Shipping Delays

1.Shipment tracking

The tracking number assigned to you by the courier or your freight forwarder gives you an idea about the status of your shipment. Every movement, the details are updated. 

Shipping Delays

But if you notice that it has not been updated for too long, there’s a delay in Custom’s process or unloading delays, stuck in transit, and other factors. You can reach out to your supplier, freight forwarder, or directly to the courier if the delay is no longer acceptable. 

If you have the budget, you can sign up for a tracking service that will give you full details of your shipment in real-time, like Lateshipment.

2. Anticipate delays during peak seasons

If you are shipping goods during major Chinese festivals or peak holiday seasons, set your expectation that delays are inevitable. It will take longer to get your packages, so ship ahead of these dates if you want to avoid this.

Note that it can take more than a week before the regular operation resumes when shipping around these times. So if your packages are urgent, get the Express service, but expect that the prices are higher than usual.

china Shipping

3. Do your part

Delivery delays are due to transit confusion because of incorrect information. Therefore, you must do your part by ensuring that the warehouse or delivery address you will provide is error-free and precise.

4. Partner with reliable companies

Partnering with credible companies for your freight management is more than just convenience. They will be responsible for coordinating everything from Step 1 until you get them delivered to your required location. 

china shipping

Your freight agent partners with shipping companies, so they know what to do from the start and what to expect. Constant communication is the key. Make sure you get your service from a reliable company like JustChinaIt

Chapter 10: Comparison Table for 5 Types of Shipping Services

As we are near the end, we want you to take another look at the different services you can avail of when you want to ship your products from China to the US.  

Type Shipping Lead Time Costing Evaluation
Courier 2-15 Days Economical / Expensive for express
Air Freight 8-15 Days Expensive
Sea Freight up to 60 Days Economical
Combined Door to Door for FBA up to 15 Days Practical
Small Parcels up to 60 Days Cheap

Are you still wondering what will work best for your shipment? A China freight service or Chinese shipping company can help you decide which is better and cost-effective. JustChinaIt has a variety of services that can cater to your shipping needs.  

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