Sellers China and Amazon: The Relationship Between

By HX Wenli
May 18, 2022

Today I’m going to show you the relationship between China sellers and Amazon.
Why Chinese sellers are essential to know
Hurdles in the way of China sellers
How to beat Chinese sellers
Lots of more.
Let’s dive right in.

Chapter 1: Amazon Basics

What is Amazon?

Who doesn’t know Amazon? I think you know, I know, and even everyone knows. You might wonder why Amazon is so famous. It’s all due to quality sellers and excellent relationships between the customers and sellers.
However, let me define Amazon in a better way.
Amazon is a technology company that serves people in eCommerce, technology, and Artificial Intelligence. Maybe you haven’t heard of Amazon’s technological advances.
So, who founded Amazon? It’s no one a multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos. Its first working headquarter came into working in 1994.

1.Amazon Basics

How does it work?

Today, our primary focus on Amazon is to cover is eCommerce part since Amazon is a site where sellers sell 1.6 million products daily.
Can you imagine the stats— 1.6 MILLION? It’s not a tiny figure. However, let’s move on to how Amazon works.
Here are three main steps.

  • The buyer visits the product, might discuss it with the seller, and place the order.
  • Amazon will define the number of days for shipping to the doorstep.
  • On the given date, the buyer receives its products successfully.

Once the buyer receives the product, it’s not an end to the order. Instead, you can review the product and submit your feedback. A feedback system adds positive points to the popularity of Amazon.

How big an e-commerce site Amazon is?

Stats prove how giant Amazon is. Just determine the number of products shipped daily, monthly, and even yearly. You will all get to know.
As per a report from Statista, Amazon is a popular eCommerce site generating 386 billion dollars in 2020. It’s what lets you know about Amazon. Still, Amazon is defeating its competitors by adequate policies.

Should I start selling on Amazon?

The answer is not that simple for this question. Here are the reasons:

  • You must determine how you will work on Amazon.
  • Are you providing quality products?
  • What are your expectations at the beginning of your business?

If you answer these questions, you can start selling on Amazon. However, let me tell you the two basic ways to work on Amazon as a seller.

  • Amazon FBA.
  • Amazon FBM.

In amazon FBA, the seller is responsible for the shipping of products. Moreover, the seller has to pay the price per product sale. In FBA, you just need to transport products to Amazon. That’s all for you. Amazon will receive the order and determine the shipping channels to fulfill it.

Tip: Buying from China selling on Amazon is a popular strategy.

2.Buying from China selling

Chapter 2: Why should you explore Chinese sellers on Amazon?

Are you looking for a seller China for your business? There are extensive Chinese sellers on Amazon because of quality products and fair prices.
So, I suppose you must know about the seller China on Amazon. Here are some facts that help you choose the Amazon Chinese sellers.

Wholesale rates

There are specific goals of the brand or buyers before visiting the Amazon Chinese sellers. One of the most popular goals is to grab the products at wholesale rates. So, what a wholesale rate is? Wholesale prices of products refer to lower costs than the market. For example, if you buy one pair of socks from a shop, it might cost you $5.
When you buy the socks in bulk, you will get concessions from Chinese sellers. They might charge you $4 or even $3 per pair of socks. Don’t you think it is profitable to buy the products at wholesale rates and sell them at higher prices? Fair business, higher profit margins.
On Amazon, when it applies to China sellers, you get the wholesale prices. By that means, product profit increases. Isn’t it something you are exploring on Amazon?

Access to customized inventory

There are two types of products.

  • Ready-made products
  • Custom products

Readymade products are already designed items. In these, you can induce minimal or no modifications. When it comes to custom products, you are the prime controller of your products. By that means, you need to tell your China sellers about the design, size, and quality of the products.
Even you can conduct a quality inspection for your best selling products in China. In simple words, you can introduce new changes to the merchandise and modify it as per requirements.
So, what do you want? Ready-made products or custom? A typical China seller offers you both types of products. It is one solution for your brand.

Order in bulk with no minimum order quantity

A significant problem arises when you buy inventory from China sellers. And what is that problem?
It’s about MOQ or minimum order quantity. Not all China sellers offer no limits on MOQ. So, what to do in such a situation? You have to find the Amazon Chinese sellers that offer no limits on MOQ. This case applies when you want to buy one or two products from a China seller. Hundreds of Amazon Chinese sellers provide no limitation on MOQ.

Ultimate customer support

Customer Support is an integral component of the business. Whether B2B or B2C, sellers offering no customer support means they will fail in their business sooner or later. A worth mentioning fact is that such sellers are probably scammers.
Seller China is quite efficient in this particular aspect. You can negotiate the prices, get a free proposal for your products, and ship it to your location on time. Seller China keeps you aware of time-to-time item tracking and offers other perks for your business. That’s why I recommend exploring the seller China on Amazon.

3.Seller China

Credible sellers

A credible seller is the one who guarantees the purchased commodities and enables you to get support until you are their potential client. So, what makes a seller China credible? There are some features to analyze before ordering from the seller China.

  • The credible seller has positive reviews from most of the clients.
  • He provides excellent customer service to the consumers.
  • Quick response to the message is vital to feature credible seller China.
  • Always open to negotiation to settle for a single best price

Have you found your credible seller China? If not, no problem. Amazon is full of Chinese sellers who offer the best selling products in China. You can get a free proposal from them. Even let them know the changes you need in your products.

Working all around the globe

Seller China is working all around the globe. Never consider that they are not available in Europe or US. Instead, most sellers have head offices in these countries. So, what does that mean to you? I suppose it is not quite challenging to find them. Am I right?
That’s why you can find Chinese sellers on Amazon, Alibaba, and many other global eCommerce sites. A great thing happens when you visit their branch in your country and check the sample. Quality Control will boost your confidence. So, I would recommend doing that.

4.Working all around the globe

Chapter 3: Why are China suppliers in love with Amazon?

Amazon is a top eCommerce site. You have hundreds of facilities to buy and sell. Amazon customer service responds instantly to issues for both parties. Don’t you think it is something that attracts the buyers and sellers? Apart from that, multiple other facts attract Amazon china sellers. Let’s have a quick go through them.

Huge marketplace with access to international customers

Amazon is working around the whole globe. About 100+ countries have shipping enabled when ordering through Amazon. As per significant share, it has headquarters in the US, UK, Japan, and other popular countries.
From this, what do you deduce? Let me increase the ease for you. It infers that Amazon is working worldwide. There are not only Amazon china sellers but also European countries and the US. So, being an Amazon Chinese seller, you can contribute to your business and market it effectively.

A substantial number of sales is no longer a problem!

The more exposure, the greater chances of sales. The conversion ratio also relies on marketing techniques. If you apply proper marketing strategies, you can rank your products in the top list of Amazon and drive several sales per day. Isn’t your goal on Amazon yet?
Amazon Chinese seller aims to provide the buyers with a quality inventory. Since quality inventory has proven results in generating leads, you can expect it to be a good business plan.

International expansion of the business to potential brands

A local brand might not be as effective as a global brand. Moreover, Chinese Amazon sellers look for long-term buyers who buy in bulk. It is the right time to find such buyers. With International exposure, Chinese Amazon sellers will interact with potential brands working worldwide.
When Chinese sellers Amazon offers quality, obviously, such brands will prefer them. That’s why Chinese sellers Amazon love to work on this site.

Easy marketing at a lower cost

Amazon offers advertising campaigns. You can rank on the top list of it. Amazon sponsored ads will bring your products to the top of the page.
For example, if you sell eyelashes products on Amazon. The first advantage is:

  • Popular brands like Sephora might approach you.
  • With cooperation, you can boost your business.
  • A long-term relationship is a crucial feature.
  • You can rank up all your lashes products in the relevant pages and on the relevant keywords.

Amazon doesn’t charge higher prices. You can set up the cost per click on the given keywords and pay only if someone visits your product. If the buyer doesn’t click on your item, Amazon will not charge you. Now, the question is— what is the cost per click?
The cost per click depends on the following factors:

  • Keyword competition.
  • Bidding from other advertisers.

However, it might vary from $0.20 and above for the typical advertising campaigns. However, you can set up your price as per the given requirements.

5.given requirements

No need to hire warehouses when Amazon has one

Amazon provides the Amazon seller China with primary powers. For example, you can use the Amazon storehouse with reasonable fees. The fees might vary as per the duration, several units, and inventory size.
If you are an Amazon FBA China seller, you might know the Amazon depots. However, you can transport your inventory to the warehouse and start selling. Amazon seller China always connects the multiple sales channel. It generates the maximum profit out of the sales.

6.hire warehouses

Chapter 4: 5 Common Hurdles in the way of China sellers

A China seller has to implement quality and develop positive solutions. Still, there are many hurdles in the journey of China sellers. You might wonder, why? It is due to higher competition among the sellers. Amazon covers all areas of the globe. So, it attracts top sellers. Increased competition is possible then.
However, there are multiple hurdles in the way of China sellers.

There is precisely an increased competition among the sellers

As I already pointed out, there is high competition among the sellers. All this is possible due to the following reasons:

  • Access of top China sellers to Amazon
  • Foreign brands selling products
  • Several sellers are trying to sell products.

All these facts point to the higher competition.
Now the question is— how does higher competition among sellers produce problems for China sellers?
The answer is quite simple. If there are more sellers, a new manufacturer will try harder to become familiar with potential customers. So, it will cost the China seller effective marketing strategies.

Amazon FBA China selling fees are higher

Amazon FBA China’s selling fees are higher than other eCommerce sites. You have to subscribe to Amazon professional or individual plans.
The professional plan cost is $39.99 per month, while the individual plan refers to $0.99 per item sold. For a beginner, Amazon FBA China prices are higher because it doesn’t sell many products per month. We all know, in the beginning, it is always hard to make a reputation. So, Amazon FBA china fees create a significant hurdle for the Chinese seller.

It is not suitable for smaller businesses

Smaller businesses have short-term goals. They look for potential customers and provide them with products. Moreover, they plan to sell the items one by one like another seller. Keeping in mind the fee, the overall cost becomes higher than expected. So, smaller businesses might not find their way into Amazon then.

Order management tasks are mental ache

Whenever you receive an order, it is your choice what to do next? For example, you can choose the Amazon FBA and let Amazon fulfill your orders. Sometimes, when you are using an FBM account, you don’t have to use Amazon. Instead, you need to do the task on your own. So, the order management comes into action then.
You need to keep yourself aware of what is happening around you. By that means, how many sales you are generating, number of orders, and inventory channels to store. All these tasks put a heavy burden on your own. So, it can indeed be a headache.

Complex data feed to update regularly

The sales channel concept can be a bit confusing. To fulfill an order, you need to multiple sales channels at a time. For example, warehouse management, sales channels, and shipment channels are critical aspects of running the business. A simple mistake in one can put your business at risk. So, you need to update your data feed regularly. It can be a time-consuming process.

Chapter 5: 5 Malicious techniques Amazon Chinese sellers might be applying

Not every China seller is honest. The same is valid for the opposite case. So, you can come across multiple Amazon Chinese sellers. Some will be selling genuine products, while others may not be. So, be careful in this aspect. Now, I will explain why how Chinese sellers trick the buyers.

The seller might purchase reviews to boost the seller profile

Everyone knows the importance of profile reviews. On Amazon, you sell the products. The first thing that buyers notice is customer reviews. They check these reviews and make decisions on whether buy this item or not.
What if the seller purchases the reviews? Don’t you think it will rank? You are right. It is what most China sellers are tricking on Amazon. It has led to the news that “Amazon banned Chinese sellers.”

The product variations ratio is relatively higher

Look. Every product is not the same. It means if you order 100 items, maybe one or two things might variate. You might like to know the reason. Am I right? It is due to many reasons. For example, during production, some adverse effects occur. Sometimes, products get damaged. So, you might receive the product variations.
Amazon banned Chinese sellers due to product variations. The variation ratio must be less. But, in the case of Chinese sellers, this ratio was higher. That’s why Amazon banned Chinese sellers.

The seller might be stealing Amazon’s internal data

Amazon is a top site. We all know it is not easy to penetrate the system. So, how do Chinese sellers steal the data? It is only possible if there are corrupt employees in Amazon.
These employees might sell the competitors’ data. It will take the Chinese sellers to rank higher.

Sabotaging the competitors’ products to get ahead

Amazon is a way different from other sites. That’s why people love it. But, there are some risks also. It allows multiple sellers to use the same listing?
Benefits of it?
It becomes easy to find and use the products. Under community contributions, multiple sellers can alter the pictures.
It is where the Chinese sellers come into play. They might alter the pictures.
Results of it?
The buyers might confuse. The competitors’ products might lose huge revenues.

Products copyright issues are increasingly important

Intellectual Property Rights are available to everyone. Most Chinese manufacturers can use it for their best selling products in China. I would say it is the best activity. So, what happens if someone violates the copyright?
Remember. Amazon will look into the matter. It will give a chance to both parties. However, not all Chinese sellers are manufacturers. So, some of them are stealing the products and violating the rules. Maybe Amazon block Chinese sellers for this in the future.

7.Products copyright issues

Chapter 6: Amazon and Chinese sellers relationship

Amazon and Chinese sellers have a strong relationship. Many will argue about it. But, this bond is more potent than before. However, let’s understand various aspects of this bond.

How many Chinese sellers are working on Amazon?

There are hundreds of Chinese sellers selling their inventory on Amazon. The figures won’t be down in the coming years. You know, why? China is a bigger market. It provides its sellers with multiple chances to sell items.
As per a report from Marketplace Pulse, China sellers increased in 2021. About 75 percent is no less. Currently, there are 200,000 sellers from China working on Amazon. Can you guess the contribution of these sellers to top products? Maybe not if you don’t know the facts.
2.3 percent of top products are from China. Don’t you think it matters? It is just great. That’s why Chinese sellers are successful on Amazon.

Why did Amazon ban 50,000 Chinese sellers?

Amazon banned Chinese sellers in 2021 due to multiple reasons. For example:

  • Sellers are violating rules.
  • They purchase reviews.
  • Fake gift cards are handled out.

There are many other reasons as well. In actuality, Amazon blocks Chinese sellers for their TOS(Terms and Conditions) violations.
Any solution to it?
No doubt. Single solution. Follow Amazon rules. Amazon banned Chinese sellers only for TOS violations. Why not follow it?

8. Chinese sellers

The advantage of Chinese sellers

Best Selling products in China are not just limited to the Chinese. Instead, foreign brands love them. They order bulk inventory to grab the chance. It all is possible due to the endless benefits of using the China sellers. Here are many benefits a China seller website can provide you with:

  • Get bulk inventory at wholesale rates.
  • Implement quality control.
  • Manually check the quality.
  • Negotiate with multiple suppliers regarding your products.

In China, visit your China seller website to grab some products right away! One secret here. It is a fact that most sellers are buying from China selling on Amazon.
Any benefits?
Yes. Higher profit margins and lower shipping fees.

How to build long-term relationships with Chinese suppliers on Amazon?

Chinese suppliers can provide you with the ultimate solution. Even I will recommend buying from China selling on Amazon.
So, how to do that? It is only possible when you have a healthy relationship with your Chinese sellers. I mean, long-term relationship. There are multiple ways to build it.

  • Be sure to discuss your future business with your manufacturer.
  • Try to negotiate with your product.
  • Tell them the quality inventory type you want for your business.

List ended? Not yet. There are other ways to do it. It depends on your ease.

Chapter 7: How can you beat Chinese sellers on Amazon?

Do you have goals to beat Chinese sellers? It is not easy. But, it is possible. So, how exactly can you beat the China sellers? Here are some tips to achieve your goals.

Pick up the most potential products

Most potential products are those items that bring more revenue. For example, seasonal products. These products are needed whenever the season of that product comes. In the winter season, you must sell the winter clothing inventory. Don’t ever try to sell summer products.
To beat the China seller website, you must pick up these products. Come up with positive solutions regarding this.

Sourcing deeper and more thoughtful as Chinese sellers

Sourcing deep and more thoughtful lets you reach the depth of the contest. You can assess the exact problem. Put a solution to this situation. Hire Just China It to access hundreds of quality suppliers in China. We help you find the best China seller website.

Offer quality products to outrank the Chinese competitors

Quality products are those products that sustain their ingenuity. In simple words, you can consider them to be durable products. A top China seller website offers quality products to customers. It builds a reputation among the buyers. That’s the basic fact of buying from China selling on Amazon.
So, how to outrank the Chinese seller? It’s not that simple. The best strategy is to contribute quality products. It will put you in the race for top sellers sooner or later.

Buying best selling products in China and keeping them in stock

Best Selling products are always in demand. Some sellers make mistakes. They don’t keep them in stock. When the demand increases, they run out of stock.
The consequences?
Your potential buyers will move to another Chinese seller website. That means you are out of the game. Always research and know the best selling products.
Buying from China selling on Amazon is good practice. But, always believe in bulk order. It will let you maintain your stocks and help you attract more customers.

Devise a plan to find and overcome the flaws

Plans always work. Is that true? No. It’s not always true. You know, why? It is because most sellers run out of resources. So, any solution to it? Yes.
Devise a plan, dispense the resources, and sell your products as per plan. In the upcoming period, you will be able to increase the leads. Even the impossible targets will be achieved on time. Isn’t it something everyone loves?

9.overcome the flaws

Keep pricing fair to pay

Price is an essential part of the business. Before buying, consumers check the price. They compare the price of different sellers. Remember. No one can beat the quality if the price is fair. Buyers will be attracted to your products when they find them cost-effective. So, it is better to keep prices reasonable.

Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best practices to sell the products on Amazon?

Are you planning to sell the products on Amazon? I would recommend buying from China selling on Amazon. It will let you make a fair profit. However, here are some best practices to sell the products on Amazon.

  • Research and develop quality products.
  • Don’t let potential products quantity go down!
  • Implement effective strategies.
  • Rank your products on top pages.
  • Sell at a fair price.

Other practices can help you claim higher profit margins. practices

What are high-selling items on Amazon?

No product is high selling until its season arrives. Some are evergreen. Some are seasonal products. However, here are some popular selling categories on Amazon.

  • Gift Cards
  • Electronics
  • Video Games
  • Clothing and accessories

Depending on the number of sales, you can determine the best selling products in China.

How can you identify the China seller on Amazon?

Finding a China seller is not that hard on Amazon. You can explore the seller’s name and check its address. In the address details, you will get your answer. That’s the best way to find the China sellers. In 2020, Amazon introduced it to make the search easy for buyers.

Why are there so many sellers on Amazon?

There are many reasons for this. I have listed some of them.

  • International exposure to the brands.
  • More credible buyers and sellers.
  • Tremendous opportunities for the sellers.
  • Ways to advertise inventory.

There are several other ways to choose Amazon. Decide on them and go ahead.

Is it safe to buy from Chinese sellers on Amazon?

Yes. It is pretty safe. There are fewer risks of getting scammed. It is possible to buy from Chinese safe sellers.
Check the seller details. Have a look at the address. Discuss the product. And finally, order. In the given timeframe, you will receive your item. Isn’t it reliable for you?

How to avoid scams on Amazon?

Do you know why Amazon is famous? It is because of transparent selling. Amazon team keeps the whole process available to both parties. There are minimal chances of scams. However, scams may still occur.
Here are some ways to avoid scams.

  • Negotiate with the seller.
  • Check the reviews of other customers.
  • Know-how order fulfillment will occur.
11.avoid scams on Amazon

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