The Ultimate Showdown: Romwe Vs. Shein Vs. Zaful

By Sarah
November 7, 2023

Are you a FAST FASHION lover? If yes, congrats! This guide is for you to land the GAME CHANGER for your next purchase.

You already have purchased from the Zaful, Shein, and Romwe. Isn’t it true?

All these platforms have achieved millions of customers over the years. The sustainable quality and excellent fast fashion products put them on the list of AWARD-winning platforms.

What if I say: You have three platforms? And which one do you choose?

Don’t you think it is HELL of a difficulty? You have to spend hours to decide whether Romwe_Fashion is better than Shein or Zaful.

But no issues at all. I have made it easier to disclose the best platform. In 9 minutes, you’ll save hours of research. Ready to go through the best platform? Let’s talk about it!

1. Basic Knowledge of Romwe vs. Shein Vs. Zaful

1) What is Romwe? Is Romwe legit?

Have you heard of Romwe? If you know Shein, it is no wonder if you know Romwe. Founded in 2010, Romwe shook the whole market with its cheaper inventory. So, how old is Romwe? It is 13 years old. Where is Romwe located? It is in China.


From clothing to fast fashion products, you can access thousands of products in a single category.

The best part?

It is the Romwe clothing quality. Not a single doubt when it comes to the matchless quality. Plus, you get the AFFORDABLE RATES. It is a DOUBLE PACK opportunity.

Is Romwe even legit?

Yes. Romwe is 100% a legitimate platform. It is common for 1-2% of the customers to face problems like:

  • Delayed orders.
  • Low quality.
  • Payment scams.

All these factors don’t make Romwe a lousy site. Instead, it is pretty popular among the fast fashion lovers.

Romwe has a rating of 2.6 stars with 2.8K reviewers on Trustpilot. That doesn’t look good. Some reviews on SiteJabber have such things. On SiteJabber, Romwe has 2.1K reviewers and an average rating of 3.1 stars. It is good.

2) What is Shein? Is Shein Legit?

Shein Shein Shein! I have heard more about the Shein than Zaful or Romwe. And I guess it is a viral platform.

Shein Legit

Introduced two years later than the Romwe in 2012, Shein has achieved milestones in the Fast fashion industry. It operates in the US, but most suppliers are from China. That simply makes it a CHEAPER site.

Above all, Shein and Romwe have the same owner company. They have almost all alternative products.


A large number of products are there. And trendy inventory never leaves a single stone unturned to impress you.

Is Shein even a legitimate site?

Shein is one of the MOST POPULAR sites around the world. Do you know what makes it legal? It is the timely delivery of the products.

Shein is super affordable, but the rating is not good on the SiteJabber platform. 4.6k users have rated it 2.56 stars. It is an average rating. But when it comes to Trustpilot, it has a positive rating of 3.7 stars. 125k people have rated it on Trustpilot.

That means you can trust Shein products and make your next order soon.

3) What is Zaful? Is Zaful legit?

Zaful came out a little bit after the Shein. Announced as a FAST fashion site in 2013, Zaful has achieved in mere ten years what other platforms can’t in the Fashion industry.

Zaful legit

It has top fashion items. And a team of experts that implements cutting-edge technology to produce the best quality products. The massive production facility in Hong Kong makes its place in the top websites like Shein around the globe.

Not only this, Zaful brings out great products every week. If you have a reselling business or purchasing for your purposes, Zaful can be the ideal choice.

But wait a minute. Is Zaful even a legitimate platform?

Zaful has a presence in 260+ countries. That means its shipping is possible to almost all the countries around the globe. Another important thing is the TrustPilot reviews to prove its authenticity. On Trustpilot, it has a bad rating of 2.1 stars. Around 11K people have rated Zaful Forever Young inventory.

On the other hand, Sitejabber has rated it as a better eCommerce platform. 6K people have rated it 3.88 stars. It is a pretty good rating compared to other shops like Shein.

2. Head-to-Head Comparison of Features

I have listed multiple features of the sites similar to Shein to make a better comparison. You can get a detailed analysis of their features here.

1) Market Share

Market Share shows which brand is the biggest one. Let’s check.

Romwe targets the women of 18-35 years. Its revenue in 2022 was around 179.8 million USD.

Shein is much bigger than Romwe. Its market size is 47 BILLION USD, and net sales are 10.4 billion USD. Don’t you think it is an immense share? (Statista)

The online revenue of Zaful was 5.3 million USD in 2022. It is an emerging brand with high popularity around the globe.

2) Business Model

The business model determines how the company is going to make money. For example, I ask a question: Is Romwe Fast fashion? That shows what the Romwe is and what it sells and points to the business model, too. Let’s check the business model.

Romwe is a B2C site that focuses on selling fast fashion inventory. From clothing products to all types of fashion items, you can make purchases. That is how Romwe makes money.

In Romwe vs Shein, Shein is the most popular but has the same B2C business model. It makes money by selling wedding dresses and relevant products.

Zaful has the same style of selling but at a higher cost. Its B2C model directly facilitates the buyers with the fast fashion inventory.

3) User Interface and Experience

The user interface must be TOP-NOTCH for a company to compete with other brands. Do you know the most significant cause of FAILURE? It is the time taking purchases and increased hassles for the navigation on the website. Let’s know which platform has won the award for best user interface and experience.

Romwe has both the website and App. Android app rating is 4.2 with 10 million plus downloads. The website is super fast. That means you’ll get the best experience and easy purchasing process on the Romwd.

Shein is not as good as Romwe. Although it is more popular, the website interface is a bit complex. Plus, it has 500 million downloads with 3.8 stars. That makes it an average experience for customers.

Zaful has only the website. That means customers can’t ease themselves up by browsing the websites. However, the website is fast and enables the best shopping experience on Zaful.

4) Product Categories and Quality

Product pricing and quality have been UNDER THE RADAR for every buyer. Want to buy? Lean toward the quality— it is a PREFERRED choice. Let’s check how these platforms act here.

justchinait Product Categories and Quality

Romwe has standard quality. You can expect average quality from the suppliers. That is the reason behind the CHEAPER prices of the clothing products in Romwe.

It is a FACT; is Romwe and Shein the same now!!

Shein has almost the same quality as the Romwe. And some products are even available at low quality.

There is always a KING of QUALITY in the fast fashion. And among these brands, Zaful has won the DEAL. The product quality is quite appreciable. It helps you trust it more than other brands.

5) Product Pricing

A product is recognized with two things:

  • Quality
  • pricing

What if the quality is good? The very next moment is to scan the pricing. Is Romwe good for lower-priced clothing?

Let’s compare the product pricing.

Romwe prices are meager. You can’t find low-priced products from stores other than the Romwe Models.

Shein has comparable prices to the Romwe. Why is Romwe the same as Shein? The reason behind it is the same owner company. Therefore, product categories and the pricing are almost the same— CHEAPER.

On the other hand, Zaful is a little bit more expensive than Romwe and Shein. It is the quality that justifies the higher prices of the Zaful. Keep it in mind when making your purchase on Zaful.

6) Shipping costs and time

Shipping is a crucial factor in deciding on the TOP PLACES like Shein. A person might BACKFIRE when the shipping is perfect. Average shipping is GOOD only if you want to ship at a moderate period.

Here is the comparison among Shopping apps Like Shein.

Romwe has TWO SHIPPING options. Standard shipping charges $3.99. That is not a HUGE AMOUNT. Express shipping charges up to 13.99 USD. So, how long does Romwe take to ship? The shipping for standard shipping is 10-28 days. While the express shipping is SUPER FAST, it takes 2-4 days for order fulfillment.

Shein comes up with three different shipping options. Economy shipping is slower, taking up to 21-30 days. The fee is 4 USD. For the same price, you get the STANDARD shipping. The time for standard shipping is 2-3 weeks. When it comes to express shipping, the cost is $12.90. But shipping is the FASTEST of 7-14 days around the globe.

Zaful has similar SHIPPING options to the Romwe store. Express shipping takes 1-7 days, but the cost is high. It might charge up to 16 USD. On the other hand, standard shipping might take up to $6.99 but with an estimated shipping period of 10-25 days.

7) Payment Methods

Payment method and security determines how safe the website is. Most people are confused. Is Romwe Good? The answer lies in payment security because no one wants to prey on hackers and leak the information.

Payment Methods

Romwe offers many payment options like:

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Cards
  • After Pay
  • Klarna

These payment options have a high security. So, you can expect safety.

Shein has almost the same payment options. The advanced security layers payment options like PayPal or Credit Cards are safe on this site. Is Shein safe for credit cards? Yes, it is QUITE safe.

When it comes to Zaful, you’ll get matchless security. No risk at all.

Payment includes:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards
  • Wire Transfer

You can safely make all the transactions.

8) Return Policy

The return policy of cheap online clothing stores gives one THING—CONFIDENCE of purchase. You know you get the refunds for a wrong-quality item. And it saves hassles. Let’s check here.

Romwe clothes are on the TOP. You get 60 days for 100% FREE return Shipping. No need to worry about the return. You often get instant refunds once the SELLER approves you. Otherwise, the Romwe app team interferes.

Shein has this sort of goodness for the returns. You get 30 days to return your item. Make sure the products are not damaged or in good condition with the proof of purchase.

Do you want to return zaful clothing? It is again available for 30 days to return. One month is enough to decide whether to refund the item.

9) Discounts and Offers

I love the discounts and offers. They give me a chance to grab the LOWER PRICES. And enjoy higher profits. Here is a detailed comparison of the deals and offers.

Discounts and Offers

Romwe is a pioneer in discount offers. Customers get coupon codes to find the best deals and get the discounts.

Shein offers discounts to the customers. Up to 80% discounts is more than enough. One more thing: it is FREE for over $49 orders. Isn’t it great?

Zaful offers free shipping on most of the orders. If you purchase $130, there is FREE EXPRESS shipping.

10) Ethical status

Ethical status shows the compliance of the Shein or Romwe shopping. All ethical practices ensure the best quality and eco-friendly production.

Romwe claims to be an ETHICAL brand. But most signals add contradiction to this fact. Most people think does Romwe use Child labor. But there is no evidence supporting Child Labor.

Shein has been a controversial site for ethical production. Its products contain toxic chemicals. Many times, it has happened to be an unethical brand.

So, where to shop instead of Shein and Romwe?

You can rely on the Zaful. It uses animal skin to produce some of the products. Otherwise, this brand has ethical, fast fashion products.

3. Tips when shopping on Romwe vs Shein vs Zaful

Are you making your first purchase on these Fast Fashion sites? Wait a minute. You might cry later because of quality scams.

Trade safely. Get the best quality. And keep a high reputation for your brand. Here are some tips when shopping for Zaful Clothing or Romwe Plus Size dresses.

Ready? I have listed.

1) Look for the right product

Always make the BEST CHOICE. Keep it in mind. But how will you do that? It is not difficult, to be honest.

For example:

I need plus-size clothes. First of all, I check the Shein. Then romwe dresses. And then Zaful. Do you know why? Because to compare the prices and quality. Restriction of research to one item is not good at all. Instead, you have to be super conscious. Make the best choice. And it is possible to compare the prices. Suppose a plus size dress on Romwe Clothing is $10 while the same is available on Zaful Clothing for $15.

Always remember. There must be some differences. And it is often the quality that makes the thing expensive. But here, you should keep an eye on the pricing. Check the product description. And then find the correct clothing item that meets your needs.

Not always Romwe dresses are the best ones. And the same goes for the Zaful, too. A better choice is possible only if you have a picky eye. Check the product quality. And then move ahead.

2) Test the Quality

One item is available for $10 on Shein. And the same is available on the Zaful for $20. There must be some differences, right? And it is 90% the quality that makes the pricing higher or lower.

But how can you grab the quality?

It is your research to find the Mount Everest of quality. Sometimes, you need inspection services to test the product. One more thing:

Clothes have toxic chemicals such as Toluene or Benezene. Adding harmful elements can adversely affect your health and make the clothes more durable.

Quality is the best to screen such items and make the best choice.

3) Know the suppliers

Do you know the supplier? It can be a scam as well. Most buyers fall prey to scammers. Don’t check their previous history. And jump into the trades.

product suppliers

That is the RED FLAG. Avoid it 100 times.

Before you make the deal, know the supplier on Shein, Romwe, or Zaful. I have seen many buyers saying:

Is Romwe Safe?

All these sites are 100% safe. It is you who is going to jump into the HELL of scammers and talk about the scams later.

Why not decide earlier and ensure safety?

To do this, you have to filter all the sham suppliers. Verify their company status. And it is better to check their business license is approved by the Chinese government. It will give you mental and financial peace.

4) Check shipping options

Many times, when my orders are late, my blood pressure reaches 200 mm HG. Even intracranial pressures cross the upper limit.

shipping options

The reason?

It is the fear of late delivery. I can’t wait for the products long enough. Not all the platforms offer fast delivery. Some are super slow. For example, Shein economy Shipping takes 21-30 days.

How do we cope with this situation?

Take some proper steps. Know the different shipping options available to the Shein, Zaful, or Romwe fashion. It allows you to know the Express or Standard Shipping times. Depending on your budget and delivery times, you can decide on the shipping options.

The most common mistake is the tracking problem. You don’t get the TRACKING ID, or sometimes, the shipping service does not provide tracking.

In that case, you need to make the right decision and find a shipping service with a complete tracking facility. It will boost your confidence and allow you to receive your item on your doorstep.

5) Consider discounts if possible

Stores Like Shein, Romwe, or Zaful are good at offering discounts. It is better to know when it is the FREE SHIPPING Sunday on the Shein.

If you are a new member on these sites, you’ll get discounts for your first purchase. Moreover, it is better to negotiate the prices. Making huge orders always brings enormous deals.

Why not save some extra bucks and make some extra profit when reselling the inventory?

That is the idea you should follow. Talk to your suppliers. Come up with some exciting discounts. And make more oversized orders to earn more money. It is as simple as I have mentioned.

6) First, try one item.

Are you deciding to buy the first item? Great! Move one step further to make your first purchase at a Store like Shein.

But here arises one question;

Why should you not order bulk items?

It can be a mistake. For instance, you like Romwe dresses. And order 100 pieces of Romwe dresses for your online store. But the quality of all the products is inferior. That puts you in huge. If you order one item in stores like Romwe, it will help you assess the quality of the first item.

Only then can you predict the future of the inventory and quality of your business.

7) Make Bigger orders when satisfied.

Have you tested the first item from a store like Shein? How was the quality?

  • If wrong, think again. Leaving such a supplier can be the ideal choice.
  • If it is good, it is better to go for the bulk orders.

What to do when going for bulk orders?

Negotiate the price. Try to get cheaped as 99% of the factories will offer heavy discounts on making bulk orders. Consider the estimated preparation time of the inventory. And most importantly, you should know the shipping options available to you. If the fast shipping is available, that is great. You can ship inventory faster.

3. FAQs

1) Which one is more popular in Romwe vs Shein vs Zaful?

Zaful has access to 260+ countries. If we talk about access, the Zaful brand is a CLEAR-CUT choice. But it is popularity, there are a number of factors like:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Customer experience.
  • Business expansion.

In this case, Shein is its BOSS. Better prices and high popularity put it at the top of the list of brands.

2) When does Shein have free shipping Sunday?

Sunday is a specified time for the buyers to enjoy free shipping. Unfortunately, companies like Shein don’t disclose the exact information. You have to wait for the Free Shipping Sunday to come out. No one can predict which Sunday will be a BUMPER offer for you. Just wait for the update from Shein itself.

3) Does Shein accept Apple Pay?

Shein Payment methods are relatively safe. You can choose PayPal but not Apple Pay. It does not support this payment method. In the future, you might expect Shein to

4) Are Romwe and Shein the same?

Shein vs Romwe is often a GOOD comparison. But Shein owns the Romwe, too. Therefore, most products available on Shein are also available on the romwe. So, a Romwe dress can be a CROSS available on Shein. Plus, you can expect the same quality from both Shein and Romwe.

5) Do Shein clothes Shrink?

No. Not all clothes like Shein shrink. Only the cotton items shrink. And most often, it is a natural phenomenon. You don’t have to worry about it. Just focus on the safety of your clothes. That is all you can do.


Is Romwe Better than Shein? Is Zaful Fast Fashion brand good? Is Shein a good brand?

All these are common questions that might be flashing through your brain. But don’t get distracted. All of these sites are TOP-NOTCH. You should do some research before making your purchase. And consider the cheaper prices.

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