The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Reliable Freight Forwarder in China

By Sarah
June 16, 2023

Are you thinking of buying from China? But you need to find the easiest ways to get it shipped safely.

When you think about shipping from China, do you ever wonder if a shipping agent is needed? Or is shipping it directly to a shipping company practical?

We will answer your questions if you still need to understand why getting a shipping agent is necessary. Where should you look for an agent? How will you know if your agent is the right one?

We will help you know how an agent can safely help you ship from China to the US or other countries. And why getting a shipping agent is essential.

1. Introduction

1) What is a shipping service in China?

A shipping service in China sends small, big, and bulk packages to any part of the world. They handle everything you need to simplify the work and get your package on time.

If you order goods and want them delivered to your country, China shipping services will take care of it. You can choose from express, air, or ocean shipping. Depending on time and budget, you can always find the best option for your shipment.

You know very well that big shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, or UPS are trusted worldwide shipping companies. But other companies in China can provide you with shipping services. And can you save a lot with the right carrier?

Check this out so you will learn how to get shipping agent in China and et a shipping agent in China and what they can help you with.

2) What does a shipping agent do in China?

A shipping agent processes the shipping of the goods with ease and speeds up the time it gets to your location. They are also called freight forwarders.

You can only rely on your supplier’s shipping options when you do not get a shipping agent. That can be risky because you cannot take control of your packages.

You need to reach out to your supplier from time to time. Unless your supplier is proven trustworthy, your resources are at great risk.

3) What services does a freight forwarder in China provide?

Before a product gets to consumers, there are many stages it needs to pass. A freight forwarder does not only ship the products.

But they also handle your packages for quality check, storage, and customs clearing. They ensure that your products are safe and secure.

It is good to know that freight forwarders do more than just shipping! Such services are the following:

  1. Warehouse Services
  1. Product Packing
  1. Processing of documents like waybills, bills of lading, etc.
  1. Customs Clearing
  1. Getting arrangements with the best carrier
  1. Offer best prices and fastest shipping time
  1. Tracking the shipment
  1. Delivery of goods after they arrived at the ports
  1. Filing of claims for damaged or missing packages

2. Why Hiring a China Shipping Agent in China?

You need an agent if you want seamless and worry-free delivery of your goods from China. Your China Shipping agent knows the ins and outs of the process. They are experts!

Some buyers in China get problems when shipping their products because it is challenging to do alone. If you want growth and expansion in your business, you need to partner with a shipping agent.

They can facilitate the shipping of your goods professionally. Here are the benefits of hiring them:

1) Provides professional and reliable services

They will do the work correctly when you look for a professional shipping agent. You can always count on their services and be able to resolve issues accordingly.

They will accommodate all your concerns. And, they can provide expertise if you wish to have a customized service. They offer support, and their work is always top-notch!

2) Partnerships with Shipping Lines and Companies

China shipping agents have connections with major shipping lines and companies. They have access to schedules and can contact their partners for any concerns.

3) Lower price

They can offer lower rates for shipping, handling, and other fees you need to settle when shipping. They are transparent when it comes to costing and if there are additional payments.


A client always looks for cheaper options when shipping. Even if the service is cheap, it keeps the kind of service they promise to customers.

4) They provide other services and support

Shipping agents can help you source or keep your packages until you can ship them out. Also, they can connect you to an insurance company if you need extra product coverage.

Shipping agents are willing to support you if you have any requests. They can also personalize their service that suits your needs well.

5) Better delivery time/speed

Shipping agents are helpful because they can find the best option to match your shipping requirement. They will let you know what carrier can deliver your goods faster.

There are some factors to consider when shipping. One of them is delays and holidays. They know what to do about this and can let you know if you will receive the packages on time.

You can plan your shipping agenda and avoid frustrations. More importantly, you can expand your network because you get to know carriers who are reliable and speedy with their shipping.

3. How to Find a China Shipping Agent or Freight Forwarder

Is it easy to find a trusted freight forwarder? Where can you find them?

There are 3 ways how to find some freight forwarder China companies:

1) Join Forums and Social Media Groups

If you are looking for recommendations, joining a forum or a group on Facebook can help you find a trusted shipping agent. Social groups are individuals, business owners, and service providers that benefit your business.

All you need is to look for these groups on social media platforms and join. You can ask for help from the moderators or admin of the group or ask a question, and members can reach out to you. You can participate in discussions or post to ask what you want.

2) Visit China

If your time and budget permit, visiting China to see fairs and marketplaces can get you to the right company. There are multiple exhibits in a year that you can visit to meet them personally.

You will know more about their services and can tour their company to see what they offer.


3) Search on Google

For many, researching the internet is where you can find several companies. However, you need to do research. List down all the shipping agents you like and see if their offer suits your needs.

If your chosen company has a website, check its About Page to see who their clients are. See what their clients say about their service if they have a review section.

Check for Red Flags like scams, bad reputations, or customer complaints when you search for the name in Google.

Next step- contact each company through email, chat portals, or call. Ask them questions about the services they can provide. Find out how long the company has been operating and its proven track record.

4) What are some important factors to consider when choosing a Shipping Agent in China?

We want to elaborate on the factors below to help you decide which is right.

  • Experience

When we say experience, it means there is a proven track record of excellence and quality service to clients for years. The clients can attest to and speak of their quality work.

  • Have good network

They should have partnerships or connections with major shipping lines that can transport all kinds of goods. They must be able to ship to all ports in China and have offices in the cities.

  • Rates and Pricing

Their cost or price of service must be competitive. Clients should have value for their money.

If they serve cheaper options, clients should be satisfied with the service. They can present different options to balance the cost of service and the delivery time of the goods.

  • Good Customer Service

Your shipping company must answer queries on time and deliver service promptly. You both must understand each other, so speaking English is a plus! They also respond to emails and calls on time.

  • Solution Provider

Regardless, your freight forwarder should give the best solution for our shipping needs. They can coordinate with your suppliers and know how to go about each service they provide.

For example, they should ship the goods to your preferred Amazon FBA warehouse on time.

They should also know how to manage conflicts and problems. If something needs urgent action, they should be proactive in dealing with it. They must let you know immediately if something goes wrong at one point.

4. Shipping from China to the USA

So that you will easily understand what happens and how to ship goods from China to the USA, we simplify the steps below. Once you have chosen your shipping agent in China to the USA, this is the summary of the whole process:

1) Goods Preparation

Your supplier will prepare your goods after your order and arrange pickup or delivery to the shipping company. If your supplier cannot set the pickup or delivery, your shipping agent will take care of it.

2) Gather the shipping documents

Your shipping agent will talk to your supplier so they can give the Commercial Invoice. A Commercial Invoice declares all the product details like type, value, weight, etc., so the Customs can calculate the taxes.

It is part of all the legal documents the shipper must prepare, along with the following:

  1. Bill of Lading is a legal contract between the shipping agent and the carrier that provides all the details of the products that will be shipped. It also serves as a receipt once the goods are delivered.
  1. Packing List – is prepared by the shipping agent. The document to give to a third party, such as the customer or vendor, lists all the details of the goods without the price or value.
  1. Customs bond– the insurance for goods over $2500 in value.

3) The arrival of Goods in the Shipper’s Warehouse

Once the goods reach the warehouse, the items will be checked, inspected, and weighed. If you availed another service like packaging, your shipping agent from China to the USA would take care of it.

4) Receive a Shipping Invoice

Your freight forwarder from China to the USA will give you the shipping invoice so you can pay your dues.

5) Arrange the Customs Clearance

The shipping agent will process the Customs clearance for the shipment sent by air or sea freight. It will be quick and in order if all the necessary documents are complete and correct.

6) Package Shipping

Once Customs clears it, the package will be loaded and in transit, until it arrives. The shipping agent will do the tracking and give you the information. The last part will be the final delivery to the address stated

5. Shipping from China to Other Countries (Canada, UK, India, Philippines, South Africa)

The shipping process to other countries is almost identical to shipping to the US. The only difference is the Customs process for each country, which can be shorter or longer, depending on the restrictions and rules.

They also have particular requirements for importers or exporters.

Here are some essential things to take note of:

1) Philippines

The customs clearance must be completed within 30 days of unloading the final package. Your Shipping Agent from China to the Philippines should prepare these required documents: • Packing list • Commercial Invoice • Bill of lading • Export License or Import Permit • Customs Import Declaration • Certificate of Origin

2) Canada

Four simple processes take place when the goods are shipped that your Shipping Agent to Canada must know:

  1. The CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) receives imported goods.
  1. The CBSA examines your documentation and conducts a visual inspection.
  1. Legal duty-free shipments are released and sent on their way; products that need more examination or duty payments are kept for additional inspection.
  1. The shipment is either refused or duty is applied.

3) UK

Although the UK government claims it may take up to two hours, processing road freight imports and exports typically take only a few minutes. It can take up to 1 whole day, or worse, days or weeks if your items have a problem.

4) India

Clear customs for imported products could take a few hours or several days, depending on the situation. Your shipment may take 10 to 14 days to be cleared after your broker enters it. Your Shipping Agent from China to India must complete all documents to avoid delays.

5) South Africa

A shipment will typically take five days to pass through South African customs. Imported products might need to go through customs for three or more days.

The shipping agents from China to South Africa should avoid incomplete or faulty documents to avoid long holds and extra charges.

6. FAQs

1) What is the best freight forwarder from China to the USA?

Most importers and exporters in the US have a list of their top freight forwarders because of their satisfactory services.

These companies could deliver help with worry-free documentation, prompt delivery, and everything they needed to grow their business.

Again, take note that freight forwarders are the ones who load, unload, and transport the packages to the destination. They also provide freight insurance service or customs documents and clearing.

So, when you ship from China to the USA, the top companies are:

  1. DHL Global Forwarding
  1. Kuehne + Nagel
  1. DSV Global Transport
  1. Expeditors International
  1. JustChinaIt

2) What relevant questions must you ask when hiring a China Freight Forwarder?

Asking your freight forwarder some questions can help you assess and see if they are the right company for you. Depending on the services you need, getting all the details and knowing the process will give you peace of mind.

Below are vital questions you need to ask:

Do you have a good and remarkable network? How do I track my package with detailed information? Can you process my customs clearance efficiently? Are you a licensed company with a customs bond? Can you send me quotations with a few options without the hidden charges? Are the fees inclusive of all expenses to ship my package? Do I need to prepare documents? What are your options for shipping goods with different suppliers? Can you pack my goods and do customization? Can you provide the fastest shipping option at a competitive rate?

3) What is the cheapest shipping agent in China?

JustChinaIt is the cheapest shipping agent in China that can provide excellent and honest service to any client. They have more than 12 years of service and experience in shipping.

You can compare their price quotes with other companies and be amazed at how they differ.

With multiple options, you will avoid delays and risk of losses. You will save on shipping costs because they have different shipping methods that can match your budget.

They will be in charge and ensure the safety of your goods while you wait with confidence and peace of mind.

Since they are transparent with the process, you can take control of your shipping decisions and monitor them efficiently. They give updates on time and assist you.

4) What are the Common Issues and Challenges?

We can categorize these issues and challenges into two:

  1. When dealing with your freight forwarder in China, you will encounter common issues like:
    • Communication or language barrier
    • Incomplete documents or inorganized process
  1. Delays and shipping problems occur and are mostly uncontrollable on the part of freight forwarders. Some factors that cause these challenges:
    • Main holidays and Chinese festivals can cause long delays. Peak seasons like Christmas and New Year also extend the shipping time.
    • Missing packages due to misplacement and accidents when packages are being loaded or unloaded
    • Canceled flights due to bad weather conditions • Port congestions and customs clearing delays

5) How to maintain a good working relationship with your shipping agent to ensure smooth freight forwarding?

You can maintain and keep a good relationship with your shipping agent if you coordinate with them and do your part in every transaction. Always give correct details like shipping address.

Secure a contract to protect you and the shipping agent as well. To have a smooth transaction, always comply with what’s written in the contract.

6) Why should you go for JustChinaIt for all your shipping needs?

Our shipping services are tailored to make them suitable for every client. We help them save money, deliver the package quickly, and make the whole process seamless.

JustChinaIt can make your shipping needs happen! Our dedication and commitment to serving you the best service for a cheaper cost can keep you returning for more.

We recommend JustChinaIt because we can turn your orders into profit! Every transaction you do with us is valuable. As experts on shipping matters, we make repeat clients happy and proud of our service.

7. Top 10 Freight Forwarders in China?

Whether you are looking for a reliable China shipping agent to the USA or a freight forwarder from China to Canada, or other countries, these top 10 companies will not fail you:

1) Ningbo Tiedada SCM CO. Ltd

Ningbo Tiedada SCM was founded in 2014. It offers complete logistics services with inland transportation. It is the most popular who do Rail service in China and Europe.

Traders and E-commerce clients looking for shipping agents from China to the UK choose them. It has nine branches abroad. Their focus is on railway logistics. They also offer warehouse systems in 30 cities in China.

2) Greatmicro Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

This company is located in Qingdao and offers freight forwarding, transloading, trucking container trading, and other shipping services. They have 21 years of shipping experience in the industry.

Clients who import products like logs, food, fruits, lumber, etc., choose them because they are experts in overweight shipments.

3) JustChinaIt

For more than 12 years, they have provided consolidated shipping, door-to-door shipping, and air/sea/rail/truck freight to all clients worldwide. They also offer warehousing, sourcing, and even drop shipping. Their excellent service builds partnerships with businessmen in all places.

4) Cohesion Freight Agency Ltd.

The company focuses on warehouse solutions, air, and ocean freight shipping. They have partnerships with big carriers and can accommodate your shipping needs by negotiating with them to give you the best route and schedule of shipping.

5) Portlink Shipping Ltd.

Portlink has been operating since 2020, focusing on ocean freight. They can handle any small and bulk ocean shipping needs. The company may be new, but with its team of marine professionals and engineers, it can provide quality service.

6) Shenzhen Rich Fun Railway Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd

The company provides container shipping services through railway transportation. It offers FCL/LCL services, short-term storage, customs clearing, etc. They can transport sensitive goods on time.

7) Lucky Logistics Ltd.

Founded in 1998, this company focuses on global import and exports, FCL/LCL via air, ocean, and railroad. They help their clients get customs clearance. They also offer warehouse service.

8) WNG Container Services

This company is in Shanghai and provides container shipping services and transportation solutions. They have their truck fleets and depots. Whatever size of containers or specialty containers you need, they can accommodate this for you.

9) Longyuan Forwarding CO., Ltd.

This company in Shanghai can ship by air or ocean freight. They also have other services like customs clearance and warehouse solutions. Their warehouses have branches in the US, like LA and New York.

10) Shenzhen First Tans International Logistics Co., Ltd.

If the route you are looking for is from China to Moscow, this company provides reasonable prices and quick service. They focus on railway transportation for importing and exporting of cargo from China to Russia, Germany, Poland, and other cities.


A freight forwarder or a shipping agent in China will help you ship and deliver your products without the hassle. Shipping your purchased goods from China takes work. It can be risky if you don’t work with a professional.

Your China Shipping Agent has a big impact on your business. If you want to import bulk goods from China, working with someone who knows how to deliver your products safely and on time will be essential.

The list of shipping agents in China is overwhelming. Some companies will promise you “the best” service. But you will lose your money and time if you are not careful in choosing.

JustChinaIt can be your reliable and honest company if you need and are searching for the best freight forwarder from China to the USA. We will provide solutions to all your shipping needs.

We are a solid team of dedicated experts that can serve you with the utmost care. You can relax because we will work hand in hand with you so you can get the best shipping experience while growing your business.

Our company is proven to have our clients’ trust, and we assure you of a hassle-free transaction. You can message us to discuss what we can help you with today.

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