Top 30 Cheap Products to Import from China

By HX Wenli
April 12, 2022

Chapter 1: Products to import from China Overview

1.Made in China Products

It is not uncommon that business owners globally to import goods from China. Due to the high demand for practical and economical products, China is the number one source of any product you need daily!
Through the years, China has improved a lot with the quality of its goods. Not to mention the speedy delivery to any part of the world, big and small companies opt to import goods from China.
The low cost of labor and quantity they can produce are the top reasons companies choose them. From small to bulk items, you can get them in China. For example, you can import furniture from China, so you don’t have to manufacture your product and save a lot on operational costs.
Are you thinking of what to sell on your online store? Do you want to find a reliable supplier in China? What products are saleable and can give you big profit?
We will give you the top products you can import and add more lists to your store. Learn the China main exports and tips in this article.

Why get cheap products to import from China? products in China

There are cheap products to import from China that can give you high profits for your business. Whether you are looking for a drop shipping business or products to import from China, you can ultimately find a supplier to grow your online retail or brick-and-mortar stores.
Major manufacturers and factories produce many China cheap products that all local businesses buy. These local buyers sell them in different Chinese marketplaces. You will never run out of suppliers when you choose products to import from China.

Chapter 2 enumerates a list of cheap products to import from China.

Advantages of Sourcing Made in China Products

China direct imports provide benefits for any buyers in China. It is an excellent decision to make to save money from operational costs. At the same time, you can have a steady supply of goods when you find a reliable supplier.
Here are some significant advantages you can have when you import goods from China:

1. You can do sourcing directly to the supplier(products to import from China).

The market is price-driven. Customers are continuously buying high-quality goods, and they place a great value on their money.
Nowadays, a company that can meet both conditions will easily succeed. If you want to keep the cost of the goods low and retain your profit margin, you must purchase products from a chain with few middlemen.
You can directly source China cheap products. Many Chinese sourcing agencies works now with buying company. It eliminates the involvement of intermediaries, removing the need to recruit fourth-party members. It can save you time, money, and effort.
As a result, China import and export helps buyers in China have a good relationship with the supplier.

2. Low requirement for a Minimum Order

Importing business from China makes buying easy because they don’t require a significant investment from a small business. In some countries, sourcing agents can only buy if they place large orders.
Some minimum order criteria are demanding for small businesses to meet. If the MOQ is high, it requires
big money. Start-up businesses lack funds to invest in a large number of items.
High MOQ may not be a problem for big companies because they have the financial resources. They can expand as quickly as possible. Either way, cheap products to import from China are favorable for small and big companies. products in China

3. Select from a wide selection of verified suppliers

The China import export of goods allows the selection of a desirable factory. When you choose your local suppliers, you don’t have the freedom to visit their production and follow their conditions. You only need to inform your supplier about the exact product but customizing might be expensive.
When sourcing China cheap products, you have the option to hire a sourcing agent or visit the factory in person to inspect. You can also choose from several factories and discuss your needs.
As a result, direct wholesale import from China can make you choose suitable products and the suppliers that create the essential goods.

4. You are involved with the products to import from China process.

China imports and export lower the risk of losses, especially when working with a sourcing agency like JustChinaIt. Buyers in China can be involved in the whole buying process.
When you buy cheap products to import from China, you choose a well-managed sourcing procedure that allows you to minimize the risks involved in the process.
If you import goods from China, you’ll be involved in every stage of the process. This step-by-step process, in turn, will enable you to receive early alerts of fraud risks, excessive profits, and late deliveries.

Chapter 2: TOP 30 China Cheap Products List

Many online businesses are earning big profits from China top imports. Are you thinking of the best products to import from China?
China main exports include a variety of products. If you’re checking out top import goods from China, here’s a list of saleable items from different industries.

Beauty Productsproducts to import from China

There are so many beauty products that you can import to China. These are fast-selling goods that are highly in demand by customers worldwide. You can buy beauty products in China at wholesale prices.

1. Cosmetic brushes

Makeup brushes are one of the China cheap products you can buy at low MOQ. You can purchase single brushes or sets of brushes, egg beauty blenders, concealer brushes, and powder puffs. Prices can range from $0.50, depending on packaging or quantity. 
Makeup brushes suppliers can customize the packaging for your brands for a minimal cost. You can ship ready-made brushes in as fast as 24-48 hours! The cheapest way to import from China depends on the mode of service you want, such as express couriers or sea and air cargo when ordering in bulk. 

2. Nail polish and accessories

With thousands of nail polish suppliers in China, you can buy all the trendy shades and colors at wholesale prices. Get the regular or gel types, nail accessories, tools, and nail arts. 
You can order sets or colors with private label OEM for easy branding. The supplier can put your logo and make a custom package based on your requirement. The prices can range from <$1 per nail polish and can even go lower when purchasing in large quantities. products in China

China main imports of beauty products are for professional usage and online retail purposes. Get cheap China wholesale nail polish with free samples and swatches. 

3. Facial beauty tools like jade rollers, derma rollers, led facial, etc.

If you are in the beauty niche and looking for a product to sell, at-home beauty tools are trending these days. Facial tools are easy to use, portable, and economical beauty gadgets that consumers can safely use at home.
Beauty tools like jade rollers, derma rollers, massagers, and facial LED masks are available from a China import company and supplier. They can provide product warranty, lower MOQ, and tier discounts based on your order.
When you are looking for beauty gadgets that are good to remove wrinkles, blemishes, and impurities, you can buy from China cheap manufacturers. Your customers will love the idea of just beautifying their skin in the comfort of their homes. The result is like going to a spa but without spending too much!

4. LED mirrors

Beauty LED mirrors are very saleable and in-demand today. Back-lit LED mirrors for rooms or portable makeup mirrors are available in thousands of suppliers from China import site or marketplaces like Alibaba.
You can purchase vanity mirrors of different sizes and shapes, from cheap products to imports from China. Upgraded models with touch screen smart LED mirror for bathrooms and bedrooms or makeup cabinets. It also comes with other features such as a Wi-Fi connection, clocks, anti-fog, and sensor control.
The price depends on the features, but simple LED mirrors range from $3 to $6. As China’s major exports include beauty products, you can get different manufacturers who can provide product customization and OEM labels.
Your China import agent can help you find the best suppliers with low MOQ and competitive rates.

5. Acne patches and sheet masks

5.made in china

Another hot-selling product from the beauty list and buyers in China love to get are acne patches and sheet masks. Though Korean beauty products are becoming very popular, consumers still seek Chinese brands for skin hydration and protection.
Moreover, China import and export is widespread to different continents, and beauty products are always unbeatable when talking of sales. The blemish masks and hydration beauty masks are staples in many people’s skincare regimens.
Depending on the brand and quantity, the price can range from $1-$2. So if you want to earn big profits and add a new product to your store, these beauty staples are a must!

Fashion Products

Fashion is part of everyone’s lifestyle. The fashion business has the power to influence and shape lives. We all need to dress up, and each item of clothing we purchase is a personal choice.
As a result, buyers in China have apparel and shoes on their top list! It has been one of China import export popular businesses for years.

6. T-shirts

You can find all types and sizes of T-shirts in the Chinese marketplace. The T-shirt import business from China is widespread in the global market. If you want to source the cheapest T-shirts, look no further!
You can buy a piece for as low as $2-$3. If you will buy in bulk, you can get the lowest wholesale prices. You can source the trendiest t-shirts in China and earn a hefty profit. Just find a reliable supplier that can assist you with ease and provide you with other services like customization and quick-shipping.

7. Socks

Socks are high-popular in China import export products. You can get them all in one manufacturer from classic, iconic, and trendy designs. Wholesale custom socks can go as low as $0.30  when buying in bulk. Get breathable and anti-bacterial socks made of spandex, cotton, polyester, and more.
Chinese socks are available in all types and sizes, for kids, teens, men, and women. You can also purchase stockings and compression socks for therapeutic or medical purpose.

8. Water/beach shoes

There is a superb quality of water and sports shoes in China where you can buy anti-slip shoes good for swimming, surfing, and diving. Aqua shoes can range from $2-$10 per piece, depending on the type, low- or high-cut.
Buyers in China get significant discounts from manufacturers when purchasing hundreds or thousands of pieces. But if you only want to buy a few pieces, you can buy from trusted suppliers you can find on Chinese platforms like Made in China or Alibaba. products in China

9. Sunglasses

Sunglasses in China comes in different types. In China, you can find hundreds to thousands of suppliers for polarized, oversized carbon fiber, vintage acetate, and trendy sunglasses.
Suppliers can offer you customized or ready-made OEM packages at very affordable prices. It can range from as low as $1/piece. Not ready to buy in bulk? No worries! You can also buy 10/pieces per lot for a minimum quantity.
You can find almost any design or type of sunglasses you can see in the market for a low price when you source them in China. When you import to China, you can get many cheap options for delivery or even direct door-to-door shipping to your FBA Amazon warehouse.

10. Bags (Women bags/Backpacks)

You will not be disappointed when you outsource bags to China! If you research China’s import and export products in the fashion industry, bags are always on the top list. Aside from quality, you can score one for as low as $2-$5 per piece.
Get all types of bags- for men, women, teens, and kids. Choose from a wide selection of bags like backpacks, travel bags, everyday bags, and more.

Daily Essentials and Lifestyleproducts to import from China

You can find almost anything in China when it comes to lifestyle needs. There are China cheap products that are high-quality and perfect for daily use. Some of them are as follows:

11. Disposable Facemasks

If you are selling facemasks, you can buy wholesale from one of China biggest imports today. You can get N95, 3-ply filtering masks, KN95, disposable, or even washable and reusable masks at a meager price.
For example, if you buy 10,000 pieces of a surgical face mask, you can get it for as low as $0.10, and it can get up to $0.01 for 50,000 pieces or more.

12. Sports water bottle, Stainless steel drinking straw

These items and daily essentials also get huge orders from online shop owners. You can purchase it at a wholesale price for as low as $0.30-$1 for stainless steel straws. You can find cute designs and trendy colors that will surely increase your profit.

7.made in china product

From simple BPA-free plastic bottles to insulated water bottles, you will get a wholesale price of <$1 to $10, depending on type and size. Minimum orders can be as low as 10 pieces, but you will get the best prices when you order from 100 pieces and up.

13. Toys

There’s an extensive selection of toys when you outsource it in China. Toy imports of China can go from children’s toys like RC toys, educational toys, wooden toys, pretend play toys, and more. They can be made of durable and child-safe materials.
Toy prices vary in type. But for comparison purposes, you can buy a toy that is worth $20 in a local US shop for only $2-$3 when you buy in wholesale or required MOQ.

14. Automotive products

China has contributed 30% of global car production and continues to be the world’s largest light-vehicle manufacturer. Approximately China generates $16 billion in revenue from automobile exports.
You can find automobile-related products at low prices as one of China major imports. One of the hot-selling items you can find today is the LED car foot ambient light with wireless remote control. You can see one for as low as $4 when you order 500 pieces and above or as low as $5 for orders lower than 100.

15. Office products

If you are selling office equipment, you can find the latest and in-demand office products from China manufacturers. For example, an easy operation motorized PC office and adjustable computer desk that is worth $300 in Amazon can be purchased for only $165 per piece when you buy from China.

Technologyproducts to import from China

You can import electronics from China and other technology items for affordable prices. There are more than thousands of suppliers that you can choose from and can offer customization or OEM for your product requests. Here are the best-selling items today:

16. Security camera

The security system is a great buy because all updated and upgraded models are available in China. You can get an OEM high-quality CCTV high-definition camera with night vision for home or business security at low or wholesale prices.
You can choose from standard to upgraded models with added features like solar-powered or 10-40mm focal length lens. The security cameras can range from $20-$100 per piece, depending on the features. products in China

17. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are selling like hotcakes! OEM brands in China are known for their good quality, and you can start your wholesale orders for as low as 10 pieces.
You’ll find that different sizes and types are available, and each supplier can offer prices ranging from $3-$10 for a mini Bluetooth speaker and  $50-$100 for high-end classes.

18. Cell phone car mounts

Suppliers widely sell cell phone car mounts in all Chinese marketplaces. If you are thinking of cheap products to import from China, this is a saleable product that you can purchase in as low as $0.80/per piece in wholesale of 100 pieces or more.

19. Ring lights

When it comes to technology, China main exports include ring lights used for photography, vlogging, live streaming, makeup, and more. Ring light factories produce different sizes and inclusions like a tripod, and you can purchase for as low as $5-$50, depending on the type. products in China

20. Tempered Glass phone screen protectors and phone cases

iPhone cases and other android phone models, including tempered glasses and screen protectors, are excellent products you can import to China. You can get them at low prices based on the specs and quality of materials used like silicon, plastic, or metals for phone cases. You can get tempered glass for $0.50 when you buy in bulk. products in China

21. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are trendy these days, and you can buy them at low prices when you import to China. These smartwatches come with excellent features like a heart rate monitor, stopwatch, GPS navigation system, oximeter, blood pressure, and more.
You can get it in low MOQ for $10-$20 and customize packaging and labels.

22. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Since wireless earbuds and earphones became popular, this technology product’s monthly selling rate has increased. As one of China main exports under cellphone accessories and gadgets, you can buy them in bulk or a minimum MOQ of 10 from some suppliers.
The price of a wireless Bluetooth earbud can range from $7-$20, depending on the features and specs.

23. Wireless phone chargers

Wireless chargers are also in-demand for iPhone and Android gadgets. The wireless charging docks or mini stations can be purchased for as low as $10-$30 per piece.
Moreso, you can get more significant discounts when you order 100 pieces and above. You can select from various types and features from thousands of suppliers of China import and export products.

24. Wi-Fi extenders

When you want to outsource Wi-Fi extenders or digital amplifier signal boosters, you can get it from China factories at a very affordable price and still get a big profit when you sell it. For example, a regular Wi-Fi repeater that costs around $50 in an Amazon store can be bought at wholesale for only $7-$10.

Home Productsproducts to import from China

One of China’s major imports is home products and household items. These products are in demand because they are sold at affordable prices, and consumers buy them regularly in all seasons.

25. Air humidifier

There are various hot-selling air humidifiers you can import to China for a reasonable price! The price depends on the type, size, and features, but if you’re looking for trendy items like a rotating light spray humidifier, one piece only costs around $6 and can be customized for your brand.

26. Cooking tools

Popular kitchen tools like vegetable cutters, garlic press, food processors, air fryers, waffle makers, and more are top choices for cooking tools in the market today. China main exports include these practical, affordable appliances with high-quality like the high-end brands.
You can purchase an air fryer for as low as $33 per piece and sell it in your online store for $100. There are thousands of suppliers of kitchen cooking tools in China, and if you want to purchase directly from the factory, you can get help from a China import agent.

27. Home gym products

Home gym equipment manufacturers and wholesalers specialize in fitness exercise, strength training, and body workout. You can purchase this for low prices and profit when you re-sell. You can find thousands of Wi-Fi extenders like treadmills, kettlebells, resistance bands, and exercise machines.
China imports by country rules, so you have to ensure that you abide by terms and conditions to avoid paying extra fines and charges. For example, when declaring the amount of product, it has to be the same on your product’s invoice and use the correct product code.
The Declared Value is the amount or value of items specified on the Commercial Invoice that will be sent. This number is used by US customs to determine the amount of customs duty or import tax that should be applied to the cargo.

28. Artificial flowers

There are excellent and high-quality of all kinds of artificial flowers from China. You can get a good profit when you sell it and never run out of suppliers since it is one of the best things to import from China. Find the best artificial flowers that look realistic that can be used in several occasions or as home décor.

11.. Artificial flowers

29. Beddings and Memory foam pillows

Not only can you import furniture from China, but you can also import and buy beddings and pillows of all kinds that can be used for furniture and home or business needs. You can purchase luxurious, comfy, and hotel-quality bed sheets at low prices when you buy in bulk.

30. Air purifiers and air coolers

Consumers look for air purifiers with HEPA filters because they effectively filter and remove particles that can pollute the air and cause allergies. One of the best buys in China import export products is air purifiers or air coolers.
Some mini portable air coolers that are USB chargeable can be bought for as low as $6 for wholesale price. Personal table air conditioners are also in demand nowadays.

Chapter 3: How to Find Manufacturers to Import Goods from China

Finding manufacturers for your China import export sourcing is complex at first. But once you find the right option for you, your sourcing process will be successful. The following are guidelines for searching for your product manufacturer.

12.Import Goods from China

Hire a Sourcing Agentcheap products to import from China

A certified sourcing agent can connect you to direct factories. When you hire a sourcing agent, they can give you a list of suppliers who offer high-quality products at a reasonable price!
A licensed sourcing agent will inspect the products thoroughly to guarantee that the buyer only buys from a genuine manufacturer and will not receive the incorrect products from the supplier.
If you buy cheap products to import from China in large quantities, the China import export agent can inspect them before they are delivered. They can visit the factory and inspect the quality before making a purchase. They will help you through the stages of your sourcing or product-buying.

Outsource products through a Sourcing Agency

JustChinaIt is a dependable sourcing agency that can take care of your sourcing of China import and export products. You don’t need to go or travel to  China to find trustworthy vendors. Instead, they’ll look for certified and licensed providers on their database to match your product needs.
JustChinaIt will help you with everything from sourcing products to inspecting, negotiating, handling, and shipping. You will have direct access to the primary source.

13.Import Goods from China

Note that almost all manufacturers found on sites like Alibaba are only traders or wholesalers. They also purchase from factories and resell to international buyers.
Sourcing agencies will make it easier for you to identify a genuine manufacturer. You may save time and effort seeking the best source and prevent getting duped by unverified organizations by paying a reasonable sum for their services.

Search through Made in China websites

China import sites or B2B sites are the best places when you want to search online. Sites like Alibaba, AliExpress, Global sources, DHGate, Made in China can be your online sources of top products on China major imports and exports.
Buyers have no access to 90% of Chinese suppliers, and just 10% of the remaining 10% are legitimate factories or direct producers. That means that if you buy products through a B2B marketplace, you’re just dealing with traders and wholesalers.

Trade shows and exhibits

Attending trade shows and exhibits will enable you to meet China cheap products suppliers. You can personally see and communicate with them to know if they’re the best fit for your company’s product requirements.
Trade exhibitions are held in China every year. Suppliers from many towns and provinces attend these fairs to display their goods and meet potential buyers. However, this can cost you money. You can also see online trade shows from B2B sites if you lack funds.

14.Import Goods from China

Chapter 4: 5 Tips When Choosing Your Cheap China Wholesale Products

1. Check the seller’s revenue and the product’s demand rate.

Most first-time buyers in China look at online B2B marketplaces to scout for products and suppliers. By looking at a supplier’s profile, you can tell and examine if they are qualified.
For example, when you look at Alibaba to examine a seller’s profile, you can see if they are a verified seller. You can see how long they’ve been on the platform, their response rate, number of transactions made, service or delivery rate, and other important information about the company.
Other things to check:

  • For two years, the supplier holds a Gold badge and 3 Gems.
  • A high response rate (80 percent or more), preferably 90 percent or more, is preferred.
  • Contact an Alibaba Trade Assurance-certified supplier.

At the same time, check how many pieces were sold of that item. If you will search in AliExpress, you will see the number of sold items of a particular product. You can compare them with other vendors so you can tell which supplier gets the most sales.

2. Read the reviews of the buyers.

As an online buyer yourself, you look at the product reviews to decide whether a product is worth buying. So always look at the review section to see if clients are happy about a supplier’s product and service.

15.China Wholesale Products

3. Ask for a sample to check on the quality.

Not all suppliers will provide a free sample, but you can inform them that you want to buy a sample to inspect before deciding on purchasing them. One tip: if the supplier doesn’t want to give a sample, you must not continue because they are not a direct supplier. Instead, they are only traders who will just buy from other suppliers to meet your request.

4. Good response rate and communication

If you do not get the courtesy of a response within an hour, you can tell that it will be hard to communicate with a supplier. Always look for a supplier that can respond accordingly to your queries. If your supplier cannot speak English, you may need to hire a sourcing agent to help you with the barrier.

5. Shipment method

There’s a lot to know when you ship or import goods from China. If you are buying in bulk, make sure that you understand the fees, charges, and requirements of the shipment method. Do you want it door-to-door? Are you using sea cargo or air cargo shipping? Do you need express shipping?
Your supplier can give you options for shipping. However, if you are shipping in bulk, we recommend hiring a sourcing agent to help you get the most efficient and economical shipping method for your goods. If you want to learn more about shipping from China, you can click HERE. (Note: Please insert a link of the related article here for backlinks). 

Chapter 5: Where to Buy Best Products to Import from China

You can use geographical locations to find a manufacturer or supplier. It assists you in comparing quotes with possible leads. Because items from various industries in China are based on a certain area, you can narrow your search to the location of a manufacturer.
The table below displays the top cities for each product category to discover thousands of manufacturers and suppliers.

City/Province Specialty Products
Shanghai Communication equipment, textiles, automotive products, electronic products
Heilongjiang Linen products
Shenzhen Computer, electronics, and technology products like Bluetooth speakers, cellphone accessories and gadgets
Jiangsu silk textiles, electrical products, eyewear, silicone products
Hongkong textile, fashion products, clothing, bags, jewelry
Ningbo textiles and garments, electric appliances to iron, steel, and biological medicine
Guangzhou/Guangdong textile, shoes, toys, lighting, cosmetics, apparel, and daily essential products, sporting goods, home products
Hebei furniture and rubber products
Tianjin aerospace and aviation, mobile phones, automobiles, and alternative energy products
Fijian Hardware and plumbing products, snacks, zippers

Chapter 6: FAQs on Products to Import from China

Before we end, here are some common questions you might be asking yourself too. We hope this will help you on your sourcing journey of cheap products to import from China:

What major products are made in China?

In the last 24 months since the covid 19 pandemic started, China has become popular for importing diverse categories of products that are imported globally.
Some of the major products that are imported and exported are cleaning products, home appliances and decor, clothing and accessories, sports or athletic products, baby products, furniture, and living essentials. 

What products sell well in China?

For consumer products, the products that are selling well all year-round are electronics, fashion and sportswear, beauty products, beauty products, health products, and jewelry. Other saleable products are automotive parts, biochemicals, steel products, and other industrial products for business needs.

What is the most purchased item in China?

Number 1 on the list is clothing. People around the world love fashion and change their clothes or wardrobes from time to time. So China can mass-produce trendy clothes at an affordable price, so consumers can afford to buy clothes regularly. 
The fashion industry imports from China all year round for all clothing essentials. China’s large labor pool and production capacity, as well as modern factories and efficient supply networks, have attracted businesses from all over the globe to purchase and import all kinds of clothing in China.

 What is the speedy and cheapest way to import from China?

When you import goods from China, you have a few options. There are several strategies to reduce the cost of shipping from China, ranging from tiny to large parcels and volumes. The import costs from China depend on the quantity of the goods and the turnaround time you want them to be delivered.
To get the best price, you can hire a sourcing agent and you can choose from the following shipping methods:

1. Courier Services
2. Sea Freight Services
3. Air Freight Services
4. Door to Door (FBA shipping to Amazon warehouse)
5. Small Parcel (such as postal parcel)

16.China Wholesale Products


Is it profitable to import from China?

Certainly! China is the world’s largest marketplace, where you may take advantage of low production costs and speedy processing. So when you import China cheap products, you get a high profit when you sell the items.
Another advantage is that manufacturers are never depleted. Instead, they replenish their supplies regularly. Once you’ve established a connection with the factory, you can restock your inventory as needed. Their products are available, and after you become a regular customer, you can set up a MOQ.

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