Products Made in China: Everything You Need to Know

By HX Wenli
December 22, 2021

Today We’re going to show you everything you need to know about products made in China.
The products are made in China.
The most exported product.
Pros and Cons
Different China suppliers
Lots of more.
Let’s move forward.

Chapter #1 Manufacturing Products Made in China

This section contains basic information on China manufacturing industry. You will familiarize yourself with China’s manufacturing industry and the products made in China. 

Why is Products Made in China (Manufacturing in China) Important?

China has over 28.7% of manufactured products and goods worldwide. This percentage is ten times higher than in the United States. It means China rules over the world in terms of manufacturing products. 
China is the highest importer and exporter, so many businesses, companies, and sellers rely on them. They are also crucial in each sector. 
You can also see how the China manufacturing industry is vital in the economy. It is why a simple failure in this industry can also cause a big impact on countries and businesses.


What does Products Made in China Export the Most?

China dominates the economy of the world. It is why they are named as the top exporters. China exports most products that you can see in the market. If you are looking for a high-quality product designed only for you, China has them all. Some of China’s products are equipment and computers, which are sent to the US. China also exports office machines, integrated circuits, and telephones. As you can see, China’s exports are unique and many. 

What are the Most imported products in China?

China has the same quality as its exports. They are also known as the highest importer, and they import many products in multiple industries. Their best imports include machinery, gold, and iron ore. They also export crude petroleum, fuels, and chemicals. 
You can already compare the products that China is being exported. 

China Manufacturing Industry (Made in China 2025)

Made in China 2025 is a proposal submitted by the Chinese government. This plan explains the industrial purposes and economic change. It also aims to develop and better products from different industries. The made in china plan concentrates on ten (10) industries. 

Chapter #2 What are the Products Made in China

I know that China dominates the world is not new to you. However, the reasons behind it are something you will find out today. 
China produces products from different industries, which are on most markets. Knowing the products made in China will help you understand doing business in China. There are various products you can manufacture in China, such as:

2. China produces

Food and Agriculture

China ranks number 1 in manufacturing in agricultural and food resources worldwide. Most of the products they have are fresh produce, such as meat, fruits, poultry, and fisheries. China also yields grains, cotton, canned goods, and cultivated meat.

Electronics and Electrical Products

The electronic and electrical are products made in China is 32.9%. This percentage will continue to increase through the years. Compared to other countries, China has the highest production share. 
China is a top producer of computers, electronic devices, and light-emitting diode (LED) displays. They also export GPS devices, power adapters, and lights. 


China produces 60% of the clothing textiles in the world. They are considered the world’s clothing factory, so some of your clothes might come from a Chinese manufacturing company. 
Chinese manufacturing companies mainly produce hats, coats, jackets, gloves, and winter garments. They also make newborn and maternal clothes. You can even get gowns, dresses, tuxedos, daily wear, and sportswear from China. 


If you’re looking for machinery like chainsaws, cutting tools, and wood chippers, you can find them in China. They also have heavy equipment, elevators, bulldozers. There are many products and equipment you can find in China. You have to look for the best ones. 

Luggage and Cases

China manufactures a large quantity of luggage and bags. They make briefcases, suitcases, backpacks. China also produces grocery bags, wallets, clothing bags, and phone covers.

Chapter #3 What are Some China Manufacturing Companies?

Have you ever considered sourcing products from China? Or are you curious to know how big the China manufacturing industry is? Well, China has the leading manufacturers and suppliers. They have more than 3 million, which is ten times the total of the US. 

3.china manufacturing companies

Food and AgricultureProducts Made in China

Manufacturing in China for food and agriculture products is one of the best ways you can do it. Some of their top products are rice, fruits, and meat. Here is the best exporter you can look for in this industry.

  • Yunnan Dianda Feed Co., Ltd 
  • Fujian Xinxingda Feed Development Co., Ltd
  • Xinjiang Bingtuan Gongyishi Tianshan Xuemi Agricultural Co., Ltd
  • Hubei Yuxiu Foreign Trade Co., Ltd
  • Fujian Li Good Food Co., Ltd

Electronics and Electrical Products Made in China

China has advanced technology, so it is reasonable that they are the top manufacturers of electrical and electronic products made in china. If your company is in this industry, you can look for these companies.

  • Shenzhen Linbova Technology Co., Ltd
  • B&K Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
  • Flying Communication Co., Ltd
  • Dongguan Sen Dong Lv Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic World

ClothesProducts Made in China

It’s no surprise that China is well-known as the clothing factory of the world. There is even a high possibility that the clothes you’re wearing right now are from China. China produces varieties of clothes, and here are the prominent companies in making them. 

  • Huafang Textile Co., Ltd
  • Shandong Demian Incorporated Company
  • Jiangsu Sunshine Co Ltd
  • Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Co., Ltd
  • Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group

MachineryProducts Made in China

China is also well-known for producing high-quality and advanced machinery. You can find top machinery and equipment, which came from China. Here are some companies that make the best machinery in different industries. 

  • XCMG
  • SANY
  • Weichai Lovol Heavy Industry Co., Ltd
  • Zoomlion

Luggage and CasesProducts Made in China

If you are looking for the best bags, luggage, and cases for your business, China has them all. We included some of them in this list to save you time looking for manufacturers and suppliers. 

  • Hangzhou High-Far Industrial CO., Ltd
  • Shenzhen Gobay Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Anhui Import & Export Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd

Chapter #4 How to Find China Manufacturing Companies

Searching for the right manufacturers is a hassle, right? Especially for start-up businesses, finding the right one is a must. Well, stress no more because China has all the answers for you. 
This list provides the list of china factory wholesale, b2b trade products made in China, and other ways you must know. 

4. china manufacturing companies

B2B trade made in china Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the best third-party platforms you can use. Their app is convenient and easy to use. Even if you’re a beginner, you will not have any problems buying from here. But before you place an order or go to Alibaba, I will first introduce you to its benefits. 
Alibaba has a large number of products. Their platform allows you to search and communicate with China suppliers online. So, you can chat further inquiries and even negotiate to get the best deals. You can also get cheap products from Alibaba compared to other platforms. 
To filter out the best China suppliers and manufacturers, go to Then you can search the products you want and filter them out with options of your expected product quantity, price and trade assurance.

Made in China

Made in China is another B2B company that connects companies and businesses to China manufacturing companies and China factory wholesale. 
Made in China has large numbers of Products made in China known to be trusted and experts. Though, their numbers are not as large as Alibaba’s. 
Made in China emphasize the Chinese market more than other platforms. So, mostly, their manufacturers and sellers are Chinese. However, their products are not only focused on that area. 

Global Sources

Global Sources is a B2B company operating at most 50 years now. They are one of the biggest sourcing platforms and the biggest competitor of Alibaba. They are well-known for having trusted suppliers and high-quality products. 
However, they lack trade insurance, a ranking system, and reviews. So, picking reputable and legit manufacturers and suppliers may be more challenging than it seems. 

Look for Chinese suppliers online

There are many Chinese suppliers online. So, looking for China suppliers online is now easy and convenient. Products made in China use websites and third-party platforms like Alibaba and Global Sources.
But, don’t hassle yourself. You can look for these manufacturers and suppliers on google, yahoo search, or Bing. For example, input product keywords + manufacturers, and results will follow.

Choose the biggest factory in China

There are many China manufacturing companies and Chinese suppliers who have advanced and huge factories and warehouses. But, why is the size important? The bigger the factories and warehouses, the better, since they can produce large orders and high-quality products. 

Trade Shows

Going to a popular trade show in China can help you connect. These events will allow you to meet with China product suppliers and China manufacturing companies. 
There are five (5) top China trade shows you can visit. Here are some of them:

  • The Canton Fair
  • Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Fair
  • Yiwu Trade Fair
  • Beijing Auto Show
  • Bauma Fair

You have the potential to meet China product suppliers and manufacturers in person if you attend. You can also get reliable information and compare all your chosen company to know which ones are compatible with your business.

Sourcing Companies

You have two options to look for manufacturers and suppliers. The first is to search manufacturers and suppliers in the Manufacturing in Chinese industry you choose. Or you can work with a sourcing company. We recommend the latter. 
Sourcing companies are experts in choosing the best China suppliers and manufacturers. Working with them has you in ease to go through the trouble yourself. JUSTCHINAIT is a competent souring company. We will help you in finding the suppliers and manufacturers you need. We have hundreds of lists, so we will make sure to locate and arrange the best for you. 

Chapter #5 Pros and Cons of Manufacturing in China

Advantages of sourcing products from chinaLong-term partnership with Chinese suppliers

You might be wondering, why is there a need for a long-term partnership with Chinese suppliers? Or why is there a need for building relationships in this industry? When you have a successful Chinese supplier relationship, you can get benefits.
If you have a long-term relationship with your supplier, they can give excellent service and good deals. They will help you with sourcing products from China. They will also help your business expansions.
You can follow these strategies to strengthen relationships with your suppliers. This guide is perfect if you are a beginner and recently found a long-term manufacturer and supplier.

  • Become a fantastic customer.
  • Treat your suppliers through lunch or dinner. 
  • Establish open lines of communication.
  • Provide them feedback.
  • Send a gift or offer an incentive to your suppliers.
5.china manufacturing companies

Lower production cost

Lower production costs are the benefits of a China manufacturing industry. They produce lower production costs without lowering the production levels. You can even have higher profit and offers lower prices to your customers. 
Shipping is also cheaper in China. So, you can use lower production costs and low shipping as a strategy to sell at an affordable rate. In this way, you can attract customers to shop for your products. There is also room to use the remaining production budget to improve your company.

You can find many Chinese suppliers online

It is now easy to look for manufacturers and suppliers. You can just search on google with your product keywords and manufacturers, and many options will arrive. Also, some of the products made in China use their company websites. You can search for their name online if you have one in mind. You can also browse these suppliers on platforms like Alibaba, DHgate, Global sources.

Market Expansion

Many customers trust China when it comes to product quality and service custom. There is a high probability that China products will encourage people to buy them. So, it is now easy to expand your business and reach your customers. You can also work with China manufacturing companies to export products locally and internationally.

High production in a short amount of time

As customers, fast lead-in time is a must for your business. It is the first one you should look at in China manufacturers and suppliers. 
The China manufacturing industry has excellent materials and equipment. It is why they are capable of mass-producing products and goods quickly. They also offer fast output; this is due to low-cost labor. They also have massive facilities that can cater to high quantities. For sure, you will not panic about delays, and you are sure everything will go well. 

The disadvantage of sourcing products from China Quality control

If you are from the US and choose to order products from China, you should go except for trouble. First, you often cannot visit their site to see the production progress, so you have no idea how good the products are. You will not have any idea until the final products are complete and shipped. Even though you might get samples, it will not ensure that you will get high-quality products. Hiring a sourcing company like JUSTCHINAIT can help you with quality control. You can ensure that you will have the perfect manufacturers and suppliers.

Infringements of intellectual property

You have to be mindful of intellectual property when Manufacturing with Chinese companies. Stealing your company’s Intellectual property and altering them happens in China. However, you can avoid this by filing trademark applications in the Chinese Trademark Office. Make sure to include English and Chinese language in your application. You can also use IP protection software to secure that none of these happen.

Language Barrier

If you do not speak and understand Chinese, manufacturing in the Chinese industry will be hard. The Chinese language is difficult to learn since you need to practice and practice. So, doing a fast transaction is not recommended unless you have translators. If you are dealing with large and complex contracts, remember to understand all the terms. Most China manufacturing companies and product suppliers speak English. Still, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the language. 

High Minimum Order Quantity

There is many biggest factory in China that specializes in mass manufacturing. So, you should expect that they have a high minimum order quantity (MOQ). You can negotiate with your manufacturer if you cannot handle the required amount. 

Stigma in China manufacturing products

In March 2020, a poll released by Pew had results of 60% of Americans seeing China in a negative light. There are even boycotts and hate towards the China manufacturing industry. Despite that, products made in China continue to rise and dominate different markets.

Chapter #6 The reason why China manufacturing industry is Thriving

Lower WagesProducts made in China

Lower wages will remain low if the employees’ supplies exceed the lower-wage labor. China incorporates these well in their economy since they are the top country with low wages.

6. China incorporates

Low compliance rateProducts made in China

Compared to other countries, China does not have strict rules and regulations. Most of the laws they put are not followed by Chinese manufacturing companies. Some of these laws are health and safety regulations and environmental preservation.

Business Ecosystem in China

The business ecosystem in China is very diverse. Most of the business ecosystems are the state, companies, sellers, and other sectors doing business. They make the economy of China thrive. 


China has outstanding control over its currency. They manipulate the value of the Yuan by purchasing and selling dollars. They also had the strategy to depreciate the value of the Yuan. It is to give exporters an advantage over goods made by American competitors.

Taxes and Custom

China has low taxes and customs. It is one of the reasons why people choose to manufacture in China. As mentioned above, China has cheap taxes and customs. China implements a zero percent value-added tax (VAT), VAT exceptions, rebate policy, and customs duties. 

Chapter #7 How to find the best China suppliers and manufacturing company

Examine their feedback

Chinese manufacturing companies and Chinese suppliers should have favorable ratings. It is the first thing you need to check on their website or page. You can also check them with their competitors to see if they are a good fit. You can even inquire about their feedbacks from others. Others like the sourcing company and business that collaborate with your Chinese manufacturers. china suppliers and manufacturing

Order sample products

Before ordering a large number of orders, you first need to request some sample products. It is to see whether you and your chosen Chinese suppliers and manufacturers can work in the long term. In this step, note the quality of the samples, production time, and shipping time.

Check their validity

You should check for the registration of your chosen China manufacturers and suppliers. The verified ones have their registered businesses with a unique registration number in the government. You can check them through a Chinese government website. But, you can also call the Bureau of Industry Commerce. If they cannot present these, it is safe to avoid them.

Look for Chinese suppliers online

Verified Chinese suppliers have certified websites, or they are on legit platforms. You can research further information about them to see how they do business. 

Pay a visit to the factory or business

It is an approach you can do to test your suppliers and manufacturers. By these, you can examine their factory, inquire about costs, and inspect the products. However, this is only an alternative. You can still find trustworthy dealings online. 

Chapter #8 Where to Source your China manufacturers


Shanghai has the main ports. They have a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers, and the industry is high. Their primary products are steel products, electronics, and textiles. Also, you can get vehicles, communication devices here.


Guangzhou is among the cities with the most important ports. You can find the largest China manufacturing industry here. But, they are also notable in electronics, communication technology, and computers. 


Shenzhen is the second busiest port in the world. You can find in these city electronic products, devices, and telecommunications services.


Ningbo is near Shanghai, and they have a strong development too. They offer IT gadgets, telecommunication equipment, and electronics machines. You can also get verities of chemicals here. 


Tianjin aims to be the third-largest importer in China. They thrive in the mechanical and technical industries. They have the most prominent manufacturing ports that supply Mongolia and 11 Chinese regions. 

Chapter #9 Arrangement before contacting a Chinese manufacturing company

What are your products made in China?

It is the first thing you should define in your business. It is easy to find China manufacturers and suppliers if you already know what product to sell. You can market research and make a simple prototype to help with decision-making. 

What are you looking for in a supplier or manufacturer?

List your objectives, requirements, and qualities you are looking for. It is to make sure that your suppliers and manufacturers meet your demands. You can pitch the right ones for your business if you know your partnership goals.

What is the cost of the product?

You can estimate the price range of the products you will sell. Then you can determine how much you will be spending on manufacturing their products. You can also have a lot of remaining budget for shipping and packaging.

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Usually, manufacturers and suppliers need a minimum order quantity (MOQ) upon order. It is also better to buy in bulk, wholesale, or large MOQ. But, you can negotiate with your chosen manufacturers and suppliers.

Chapter #10 The different types of China manufacturers and suppliers

Trading Company

A trading company cannot produce and make products. They instead buy and sell products and resources to other businesses. They earn profits if they resell and distribute them at a higher price.
Working with a trading company has pros and cons. One of its pros is the smooth communication for the buyers. They also provide lower minimum order quantities (MOQ) and focus on high-volume products. 
However, the cons are that you do not have the power to negotiate the cost and the shipping. You also have no control over the product revision, the product, and the delivery schedule. 
You have to be careful in dealing with trading companies. They sometimes impersonate other manufacturers. In this case, communicate and investigate. 

Sourcing Company

A sourcing company is also known as a sourcing agent. They aim to assist companies and businesses in sourcing the right manufacturers and suppliers. Sourcing companies have lists of China manufacturers that meet the demands of their clients. These requirements include low-cost products, fast shipping, and long-term collaboration.
It is easy to work with a sourcing company since they are well-versed in languages like Chinese. They are also experts in China business practices and international trade regulations. They offer competitive prices and outstanding manufacturers and suppliers. 
Choosing a sourcing company for your business transaction is perfect for established businesses. But for start-ups, this way might cost a little bit higher.
You can choose JUSTCHINAIT as your sourcing company. We have hundreds of lists of verified manufacturers and suppliers to offer. You can also get a competitive price, fast delivery time, and long-term collaboration. We make sure that we will meet your demands. And you are safe and guaranteed that we will guide you from the start.

Chapter #11 How to Negotiate in China

Face-to-Face Communication

Face-to-Face is one of the best ways to negotiate since communication will be simple. You can even tour around their facilities to help you choose which ones to work with. 

Agreement with your Chinese suppliers

Before you start any contracts, make sure to have a formal agreement with your Chinese manufacturing company. This agreement will guide and protect you as you do your transactions. So, make sure to review and recheck every manufacturer, supplier, and terms you will be making.  

8 best china suppliers and manufacturing

Work with a sourcing company

Are you unsure or not confident in making any transaction in China? Then, we suggest working with a sourcing company. As mentioned above, a sourcing company helps guide you in looking for the right and proper manufacturers and suppliers. Since they are experienced in their field, you can get the quality service you deserve. 

Be patient with the transaction

Negotiating in China takes time, so you have to be patient in dealing with things. Take note; you cannot rush everything or order a massive amount in one go. If you do that, it can put you at a disadvantage. So, make sure to order a sample product and get to know your chosen manufacturer and supplier first. 

Chapter # 12 Creating a Master List of Chinese Suppliers

List of Products made in China

It would be best to shortlist Products made in China before contacting them. If you do this, you will know which one to work with. You can also classify the industry and suppliers. Your search markets will be specific only to your business by doing this. It will also shorten your time to inquire on hundreds of them. 

Get for the Contact Information

Sometimes, manufacturers and suppliers have a website to get a free quote. But, some of the options they have are thru emails or WeChat. You can do this step first before you do anything to inquire, clarify or even negotiate. 

Look for china suppliers online

Internet is your best friend, especially if you are a start-up business. Since many China manufacturers and suppliers are already online, you can type them on google, yahoo, or Bing. You can also search their website or look into third-party platforms. It will help you to save time and effort going into China yourself. 

Chapter #13 Choosing the right Products made in China

Size of their factory

Most likely, the biggest factory in China can sustain your order quantity. They are also likely to give you high-quality products. So, this is a factor you can consider too. However, this doesn’t always happen, so you have to be wise. 

Payment terms

Most China manufacturers and suppliers require a deposit, at most 95% of them, before making a large order of products. But, each of them has its terms, so you might as well ask and make sure to clear this up. You can do different modes of payment, for example, wire transfer, PayPal, and AliPay.

Sources of materials

Materials are vital in getting premium products. You need to know the sources and process of getting their materials. You can even compare these materials with other manufacturers. Inspect your manufacturer to determine the right one for you.

Quality assurance

It would be best to guarantee that your manufacturers and suppliers follow proper procedures. You can also check if they are capable of producing high-quality products. You can ask them for a quality assurance guide to help you decide. 

Lead time

China Manufacturers and suppliers who meet your deadlines are essential. To ensure a long-term relationship, you can also consider shipping time, production time, and MOQ. 

Chapter #14 FAQs about Products made in china

How to ensure that the Products made in china are high-quality?

One of the best ways to do this is to visit your Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. By doing this, you can be sure that they are trustworthy, and you will receive high-quality products. It would help you examine everything from the facility, products, and shipment to determine the manufacturer and suppliers you want to choose. 
If you cannot meet them, you might hire a sourcing company like JUSTCHINAIT. Sourcing companies will handle everything for you and give you reports on their inspections. They can offer other options for you as well. 

Why is it critical to get samples from your manufacturer?

Obtaining sample products from your manufacturers is a crucial process. These sample products allow you to inspect the quality of products. You can also note the shipment process and the delivery process. Doing these will provide you with an idea to choose whom you which one is suitable for your business. It can also filter out the manufacturer and supplier who meets your requirements. 

What is the best way to transport your items from China?

There are different shipping methods you can choose from. These are air freight, sea freight, air express, and courier. You can check the cost and time to deliver your products before deciding.

How can you get in touch with Chinese manufacturers?

Most manufacturers and suppliers have their websites. In there, they listed details like numbers, emails, or an option to send your messages. 
There are other options like third-party platforms, email, and WeChat you can use. But, it is best if you can send them an email. Your mail should contain your introduction, organization, and location. You can also include inquiries like MOQ and prices. 
Take note you must be transparent and honest when communicating with your manufacturers. It is to see if both of you can partner for long-term transactions.

How to keep a positive connection with your supplier?

There are ways to keep a positive relationship with a manufacturer and suppliers. Some of these are:

  • Putting attention on good communication.
  • You can learn a little bit of the Chinese language.
  • It would be best if you respected the diversity of cultures.
  • Become truthful and forthright.
  • On-time payment.

Chapter #15 Conclusion

Buying products made in China is always the ideal option. China’s manufacturing industry and suppliers are in large number. So, you have anything to choose from. They are also notable for providing high-quality products, most of which you can find in many countries. If you are a start-up company and starting with your business, you can choose China as the top manufacturing option. You can work with us, JUSTCHINAIT. We will make sure to give you a list of hundreds of legit manufacturers and suppliers. Hassle-free! We will guide you throughout your China transactions. You can be sure that your products are high-quality and will arrive on time.

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