The 7 payment methods most used by Chinese

By justchinait
January 6, 2021

1. Alipay

The world’s leading independent third-party payment platform is committed to providing users with a safe and fast electronic payment/online payment/secure payment/mobile payment experience, as well as transfer collection/utility and coal payment/credit card repayment/AA collection, etc.

2. WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is Tencent’s payment business brand. The WeChat Pay merchant platform supports offline locations, official accounts, miniprograms, PC websites, APPs, corporate WeChat, and other business scenarios to quickly access WeChat Pay.

3. UnionPay Online

“UnionPay Online” is a comprehensive Internet business portal created by China UnionPay, dedicated to providing “safe, convenient and efficient” Internet payment services to the majority of UnionPay cardholders.

4. China ums

UnionPay Business Co., Ltd. is an institution controlled by China UnionPay, which specializes in bank card acceptance market construction and providing comprehensive payment services. It was established in December 2002 and is headquartered in Pudong New District, Shanghai.

5. JD Pay

Developed by online banking under JD Finance, it is a cross-platform, safe and convenient payment product that is compatible with mainstream environments such as PCs, wireless terminals, POS machines, code payment, and QuickPass for the mobile Internet market.

6. Tenpay

Tenpay is a professional online payment platform officially launched by Tencent in September 2005. Its core business is to help both parties who conduct transactions on the Internet complete payment and collection. Committed to providing safe, convenient and professional online payment services for Internet users and enterprises

7. La Cala

Lakala Group is one of the first third-party payment companies to obtain the “Payment Business License” issued by the Central Bank, and is China’s largest convenient financial service platform.


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