Are Made in China Stickers Made in South Korea?

By HX Wenli
February 21, 2022

This post will show you everything about the “Made in China” sticker.
Sticker materials
Sticker place of production
Advantage and Disadvantage
Lots more
So if you want to do better with importing from China, this article is for you.
Let’s get started.

Chapter 1: Made In China Stickers Basics

What is China stickers?

Have you ever noticed the products you purchase? If yes, great! Your products might have the labels of the brand. Am I right? Precisely what I want you to demonstrate here. These labels are stickers enabling the brands to show their identity.
Apply this case to the China stickers. So, what is made in China stickers, then?
China stickers are products labels exhibiting the following things:

  • Items are from China distributors or manufacturers
  • The brand is working in China
  • The origin of the item is in China. Maybe, shipping companies transported from other countries too.

Thus, made in China stickers show the original manufacturer of the product. For example, you import products in your US or European countries. Then, you need to attach the small made in China stickers.


What is made in China Stickers made up?

The answer is not that simple. You know, why? Because there are different designs and materials to manufacture small made in China stickers. So, relying on this fact, you can only determine the material if you closely observe the small made in China stickers.
However, here are some popular materials for stickers.

  • Industrial Vinyl
  • Polyester Labels
  • Polypropylene labels
  • Printed labels
  • Satin material stickers

Remember, one thing is important about them. On one side, it has adhesive glue or something like that. It is a crucial component to attach to the product.
So, you can determine whether the small China stickers are of high or low prestige.

Is made in PRC different from the Made in China stickers?

There are two aspects here.
I suppose you already know what made in China is. When it comes to PRC, it is the same. And what that is:
PRC means the People’s Republic of China.
Can you notice the difference between the People’s Republic of China and Made in China?
Aren’t both of these same? Yes. They are the same. So, it is a common misconception among buyers. They reckon that the PRC products are different from Made in China. But that’s not true at all. Both are the same.
In the early 2000s, people started printing PRC stickers. Remember, both are the same.

2.printing PRC stickers

Chapter 2: Why are Made in China stickers made in Korea?

Can you guess where China stickers are precisely manufactured? If I were you, I would tell ” Obviously in China.” You know, why? Because China is a bigger market in the whole world. Even you can say it to be World’s Factory.
Surprisingly, the case is precisely the opposite. Small Made in China stickers is not manufactured in China. You might wonder, why? No problem. Here are reasons that can answer your question.

3.China stickers made in Korea

The more human workforce is easily accessible in South Korea

South Korea has a more human workforce. The population of South Korea is around 51 million. It is not that much compared to China. But the factor that matters is the labor force. Most people in China have employment in numerous companies.
Now, if I apply this case to the total population of South Korea, you can observe the rate of 63% to the exclusive contribution in 2021. So, what do you deduce from this fact? Such a huge are still enough to prove the total labor workforce for your small Made in China stickers.
That’s why South Korea is a preferable choice for small Made in China stickers.

Stickers last longer than the products

What matters to you? Quality or price? Maybe both. You know, why?
Only excellence is not sufficient unless you sell at a reasonable price. So, when it comes to the small made in China stickers, the Korean market offers quality.
The significant fact about it is the quality stuff. Even if you buy two stickers—One from China and the other from Korea, the China stickers made in Korea will be notable and durable. It adds positive points in favor of Made in China stickers Made in Korea.
One more thing is here. Sometimes, you might have noticed the product package. It expires but the Made in China stickers made in Korea don’t. Doesn’t it great yet to choose China stickers made in Korea?

Manufacturing material costs less in South Korean

Before understanding this fact, note down one factor. That is the change in currency. The currency of South Korea is the Korean Won. While in China, the coin is Yuan. If I compare both currencies, one China Yuan is almost 187 South Korean Won.
What does it show?

It shows that South Korea has a lower currency rate. Everything in South Korea would be less expensive when compared to China. If you got my point, just incredible!
Apply this scenario to our main question. When it comes to the material cost, the price will be very low compared to China.
That’s the ultimate reason why are made in China stickers are made in Korea.

There are more low wage workers to hire

Focus on the price once again. Then go to the wage of the workers. So, what did you infer? I suppose the same thing is in my mind. Am I right? Exactly what you are thinking — low-wage workers.
You might ask why the wage is low. In actuality, as the currency value goes down, everything goes up. There are more expensive products. That applies in terms of currency in South Korean Won. When we compare it with the Yaun, everything has become cheaper.
That’s what makes the wages of workers comparatively less. And what benefits it has:

  • Low production cost
  • More workers available to finish the task
  • Cheaper products available to the people

I think it is an acceptable answer to your question —Why are made in China stickers are actually made in Korea.

The overall price of the made in China label will be less

Upon the above cases, I would summarize what we derived. Here are some things.

  • The currency of South Korea is less valuable than the Chinese Yuan
  • Prices of materials are less
  • Workers salary is also low

Now, it is time to guess. What do you think about stickers price? Would they be expensive or cheap? The answer is, they will be economical. There are no surprises here at all. It is because of less production cost and wages of workers.
It makes South Korea a promising option to buy made in China stickers.

Chapter 3: Essential Factors to look for in Made in China Sticker

Is it hard to get at the Made in China stickers? Not true at all. You have a lot of resources to carry out research. If still, it is difficult, be in touch with sourcing companies like Just China It.
Since our goal is to find the stickers, here are some points to look at.

Check the Material

There are numerous types of materials that compose the stickers. Most of them serve in different ways and purposes. But, the ultimate question is— Are they favorable for your business? Not all are promising. It depends on you to choose which type and why.
I would recommend going through each type of sticker. Since made in China stickers are actually made in Korea, we need to keep an eye on the stuff.
You do make mistakes when relying only on price. When it comes to material, leave the price behind. When the stuff is of high integrity, then adjust the rate of the sticker. It would get you the best material.

Quality of the sticker

All materials of the stickers are not of value. Some people even have assumptions over the low merit of stickers. You know, why? Because the made in China stickers are actually made in Korea, not made in China. They think the elements of the stickers will be subpar.
No doubt, they are valid to some extent. But, in actuality, it is not. Remember, every item is not of superiority. It is you who has to make sure the article is of greatness. That’s why you must be specific in your choice. Find only high-quality stickers.

Design of the Made in China Sticker

There are different options to go. The best way is to find the Custom stickers made in China. And where will you get them? Only if you conduct proper research, you can get custom stickers made in China.
Custom designs enable you to access a variety of stickers. Different layouts enhance the overall beauty. A massive gallery of structures would be valuable in every aspect.

4. aliexpress

Color of the sticker

Colors play a considerable role. They attract customers and play a tremendous role in building relationships. Even in eye vision, you can observe the effects of colors.
When it comes to the color of stickers, are they good? Simply put, they are great. In several aspects, people get attracted to things they love. For example, made in China gold stickers have a gold color. Anyone who has gold as favorite jewelry, don’t you think he would love it?
Apart from choosing the custom design, you must focus on the custom color. Learn the psyche of humans and land on the best color. Always be specific.



Are Made in China stickers a cheap option? Yes, they are. It is true when you find the exact manufacturer or supplier. There are hundreds or even thousands of suppliers in China. Always choose the best one. And which one is that?
Ask your suppliers about the price. The making of China stickers price is around one cent to two cents. Some offer less than that in some cases.
Here is the best practice to find the exact stickers.

  • Check the integrity of the stock
  • Make sure the manufacturing components are original and durable
  • Determine the price of the item. Adjust per 1000 pieces the price of it. You will find a better cost to adjust.

It is by far the best way to go as far as I know. Be creative in your dealings.

Chapter 4: 7 Advantages Of Made in China stickers

Everything has pros and cons. No matter these are Made in the USA stickers made in China, all have advantages. Sometimes, benefits outweigh that make the products effective to purchase. However, here are some options that might compel you why you should choose the Made in China stickers made in Korea.

1. Made in China stickers provide identity to your inventory

Stickers are the identity of the product. In simple words, they are logos of your brand. Since there are no brands specified in China stickers, do they still provide identity to your brand?
In common, they provide information about the manufacturing country, not the brand. So, on vaster aspects, you need it. For example, when you need to import products from China to the USA, you can’t use the Made in USA stickers made in China. Instead, you need to show where you have imported inventory.
If the country is China, then either Made in China or Made in PRC. Both have no problem at all.

2. China is the name of Quality among the world

China contributes to the world economy. Almost all massive production sites for electrical equipment are in China. In terms of development, China is way ahead of its competitors. That’s what makes China a sign of integrity among B2B traders.
In actuality, there are two things you can get from China suppliers or factories.

  • Quality products
  • Cheaper rates

On a bigger scale, the price reduces a lot. Wholesale prices offer a good choice compared to per product rates.
Whether you live in US or UK, you can buy Chinese products with Made in China labels.

3. It makes product comparisons from different countries relatively easy

It is not about the Made in China stickers are made in Korea. Instead, it refers to products from several countries.
For example, you order 100 products from five countries — the US, UK, China, France, and Korea. Without labels, would you be able to differentiate them? Not at all. It is only possible to discern if you know which products are from which country.
That’s the case here. If every label is available on the product, it will be easy to compare the products. At youtube or any other social channels, you can engage your fans and let them know what is best.

4. Keeps customers safe from scammers

It’s always confusing when you import the products. Without labels, you can’t even recognize the stocks. In such a case, scams are probable. There are hundreds of scammers out there just finding a minor way to grab your money.
Since Chinese products are popular, they might fool you by removing the labels. It is better to attach the labels on the products to be safe.

5. Marketing has become entirely straightforward by Made in China Stickers

Marketing refers to the selling of the item. And it is not that easy. You have to convince the buyers why they should purchase your inventory. As technology has entered the advanced field of progress, marketing is digital now.
Some companies employ digital marketers. You know, why? Because they want to increase their revenue. Stickers are a good marketing strategy. If your product procures excellence, other people will observe it and choose. A chain of referrers will ultimately boost your business. In the end, who will have benefits? Your brand.

6. Enables customs agents to pass the items

When you export products from one country to another, you must obtain customs clearance slips. It makes sure you have legally approved products.
Customs agents check the stickers to make sure where you have imported the inventory. With made in China stickers, you can speed up your process of getting slips.

7. BAR code with the label makes sure you effortlessly locate your item

BAR codes help in detecting several aspects. To understand the barcode, you must have scanners. For practice, you can create your barcode on mobile apps.
However, barcodes make it easy to find the items. In a long list of items, every barcode is specific for every item. It makes it effortless to find an item in hundreds of articles.

Chapter 5: 3 Disadvantages of Made in China stickers

Just like the pros of Made in China stickers made in Korea, you have disadvantages. These are short and brief. You can have a look at them!

The overall cost of products might increase

The product prices depend on several factors. These might include the manufacturing materials or sometimes the labels.
Since tags are identities, every product must have them. It increases overall cost, but that is not much. If I narrow down the price per item, every penny matters. It is a tremendous disadvantage that the price increases.

It is of no use for illiterate

Stickers are usually in the English language. You know, why? Because it is the international language for communication. Illiterate people in any country only know the local language.
They may or may not know English. Even if they know, there is another aspect here. They might not know how to read it. So, it is of no use for uneducated people.

6. China stickers made in Korea

Only effective when you import products to foreign countries like US or UK

Exporters in China are all around the globe. Maybe you live in US or UK, you might need products. The made in China label is effective when you import the product to foreign countries other than China. In China, it is of no value at all.

Chapter 6: Where can you buy the Made in China Stickers?

You might have questions. Where can you get the small made in China stickers? Why should you buy stickers on Amazon? If it is so, no need to worry about it. I can help explore the details about China stickers on Amazon along with other websites like Alibaba or AliExpress.


I suppose you have heard of Amazon. Maybe you have ordered some inventory from Amazon. So, what an Amazon does?

7. Amazon

Amazon is an eCommerce platform where sellers and buyers communicate. You can find all types of products here. But, it is good for small sellers to purchase inventory at wholesale rates. Amazon operates not only in China but also in the whole globe.
Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. However, you can buy your small Made in China stickers.
Here is what makes China stickers Amazon a top source.

  • You can find a variety of China stickers Amazon sellers.
  • From high to lower prices, you have access to China stickers Amazon.
  • It is one of the biggest marketplaces in the globe among the top 5 technology companies— Google, Meta, Apple, and Microsoft.
  • High-quality products are available to purchase.

Quick Tip: Made in China Stickers Amazon is the top choice for people.


Alibaba is a factory. Factory of what? I would say products. At Alibaba, you can scroll down to the bottom and find out what you need.

8. Alibaba

Alibaba started working in 1999 and expanded its presence with time. Nowadays, it works around the whole globe. No matter where you live, Alibaba will be there. The great thing about Alibaba is its manufacturers.
You can find direct manufacturing factories on Alibaba. So, what is the benefit of manufacturing factories? Nothing more than the wholesale rates and quality items.
Since your target is Made in Stickers Korea, no problem. Alibaba provides quality stickers. Here are why choose Alibaba.

  • Working around 240 countries in the world. It makes Alibaba a good site to purchase.
  • Direct factories to purchase the inventory without wasting any time.
  • Prices are less. You can buy items at wholesale rates. It is great for your business from every aspect.
  • Several quality sellers make it a great option to go.

Quick Tip: If you want to purchase made in China Stickers Korea at wholesale price, it is by far the best option.


I am not sure whether you have heard of AliExpress or not. AliExpress is a good option for your Made in China stickers Korean.

9. aliexpress

Alibaba Group is the owner of AliExpress. In 2009, it started working around the world. AliExpress is an eCommerce site where you can contact suppliers and factories.
So, what makes AliExpress different from Alibaba.
Nothing is different except one fact. Alibaba has more direct manufacturers. In the case of AliExpress, there are more suppliers for your Made in China stickers Korean.
However, here are some special points about AliExpress.

  • AliExpress is a great choice for B2B and B2C traders in terms of price.
  • Different categories of products make it great.
  • It offers discounts and reliability to the buyers.
  • Most of the products have lower prices —Good for foreign brands.

Quick Tip: If you want suppliers, AliExpress can be an excellent opportunity to utilize.


Just like Amazon, Alibaba, and AliExpress, Made-in-China is an eCommerce site. Here you can find the number of sellers. Especially the direct manufacturers and wholesalers are great in number on this site.
At Made-in-China, you can find almost all categories of products. From electronics to medical instruments, you have all that you need for your business.
You might wonder, why you should choose Made-in-China.

  • Wholesale prices to buy Made in China stickers.
  • Quality sellers including suppliers and factories
  • Works Internationally to supply the B2B traders
  • Easy to Use and Understand

Just China It

Just China It is not an eCommerce. It is a sourcing company that offers solutions to all your problems. No matter you want to buy Made in China stickers or something else, we are available.


We are working since 2010 to increase the profits of our customers. Thousands of satisfied customers guarantee our top-notch services. Here is what you can expect from us.

  • Warehouse Services
  • Sourcing services
  • Shipping services

There are various reasons to choose us. Keep a focus on the following.

  • 11 years of experience makes us reliable and efficient for the customers
  • We have increased customers profit by 29 million dollars to help them build more reputation.
  • An endless list of suppliers would enable you to buy the top products for your business.
  • Excellent customer service ready to respond to your messages

Isn’t it still insufficient for you? Hit us a call to get the free quote in China stickers price.

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions

Why China stickers are made in Korea?

Yes. Made in China stickers are actually made in Korea. There are many reasons for this fact. No doubt, China is a big market. But, when it comes to stickers, South Korea is a good opportunity to go. Here is why:

  • The overall cost is low
  • The product quality is up to par.

There are many other reasons for choosing South Korea are too. Have a look at the second question to understand it.

Why does South Korea design the Made in China stickers instead of China?

A good question. Many people remain vague at this point. They don’t even know China stickers are made in Korea in actuality. However, this fact is quite clear.
You might wonder China has a massive production base, but why Korea. Here are all the reasons to prefer Korea for Made in China stickers.

  • The cost is very much low. It heads to the difference in prices of manufacturing materials in China and Korea. Even the currency difference plays a considerable role.
  • The number of workers in Korea is huge.
  • The wages of the workers are less in South Korea compared to China.
  • Chinese manufacturers and B2B traders have high-profit margins.

All these facts contribute to the reason why Made in China stickers are actually made in Korea.
The Chinese market is above all for Made in USA stickers made in China.

Which products can I label with the Made in China sticker?

Are you a trader in the US? If yes, you know the answer then. Whenever you import the products from China, you need to label them with Made in China stickers.
However, the question arises whether stickers must be available on all products?
The simple answer is yes. No matter what products you have, you can attach your made in China sticker.

Quick Knowledge: Car stickers made in China are available too to attach when importing products.

Do products with made in China stickers considered awful?

Getting stickers made in China is not a problem at all. But, people have misconceptions about the stickers. They consider it to be a bad sign for products. Surprisingly, they assess PRC labels as a good idea. Remember, PRC and clear China stickers are the same.
That’s why when you see a product with the Made in PRC label, understand it is from China. In the opposite case, it is clear that made in China stickers are made in Korea. So, you can come up with your requirements and adjust the needs accordingly.

Can I remove the Made in China stickers from products?

Every product has a label of the originating country. The same is the case here. People ask should they remove the China stickers? Is it essential? I would explain, it is wrong. Even it is not legally allowed to remove the stickers.
However, you might have found some B2B businesses hiding the stickers. They might attach their labels on the top.

What does a made in China sticker indicate?

Made in China stickers indicate nothing except the origin of the country. For example, a product is manufactured in the USA. Their label will be Made in the USA, not China.
I believe you got my point now. So, all the products being exported from China to US or Western countries have China stickers. It indicates product manufacturing country is China.

Should I buy made in China stickers or not?

It depends on several aspects. For example, if you are importing products from China to the US, it is essential. Customs clearance agents check these stickers. Depending on your requirements, you can buy stickers for sale.

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