Top 30 Profitable Made In China Products List

By HX Wenli
April 8, 2022

These are the 30 best profitable Made in China products List for 2022.
In fact, I’ve used the products on this list to grow my exporting business to 498,000 sales per month (and growing):
So if you want to get more sales from your business, you’ll love these awesome products.
Let’s get started.
China is known as “The World’s Factory” since most of the products you can see are from them. They are a more significant maker of unique and low-cost made in china products. If you’re aiming to buy a product that will sell, China is the perfect place for that. But, you should anticipate that it will be a challenge to find manufacturers in China that will supply you with what you need.
It’s not new how China opens the door to the global market. Based on the facts given by United Nations Statistics Division, China has produced 26% of the worlds’ product output. It makes China ahead of the US by more than 10%. In 2018, the manufacturing industry of China earned about $4 trillion. This number is almost 30% of the nation’s total economic value.
Importing products made in China is one of the most used tactics by many firms and corporations. In 2012, China topped the US as the world’s leading exporter. It only means that many chose to work with China manufacturers in producing in china. They also use many made in china products as a way to profit and have many sales by giving high margins.
It is why we made this made in china products list containing 30 made in china products. These are the products best among the rest based on various factors.

Electronic Devices

1.Electronic Devices

The number one we have on this list of products made in china is electronic devices. Because people like new things and creative works, they keep on buying and buying. That’s why electronic devices and gadgets will be the most sought after by most consumers. 
During the year 2013 to 2017, the manufacturing industry of china became responsible for 28% of electronic devices import. It is why China provides a wide array of options for firm owners looking to import these devices. There are many types and sorts of devices, such as computers, phones, cameras, etc. 
Among all electronic things made in china, phones are the largest export. Because of how vital cellphones are in our everyday lives, many brands compete to release this as a new china product. Many well-known brands produce products in China. These brands are Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei. 
Based on Statista, In 2020, China had made around 235.25 million computers. This rate is attainable for China since they have the resources to do so. Among all the products made in China, this is offered at a low price compared to other countries.
If your business is in line with these technologies, you may opt to use made in china websites and platforms like Alibaba. If you’re from the US, the import regulations for computer and their parts is not as strict. 
However, we advise that you work with a sourcing company like JUSTCHINAIT. They will source computers from verified manufacturing china companies. They will also direct you through the negotiation and shipping.

Home Décor Furniture

2.Electronic Devices

People’s tastes in furniture and house decorations are shifting. New trends and expansion cause individuals to pay attention to upgrading theirs. It is also the reason why the furniture demands are rapidly increasing.
China is the biggest exporter and largest made in china manufacturer of furniture in the world. In 2013, the china furniture manufacturers imported furniture worth only 2.57 billion USD. It only means that the people are eager to invest in their home decorations. And because of this, people have high buying power that led to the growth of the furniture market. 
There are many China furniture manufacturers that you should consider buying into these are:

  1. Louvre
  2. QM 
  3. Red Apple
  4. M & Z
  5. Shuangye
  7. LAMEX
  8. BOKE Furniture
  9. Aurora
  10. Kuo Ching

Children’s Toys

3.Children's Toys

Children’s toys are popular things made in China that most countries import. You can acquire them in large quantities and a wide range of styles and sizes. 
Toy sales are very profitable in any country since we know how huge the Children’s population is. Among all the nations, the US has a high import rate. In 2020, their import rate was 17. 18 rate. Based on Statista, the US imported wholesale made in china toys with a value of 17.33 billion dollars.
If you’re seeking some high-quality toy products, look into various made in china websites. You can also prefer to drop ship since it allows you to choose different kinds of products at a fair price.
Alibaba has great toys that bring you profit. Some of these toys categories you’ll find are:

  • Toy Bicycles
  • Barbie Dolls
  • Children’s Cars
  • Helicopter Toys
  • Doll House

Wireless Phone Chargers and Charging Cables

4.Wireless Phone Chargers and Charging Cables

Among this list of products made in china, wireless phone charges are becoming a hot product. Wireless phone charges are perfect for people who don’t want to use wired phone chargers. Plus, wireless charges are becoming a classic feature for smartphones. 
The watt of these charges usually is 5W, 10W, or 15W. It corresponds to the rate at which they can charge a smartphone. However, most smartphones only use watts of 7.5 to 9.
If your business is in line with this category, it is best to buy them from China manufacturers. Because it has a high-profit margin, it comes at a low price of $4 to $5. 
Charging cables are also notable even now. China manufacturing products: charging cables is in demand all over the world. Because it can transmit more data per second, meaning data is transferred more quickly. 
Both of these products are great and highly profitable. Therefore, you have the option to sell them both, or you can choose one to focus on. 

Pet Supplies

5.Pet Supplies

As per Statista data, in 2020, China manufacturing products in the pet food industry has an export value of 983 million USD. These numbers rose from 855 million US dollars in 2019. 
If your target market is from the US but is uncertain if it will sell, don’t be. 21.53% of the US population ages 18 to 29 have 1 to 2 pets, which makes the US market the best place to sell your pet suppliers.
Note: Manufacturing Chinese pet foods are easy but importing them will be challenging. The “food” category in China comes under strict rules. So you must research before deciding which of the pet products made in china to buy. 

Security Cameras and Tracking Gadgets

6.Security Cameras and Tracking Gadgets

Security is becoming more and more necessary in homes, offices, and many institutions. Since there are high crime rates in other countries, installing gadgets like this is crucial.
It is why importers make a good profit on security cameras because they are practical items. They are sold as a package to put on many sides of the building, boosting profits. Plus, its profit margin capacity is at 68%.
When it comes to the security camera models, there are lots of options to choose from, such as:

  • Image quality
  • Lens characteristics
  • Wi-Fi/IP connectivity
  • Night vision

Tracking devices are crucial too for security purposes. You can put them in the car of your family to track them if something happens. Nevertheless, before placing a wholesale made in china order, research the market and the competition.  


The machinery manufacturing industry of China is one of the most vital parts of the economy. In 2018, China manufacturers’ revenue rose by 6.05% or $3.18 trillion in numbers. It means that the country is maintaining its economic stability.
This list of products made in china in terms of machinery with high export rates are:

  • Computers
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Telephones

Fashion Accessories

7.Fashion Accessories

The made in china products which are accessories, is among the well-known manufacturing industry of china. Since most people, especially women, like to dress up will add flavor to their outfits. One way to do that is to put accessories.
If you’re a seller in this industry, you know that manufacturing Chinese custom-made accessories is costly. It is why you can buy wholesale made in china accessories from a china products supplier, for a high quality yet lower price.   

Clothes and Textiles

8.Clothes and Textiles

The fashion industry is among the fastest-growing industry in the world. Many fashion brands emerge with their styles, colors, and brand touch. It is why the fashion industry is the safest investment you can make because they are in demand and thriving. 
Some of the China manufacturing companies that specialize in fashions that you can inquire about are:

  1. Jinjiang Changda Garment Co., Ltd.
  2. H&Fourwing
  3. Huaxiang Woolen
  4. Shenzhen Global Weiye Clothing Co., Ltd
  5. Shenzhen Doven Garment Co., Ltd.
  6. Hemp Fortex
  7. Beijing Yijiahe Garment Co., Ltd.
  8. Wuxi Kuanyang Textile Technology
  9.  D&J Garment Co, Ltd.
  10. Zhongshan ARLISMAN Garment Factory

Manufacturing china textiles to sell is a popular option for businesses. Since clothing textiles are used in many things, this is one of the most exported china made things. Cotton and silk are among the best textile types you can purchase. 

Backpacks and Travel Bags

9.Backpacks and Travel Bags

Backpacks or bag types are profitable, adaptable, and simple to introduce in any market. Made in china products with a backpack label is a general term. However, if you search it on made in china websites, you will know those specific keywords like “school backpacks,” “travel bags,” and even “laptop bags” are more popular. The backpack manufacturing industry of China is a great place to get low-cost, high-quality backpacks and travel bags. 

Kitchen Supplies

10.Kitchen Supplies

Among all the made in china products listed in this post, kitchen supplies are always in demand. It may not be seen as one, but china manufacturers always produce them. Manufacturing china kitchen supplies are low-cost, high-quality, and sold wholesale. So, if you’re planning to import the best kitchen items, don’t waste your time and choose China. 

Makeup Products and Brush Sets

11.Makeup Products and Brush Sets

Based on, China is the 10th largest market cosmetic and personal care exports from the US. In 2015, their exports amounted to $345.3 million.
Here are the China manufacturing companies lists who produces makeup that you can choose to work with:

  1. One leaf
  2. Guangzhou Baiyun Rhine Cosmetics Factory
  3. Rainbow Star Ent., Co., Ltd.
  4. SPDC
  5. Owlcare (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd
  6. Shenzhen ISET Makeup Brush Co., Ltd
  7. Guangzhou Q-max Cosmetics Co., Ltd
  8. Guangzhou Crown Cosmetics Co., Ltd
  9. Yiwu Share Trading Co., Ltd.
  10. Zhejiang Weiya Cosmetics Co., Ltd

In addition, there are different kinds of makeup products that are perfect for your business. Some of these products are:

  • Nail Art Stamp
  • False Eyelashes
  • Eye Makeup Products

Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Tools

12.Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Tools

Facial rollers and Gua Sha are tools meant to calm the skin and reduce aging. These two products are among the best-selling products in Amazon under Beauty & Personal Care category. However, the use of these two is different.
Jade Facial rollers have a material made of semi-precious stones like jade. It is a conventional product and has the pleasing appearance that most women want. China manufacturers made these rollers often in lower grade materials. So, you can buy them in bulk, but at a lower price. Manufacturing china rollers come in real gemstone materials, but it is costly compared to the latter. 
Gua Sha is a therapeutic tool with a unique shape used to scrape the face to improve blood circulation. Producing in China with your product Gua Sha is similar to jade rollers because they both use artificial gems. 
If you’re interested in buying these tools, the profit gains are: 

  • Profit potential: 91.24%
  • Profit potential: 76.64%

Hydrocolloid Patches

13.Hydrocolloid Patches

For a long time, hydrocolloid Patches have been mainly used in wound dressings. However, these little patches have recently attracted lots of attention due to their acne-soothing characteristics. If you watch TikTok, many beauty gurus and girls rave about this product. Hence, its profit potential is around 99.53%. 
One of the notable characteristics that made them unique is their soft, gel-forming ingredients like gelatin and pectic. But if not properly applied, they can cause allergic reactions to your buyers.
Among this made in china products list, this falls under the skincare category. You can find them on different made in china websites, since its most sellable there. You can get them for a wholesale price of $2.80 or at a retail price of $6. 

Lighted (LED) Mirrors

14.Lighted (LED) Mirrors

Lighted (LED) Mirrors is a stylish and unique product perfect for anything. These are most appealing to women since it’s versatile products that can function as home decor, personal care, and more. They are also great as holiday and birthday gifts. Nonetheless, they still sell well throughout the year. 
These LED items come in a range of shapes and sizes, such as huge wall-mounted versions or a small mirror with LED lights around. If your business is still starting, you may choose to start with the smaller version of an LED mirror with hidden lights. It is for the shipping and import process is preferable.
Some of the china manufacturing companies that you can contact are:

  1. RAM
  2. Bagen Mirror Led 
  3. Light Harbor
  4. Jining Led Mirror 
  5. Stanhom Led Mirror 
  6. EJan Led Mirror 
  7. Land Lighting Led Mirror 
  8. Hansong Led Mirror 
  9. Jiaxing Chengtai Led Mirror Company
  10. Land Lighting Led Mirror Factory

Garlic Presser and Cutter

15.Garlic Presser and Cutter

Amongst the made in china products listed under the kitchen supplies category, this product sells out fast. Garlic peeling, cutting, and grinding are time-consuming, especially for home cookers. As a result, they need a product that can make their cooking time fast and easier. One way to do that is by using a garlic presser and cutter, making it in-demand to all parts of the world. 
These tools come in various styles sizes, and they are also purchased with a variety of add-ons. The potential profit margin of these products is 92.41%, and they are sold at a wholesale price (per 100 units) of $88. Most of these items are sold in various made in china websites like Alibaba, Global Sources, and Made-in-China. 



Nowadays, people are so interested in fashion products than in everything else. It is why they are a super-popular item that the manufacturing china industry produces. You can buy them from china manufacturers then place them into your online store.
The best thing about importing these products is their price. Usually, they come in between $1 and $3 per price, but you may opt to buy them at a wholesale price. These wholesale rates vary by supplier, but you can be sure that you can make a significant profit.
Some of the china manufacturing companies that you can check out are:

  1. Shenzhen Radnor Eyewear Co., Ltd.
  2. YC Sunglasses 
  3. Taizhou Baiyu Eyewear
  4. NoteOptics
  5. Eugenia Eyewear
  6. Eyezoom
  7. Conchen Glasses 
  8. Wenzhou G & D Glasses Co., Ltd.
  9. Glasses Factory 
  10. Kunming Junmi Trading Co., Ltd.

Memory and Orthopedic Pillow 

17.Memory and Orthopedic Pillow 

Each month, hundreds and thousands of people search the keyword “memory pillow” or “orthopedic pillow.” These pillows are a type of pillow that is used to adjust body posture while laying in bed. Since many people constantly stay at home, whether for work or school, they become vulnerable to back pains.
These items appear large and bulky but can be compressed to make shipping easy. They come in different materials and sizes, most of the time come in bamboo or vented gel. 
Many china manufacturing companies choose to make these products because of how popular they have grown. These products are super popular in made in china websites. If this is something you’ll sell, you can look at those platforms firsts.

Car Gadgets

18.Car Gadgets

Car gadgets and electronics are popular categories that you can choose to import. Not only is this product in demand in China but all over the world. In 2017, worldwide car sales were around 79 million. 
The car parts manufacturing industry of China is the best place to import. Based on Statista, China accounted for 30% of worldwide car production and generated at least 15.7 billion US dollars in 2018. 
Furthermore, since innovations have become sought-after, there is a high demand for these products. Here are among the manufacturing china firms that specialize in car parts are:

  1. Ketai Industries
  2. Sunway Auto Parts
  3. Hebei Xiangdie Auto Parts Co., Ltd
  4. Ossca Parts Co., Ltd
  5. Fastwin Auto Parts
  6. Guangzhou Wabo Trade Co., Ltd.
  7. Jiajun Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  8. Guangzhou Wabo Trade Co., Ltd.
  9. Ruian City Shinuo Trading Co., Ltd.
  10. Taizhou Cina Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Phone Cases, Powerbanks, and Tempered Glass

Phones are among the top product that people go crazy over. This energy is the same when buying accessories to make their phone last longer. Phone accessories are popular these days, and it is the best product that can make you earn much. 
Because there is a large percentage of companies that manufacture phone products in China, this is the best place to buy phone accessories too. 
Some of the china products suppliers of phone cases are:

  1. Dongguan AFANG Plastic Products CO.,LTD
  2. Victor Electronic Co., Ltd
  3. Yeeshine Technology Co., Limited
  4. Shenzhen LUPHIE Technology Co. Ltd
  5. Shenzhen LAUDTEC Electronics Co., Ltd.
  6. Spec-Tech (Xiamen) Co. Ltd
  7. Shenzhen Runxin Electronics Co., Ltd.
  8. Flying Communication Co., Ltd.
  9. Guangzhou Pinjun Electronics Co., Ltd.
  10. Dongguan QICAITONG Plastic Technology Co. Ltd

Furthermore, if your main products are power banks and tempered glass, it is best to check out various made in china websites. Most manufacturers and suppliers all post their services and products here. 

Plastic Materials

19.Plastic Materials

As per Statista, China is by far the world’s finest producer of plastic. In 2020, they produced 1/3 of the global plastics in the world. Some of the plastic products china mostly produces are the following:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic goods 
  • Gardening pots
  • Plastic Water Coolers
  • Plastic Rags
  • Storage bins
  • Plastic Trays
  • Food packaging
  • Drink bottles
  • Furniture
  • Medical devices

In addition, here are some of the plastic manufacturers in china that you can choose from:

  1. Nanjing Baitong New Material Co., Ltd.
  2. Sun Kee Plastic Factory
  3. Ningbo Moldie Mold Co., Ltd.
  4. KK Plastic Factory Ltd
  5. Yiwu Wangjiang Plastic Factory
  6. HKEM Plastic Products Ltd
  7. Tongxiang Juli Plastic Co., Ltd.
  8. ISF Industry Co., Limited
  9. China Zhixian Plastic Manufacture Factory
  10. New Time Plastic Manufacturing Ltd

Disposable Face Mask

20.Disposable Face Mask

In this china manufacturing products list, disposable face mark is the most relevant. Because there is still a pandemic going on, the disposable facemask is the most bought product. Plus, they are helpful, but they are also light, quick to produce, and easy to ship. Disposable masks are also the best-selling products on Amazon and many online platforms.
NOTE: If you are to sell these products and import them from China, you need to choose a reputed manufacturing china firm. Because of the stringent requirements needed, such as lab-testing and FDA.
Here are some of the china manufacturing companies that you can choose from:

  1. Xiamen Vida Healthcare Products Co., Ltd.
  2. Hubei Xianlu Medical And Health Products Co., Ltd.
  3. Rizhao Sanqi Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd
  4. Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  5. Nanbei Instrument Limited

Nail Polish and Stamper

21.Nail Polish and Stamper

Nail polish is one of the best products that girls love. Constantly, girls love to change their nail colors. They purchase them individually or per set and in different varieties. 
There are numerous types of nail polishes like gel polish, top and base coats, mates, and more. Specific nail polish that you’ll sell will depend on your target market. However, you can incorporate manicure kits in your collection, and for sure, they will sell out.
Nail stomper is a popular product too, and China is fortunate enough to produce it. Most of the nail stampers from China start at the price of $1.5, which allows their clients to price higher and create profits.
If you’re thinking about importing these kinds of products, China has them at the lowest possible price.



When a customer looks for china made things online, one of the top products they’ll see are socks. Plus, everyone needs socks every day of their life, making them high in demand and profitable.
Here are some of the sock manufacturing companies that you should look into:

  1. Haining Wanshida Hosiery
  2. Zhuji Zhongding Knitting Co., Ltd.
  3. Shanghai Chiguang Industry Co., Ltd.
  4. Shaoxing Annor Textile Co., Ltd.
  5. Wuxi Mika Textile Co., Ltd.
  6. Foshan Nanhai Jixingfeng Knit Factory
  7. Roca Clothing Accessories Co., Ltd.
  8. Hangzhou An Bo Textile Co., Ltd.
  9. Zhuji City Qingyuan Knitting & Textile Co., Ltd.
  10. Haining Yueli Socks



There are many famous brands who choose the manufacturing china industry. Knowing that the quality you will get at a fair price is a wise move. If you’re planning to sell your footwear brand and looking for a China manufacturer and supplier, you can refer to this list:

  1. China Shoe Factory
  2. Xiamen Uniworld International Trade Co., Ltd.
  3. Shanghai Xiangsheng Trade Co., Ltd.
  4. Red Dragonfly
  5. Yue Yeun Footwear
  6. Belle International Holdings Limited
  7. Saiqi Sports
  8. OLICOM Shoes
  9. Qingdao Packbond Packing Co., Ltd.
  10. QuanZhou Hello Sports Products Co., Ltd.

Another shoe product that is highly profitable nowadays is water shoes. Water shoes are made to be slim, light, and long-lasting, which is an excellent product to purchase in China. If you’re planning to add a tweak of the collection in your brand, then this is it. 

Reversed-Inverted Umbrella

When it is raining, the most important item we always bring and look for is an umbrella. However, boring and not long last thing umbrellas is not something customers would like. This reversed umbrella is the perfect style of umbrella that anyone would buy.
This type of umbrella is a wholesale price of roughly $3, which is a little higher than other things but can earn you a lot of money when resold.

Office Equipment


Another profitable product among the list of products made in china is office equipment. There are different types of office equipment under this category, such as office chairs, desks, office stations, and more.
Some of the factories that are best when it comes to office equipment are:

  1. Aurora
  2. LAMEX
  3. Luoyang Anshun Office Furniture Co., Ltd. 
  4. QUAMA
  5. BOKE Furniture
  9. Shenyang Meizhige Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  10. ONLEAD

Ring Lights

25.Ring Lights

Ring lights are well-sought products that are always trending on social media. Even if you don’t see them being posted, influencers, photographers, and social media users still use them to create videos and get good lighting.
Many of these ring lights come with a stand to make the phone elevated to the height and angle the person wants. There are other functions this ring light offers that are very attractive to customers, like light temperature adjustment, dim, and automatic clicker. 
Ring lights are a little bigger and less robust than other products in our made in China products list. This factor makes it harder to ship across countries without damaging it. However, they are worth considering because of their high demand and profit margins.
If you’re looking for the perfect ring light supplier and factory, this is the list:

  1. Creative Galaxy Electric(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
  2. Nanjing Lealite Industry Co., Ltd
  3. Shenzhen Weixingke Co., Ltd
  4. Jinan Credit Chemical Co., Ltd
  5. Shenzhen Cools Industrial Co., Ltd
  6. Shenzhen Yikuo Technology Co., Ltd.
  7. Guangzhou Bestshow Lighting Co., Ltd
  9. Shenzhen Weixingke Co., Ltd
  10. Jiangmen Yuefa Lighting Factory

Stainless Drinking Straw 

26.Stainless Drinking Straw 

A stainless drinking straw is among the surprising products that made it into this list. However, as more and more individuals become aware of various environmental risks. These products evolved as a preferred item to many sectors today. So one of the things many firms opted to do is reusables.

Travel and Outdoor Products

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Because of this, firms, businesses, and astute people take this chance to make a profit out of it. And there’s no fairer way to do that than to sell travel and outdoor products.
Producing in China is a fantastic place to do business if you’re in the outdoor or travel industry. Most of the time, China manufacturers offer a variety of products customized to your liking and target market. 
There are different product options under this class which you can choose from, such as:

  • Sports bottles
  • Travel bags
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Outdoor tools
  • Travel Bags

Furthermore, we have created this list to make your sourcing for suppliers and manufacturers easy.

  1. Jining Easy Tour Outdoor Gear Co., Ltd. China
  2. Hangzhou Sunlight Travel Products Co., Lt
  3. Quanzhou Hoosam Manufacturing Limited
  4. Zhejiang Xiyu Outdoor Co., Ltd.
  5. Jasper Outdoor Products Ltd. 

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