Handbags for Every Lifestyle: 25 Trendy Styles to Suit Your Needs

By Sarah
November 14, 2023

A handbag is a SYMBOL of style and GRACE. It is more like a fashion piece today. Whenever a woman is going out, she prefers to have a handbag.

And the BEAUTY is at PEAK when a stylish tote bag hangs around the arms. One thing I would say is that handbags don’t have one Kind or SHAPE. There are different kinds of BAGS. And one is competing in style, grace, and elegance.

Do you want to take a LOOK at different styles of handbags? Great! This guide is right for you.

Let’s talk about the different kinds of purses you should know.

1. Introduction to HandBag

1) What is a handbag?

A handbag is a SMALL purse women use to carry personal items. Over the decades, it was used to handle small to medium items.

In the 21st century, it has become more of a stylish piece that women often carry. But it still handles the items at a party or going out to a shopping store.

2) Is the bag different from the purse?

You might have seen different types of bags carried around. Some of them would surely be the handbags. And some would be the purses.

Are they both the SAME?

Nope. There is a slight difference between the bag type and purse.

Purse is a STRAPLESS bag that is small. People often keep it in their pockets or hold it in their hands.

In contrast, a handbag is a giant bag with straps to hold and carry them along. They are more significant than your pockets. And have multiple compartments to keep more inventory.

3) When do you need a handbag?

Different styles of handbags serve other purposes. However, there are some tasks every type of bag does.

  • Keep the items safe.
  • Carry them along on your journey.
  • To keep the small beauty items.
  • To serves as a stylish piece to flare up your glare at a party.

These are some tasks different types of bags can do for you. Depending on your needs, you can purchase them and use them.

2. What Should You Look For When Buying the Handbag?

Finally, are you purchasing style handbags? That would TREAT when you have set up some goals. And chase them to find the suitable bag MODELS! Here are some of the tips to make the right decision.

1) First of All, Quality.

Quality and quality!!

If you want 100% right track for your business, it is necessary to get the quality types of handbag—no compromise on this fact.

Check out all the suppliers. Ensure they have the WORLD-CLASS quality in the town. And give you the proper pricing.

2) Take a Look at the supplier’s reputation.

Don’t just rely on the quality. It can be a TRAP for scams. Some suppliers send some items with LOW QUALITY. And it is a TOTAL waste for your business.

So, how to filter it out?

It is simple. Make a list of reputable suppliers. Ensure they all are famous for safe and top-quality handbags.

Is it even difficult?

3) Verify the Factory location.

What if you landed a scam supplier? It will raise your blood pressure, resulting in a financial headache.

I have a solution to tackle this situation. Simply do one thing. Get the address of the factory from your purse-style manufacturer.

Either manually visit or work with the sourcing agents to confirm the location.

4) Check the types of handbags you need.

Suppose you have got the suppliers; what next?

It is time to turn the stopwatch on and spend more time exploring the different types of bags for women.

Scroll all the trendy handbag types. And feature the BEST-SELLING in your listing.

5) Get quotes from multiple suppliers.

Talking to one supplier can reduce the circle of business. You will feel more limitations for the quality. For this purpose, list the top 5 to 10 suppliers.

Get the quotes from them. It will give you many benefits like:

  • An idea of the range of prices for the different purse styles.
  • Increase the diversity of merits.
  • It gives you an overall picture of the lowest and highest costs.

6) Know how suppliers move with Quality Control.

Price is not the only factor. And for price’s sake, don’t compromise on the quality. It will be the first step toward the destruction of your business.

It is better to check the quality control all the top suppliers have in their factories. Only then will you get eco-friendly purse types with ultimate quality.

7) Negotiate

Negotiation? Believe me, it is the best idea. 90% of the suppliers tend to your preferences. And want to close the deal at any cost.

You can negotiate the price, quality, and quantity. Emphasize your business to inform suppliers why you’re a REAL DEAL for them.

8) Ask for samples

It is one extra step towards quality. You can ask for the samples.

Look. Some suppliers offer the samples free of cost. Others might ask for a standard fee that includes the shipping fee, too.

To get the free samples, you should request the supplier. Know them you operate a BIG business. And entice them by showing the DREAMS of long-term business if their quality qualifies your business.

That way is the Super and easy.

9) Finally, buy

Have you got the best match? Why wait, then?

Negotiate the contract. Go for the legal terms to avoid any confusion in the future. And sign the agreements. It will help you do the SMOOTH BUSINESS and ship globally without hassle.

3. 25 Trendy Types of Handbags

Top TYPE OF PURSE STYLES? Here is the complete list you’ll get.

1) Shoulder Bag

You might have seen different types of handbags which have a long strap to carry along the shoulder. I would say they are shoulder bags, too.

Shoulder Bag

But a shoulder bag is more about fancy handbags with unique styles. They might have a small bag portion but a long strap.

Such types of purses are more suitable for fashion articles.

2) Crossbody Bag

The name is all about the nature of wearing this bag. It has a long strap that helps you cross it along the body. The weight is along the whole body. That makes the bag weight to be more comfortable to carry.

Crossbody Bag

Therefore, more people have it than any other designer bag. Elegant performance and required items in the bag are something everyone wants to have at the party.

3) Fanny Pack

Fanny bags are fancy bags. Look small. Carry it around the belt. And easy to wear. They have a small cross-body strap, but it looks elegant when wearing it out at a party.

Fanny Pack

There are no risks of damage. The material quality is often reasonable. These have been very popular for decades. There are no chances of stealing anything when wearing them out.

4) Diaper Bag

Diaper is a word related to the child. And the same concept is applied here. Diaper bags help the mothers to carry the necessary items for the child. Mostly, feeding items are there for the women to carry along.

Diaper Bag

Now, they have become super popular because designers have made them according to the current fashion requirements. They might have one or two straps to carry it along. It is stylish looking too.

5) Accordion handbag

One of the most unique designs in the bag market is the accordion bag. It can expand according to your requirements.

Accordion handbag

There are many sections compressed together. If you want to keep more inventory, start adding to the sections. They will automatically expand to accommodate your list. And give an ultimate ease.

They might have one strap. It helps them carry it.

6) Clutch

Clutch bags don’t have any straps to hang them.


So, how do you carry them? Hold it in your hand. It makes you look different from others and feel more excited about your bags.

Such a design is around 700 years old. You can get the ultimate glare for your fashion party of fashion.

7) Tote Bag

Here is the PERFECT choice for shopping— TOTE BAGS. They have a broad bottom and the capacity to hold more items.

Tote Bag

With ease to carry, they are often round shaped or rectangular. When it comes to the top of the bag, they may have a zip sometimes.

Shoulder straps can come up as an add-on to make it a shoulder bag.

8) Wristlet

The name is all to highlight this type of bag. They are small and suitable to wear around the wrists. However, you can keep small items whenever you go to a party or anything else.


Most people have it when they are out for a good morning walk and other factors.

9) Barrel Bag

A barrel bag has a drawstring on its top. The manufacturers often make it from canvas with a long strap. The purpose is to use it as a backpack and carry it out along your shoulders.

Barrel Bag

You can use it for the more oversized items. They look beautiful. The fabric makes them even more impactful.

10) Satchel Bag

A satchel is a type of purse that has two straps and helps carry books or laptops along your shoulders. They work like backpacks but can come in different shapes and styles.

Satchel Bag

More often, their manufacturing material is leather, which gives it high strength.

11) Drawstring bag

Drawstring bags are called so because of their drawstring nature on the top. You can close it with the drawstring. It is pretty easy to do it all.

Drawstring bag

They can be so small to carry with the hand. And sometimes, you can buy the larger version of such bags that is like the Backpack. You can keep more items in them.

12) Bucket Bag

A bucket bag is another popular type of handbag. The best part about it is the dual use. It has a strap on the top for the closure.

Bucket Bag

You can hang it around the shoulder or carry it as a handbag. No more hassles or worries about buying multiple bags when a bucket bag is there to help you hold all the items you want to carry!!

13) Duffle Bag

Duffle bags have cons from the Duffle in France. They are large and often come in variable sizes.

Duffle Bag

If you want to keep more inventory, they have ample space. You can also buy small duffle bags with less space available and more stylish ones.

14) Sling bag

A sling has a ONE crossbody strap to help carry it along. One fact is interesting here. They have multiple styles. Depending on where and when you want to take it, you can get the relevant kind.

Sling bag

For example, if you want to go to a party, you can get a designer sling bag. On an outdoor adventure, it is good to have a tactical sling bag. Choose it according to your situation and needs.

15) Hobo Bag

A hobo bag is a crescent-shaped bag with a prominent name in the trend of stylish bags. It features the slouch inspiration.

Hobo Bag

The good thing is that it comes in various shapes and sizes. That gives you a diversity of options and helps you make your choices better.

Plus, they are often soft and velvety to the touch, making them look more shiny when carrying.

16) Backpack Purse

Backpack purses are the MOST POPULAR ones. Everyone uses them when going out on an adventure. Their flexibility keeps the ease of the owner on top.

Backpack Purse

You can carry tons of items along with you due to the multiple sections comprising the backpack. It often has two straps that make the carrying more effortless when you can wear it around both of your shoulders.

17) Baguette Bag

I would say it is one of the most popular and stylish bags with the ultimate design you’ll love. The bag became sensational just after it reached the market.

Baguette Bag

All this happened due to unusual designs from the other bag types. In many movies and English seasons, you can find the use of this type of bag.

It has one strap that helps hold it along the shoulder.

18) Bowling bag

Are you familiar with the bags used to carry the bowls? If not, take a look at the bowling bag. Bowling bags inspire the concept of this style of bag. They have two straps used to carry them along the shoulder.

Bowling bag

They are more about fashion and carrying inventory.

19) Mini Bag

The SMALLEST BAG? It is just a 2-inches mini bag with ultimate style. They are minimal in size and help carry only small items.

Mini Bag

If you are going out to a party or have plans to keep the beauty items at a party, they can be the PERFECT choice.

20) Beach Bag

Have you been to a beach? Towels, swimsuits, or water toys are on top of your needs. But how do you carry them? Beach bags help here.

Beach Bag

They are incredibly durable, containing the necessary items for you to go to the beach. Hold the items in one place. And use them whenever needed.

21) Messenger Bag

Do you know why its name is Messenger Bag? It is because of this purse used by the MAIL CARRIERS.

Messenger Bag

Due to the quantity of mail, it is a large bag with long straps. That is why you can wear it across the body and hang it around. Carrying is relatively more accessible, ensuring better stability with such types of purse styles.

There is plenty of space when wearing such a type of bag.

22) Saddle Bag

Have bulky items? The saddle bag is the dark horse as your companion. It has one or two handles and a flap. Plus, the base of it is flat.

Saddle Bag

It has multiple storage sections. You can easily hold most of your inventory. Carry it along your shoulder due to the long strap. And reduce the worries if you want to carry a laptop, books, or bulkier items.

23) Carpet Bag

Do you want the colorful handbag shapes? Carpet bags must be the NUMBER ONE CHOICE. They are often made from the material that makes the carpet and gives an elegant look.

Carpet Bag

The story behind its manufacturing comes from the 1800s. The manufacturer needed the purse. And he made it from the carpet. Since then, it has been in the trendy type of purses and bags.

24) Basket Bag

Different materials comprise the basket bags. Bamboo, wicker, or rattan are favorable materials for weaving and making basket bags.

Basket Bag

These are round purses with an eco-friendly nature. The weaving nature gives elegance. On the top, they might be open or have a lid that is made of the same material as the basket bag.

25) Envelope Bag

Have you ever seen an envelope? Perfect. It is the same design as the envelope. Rectangular shapes with short or no straps keep you holding it in your hands.

Envelope Bag

Coherent with your style, some envelope bags have a zipper on the top. It enhances the beauty.

4. Complete the Shipping Process of the Handbags

Shipping globally? China has one of the best shipping services around every corner of the world. No matter where you are shipping, there is accessibility by the China suppliers.

So, how to ship then? Here is the step-by-step complete list for handbag shipping.

1) Find a shipping service

On Alibaba, not all the suppliers facilitate the shipping services. But there is good news. Many shipping services in China are available on Alibaba.

You need to go through their profiles. Confirm how they have been the best. Moreover, you can work with reliable shipping services like DHL or FedEx. They have slightly higher shipping costs but rewarding shipping service.

2) Don’t rely on one service.

I always recommend it. Think broadly. Have multiple options.

That is what you have to do here. If you are looking at 100 top companies on Alibaba, it is better to make a list. Confirm—their details. And apply different scanning processes to filter them out.

3) Compare the prices.

Price is the NUMBER 2 factor, after the quality for filtering out the shipping services.

But wait. It can be the FIRST one, too. It is valid when you have a LIMITED BUDGET and need cost-effective inventory.

Get prices from all the shipping companies. Compare them. And ensure which fits your bills. It helps eliminate the expensive companies.

4) Know the shipping times.

Not all the companies have a standard shipping time. Some offer different times from the others. In LCL and FCL, you’ll get noticeable differences, too.

So, it is better to know the shipping times. Decide whether they fit your schedule or not.

5) Ship handbags

Have you decided which company you want to choose? If yes, great!!!

You can send the detailed location where you live or the warehouse where you want to ship. Get the tracking ID. And know the real-time location. The whole process becomes smooth.

5. Tips when buying the Handbag types

Want to make your choice perfect? We have got some tips. Check them out!!

1) Always test Quality

Do you want to RAKE up MORE SUCCESS for your business? Make your business a SHINING star with quality.

To get the quality, you can test it. For this purpose, hire the STANDARDIZED labs. Work with the inspection services. Grab the REPORTS verifying the WORLD-CLASS quality of DIFFERENT bag styles you need.

2) Verify the suppliers’ location before you make a big order.

Don’t want to BIG a GRAVE for your business? Work with reliable suppliers. And it is possible when you know your supplier is genuine and has a verified location.

You can hire LOCAL CHINESE sourcing services to verify the location of the supplier as well.

3) Tend to get the free samples.

Work with the suppliers who are willing to send the FREE SAMPLES. That is when you can APPLY THE QUALITY checks on the free samples and avoid future QUALITY scams.

Talk to the supplier. And confirm whether he will send the free samples or not.

4)  Ship during off-peak season.

Want to get reduced shipping charges? It is time to ship during the OFF-PEAK shipping season.

In peak shipping season, prices are TOUCHING the sky. While in off-peak season, they are on the Grounds. And it is the BEST time to ship. There will be NO SHIPPING delays. And you do not have to PAY extra bucks for shipping.

5) Settle for a lower price without compromising the quality.

Make your BUSINESS PROFITABLE. And it is possible with a difference between the buying and selling price.

Why not reduce the buying price?

Then, you can work with the suppliers offering low rates for different bag styles.

6. FAQs

1) Which Handbags are currently in style?

Many handbag brands are POPULAR for their quality and excellence. Some of the top handbags include:

  • Dior handbags
  • Gucci Handbags
  • Chanel Handbags
  • Prada Handbags

These are some kinds of bags from BRAND famous for their luxury feel.

2) What is a luxury Handbag?

A luxury handbag is a term used for a BRANDED handbag symbolizing luxury and grace. These are often bag styles from some famous brands like Gucci or Chanel.

3) Is a stand-up tote bag in style?

Yes. A tote bag is always in the top trends. This is because of its unique design and the ultimate beauty you get.

4) Is selling handbags a profitable business?

Yes. 100% sure. Selling different types of HANDBAGS can bring money to your pocket. Ensure you sell quality items and attract more consumers to your deals.

5) How much can I make per month by selling handbags?

It depends more on how many sales you can generate each month. For example, if you have sold $10K of DIFFERENT styles of purses. Suppose your margin is 20%. Then, you can MAKE $2K per month.


There are different types of PURSE. But which one is the BEST? It usually depends on what is currently trending. You have to MOVE with the TIDE of buyers. Choose only IN-STYLE purses with the BEST-SELLING designs.

You’ll enjoy a BETTER BUSINESS reputation and higher profit margins.

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