Large factory VS Tiny workshop: which is really better?

By justchinait
December 5, 2020

Finding materials is like a beauty pageant, each has its own advantages. Similarly, when customers choose partners for product development, they also have a preference for small workshops and large factories.

  • From a cost perspective, the price of a small workshop is generally cheaper. For the same thing, a large factory may cost 10RMB, a small workshop may only cost 8RMB, but the quality of the small workshop must be controlled because the after-sales cost is added to the price of the small workshop It may reach 15RMB while the large factory only needs 13RMB.
  • From a category perspective, some simpler products such as LED lights can be produced in small workshops. For products with complex processes such as electronic products, it is best to choose a large factory. One is that the quality of small workshops is difficult to guarantee, and the other is because the products are complex and the production cycle of small workshops is long.
  • From the perspective of coordination, the coordination of small workshops is better, and many personalized requirements can be better realized. In the case of a large factory, the buyer’s words carry lighter weight which is not conducive to the realization of branding, but the supply chain will be more stable.
  • From a legal point of view, small workshops aren’t subject to legal restrictions. More than 60% of tiny workshops will break old friendship and treat the contract as waste paper. And large factories will be bound by the contract and act according to the rules.

In short, a tiny workshop is like a spear, simple and sharp but easy to hurt yourself; a large factory is like a shield, safe and stable but not flexible enough. But whether it is a spear or a shield, there must be soldiers to use. This soldier is our purchaser!


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