Is Temu Safe to Order From? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Sarah
October 3, 2023

Whenever you are buying, what is your goal? 99% of the buyers want safety on eCommerce platforms such as TEMU! Is Temu safe enough to believe

But do they get it?

Yes. They get it when they purchase carefully. For instance, I use sourcing agencies to grab the products. Or manually check the supplier’s profile or read the reviews thoroughly to select an item; what will be the result?

It’s the exact product I want.

Temu has been notorious for scams. But today, I will evaluate whether Temu is safe to order from.

Ready? Let’s learn.

1. Temu Introduction

1) What is Temu, and who owns Temu online shopping?

Do you already know about Temu? If not, no problem. I will explain it.

Temu is an ONLINE WEBSITE launched in July 2022. In less than six months, it made a place in one of the top websites worldwide.

Temu online introduction

The best thing?

It has every product you can think about. From power tools to cars, it has it. Even some people compare it with the giants like Alibaba or Shein.

It is super cheap. You can find any product with a cost of less than $30. What I said is TRUE, just $30 or less. For example, you can come up with a SUNGLASS price of up to $2. Even expensive products, such as beauty and fashion inventory, are at an affordable cost.

So, who owns Temu online shopping?

Look. Temu is a USA-based site with significant applications in the US. However, PDD Holdings owns Temu online shopping. Its headquarters are in Shanghai.

2) How does temu work?

Temu works just like Alibaba or Amazon. It has the manufacturers and factories selling their products.

The businesses discuss the product demands with the suppliers. Check their prices. And finalize the deals.

Since it is a B2B site, the dealings occur between the businesses and the manufacturers. The orders have an MOQ with the bulk production.

3) Is temu safe to buy from?

Is Temu a scam? It is a QUESTION every beginner purchasing a product on Temu asks about. It is not a scam platform.

If you look at the TrustPilot for the total review, it has 3.5 stars out of 5. And this rating is not bad because 6900 reviewers have reviewed this site.

Most people have a positive experience using Temu. And keep access to the cheap inventory to run their businesses more efficiently.

4) Where do temu products come from?

Many people ask the question, where do Temu products come from?

The answer is simple. Where are the most number of suppliers in Temu? Since the Chinese manufacturers are more on the Temu, you can expect the products to be made in China.

The quality can sometimes be low. For that, you follow the tips below for good quality.

2. Why is Temu so Controversial?

Temu has been under the headlines of prominent newspapers for many reasons. All these reasons have made it a more controversial platform than its competitors.

Want to know those reasons?

Here are these.

1) Privacy concerns.

Whether you are working on Alibaba or Amazon, there are many things a customer has to share. These can be:

  • User information such as Name, business name, or location.
  • Credit card information or any other payment data

The leakage of this information costs billions of dollars to a giant platform like Facebook.

A B2B or B2C platform has to keep this information. If found guilty, they might face some serious legal charges.

anniversary sale categories

The same is true about the TEMU, causing more significant problems for new users. Recently, Google has suspended Pinduoduo for containing the malware on their website. And causing the leakage of information and other cyber attacks.

Pinduoduo is a sister website of Temu. That is the reason Temu has been under investigation. The US government has accused TEMU of information leakage.

CHINA-US Economic Security Review Commission is further looking into the matter to check:

  • User privacy
  • Potential risks while trading on the TEMU.
  • Sourcing violations.

Such a piece of news has affected the reputation of Temu adversely.

2) Alleged Amazon store-front.

Amazon is a popular site and an excellent competitor of Temu. But there have been ample issues here. Temu allows third-party sellers to open the store. And upload images from other sites like Amazon.

That is why most products on Temu are copies of Amazon. From images to the storefront, sellers have imprinted the things from Amazon.

It has sparked severe concerns about copyright violations. To tackle this issue, Temu recently claimed to remove all the copied products and images.

3) Potential Forced Labor.

Forced labor refers to taking work from people against their will. For the human rights organizations, it is an international issue.

The same scenario is with the Temu. In June 2023, US lawmakers warned consumers of forced labor. They mentioned that temu is using forced labor to produce the inventory.

It is another major cause of the chaos in Temu.

3. 7 Benefits of Buying from Temu

Temu has millions of consumers worldwide. Do you know why? It is because of many benefits that attract buyers. Help them choose the best products. And build strong relationships with the suppliers.

Want to know the benefits? Here are these:

1) Large inventory Collection.

Have a product in mind? No problem. There is a 100% chance you’ll get it on the Temu.

It has an extensive collection of the inventory. From a small pin to expensive cars, you get access to everything you can dream of.

There are millions of products. Total number of categories is 29. At the same time, it has 250 subcategories accommodating millions of products.

What if some item is not present on Temu?

The solution is simple. You should get in touch with the custom suppliers. Tell them what exactly you want. Ensure you are ready to make a bulk and tell them about the business. It will increase their confidence in your business. And get you a better business proposal.

2) Cheaper Products.

One of the best things everyone likes about the temu is its cheap pricing. It is the reason it has become a popular platform within one year of its recognition.

The products are super cheap. For example, you can buy a necklace for $1, while an earbud is up to $2.

Moreover, if you buy in bulk, it will be another profitable deal. Manufacturers can get you even more profits by offering at a lower price.

the price of product on Temu

Some people think the quality must be low for such a lower price. But that is not the case. The quality is fair, too. So don’t doubt the quality of products in Temu.

The reason behind the lower price is the question, where are temu products made. It is China, the world’s factory. So prices are low.

3) Easy to Navigate Website.

How will you feel if the website doesn’t load? In the first five seconds, you’ll be out.

Most customers want a fast and immediate shopping experience. That is what Temu has provided its customers with in all these years.

Temu has a fast-browsing website. You don’t have to wait for the longer loading time. Within seconds, you can enter the product details. And get the same. Even adding to the cart and paying the price is top-notch.

Moreover, Temu has an app also. On Play Store, it has over 100 million downloads with a 4.5/5 rating. It is SUPER FAST. And has provided customers with an excellent experience.

4) Free Shipping.

It is one of the rare features you can get on any eCommerce platform. I won’t say all the products are free to ship.

There are significant products where the suppliers offer either low or free shipping. You can make the order. And get your orders shipped on a ZERO COST.

If a seller has a shipping fee, you can negotiate. And come up with a lower cost.

You can save money significantly. And enjoy a better profit margin when reselling the products in your retail stores.

5) Free Returns.

Do you have a problem with the product quality? Not a BIG DEAL when working with Temu!

You don’t have to pay a single penny to return your products. The return ticket is free. You can ship products. Temu will pay for it.

Don’t you think it is the best thing to save some bucks?

You get 90 days to return your product at NO COST!

6) Price Comparison Features.

Almost every sensible buyer does a price comparison. Nowadays, it has become usual to make price comparisons. Sadly, you have to invest hours in scrolling the products. Check the prices. And compare them.

But Temu has made it easier for the buyer. You get the price comparison feature. Check what prices all the sellers on the Temu platform are offering. That is where you can make an informed decision. And get the best products.

Moreover, you can read the reviews of other customers. Ensure the product you are buying has good quality or not.

7) Multiple safe payment options.

Temu has multiple payment options. For example:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Cash on delivery

There are different types of encryptions in these methods. That means you have the flexibility to pay with secure transactions. There are no risks for the payment scams.

4. 5 Disadvantages of Buying from Temu

If Temu has benefits, there must be cons. Don’t hurry. Have patience. And then you can make the right decision.

Here are some disadvantages of Temu.

1) Privacy Risks.

Many sources claim Temu gets the secret data of users. And leaks it on the Dark web or other resources.

Since Temu has been involved in the data leakage of the users, it can be a potential threat to you. Your transaction details and payment data might be at risk.

Before purchasing products on Temu, you should know about this case.

2) Quality may be low.

If the pricing is low, you must know about the quality. There is one problem. Most sellers in Temu offer low-quality products. That means you are affecting your business reputation drastically.


You should research or find an excellent supplier to grab the high quality. Otherwise, you’ll end up holding the low-quality products that are a big concern.

3) Shipping is slow.

Every buyer wants fast shipping. 1-5 days are enough for a product to ship. But in Temu, Shipping is slow.

There is one reason. Most manufacturers belong to China. Shipping from China to the whole world takes time. Therefore, it may take up to 1 month or even more in some cases for the products to arrive.

4) Customer Service is not effective.

Got a problem? Customer service helps. But still, you have to wait until they reply to you. Since there are millions of customers, it might take time for them to reply.

Since response is slow, you waste time. Sometimes, they don’t resolve your problem. Consider this point when buying on the Temu.

5) Returns and Refunds take time.

The return and refund policy seems to be easy. And it just seems. The background story is complex.

It takes time to get the refund. First, you have to win the dispute. Only then do you get the refund. A refund might take a week to appear in your balance. That is a big problem on this site.

5. How to Buy Safely on Temu?

Before that, is it safe to order from Temu? Yes, it is.

Since you are reading till now,  you are planning to buy it in Temu. Am I right?

Don’t hurry. There are hundreds of suppliers. You might get scammed. And the result will be FAILURE of your eCommerce business. I am sure you won’t want that.

If valid, I have listed some key points to understand the safe buying process in Temu.

1) Use Sourcing agents.

Sourcing agents are the professionals who can source the desired products. For example, Our JustChinaIt has the sourcing agents who:

  • Know the Chinese market well.
  • Understand how to procure the quality inventory from the suppliers.
  • Ensure the safety of the delivery.

The same is true with the sourcing agents. Some agents do comprehensive market research. Give you suggestions of top products. Or help you find the BEST-MATCH suppliers.

To lower the price, they will negotiate with the supplier. Inspect their factory. And work with a supplier that is 100% suitable for your budget and quality.

In Temu, it can reduce the risks:

  • Easy scams.
  • Low-quality problems.
  • Delayed deliveries.

It will potentially decrease the chances of customer disputes. It allows you to improve your sales and develop better business ideas for success.

2) Go through the Supplier profile.

90 out of 100 buyers don’t even check out the supplier. They see the product. Check its images. Read the reviews. And buy the products.

Look. Reviews can be fake. Images can also be sham. You need to be more authentic and careful while talking to a supplier.

The best way to trade safely on Temu is to check the product. Visit through the supplier profile. Check following:

  • How many sales have the supplier made in this lifetime?
  • How many transactions have been made so far?
  • What other products do the seller sell?
  • Check the factory location. And verify it from the authentic resources.

Doing all these steps has many benefits. It can:

  • Land you the best supplier that suffices your product needs.
  • There will be zero percent risk of the scam.
  • The chance of stealing information is no.
  • You are mentally and financially safe.

You’ll feel safer by applying this technique.

3) Check out the product reviews

It is one of the best things to differentiate between authentic and fake products.

What you should do is to check the product. Read all its reviews, whether negative or positive. And understand the product’s features in the product description and the reviews.

If a product has more positive reviews, it can be qualitative and trustworthy. You got the answer to your question: Is Temu trustworthy?

Some products don’t have the quality. You can observe the ratio of positive and negative reviews. Undoubtedly, the negative reviews will be more than the positive ones.

After all, there is one potential problem here. Many sellers manipulate the reviews. They buy it from the reviewing agencies. When you buy their products, they will be either low quality, or they will not even send them.

4) Compare the product prices

It is the point most buyers don’t do. They visit the product. Think it is cheaper than the same product on Amazon. And buy it.

It is a 100% wrong strategy if you buy a Stethoscope for $100 on Amazon. The same is available for $80 in Temu. It is better to check the prices of the Stethoscope from other sellers in Temu. They might be selling it up to $50.

Isn’t it a good idea to save 20-30% more on the products?

Therefore, you should set up a realistic price target. Check out the prices of the same products from 5-10 sellers. And never forget to check the reviews. Because the lowest priced product might be duplicated or contain low-quality.

Keep an eye on all the points about the Stethoscope or any other instrument.

5) Check payment safety and ensure the website has an SSL certificate.

The website security? Buyers have been complaining about:  Is Temu legit?

It is legit. Your information is 100% secure with Temu. Temu has SSL certificates. If the supplier takes you to another website that does not have the security layers, abandon it. It might be a phishing scam.

You have to be secure at every single point. Discuss the product with the supplier. Check how the supplier accepts the payment options. Payment options like Escrow are better because your money is safe.

However, you must ensure one thing about the payment options. The payment options are available on the Temu. Sometimes, suppliers scam you by paying outside the platform.

Moreover, don’t share personal information with the suppliers. Even if it is necessary for the business, you might land a pre-planned scam for the supplier.

6) Track your orders on time.

Most buyers don’t bother to check the product. For example, a buyer ordered ten earbuds for $30. The shipping time is 15 days. He doesn’t track the order while the products are in transit. He waits for 15 days for the earbuds to arrive.

There can be many risks of doing that.

  • You might not get the product. It is a common scenario. It is because the delivery service couldn’t find your address.
  • Sometimes, your order gets missed while in transit.
  • Sometimes, your order arrives, but you are not available.

Tracking will get you instant actions. For delivery service, you can pick up your parcel from the local fulfillment center. Or call the delivery agents to direct them to how they can find your address better.

If you miss any single product, you can talk to the supplier. And recover your items or get new things from the suppliers.

It is going to save you a lot of time.

7) Request Return/Refunds.

Have you got a problem? Talk to the supplier for a refund. You can get a 100% or, sometimes, 50% refund.

return and refund policy

There are many cases in which you should prompt the product return or refund requests.

  • When the product quality is low.
  • The product does not match the description.
  • The delivery hasn’t yet arrived, while the deadline has passed.
  • The product didn’t arrive in your location.
  • Some products are missing from the consolidated box.

You need to discuss it with your suppliers. They will conclude. Most reliable suppliers are going to refund you 100% of your money. If the problem is not that big, you could get up to 50%.

6. FAQs

1) How long does temu take to ship?

It depends on where you are shipping and how you are shipping. Express delivery is faster and might take up to 1 week. Moreover, local delivery in China occurs within 5-8 days. As far as global shipment is concerned, it might take 5-25 days. Usually, in 14 days, you can receive the Temu products.

2) Are Temu products good quality?

There is no exact answer. If you use the sourcing services, they know the product’s quality. Use professional inspection to test the quality. And work only with the quality suppliers. In the DIY case, you must have the experience to get the quality products. Check the product reviews. And work with the reliable suppliers.

3) Is temu a legit website?

Yes. Temu is a globally known website. There have been some security layers, such as SSL, to keep the customers safe. Moreover, its parent company, PDD Holdings, has a good reputation.

4) Are temu products made in China?

Temu has its leading manufacturing sector in China. Most suppliers are from China. So you get slower shipping worldwide with the made-in-China products.

5) What are some of the best Temu products?

Temu has all the products you need for your business. There are some popular categories you should know about:

  • Baby clothes
  • Accessories
  • Stickers
  • Toys
  • Water Bottles
  • Home Decor

6) Is Temu packaging prone to damage?

Technically, it is NOT. It depends on your suppliers and how strong the packaging they provide. Some manufacturers send you the BEST TEMU products in the best packaging. You can get customization services from some sellers, too. On the other hand, you might also face the low-quality packaging.

7) Why is Temu so Cheap?

The reason is the direct connection of the suppliers with the buyers. You get wholesale rates. Moreover, the products are cheaper due to:

  • Lower taxes implemented by the Chinese government.
  • Labor cost is less.

These are the probable reasons behind the low prices in Temu.


Temu is a reliable platform. But you should be careful of the scammers. To avoid the scam, always learn about the supplier. Check their legitimacy status. And buy only if you settle on the pricing and verify the supplier.

That is the ultimate key to grabbing quality products in Temu!

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