Is it Safe to Buy from AliExpress?

By HX Wenli
February 16, 2022

This post will show you exactly how to buy from Aliexpress safely.
Aliexpress introduction
How Aliexpress work
Common problem
Lots more、
So if you want to buy from Aliexpress safely, this post is for you.
Let’s get started.

Chapter 1: Basics of buying from Aliexpress

What is AliExpress?

Aliexpress is an ecommerce site just like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. It was founded in 2009 and launched in 2010 under the name of AliExpress. Surprisingly, Alibaba group is AliExpress owner.
Not only in China, but you can also find it in Singapore and relevant regions. So, wherever it works, you can contact AliExpress owner Alibaba Group. Sites like AliExpress include Amazon and eBay. However, there are other websites like AliExpress too. You can try them too to understand how AliExpress dropshipping center works.

1.aliexpress china

What does it sell?

Just take the example of Amazon. What does Amazon sell? Inventory from manufacturers and suppliers, right? Apply this case to AliExpress China.
AliExpress China is a platform where manufacturers and sellers connect with potential buyers. Maybe this trade is B2B or B2C banking on the type of buyers and sellers. The question arises—What products can I buy here?
No surprises. You can buy all types of inventory. From electronics to clothes, you have access to household products. Moreover, you can find the wearables as well.
Here are famous categories of products at AliExpress China.

  • Clothing for men, women, and children
  • AliExpress Wedding Dress
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Articles for beauty and health
  • Motorcycle and car accessories
  • Shoes and accessories
  • AliExpress Jewelry
  • Computers
  • Cell phones and telecommunications
  • Home appliances
  • Gardening goods
  • Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

Why should you buy from AliExpress China?

Many people ask the same question – buy from Aliexpress. You know, why? There is a misconception— Some say, “Aliexpress China is crap.” That’s not true at all.
Thousands of buyers are purchasing inventory at Aliexpress China. Do they all get scammed? Never. If you want to delete AliExpress account. You might be a mistake.
So, why Aliexpress shopping? Many reasons can justify the situation here. Have a look.

· AliExpress wholesale prices

You can find a range of products at AliExpress wholesale price. For example, if you need premium quality products, get them. So, what will be the price, then? No doubt, more than the medium quality products. So, lower to higher prices products are accessible.
That makes AliExpress a top eCommerce competitor.

· Buy from Aliexpress No limits on MOQ

Ecommerce sites are for whom? For buyers and sellers, right? No matter you want a single product or 100 units of an item, you can buy it from AliExpress. There are no limits on the minimum quantity of orders.

· A large number of buyers and AliExpress best sellers

What makes an e-commerce site reliable? I guess the surplus of trusted sellers. It engages what? Hundreds or even thousands of potential buyers, right?
Believe me, it is true when you search AliExpress reviews. You can find all the top manufacturers on AliExpress. Either factories or suppliers are there. For your store, what makes it unsafe?
Tip: Check AliExpress reviews to be more confident.

· Buy from Aliexpress is easy to use

AliExpress’ website is relatively easy to use. Even you have access to the app on your Android and iOS device. It makes the whole process smooth and reliable.
Need a product? Open your app. Choose the item among multiple products. Hit order and receive it at your doorstep. That’s all you have to do. I would say it is “Simple and Effective!”

Chapter 2: How does AliExpress work?

The working mechanism of AliExpress is not that hard. Simply put, you have to buy the item and order it. Once the order has been shipped, be ready to collect it. Smooth and easy to operate. Here are steps to understand how exactly buying and selling works on AliExpress USA or China.

Seller put the products on sale

All eCommerce sites including AliExpress USA have a domain name. On the homepage, you can find all the categories of inventory. Sometimes, you can download their mobile apps if provided.
Sellers put the products on sale. They might do the following steps:

  • List their item on the product page
  • Input title and description
  • Add images and videos
  • Fulfill all other criteria for selling items

That’s all a seller has to do on AliExpress USA.

2.AliExpress USA

Communications between buyers and sellers

A buyer may be a B2C or B2B trader. So, the buyer goes through all the products pages. Remember, there are multiple products in the same category. So, it becomes easy to land on the best one.
On the product page, the shopper can contact the seller. All getting all the information, the buyer can move ahead to order.

Buyers purchase the inventory

Are you a buyer? If yes, just awesome. You already have ordered inventory and know how it all works.
However, how does it work?
Nothing special. Consumers order their favorite items. On the backend, the seller will receive the order and choose the medium for order fulfillment.


Shipping of the item

Only buying the item is not sufficient. Instead, the seller has to ship the item. Before AliExpress shipping:

  • Add your address
  • Be specific in address details where you will receive the item.

Once you have purchased the item, the seller will send the item to your location. Usually, within 60 days, the product is received. If not, you can contact your seller.

4.Shipping of the item

Feedback system

Have you received the item? One last step left, then. You need to provide feedback. It is not an essential step but optional. It helps other consumers to know how your experience was.
So, you can provide feedback about the item. AliExpress reviews allow a useful way to find a quality item.

Chapter 3: Common problems buyers might counter at AliExpress USA

People have doubts in mind. To some extent, I will agree with them. The problem may be with the sellers or system errors. During all this, you have to be sensible. That’s why make your approach better to avoid problems.
Common problems you might encounter are here. Read on!

1. Buyers don’t get products at a given AliExpress shipping time

The difficult situation. Even I would say it is “mental agony.” Everyone needs the product in time. A slight delay can put you at risk. Since buyers want to be on the safe side, they want the AliExpress shipping delivery in time. The situation is even worse when AliExpress tracking becomes hard.
Usually, it takes 30-50 days for AliExpress Shipping time. Due to some reasons, the delivery may be late. After 60 days, the buyers don’t acquire products. It is truly frustrating for them. Remember, it might happen to you. Better be in touch with customer service. AliExpress messages are also a good option in this case.

2. There is the wrong AliExpress tracking number

It doesn’t happen with everyone. You can assume it to be a rare error. There are several reasons for wrong AliExpress tracking information.

  • System errors showing wrong AliExpress tracking
  • Multiple products labels get shifted
  • The product label is inaccurate

Many reasons might be out there. So, what to do in such a case?
Don’t worry about it. Let customer support know your problem. They will track the item and update you if any problem.

3. AliExpress Tracking info is not updated

If you are a potential buyer, you might have ordered products earlier as well. Maybe the shipping port or destination country is the same. But, some problems might arise. Sometimes, even after two weeks of placing the order, AliExpress shipping tracking information is the same.
You won’t be able to detect the parcel, whether it has reached or still coming through the process. In some cases, the seller doesn’t know about this.
Why does this happen?
It might refer to AliExpress tracking info. No tracking info has been updated yet. Even after 60 days, you won’t receive the products.

4. Item quality is quite different from expected

The crucial problem! Why is Amazon famous? Can you guess?
It points to quality products. If there are scammers, Amazon won’t even succeed. So, quality guarantees the success of sellers and platforms.
The second scenario refers to a damaged item. Due to careless shipping, products get damaged. Sellers will agree to replace the damaged item with the new one. You know, what the actual problem is here? The waste of precious time.
Either damaged items or low-quality items cause frustrations. It keeps potential buyers away from platforms like AliExpress USA.

5. Quality sellers are not there!

Sellers are of different types. But, the main question is: What are quality sellers?
Quality sellers refer to sellers offering quality merchandise. No matter you order a pair of Nike shoes or socks. What matters is the quality of both shoes and socks.
No doubt, there are hundreds of sellers on AliExpress USA. But, the sellers whom we can say QUALITY SELLERS are less. It is severely damaging the reputation of this platform.
Any solution to it? Yes. Read on chapter 6, and you will get the answer.

Chapter 4: 5 Reasons for delayed delivery from AliExpress

Is your delivery from AliExpress late? No need to worry about it. Here are some reasons that might contribute.

1. The transfer flight is sometimes late

Usually, air flights follow strict timelines. You might never see late air shipping unless there are some reasons. Such as:

  • Rainy Seasons that might cause light thunders
  • Security issues in the airplane
  • Unexpected situations such as maintenance of aircraft.

There can be other reasons too. All these motives head to what— late flights. So, what will be the result?
Your products will deliver late.

2. The parcel is not qualified for transport

Before shipping items, the air freight team has to check the bags. They might open it to make sure everything complies with terms and conditions. Since there are multiple small packages in the bag, what do you think? Won’t it take time?
Unpacking and repacking consume time. Overall, the product will deliver late.
Moreover, some items don’t qualify for air shipping. For example, liquid products, corrosives, and flammable substances. They might pose risks to the overall safety.

3. When full container load is shipped

Shipping companies don’t deliver only one or two packages. You know, why? Because it is expensive for them too. Who will lose the cost instead of generating some profits from it? I suppose no one.
So, shipping companies only go on their way to ship unless the container is full. In an aircraft, they wait until the room is full. That’s why the flights take more time than expected.

4. Customs clearance issues

Every product shipping is liable to custom clearances. To deliver products outside the country, companies have to pay. And this process takes time.
Good cooperation between the China postal service and other countries always ensures quick delivery. Is the quick delivery service really fast? I would say “NO.”
But there is a condition. If customs clearances come about promptly, shipping is fast. But, most countries employ less human workforce for customs clearance. For timely clearance, you need to pay extra and go in a special line. It causes vital monetary and timing challenges for buyers and sellers.
Another problem might arise. It rarely happens when the customs checkpoints suddenly say, “They won’t receive large quantities of products.”
What happens, then?
Products are transferred to a compatible checkpoint. Again, it consumes time. You might receive the product after 60 days. So a frustrating situation, right?

5. Holidays and Festivals are there!

Oh, festivals are there! Your delivery will be late.
Why does it occur?
On holidays or festivals, everyone is on vacation. So, no workforce is available. No product delivery is possible. Once the holiday ends, the system restores its working position. Especially when there is Chinese National Day from 1st to 8th October, there are vacations. These days, products will be shipped from the airport after 8th October.
So, product delivery will be late again. Sometimes, in pandemics, this situation might arise. I know, it is the worse situation for all of us, but it all goes on.
Take the example of COVID-19. From local transport to international shipping, all were frozen in this pandemic. That’s the most discontent period for the people. After 60 days, they didn’t receive their products.

Chapter 5: Buy from AliExpress Shipping and Tracking Guide

Shipping and tracking is a real problem when it comes to AliExpress. People love AliExpress for affordable rates. But, it does make the shipping in time?
The answer is “Yes.” Some situations might cause late delivery as well. But, during all this what matters is—shipping tracking.
AliExpress shipping tracking is a headache. You know, why? Because you rarely get exact shipping information. Sometimes, shipping information is not updated. Maybe your tracking info is wrong.
Any solution to it? Yes, have a look!

Shipping Options on AliExpress

There are different shipping options. Product weight, category, and safety determine which shipping option will be the best. Have a look at four shipping options at AliExpress.

1. Economy Shipping

Economy shipping is a cheap option for shipping on AliExpress. It applies to those products that are lightweight and less valuable. Yet the option is affordable but reliable. If I talk about the shipping info, you might get it when the product is in China. When it is at the destination, you might not know the exact date for shipping.
Remember, some shipping companies let you know the date as well.

2. Saver Shipping

Saver shipping provides the registered postal packets. The great thing about it is the shipping info. Amazingly, you can get the Aliexpress package tracking information. Whether the product is still in China or the destination country, you can know the essential data.

3. Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is a good option for tracking the whole shipping information. It applies to registered postal packs and special line services. You can analyze the AliExpress standard shipping tracking information of the whole process. Where your products have reached when will it come to your location— all you can get here.

4. Premium Shipping

The best of All! The premium shipping option offers you all you need for your shipping tracking. For example, if you want quick delivery, premium shipping allows. Need AliExpress order tracking information? No problem. Premium shipping will provide you with real-time AliExpress package tracking facilities. You can know where your product has reached.
And the main question is— What products can get premium shipping?
High-value products such as electronic devices and similar categories of products. Still not great?

Get in touch with the AliExpress Customer Service Number

AliExpress customer service number is the solution to all your problems. Got stuck in transport? No worries. Let AliExpress customer service know about your situation. They will try harder to find a solution to your problem.
Customer service will respond to your AliExpress messages promptly. After some time, you will be able to detect your packages.
There are some serious problems here as well.

  • Free Shipping products get the economy shipping
  • Products order below $5 get the economy shipping

Is the economy shipping bad? Not bad, but it takes time to deliver products. Even after 60 days, you don’t get your inventory. Isn’t it terrible for you?

5.bulk product

Order Bulk products

Economy shipping is just mental pain. You don’t get the tracking information. Suddenly, one day, you receive your inventory. Sometimes, your products are lost in transit. After waiting two months, you get no products. Is there any solution to it?
Yes. It is possible when you order packages with premium shipping options. For example, electronic products are premium products. As they are expensive, premium shipping such as DHL, FedEx will be the top choice. Within the given period, you will track and receive your item.
What if your product is in the niche of the valuable product? So, what to do?
Try bulk products. When hundreds of items will be shipped to a single address, premium shipping will be the only option left. You will get the real-time tracking facilities and get your products in time.

Be in touch with the shipping team

The tracking problem is not new. But the trouble ensues when you don’t take action. Why not be in touch with the companies that are bringing your package.
Here are some options with shipping companies.

  • For economy shipping, Ciano Super Economy, SunYou Economic Air Mail, and many other companies allow shipping.
  • In saver shipping, companies like AliExpress Saver Shipping and Cainiao Saver Shipping might transport your inventory.
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping tracking is offered by AliExpress Standard Shipping, Cainiao Expedited Standard and China Post Registered Air Mail.
  • Premium shipping companies include DHL, EMS, e-EMS, TNT, UPS, FedEx.

If you are using premium shipping, get real-time AliExpress order tracking. Be ready to receive your item at your location.

Chapter 6: How to buy safely from AliExpress?

Do you want to buy products from AliExpress? Remember to be cautious. There are scammers. You might get ineffective quality of products. So, better go through the following steps to avoid any issues.

Check buyer protection

Buying from an online store is a way different from the physical store. You can’t check the products physically.
It makes scams quite easy. So, AliExpress is really crap, then? Not at all.
Thanks to AliExpress dropshipping center. They have a buyer protection option. Here are two major options to go.

· Full refund

If the AliExpress dropshipping item doesn’t show up or is late, you can get a full refund. Within 15 days, you will receive the funds back in your account.

· Partial refund

Is your AliExpress dropshipping item quality low than expected? You have two options. Either return it or get a partial refund.

6.Partial refund

Find a reputable AliExpress seller

AliExpress has thousands of Chinese best sellers. These might be suppliers or AliExpress dropshipping center sellers.
But, the main question is—how to find a reputable AliExpress seller?
No problem. Just go through the following information.

  • Check the seller reviews
  • Talk to AliExpress seller directly
  • Go through shipping speed
  • Read feedbacks from other buyers

If all the AliExpress reviews are positive, it might be the best seller for you.

Check product reviews

Never fall prey to scammers. They might offer you an AliExpress discount code. But, quality is what you must be looking for not AliExpress discount code.
So, better check product reviews. Usually, they are as:

  • Service as Described
  • Consumers feedback
  • Seller communication
  • Shipping speed

You can observe the overall rating of the seller. So, beware of fraudulent activities.

7.Shipping speed

Review seller guarantees

AliExpress best sellers offer guarantees. Simply put, the more guarantees the seller gives, the more confident you will be. It will show you how the seller conducts sales. Here are four types of guarantees.

· On-time delivery

Seller provides for the on-time delivery. Most sellers mention 60 days for products. They might refund you if the product doesn’t arrive in time.

· Return and Refund

You can return and get a refund from the seller.

· Domestic return

The seller has an AliExpress dropshipping center in the country. No need to worry about customs for returning products.

· Guaranteed Genuine

AliExpress dropshipping center verifies the guaranteed genuine products.

8.Review seller guarantees

Be sharp and open to disputes

Whenever you realize there is a problem, just open disputes. This technique will keep you away from scams. Here is what can compel you to open disputes.

  • When the seller is offering an AliExpress coupon code that is too good to be true. By that means, huge discounts. Who will offer a 95% AliExpress promo code? It will let you feel something is wrong either with the AliExpress promo code or seller.
  • There are different payment options. For example, PayPal AliExpress payment. Sometimes, sellers don’t give AliExpress Paypal. Instead, it says to transfer money to a bank account directly. Never do that.
  • Never make mistakes by confirming delivery before receiving the order.

Chapter 6: What are the advantages and disadvantages of AliExpress?

There are several advantages and disadvantages of using AliExpress. Don’t rush at all. Instead, be calm and conduct research. Deduce whether AliExpress is the one you are looking for or not.
Still, confused you should choose it or not? Here are the advantages and disadvantages!


  • Low prices. Even some sellers offer an AliExpress promo code for some products.
  • Access to an unlimited quantity of products.
  • Excellent buyer protection
  • Excellent customer support
  • Good for sellers looking for an AliExpress dropship center.


  • Product customization is not available. You can’t attach private labels.
  • Anyone can sell. It decreases the number of quality AliExpress dropship center sellers.
  • Product quality might be different expected.

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy from AliExpress?

The simple answer is “yes.” There are several doubts in mind. But trust matters. AliExpress is an excellent platform for both B2B and B2C traders. You can find a variety of products.
Here are some tips for purchasing products safely on AliExpress.

  • Be in touch with Customer Service whenever you feel the product is not what you expect.
  • Use the buyer protection
  • Check the reviews of the products and sellers on the profile
  • Make sure the seller has a verified account.

For confidence, you can go through AliExpress reviews. AliExpress reviews on famous reviewing sites would be the best option to go.

How can I open a dispute if stuck in a problem?

AliExpress dropship center team is very efficient. You need to open the disputes on the order page.
There are two situations here.

  • You need to submit the details when the product is still pending. Agreed delivery was 60 days, but you didn’t receive it yet. Then, the case management team will resolve the issue and claim your refund if you win the case.
  • The product is either damaged or different from what was expected. In such a case, the AliExpress team will closely observe and let you provide images and videos. Once you win the case, refunds will be in your account in the next moment.

To which countries AliExpress dropship center allow exporting?

AliExpress dropship center allows export to almost any country in the globe. If you want to ferry from AliExpress dropship center China to the USA, no problem. The relevant shipping team will do that job.

How do I keep scammers away?

The best way to keep scammers away is to go through a safe method for inventory purchases. Here are some steps you must follow for safe transport from dropshipping center AliExpress to your location.

  • Check the product reviews. How do people love this product? Why do people love it? All this will determine how the product is.
  • Review seller guarantees. Whether the seller offers all the guarantees for safe buying from dropshipping center AliExpress or not.
  • Never send payment directly to the seller bank account
  • Never buy unrealistically cheap products
  • Only confirm delivery when you physically receive the item

How does the AliExpress coupon code work?

AliExpress coupon code is a good opportunity to get some discounts. Some AliExpress coupon codes offer discounts of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even 50%.
But, do you know how to apply the Aliexpress coupon code to enjoy discounts? If not, here are some steps to redeem the AliExpress promo code.

  • Select the product
  • Go to the order
  • You will see an option AliExpress Promo code.

You can enter the code and enjoy some discounts. That’s how exactly people redeem their AliExpress code.

9.AliExpress coupon code

How to get an AliExpress promo code?

AliExpress code enables you to save some perks on your products. Not all products have the AliExpress promo code. Instead, you can apply to specific items. However, there are ways to get the AliExpress promo code.

  • Check out your account page. There might be some special AliExpress coupons offered to you.
  • On product pages, you can find the AliExpress coupon codes as well.
  • Follow the AliExpress official accounts on social media. They announce an Aliexpress free shipping code.

There can be other ways too. Try every possible method to claim your coupon code for saving some bucks.

How can I find the most worth buying product?

Since there are both low and high-quality products, you need to find quality products. It is only possible if you know the product reviews. Without product reviews, there is another option too.
And what that is?

10.worth buying product

AliExpress Reddit. Reddit is a social channel for people to communicate. Apart from finding the Aliexpress coupon codes, you can get at the popular yet quality products at AliExpress Reddit. Sensible buyers follow the official channels on Reddit and go through the products. They buy only quality products at reasonable prices.
The whole buying process makes AliExpress a top choice for foreign traders.

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