Importing from China to USA – The Complete Guide(2022)

By justchinait
September 25, 2021

This is a complete guide about importing from China to USA in 2022.
In this new guide you’ll learn:

  • How to place your orders.
  • How to arrange the delivery
  • How to track your shipping
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

Table of Content
Chapter 1: Importing from China to USA Basics
1)What is importing from China to USA?
2)Why is importing from China to USA important?
3)How can you do better importing from China to USA?

Chapter 2: Something you should think before importing from China to the USA
1)Is it legal to import these goods?
2)Is the buyer or seller responsible for shipping costs?
3)Is the product information true and clear?
4)Are you complying with proper customs procedures?
5)Do you need product liability insurance?
6)Have you posted the correct customs bond?

Chapter 3: Key steps before placing orders to Import from China
1)How to choose a shopping platform
2)How to compare prices
3)How to find good suppliers
4)Some notes when placing orders and paying

Chapter 4: Arrange to ship goods after the order is placed
1)Prepare ahead of time for possible delays
2)Choose a good freight forwarder partner
3)Choose suitable transportation

Chapter 5: What do you need to pay for shipping?
1)Transportation costs
2)Warehouse, Inspection and Port of Entry Fees.
3)Customs Broker Fees
4)Agent Fees
5)Import Duties

Chapter 6: Track your cargo after shipping
1)General delivery time
2)How soon can you receive the arrival notice?
3)What documents do you need to pick up the goods?

Chapter 7: Obtain your shipment
1)Pick up your goods
2)Check the information about your goods
3)Send a notice to your supply

Chapter 8: Tips for importing from China to the USA
1)Study of specific rules.
2)Choose trust Chinese suppliers
3)Sign a firm sales contract
4)Choose FOB trade terms
5)Try not to choose the air
6)Keep in mind times
7)Keep the GRI in mind

CHAPTER 1:Importing from China to USA Basics

What is importing from China to the USA?

Importing from China to the USA means that you buy goods made in China and ship them to the United States. There are wholesale and retail imports.

If you want to import goods from China for your use, you can choose the retail mode. If you plan to start your own business, there is no doubt that wholesale is better for you.

Why is importing from China to the USA important?

With the rapid development of China, China produces most of the world’s consumer goods. Nowadays, more and more people choose to import from China. Importing from China has become a key step in their business success.

Here are some reasons why you should choose to import from China to the USA:
1. A Higher profit rate means you can make a lot of money
Importing goods from China to the USA. That means you can get the goods you need at a very low price. In other words, importing low-cost goods from China to the USA helps you get a larger profit rate.
2. It’s easy to import from China to the USA
Nowadays, with more and more developed transportation, it is very easy to import from China. You can shop the goods from China to the USA by sea, rail, air, and so on.

How can you do better importing from China to the USA?

If you want to import from China to the USA better, you need to think about the following questions first.

  1. What products are suitable for import from China to the USA?
    Generally, goods with small volume and lightweight are more suitable for import. Because such goods will not bring a lot of transportation costs.
  1. Do these products meet market demand?
    Choosing the right goods is the premise of business success. Therefore, you need to conduct market research before importing goods. Only after you fully understand the market can you choose the goods that meet the market demand.
  1. What is the profit margin for these products imported from China?
    The profit margin may be your biggest concern. Your cost mainly includes purchase cost plus transportation cost. How many sales may your goods generate? This needs to be calculated according to the market situation in the USA.
  1. How will I market these products?
    Marketing methods play an important role in the success of a business. You need to figure out in advance what marketing measures you will take for your imported goods.
    Thinking about these issues can help you make better decisions. Judge the type and quantity of the first imported goods. Help you do better Importing from China to the USA.

Thinking about these issues can help you make better decisions. Judge the type and quantity of the first imported goods. Help you do better Importing from China to the USA.

CHAPTER 2:Something you need to learn about before importing from China to the USA

There are a few more basic things. You need to know these things before importing from China to the USA.

Is it legal to import these goods?

There are specific regulations for some products imported from China. Your licensed customs broker can tell you if your products are legal to import.

Is the buyer or seller responsible for shipping costs?

You or the seller may be responsible for shipping costs and risks. Depending on the terms of trade followed.

Is the product information true and clear?

Make sure you have all the correct and accurate details about the imported goods. It is illegal to provide incorrect information about a shipment to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Are you complying with proper customs procedures?

Your licensed customs broker can help you complete all customs formalities and comply with all regulations.

Do you need product liability insurance?

Product liability insurance can provide you with coverage for damage caused by defective products. At this time, you will need to discuss product liability insurance with an insurance professional.

Have you posted the correct customs bond?

There are two options for customs bonds. Make sure you select the correct bond for your business. Your licensed customs broker can help ensure that you have the proper customs.

CHAPTER 3:Key steps before placing orders to Import from China

How to choose a shopping platform

The main Chinese wholesale shopping websites now are four. The four wholesale websites are as follows:

Alibaba is currently the largest e-commerce company in the world. It is based in China.
The number of suppliers to has exceeded 100,000. These suppliers come from countries all over the world. There are millions of items to choose from at
If you plan to develop your e-commerce business for a long time, Alibaba is the first platform you should know.

Unlike Alibaba, all suppliers of Aliexpress are from China. It is a platform for Chinese suppliers to sell products to overseas customers. Especially in Brazil and Russia, Aliexpress has a lot of consumers.
In Aliexpress, you can switch between various languages. So don’t worry about language.

Dhgate is the first B2B online trading platform in China. It only targets small and medium-sized enterprises.
According to PayPal trading platform data, Dhgate is the world’s sixth e-commerce website in online foreign trade transactions. Its transactions reached 10 billion in 2011.

Global Sources 
Global Source specializes in the design side of fashion clothing. It offers mainly fashionable sleepwear, sportswear, and casual wear.
The core market is the supply of clothing to large retailers, large chain shops, and wholesalers. These garments are mainly used with children under the age of 14.

How to compare prices efficiently?

Comparing prices makes sense when the quality of the products is the same. While the brands and stores are different.

The following four methods can help you compare prices better and faster.

  1. Use price comparison shopping engines and discount shopping websites. These websites can help you find the best deals online.
  2. Conduct online research before buying a product.
  3. Visit at least three websites before making your purchase decision.
  4. Use Amazon and Google to compare the prices of products.

How to find good suppliers

If you find a very cheap supply, raise a red flag. You should know that the lowest price always stays with high risk. Maybe quality, quantity, or trust.

So, we suggest when selecting suppliers, you should not only consider the price but also consider these. Such as the quality of goods and the trust of suppliers.

  • First of all, you can see their review content and quality. If their star rating is more than 4, they are worth considering. 
  • Secondly, if the repurchase rate of the supplier reaches more than 40%. You have found a good supplier.
  • Finally, you should consider how the supplier charges the freight. Whether they can give a discount if your order is large.

Normally, the larger your order, the lower the unit price. With the increase of your cooperation times, suppliers will be willing to give certain discounts.

Some notes when placing orders and paying

  • Make sure the supplier you choose is trustworthy.

You can judge the quality of suppliers by viewing these aspects. Information details of suppliers’ stores, customer review, and repurchase rate. Of course, you can also call your supplier for more communication.

  • Confirm the quantity you need with your supplier.

Ask them if they have stock. If so, how long they can deliver goods according to your needs. If your supplier doesn’t have stock, you need to know the delivery time.

  • Use escrow services for payment if possible

Escrow services allow the buyer to keep funds with an independent third party. As soon as the buyer confirms the goods, they will send the funds to the seller.

CHAPTER 4:Arrange to ship goods after the order is placed

Shipping includes transportation costs, container handling costs, and some other fees. All the fees are related to the terminal. You should consider all of these factors. So that you can make a reasonable estimate of the costs.

Prepare ahead of time for possible delays.

For example, suppliers may not be able to finish production on time. Ships may not leave on time. Goods may be inspected or even detained by customs during shipping.

Even if your cargo is completed in the factory. Do not expect they would leave the port as soon as completed in the factory. Because it needs at least 1-2 days for your cargo transport from the factory to the port.

The customs clearance process may delay your shipment by 1-2 days at the port.

Choose a good freight forwarder partner.

Shipping is an aspect of modern business and it has to be taken seriously. Shipping costs include fees for moving your products from their origin to their destination.

A good partner ensures smooth operations, manageable costs, and continuous cash flow.

Choose suitable shipping.

You can choose many ways to ship your goods. For example air, sea, railway, etc. The suitable shipping mode mainly depends on three reasons.

First of all, the volume and weight of goods have a great impact. Secondly, the time when you want the goods to arrive. Finally, your freight cost budget. There is no doubt air is the most expensive.

CHAPTER 5:What do you need to pay for shipping?

Imported goods can be cheaper than domestic goods. But there are some other costs. The shipping cost may include the following items:

Shipping costs. 

Shipping costs may be the duty of either the buyer or the seller. This depends on the trade terms you are using.

Warehouse, Inspection, and Port of Entry Fees. 

Products imported from China need to be inspected when crossing the USA border. Depending on the product, the fees caused by these inspections may add unexpected costs.

Customs Broker Fees

Working with a qualified customs broker can help simplify the import process. They can ensure you have paid all fees, obtain permits, and help clear your goods for importation.

Agent Fees. 

When importing from China, customs agents may inspect your goods. Sometimes, this will add fees. You can pay these fees when your goods arrive at the port. After paying, you can get your goods into your warehouse or location.

Import Duties

For every item that currently exists, the Harmonised Tariff System (HTS) provides rates for them. If you would like more information on US Customs, we recommend that you visit their official website.Import duties from China to the USA can be a major cost.

CHAPTER 6:Track your cargo after shipping

General delivery time

International shipping usually takes a long time. For example, it takes an average of 2 weeks to ship goods from China to the west coast of the United States. While it takes one month to reach the east coast of the United States.

How soon can you receive the arrival notice?

Normally, the agent required on the bill will inform the consignee via a notice of arrival. They will send the notice within 5 days of the shipment at the port.

When the goods arrive at their destination, the registered importer will help you. They will submit the entry documents to the port director. These documents are helpful for pickup.

What documents do you need to pick up the goods?

Entry documents are:

Provide a bill of lading for the items you are importing.
Provide an official invoice. With proof of country of origin, purchase price, and tariff classification in it.
Detail the packing of the imported goods and provide a packing list.
Freight forwarder sends notification of arrival.
You had better meet the following conditions. If so, you will speed up the passage of your goods across the border.
A detailed invoice of your cargo.
Show the exact quantity of goods in each box, case, or other parcels.
Marking and numbering of each parcel.
These marks or numbers are shown on the invoice.

CHAPTER 7:Obtain your shipment

Pick up your goods.

Upon the arrival of the goods, arrange for your customs broker to pass customs. If all are OK, you can pick up the goods.

If you choose door-to-door service, you can just wait for your shipment. They will be sent to your destination or wherever you request.

Check the information about your goods

After you have received the goods, you need to confirm the quality, packaging, instructions, price, and labels. The seller’s parts are fulfilled as long as these are right.

Send a notice to your supplier

Once confirming, we suggest you inform your seller in time. Send an email to your supply. Inform them you have received the order without any problems. And you are looking forward to the next collaboration with them.

CHAPTER 8:Tips for importing from China to the USA

Study of specific rules.

When you import from China, you will need to research the rules with which you’ll have to comply. For some product categories, few Chinese export suppliers meet the standards and rules of the European Union (EU).

Choose trust Chinese suppliers

If your supplier is not trusted, he may issue false or incorrect certification to you. This can result in your goods being held at customs.

This also will cause you shipping troubles and other costs. Other costs include storage fees and delay fees. A worse result: the port may detain your goods and ban them.

Sign a firm sales contract

Drafting a sales agreement is very important for import. In this agreement, all attributes should be clear. And product specifications and return conditions must be attached.

Choose FOB trade terms

We recommend choosing to trade under Incoterms FOB (Free On Board) as much as possible. FOB can protect the buyer to the greatest extent and reduce the buyer’s losses.

Try not to choose the air

Air is usually workable only when you are dealing with a low volume of goods. And these goods may with high added value and a high-profit rate. 

Keep in mind times

When you are importing from China, time is a key factor for a successful business. We always recommend that you plan transport from China at least three months ahead of time.

Keep the GRI in mind

Because the doubt every month has a new GRI. So we suggest that you speak with their consultants as early as possible. This can help you obtain rates with the lowest GRI earlier. And this helps guarantee prices in the medium term.


Ok, that’s all we are talking about, now it’s your turn.
I hope this guide showed you how to import from China.
Now I’d like to show you everything you need.
What’s the #1 tip from this post that you like?
Are you going to use anything in your business?
Or maybe you have a doubt about something you read.
Anyway, let us know by leaving a comment, we are happy to help you!


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