How to Track Your China Epacket Shipment: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Sarah
June 20, 2023

With the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry, many online sellers had concerns about shipping. Fortunately, logistics infrastructure has facilitated the routing of products through effective and seamless shipping.

With this, drop-shipping and eCommerce have taken a steep rising growth graph. Most of the product shipping occurs from China. And ePacket has helped procure flawless shipping at inexpensive prices.

Today we will have a detailed discussion of ePacket shipping and tracking along with its advantages and working mechanism.

Let’s start!

1. China ePacket Tracking Basics

1) What is an ePacket?

ePacket is simply a SHIPPING option. Many third-party SHIPPING services offer this option.

Before the ePacket, there was an AFFORDABLE option China EMS. But the problem was SHIPPING SPEED. It took months to reach a PACKET at its destination.


The solution?

In 2011, USPS announced the ePacket option. It is super-affordable and OFFERS fast. The Main connection of ePacket is with CHINA and Hong Kong.

2) What is ePacket delivery?

ePacket delivery is:

● E for eCommerce.
● Packet means package.

An ePacket delivery refers to the shipping of products to the customers. ePacket delivery from China to the USA or other countries is quite a POPULAR thing.

But the shipping occurs only on the INTERNATIONAL levels. Then what happens locally?

Local companies ship. For example:

● Canada Post
● Royal Mail
● Post Office
● Japan Post

Consider it like a chain from international to local levels.

ePacket delivery from China to the USA comprises two significant steps.

● International delivery— China Post ships the ePacket locally from the sellers.
● Local delivery— It happens in the destination country. China EMS delivers products to the USPS. Later, the USPS does the door delivery to the customer’s door.

That is how an ePacket delivery works. Being a seller, you can utilize the ePacket service on eCommerce websites. For example, you can offer this option if you drop ship products from Aliexpress.

3) Why is ePacket so important?

ePacket is a super affordable option. You get the ultimate tracking.

And the best thing about ePacket?

On one end, you have China EMS. On the other end, USPS is handling your deliveries.

Still, do you doubt the delivery? Nope. Not at all. Both are top companies.

Let’s know why ePacket is a top choice.

● Reliable service. China EMS and USPS are both reliable services. And both handle your ePacket shipping. That means you’ll get a smooth experience.
● Work with multiple platforms. ePacket works with Aliexpress or Dhgate. ePacket Tracking DHGATE further facilitates you to integrate it.
● Affordable. No high charges. No extra costs. Pricing is less. You get 100% Transparency in deals. What else do you want?

2. ePacket Tracking; Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to track down your delivery from ePacket?

Step 1: Open your order Dashboard

Have you used ePacket delivery from China?

No worries. I have got a SIMPLE method to try. First and Foremost, open the website where you have ordered. For example, suppose you ordered headphones from Aliexpress.

● Log in to your account.
● Move to the order section.
● Click on Track Order.

Step 2: Get your tracking ID

Once you click the Track order, your job is not done yet.

ePacket delivery from China Tracking involves the ePacket tracking number.

And where do you get the tracking number?

● Navigate to Track order.
● Check the Product Delivery status.
● You’ll see a Tracking Number on the order.

I have listed more details on the Tracking number to understand it.

● Tracking number length

The ePacket tracking number comprises 13 WORDS. Nine words are the digits. In comparison, four words are the Words.

You can get further details here.
● Tracking ID format

Here is an example of a tracking ID format.


It is the Tracking ID of an ePacket. Here is what you should know:

● L refers to the “ePacket.”
● S is a specific word. It indicates the service or area of the customers. However, other words can be T, M, or A. All have a particular meaning depending on the shipping location or category.
● Nine digits are unique for all types of products. Every single item has a different Nine Digit Code.
● The last two letters indicate the shipping country. CN in the above example shows the shipping country is China.

Whenever shipping products from ePacket, this tracking ID will show you everything about an ePacket tracking number.

Step 3: Use multiple online resources for ePacket shipping tracking

Are you ready to track ePacket delivery from China?

Wait a minute. I have got something to ask. Do you have the tracking number to open?

If yes, tracking is straightforward.

● Visit the Tracking website.
● Enter the ePacket Tracking Number.
● Get the Real-Time delivery status of your products.

But what are tracking apps? I have listed them. These are reliable resources with exact details.

● ParcelApp
● AfterShip
● Trackingmore
● Order Tracker

All the above apps get the tracking details. You need to use the ePacket tracking USPS for domestic delivery in the US.

The reason is that USPS is your domestic delivery agent. USPS ePacket tracking and EMS ePacket tracking are both crucial.

Step 4: Know the current status of your order

When EMS ePacket tracking, you see a tracking status. Are you confused about what that means? No problem.

I have listed significant terms indicated as a status for product delivery.

● Posting

When you see a posting, the shipping company has received the products.

It often occurs just after order processing.
● Dispatch from Sorting Center The sorting center is the main facility. Here team divides products into batches and makes them ready to ship.

Dispatch from the sorting center means the product has left the sorting facility and is out for delivery.
● Arrival at Sorting Center The product first arrives at the sorting center. Shippers arrange the products. Differentiate them. And divide them into batches for easy delivery.

Arrival at the sorting center means your product is at the sorting center.

● Arrival at the delivery office The shipping team takes the product to the delivery office after the product is dispatched.

And it is where the delivery is going on to the next step.
● Handed over to Customs

Customs are entities at cross border shipments. Suppose I ship from China to the USA. Customs will check the products. And Verify the safety of products.

Products are handed over to customs for verification. In ePacket tracking from China, you’ll see a status “Handed over to customs.”
● Released from Customs Customs check the products:

● Ensure they are safe.
● Contain the required raw materials.
● Manufacturing machines are tested for relevant certifications.

Suppose customs confirm the product. What is next?

They will release it. And you’ll get a status, Released from customs.
● Paying Tax

Every product had to pay the tax. However, there is a limit on the tax amount. For instance, your products must exceed $150 in value for taxes.

Paying taxes means the shipping company is paying taxes.

● Returned to Shipper Have you got a status Returned to Shipper?

That means the product is in the hands of shippers. You’ll get them after shipping.
● Customs Released When customs release the product, you’ll get this status.
● Delivery Your product is in the delivery.
● Held by Customs Your products are at the Customs Center. The authorities will clear it once you fulfill the requirements.
● Delivery arranged

Shippers have already arranged the delivery. Now, the shipper will dispatch your products for final delivery.

● Returned to Sender

Shipping cancels when no address is found or the address is located at the wrong place. The logistics team returns the products to the sellers.
● Attempted delivery

The delivery agent went to deliver the product. If the delivery is successful, attempted delivery is successful. In other cases, multiple attempts might take place.

● Customs Declaration

Every cross-border shipment requires a customs declaration. When the agent or team submits it, you get this status.
● Hand over to the airline

The seller has dispatched the item. The shipping team receives it and gives a green signal to the air shipping.

In that case, you find HAND OVER TO THE AIRLINE status.
● Arrive at the facility

The product has arrived at the local facility for delivery.

● Depart from the facility

The product has left the local fulfillment center.
● Export

Export means products are at the borders. The shipping team gets the clearance.
● Outbound in sorting center

It means products have left the China facility. Sooner, they will be out for export to relevant countries like the US.
● Arrived at the facility

The product has arrived at the fulfillment center.

● Inbound in sorting center

The product is at the processing center of the shipping company in CHINA.
● Accepted by carrier

That means your product has been delivered to China EMS for shipment.
● Waiting for pick up

The buyer has to visit the local facility to receive the parcel. The parcel is already there for pickup.

● Shipment confirmation

The product is under processing. The shipping company will ship it sooner.

● Send the item to customs (Inb)

The shipping company is sending your products to customs. Customs will process and give a clean chit for final shipments.
● Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)

The parcel is at the destination country. The exchange office is holding the final delivery.

● Send item abroad (EDI-received)

The shipping company has sent your products. EMS ePacket tracking synchronization has occurred.

● The item forwarded to the destination country (Otb) The shipping company has shipped the products to the destination country.

● Receive item from customer (Otb)

Your shipping team has received the item from the sender.

Step 5: Pickup Orders when they arrive

Look. Most of the time, your parcels are at your doorstep.

Does this happen every time? No. It does not occur when the delivery service can’t find your address.

Sometimes, you want to pick the product yourself.

Is that so?

Track the location of the nearby USPS center. Get your ePacket tracking number and visit them. Show them the tracking ID and get the parcel.

3. ePacket Shipping Time and Areas

1) List of countries where ePacket Ships

Do you want to use an ePacket? Before I explain it, something is even more critical. You must know whether ePacket shipping occurs to your location or not.


Want to know? I have listed some significant countries where ePacket has access and ships.

● North America

In North America, we consider two primary countries.

  1. United States.
  1. Canada.

The good thing is ePacket access. You can get the parcel in both countries. ● Europe

Europe has got 50 countries with 44 nations residing. And ePacket ships to most of them. Here is a brief list of countries.

  1. The UK.
  1. Ireland.
  1. Greece.
  1. Lithuania.
  1. Malta.
  1. Sweden.
  1. Switzerland.
  1. Austria.
  1. Hungary.
  1. Poland.
  1. Czech Republic.
  1. Iceland
  1. Croatia.
  1. Cyprus.
  1. Romania.
  1. France.
  1. Germany.
  1. Spain.
  1. Italy.
  1. The Netherlands.
  1. Belgium.
  1. Luxembourg.
  1. Gibraltar.
  1. Portugal.
  1. Denmark.
  1. Finland.
  1. Norway.
  1. Slovakia.
  1. Slovenia.
  1. Estonia.
  1. Latvia.

It is the latest update of 2023 from the ePacket shipping service.

● Asia

ePacket ships to most Asian countries. For example:

● Japan.
● South Korea.
● Singapore.
● Saudi Arabia.
● Thailand.
● Turkey.
● Vietnam.
● Russia.
● Malaysia.
● Kazakhstan.
● Israel.

● Oceania

There are two countries where ePacket ships.

● Australia.
● New Zealand.
● Latin America

In Latin America:

● Brazil.
● Mexico.
● Argentina.
● Chile.

2) ePacket delivery time for different countries

China EMS ePacket delivery time varies from country to country. For example, shipping from CHINA to the US will take less time than Russia.

The reason?

Shorter distance and smooth routes.

So what exactly counts as the shipping time? Let me evaluate the factors.

● Freight Forwarder.
● Shipping option.
● Distance between Destination country and Origin Country.
● Shipping facilities.
● Any upcoming holiday.

But no worries. I have listed transit times for different areas.

● ePacket delivery from China to USA

In the US, delivery is FAST. It takes 3-7 days. Sometimes, time is more because of order processing.

The average time is 10-20 days.

● Australia

Shipping to Australia takes four days. Time can be up and down. Again, it depends on the processing or upcoming seasonal events.

● Europe

Are you shipping to Europe? Cool.

The time is just five days. And it is speedy. Don’t you think so?

● Asia

Asia has got a FASTER speed than Europe. The reason is the location. All Asian countries are near China.

So, the shipping time is three days. Additional two days might take for remote areas.

● South Africa

South Africa has a bit longer period.

The reason is transport effectiveness. However, it takes 10-15 days for a cargo to reach. Time is more in some cases.

4. Requirements for using the ePacket Delivery

Using an ePacket, But the weight is large? You can’t ship. Even a single gram above 2 kilograms won’t help you.

For ePacket shipping, adhere to the terms. And what are the laws?

Here are the terms of the ePacket service.

1) Weight

Weight should not be more than 2 kilograms. For example, if you ship a batch of apparel, ensure the weight is 2 kilograms or less.

Are there any exceptions? Exceptions are everywhere.

If you ship to Israel, you can send 3 kilograms. If you ship to the UK, increase the weight limit to 5 kg.


2) Value

Shipping from China requires the specific value of the products.

For example, your product value must not exceed 400 USD. Whether you ship a CNC machine or a smartphone, the price must be below 400 USD.

What happens if you try to ship a 500 USD parcel?

Simple. You can’t use the ePacket service.

3) Package Size

Package size has an upper and lower limit.

● Package size must not exceed 60 cm.

● Height, width, and length should be below 90 cm.

● Twice the diameter plus the length should be less than 1.04 meters.

In lower limit:

● Length must be greater than 14 cm.

● The width must be greater than 11 cm.

You can’t ship if any point exceeds the requirements.

5. Benefits of using ePacket

ePacket is a good shipping choice. But not the perfect one like many others.

Then why choose it?

Many reasons. For example, affordable costs. Fast delivery. And some reasons are:

1) Fast

Shipping occurs by air. And it is relatively FAST. A standard air delivery takes 4-8 days.

Isn’t it a short time?

In Asian countries, ePacket ships within 3 days. Such a fast delivery is possible with express shipping.

That means you are enjoying express delivery at fair prices.

2) Reliable

ePacket is a service by China EMS and USPS. And we all know both companies are 1000% reliable.

That means you can trust them. It boosts the confidence of the sellers and customers while shipping.

3) Cheap

ePacket is a SUPER-AFFORDABLE option.

You might ask how. It costs just $23.40 when shipping to the US. In the UK, the price is even lower. It costs $21.62 for a 2 kg product.

We can compare it with standard air cargo. A 2 kg weight shipping to the US costs around $45. Note a 50% decrease in the price with ePacket.

That is why ePacket is the choice for most sellers and importers.

4) Door Delivery

Do you want to ship products to the customer’s door?

Leave it on ePacket shipping.

If you live in the US, USPS ships to your doorstep. Ensure your address is the latest and ready to receive the parcel. You can manually pick up the products from nearby locations.

5) Free Returns on undeliverable items

What if your customers don’t receive the products? What if the address is invalid?

What will happen next?

ePacket shipping occurs in the reverse way—US to China. The return is FREE of cost without charging a single penny.

The shipping service will ship products back to the sender. The whole route will cost you a ZERO buck.

Isn’t it a GREAT opportunity?

6) Payments of custom portals

In cross-border shipments, customs check the products. They ensure you pay the import duties and ship safe products.

Earlier, it took months for customs clearance and final delivery.

But now;

Customers can pay customs directly through the China ePacket.

ePacket provides lower costs and better shipping with customs clearance. It is the secret of fast shipping.

6. Why does ePacket require patience?

ePacket shipping looks elegant.

All that glitters is not gold. (A famous Quote)

This quote perfectly applies here. Not every time you get the FAST shipping. At times, you have to wait for delivery.

Here are some cases needing patience.

1) Variable Transit Times

China is in a different time zone. The US is on another site.

For Asian countries, time varies. Similarly, transit times vary. Sometimes, transit time goes due to the time zone. In most cases, your location is far away. ePacket either does not ship to such a location or has some problem with local delivery.

Look. This case does not happen with every customer. I want you to keep realistic expectations in case of late delivery.

Don’t panic after the due time if the shipping time is ten days. You should be patient for the next ten days until the products arrive.

2) Lack of end-to-end visibility

In ePacket shipping, two major companies have a partnership—China EMS, USPS, and many others.

In China, EMS ships. And in the US, it is the USPS responsible.

It divides shipping into two parts. And I am 100% sure it is a HEADACHE for you.

End-to-end visibility is not possible due to two services. It can cause shipping tracking problems. Even products might delay.

How to adapt in that case?

Make up your mind. Be in touch with your shipper. Trace the orders. And weight for some days. You’ll receive your products.

3) Shipping delays

Shipping delays are not new cases. It can be due to:

● Longer transit times

● Variable Shipping times.

● Shipping during peak seasons.

● Sending products during holidays.

● Shipping in COVID-19 or natural disasters.

Whatever the reason is, better know it. You’ll know what to do next.


I have sorted out some tips.

● Ship during off-peak season.

● Be in touch with your shipping provider.

● Track all your orders.

● Ensure there are no holidays or events.

Patience is key. You’ll not face any problems when you follow the above tips.

7. Common Questions about ePacket Deliveries

How much time does it take for an ePacket delivery?

ePacket delivery from Hong Kong or China takes around 10-20 days. This time is specific to the US. Other countries might have a different time frame.

The shipping also depends on the season or holidays, which causes delays.

Does an international ePacket have tracking?

Yes. You get an ePacket tracking from China to whatever country you ship.

However, there is the transition of the shipper. That is, again, not a big deal for the sellers.


Does ePacket ship the products by air?

Yes. ePacket ships products by air. All the product shipments are economical yet faster with air cargo.

Will the customer pay customs/duties/taxes with ePacket shipping?

Yes. Customers have to pay the customs or import taxes. In Europe, the VAT tax is 21%. It is different in different countries. For example, Germany has 19% VAT.

Above €150 value of products, you have to pay the import duties. Abide by the local regulations and pay the fee.

How to know you are using the ePacket delivery service?

There are many methods to know your ePacket delivery.

● Check your dashboard. It will show you the shipping method.

● Notice your Tracking ID. The code contains 13 words, with the first two words for the ePacket delivery.

● Many tools like ParcelApp also show the shipping company.


ePacket tracking is not a BIG DEAL. Get the tracking, and boom!

A tracking ID is your treasure. Use multiple apps. And track your product. Is that even difficult?

One try can solve problems.

Have patience. Give the ePacket some time. And get affordable shipping with faster transit times.

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