How to solve the problem of color difference in the factory?

By justchinait
December 19, 2020

The customer Olga placed an order for 3,000 Bluetooth speakers to her supplier, with a delivery time of 25 days. However, 11 days have passed since the order was placed, and there is no confirmation of the bulk samples. The factory has sent samples twice, but there are color differences, which Olga cannot accept. So Olga asked the supplier to re-proof the sample, but 5 days have passed and the supplier has not finished the sample. The customer is worried about delivery delays and asks Justchinait for help.

How does Justchinait help customers advance the production schedule?

1. The first step is to check whether all order details are clear and clearly confirmed to the factory.

①printing: logo

②package: 1pc/color box

③barcode sticker on the color box


⑤shipping mark

⑥Quantity: 3000PCS


2. Straighten out all the links in the production cycle and the time spent, production steps (3+7+5+7+3=25)

①Shell, 3 days

② Plate, 7 days

③Battery + speaker, 5 days

④Assemble + test, 7 days

⑤Packaging + labor + label + carton (3 days)


3. Confirm with the supplier the product’s details: color, logo design draft and location, color box design draft, barcode, sticker size and location.

At this step, JustChinait found that the customer requested a spot color. The supplier purchased the product shell from other factories. The supplier did not have a color card, so the color number was not checked carefully. Just let the factory make a board and then send it to the customer. The supplier did not supervise the factory proofing at all and did not check the color through the color card. Later, the customer was more anxious and asked the supplier to send pictures, but the color proofing did not satisfy Olga.

Solution: Justchinait sent employees to find the supplier in person, asked the supplier to take us to the shell factory with the color card, and supervised the factory to color the color according to the color card.

follow-up3,follow-up7,follow-up5,follow-up7,follow-up3(quality,on time)

After the problem is solved, the order enters a normal state. However, if the delivery date is not delayed, the supplier’s production schedule still needs to be followed up. Next, JustChinait is to supervise the factory to advance the production, packaging, and other shell details.

The casing, PCBA board, battery, and speaker are all purchased or produced from other factories, so they can be carried out at the same time, which takes 7 days in total. The supplier itself completes assembling, testing, and packaging, and it takes 10 days according to the normal schedule. In order not to delay the delivery date, Justchinait asked the supplier to send additional manpower for assembly and packaging, which was finally completed within 7 days. The final order is delivered within 14 days.

If anything goes wrong, just get why and how to figure it.

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