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By justchinait
December 31, 2020

Do you know Alibaba?

How many times have you heard of Alibaba? If you have been engaged in importing and purchasing from China for many years, Alibaba is like an old friend. It allows foreign buyers to search for suppliers online, and then click to contact overseas suppliers. The emergence of Alibaba makes importing from overseas countries as easy as online shopping.

If you are not familiar with the import business and do not know how to buy safely and effectively through Alibaba? Don’t worry, this is a guide specifically to help you. It can help you gradually understand how to find and select reliable suppliers, how to arrange quality inspection and transportation, how Alibaba works, and is it suitable for your business.

When you find that local suppliers cannot meet your cost-effective needs, you will start to consider purchasing overseas. With its extensive global reputation and influence, Alibaba has become the first choice of many international business people.

To use, you must first register an account. It’s very simple, you can do it in just two minutes.

1.    Enter

2.    Click on My Alibaba.

3.    Click on free registration

4.    Enter all the information


Choose your country

Select the corresponding international code of the phone number according to your country

While creating a website account: I agree to abide by the membership agreement , Otherwise, you cannot register successfully.

Now you have become one member of Alibaba. You can start to find quality suppliers!

There are many products on Alibaba, and the level of suppliers varies. It does take a lot of effort to select satisfactory products. So we share 2 small skills to help you quickly find satisfactory products.

Direct search

Using direct search, you can view the price range of each supplier, select an acceptable price range, and then send an inquiry. In this case, we sent a total of 20 queries to the wireless charger supplier. Methods as below:

Step 1: Go to and enter the product to be searched

Step 2: Click on the product you are interested in or select the top supplier (for example, gold supplier) to learn more about the products by browsing the product details page

Step 3: Click the button on the Alibaba website to contact the supplier. You can easily contact the suppliers and send them inquiries by clicking the “Contact Supplier” button.

Step 4: Collect and compare quotes from different suppliers

Step 5: Choose 2-3 good suppliers for further communication

Alibaba RFQ

We also published an RFQ on Alibaba to gain quotations, the steps are as follows.

Step 1: Go to the Alibaba inquiry homepage:

Step 2: Fill in the inquiry form

Step 3: Submit the inquiry and wait for the supplier to send you a quotation

Step 4: Check and compare quotes in the message center of the RFQ information center

Step 5: Choose 2-3 good suppliers for further communication

After using the above 2 methods, the results are clear. Under direct search, at first, it may take several hours to check supplier information, send queries one by one, and then wait 1-2 days to get a reply.

Under the RFQ, within 10 minutes after we sent the purchase request, we immediately obtained 10 quotations from multiple suppliers, and we were able to select 2-3 good quotations for further negotiation.

Our suggestion is that if you are not familiar with the product field and do not want to spend a lot of time developing a large number of suppliers, Alibaba RFQ is a good choice for you. If you still find it difficult to find a good supplier, you can always seek help from us.

One thing need to remember is that although Alibaba actually has all the items you need, it is not a panacea. The following are the 3 categories that we recommend that you do not buy from Alibaba. If you do, you are likely to get counterfeit products, or the products do not allow import, or the import procedure is too complicated.

• Branded products, such as iPhone, Nike shoes, etc.

• Foods

• Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.

Open the website and quickly search for your favorite products!

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