How to Get the Most Out of Your China Third-Party Inspection

By Sarah
October 10, 2023

Have you ever wondered how Nike or Chanel-like brands are famous? They have prices touching the skies. But how do they even make so many sales?

It is the HYPE plus QUALITY!

People run toward quality. And you can grab it by TESTING the products. Since China has the biggest manufacturing infrastructure, you can buy products at lower costs. Hire third-party inspection services. And hold the BEST QUALITY by testing items.

Want to know how to execute it all?

Read it here. I have listed the top 25 third-party inspection services in China.

Let’s know!

1. Third-Party Inspection Introduction

1) What is a third-party inspection service?

3rd party inspection service refers to the process of testing by third-party inspection companies.

China Third-Party Inspection

For example, I have products being made in the factory. At the same time, I can hire a company. Check the product quality. Get the report. And decide whether to continue the production process or not.

Most people use quality firms to test their grades. And get the best items to sell.

2) How does it work?

It is not difficult to understand this scenario. There are three simple steps. And boom!

  • Find the best China inspection service.
  • Let me test the items in their labs.
  • Get the reports.

If you want to implement audits in factories, you can do that, too. The inspection team will visit the factory. Check the equipment. And then verify the integral items.

Inspection agents ensure ISO standards for production. And help produce the best quality products in the facility.

3) How much does it cost?

There is no exact cost. Some charge a specific rate of the value of inspecting products. Some charge hourly prices. At the same time, others might cost you per day.

In that case, they have limited hours to check the items. Apply different testing methods. And give you a precise report.

The usual fees range from 200-300 USD. Some firms charge 50% earlier. And then 50% later once they give the report.

Want to avoid confusion?

Simply talk. You can settle the terms. Convince them to work with you based on the specific payment. And then use the payment options that facilitate you. And the company.

4) What are the types of inspection services?

Product inspection has multiple phases. So, we divide them into different types. For example, if your firm offers you a pre-production inspection. You get the products. Test them. And then finalize the process.

Here are some types of testing products.

  • Sample checking: In this method, agents check the samples. Test their quality in labs. And give precise reports.
  • Pre-production analysis: The purpose is to decide the products. The customers can hire the company. Check the product quality. And then give a green signal for bulk production.
  • On-site Analysis: In this process, the company visits the factory. Check the setup. And gives the details of the system.
  • Dupro: It occurs during the manufacturing phase. The purpose is to check the quality of each item. And ensure safety.
  • Pre-shipment analysis: It occurs before the transport of products. The buyer ensures the delivery of quality products to its door.

These are some types of checks you can get.

2. Why should I work with 3rd party inspection companies?

One of the biggest questions is: Why China inspection service? Why should I even hire the firm?

The answer has many pros. Want to know? Get them here.

China Third-Party Inspection

1) Access to Quality products

Quality is the main feature of a business. And with proper analysis, you can get it. An inspection company will visit the factory. Check the products. And let you know whether to make a bulk order or not.

Moreover, you will also ensure the quality by inspection of under-production products. So, there is no way you are leaving quality behind.

2) Better business reputation

The benefit of the business? It is the quality. With quality, you can build up a trusted environment. Attract more consumers. And get strong relationships with the consumers.

It will:

  • Increase your customers.
  • Turn new ones into permanent ones.
  • Boost business reputation.

You’ll get a positive rating.

Isn’t it good?

3) Cost Reduction

How long have you been investing in low-quality items? The major problem is the negative reviews. And increased expenses.

You have to handle the customer returns. It can raise your costs. There are many other cons here.

With quality checks, you can test a factory. Make it your permanent supplier. And get the opportunity for cheaper items. It is a long-term deal with endless benefits.

4) Avoid delays

Low-quality items cause potential delays in selling the items. You make fewer sales. Gets negative responses from clients. And ultimately fail in your business.

With quality, you can speed up your business sales. And make more money.

5) Preserve Resources

A Quality check doesn’t ask you to invest higher bucks. You can sponsor a specific portion. And that portion will win you double or triple fold.

Isn’t it a profitable deal for you?

You can save your business resources. Invest them in the right place. And make more money.

6) Higher profits

Suppose you are selling a wireless charger in the market. The cost is $5. But you are selling it at $10. With quality, you can increase demand.

For increasing demands, you can raise the prices. Suppose you sell it for $12. $2 will be more profit in your pocket. And you can better invest in ads to attract more clients.

A cycle of increased reputation will work out here.

3. What should I look for in a China Inspection Service?

Let’s suppose I have made up my mind to hire the inspection agents. The very next step is the BEST CHOICE. Which firm should be my choice? Whom should I hire?

Here are some tips to look for in the China inspection service.

1) Previous Track Record

How good have your inspection agents been? If they have good reviews, that is great.

Customer satisfaction is a key factor here. You should take a look at the previous record. Scroll through every detail about the company.

And work only if you are confident about the quality of service.

2) Popularity in the Local market

Is your inspection firm famous in the market? It is 200% necessary. Without it, you can’t even expect good.

For example, I hire a company whom none know. The problem is that they might be scammers. The chances of scams are higher in this case.

The popularity keeps it safe and easy.

3) Experience

No experience. No chance for good quality.

You must check the years of experience in the inspection firm. The more the experience, the better the grip on quality analysis. You get the best services only then.

China Third-Party Inspection

4) Affordable Costs

What if your inspection agents are out of your budget?

Believe me. It is a big deal. You can’t work with an expensive agent. Therefore, you should explore all the inspection firms. Compare their prices.

And hire the one which has lower costs. You can save more. And make more.

5) Communication Skills

Sometimes, you have to negotiate the price. Communication skills play a key role here.

If your favorite inspection firm has good communication skills, you can expect better. Get better prices. And a smooth experience.

The whole deal will be smooth.

4. Top 25 Quality Inspection Services in China

1) Qima

Qima is a famous China inspection service working globally. Established in 2005, it has built its inspection services in more than 95 nations. And have worked with 15,000+ brands.


The best part?

Here it is:

  • Latest Technology. Qima deploys cutting-edge technology in product testing. That means you get a reliable setting for QC China.
  • International Popularity. They are working in 95 countries. And follow global standards. That helps you sell globally.

2) JustChinait

JustChinait has made its way into the TOP inspection services in China. Making up the latest technology and deploying the BEST TOOLS, it has experts with years of experience. From factory inspection to product testing, they offer you all you need for your business.


You can save time and money when working with the JustChinait experts. Here are some benefits of this service.

  • 12 years of experience. It has quality experts with 12+ years of TESTING PRODUCT quality. With such expertise, you can rely on the quality.
  • Quality Guaranteed. JustChinait vows product quality. You ship HIGH-QUALITY items with morale. And get higher business progress.

3) Intertek

Intertek is a global industry leader in quality assurance. 1000+ stores working across 100+ countries is a big thing. They work 24/7 to help you evaluate quality. And get the best item.


Here are the benefits.

  • 130 years of experience. It has a long history of quality. You can get the best from such experts.
  • Trusted quality. They have experts. You can get the quality testing. And the exact quality you want.

4) AQI

AQI is one of the best 3rd party inspection companies in CHINA. They have got an expert team. And the best quality assessment criterion.

Apart from that, you can get access to the customized packaging. And relevant services. Their paramount quality includes:

  • LFGB test
  • REACH Compliance
  • MOCA/FMC (Italy)
  • Certification
  • RoHS
  • DGCCRF (France)

Here are the pros:

  • 19 years of experience. They have a QUITE high experience in testing items. It boosts trust.
  • Different Certificates. They offer multiple certificates. Selling in French or US markets is no longer a big deal.

5) Quacn

QUACN offers one one-stop service. You can grab the top expert agents. Test items in their partnered labs. And determine the exact quality.

They have the best services. You can expect the following benefits.

  • Professional Team. They have an expert team of 50+ agents. You get solutions in the relevant category. And enjoy better business deals.
  • Different certificates. They iron out the complex selling process. And give you a chance to sell globally with credentials.


HQTS is a China-based company inspection service. It offers quality inspection services for various product categories.

Established in 1995, it still provides the best services to the clients. You can expect better services as follows.

  • Custom services. You get direct access to custom checks. That saves you the hassle of work.
  • Top Team. Their team gives you instant responses. And listen carefully. What else do you even want?

7) Supplyia

Quality check? How can you even forget the SUPPLYIA? It has the best quality services. Not only can you hire them to test quality. Instead, they offer product sourcing.

Here are the benefits of Supplyia.

  • One-stop solution. Whether you want an inspection or shipping, they can offer. They source items for you.
  • Quick team. You get speedy responses. And make your way to success in business.

8) China Inspection Services

China Inspection Services is one of the TOP QUALITY inspection services with years of experience. Focusing mainly on Quality, they have inspectors working in 30+ cities. They have 4+ years of experience.

They offer:

  • In-production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Social accountability audit
  • Container loading supervision
  • Factory audit
  • Quality engineering support

You can get the following benefits.

  • Inspection details. They give you detailed reports. You can build up trust in their services. And run your business better.
  • Affordable prices. They have cheap charges. You can save bucks and make your business profitable.

9) SGS

SGS was founded in 1878. More than a century has passed, it is still glorifying the quality of businesses. And helps them sell globally.

It is a GOOD-MATCH for importers who are looking for good-quality checks. They offer factory inspection, product inspection, and social compliance audit.

Here are the pros of choosing this inspection company in China.

  • Affordable Prices. They have the best rates for your items. You can save some bucks. And improve your profit margins.
  • FDA and FCC approved. FDA and FCC have approved this inspection company in China. You can sell in the US and EU markets with its help.

10) KRT audits

KRT Audits is a US inspection company. But it offers its services in China. Not only in China, you can access its inspection services in 65 countries around the globe.

It is one of the top paying field inspection companies.

You get item checks to factory audits from this China inspection service.

Let’s know more about it.

  • Lower Inspection rates. It has a 12-hour day check service for under 200 USD. You get an extra sample checked at a lower cost.
  • 33 years of experience. They have been working for the past 33 years. Their expertise proves their worth

11) Bureau Veritas

Want one of the most popular Chinese inspection services? How can you forget Bureau Veritas!!

It has the best staff with the optimal quality inspection. You can expect the best quality.

Here are some pros.

  • 190 years of experience. It has been working for more than a century. Such an experience is enough to prove its worth.
  • Excellent Inspection team. The inspection team is very skilled. You can expect better quality.

12) Jonble

Jonble is a THIRD-PARTY inspection service in China. It facilitates foreign buyers. Helps them check the suppliers. And test the quality.

With years of experience, it has the following benefits.

  • Experienced Team. They have the best team for the product testing. You can grab quality at hand.
  • Affordable prices. Their prices are lower. You make higher margins per product sale.


It is a Hong Kong inspection service. They have the labs. And they are ISO VERIFIED for the items. You can get the following benefits when working with HKQCC.

  • Wide variety of items. They inspect almost all things. That saves your work for finding multiple firms.
  • Faster reports. They give you detailed reports within 24 hours. It is pretty quick.

14) Veritell

Another ISO verified 3rd party inspection service is VERITELL. It has the relevant experts. Founded in 2007, it has years of experience.

With skilled professionals, you can get the following benefits.

  • 15 years of experience. They have 15+ years of experience. It is enough to test the quality of items.
  • Veritell offers international certifications. It becomes easy to sell globally.

15) PTC

PTC is a 3rd party inspection service. It has a team of inspection experts. Who checks the items thoroughly. Ensure the quality. And then deliver detailed reports.

When working with them, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of inspections.

Here are the pros.

  • Latest technology. They deploy the AR and AI technology. It increases the ease of work. And brings up the best for the quality check.
  • Accurate inspection reports. With the latest technology, the accuracy of the report increases. You can have trust in their services. And sell safely.

16) Tetra

Tetra Inspection is a HONG KONG-based company working in China. It has experts with years of experience in testing the quality of items.

They offer services in most Asian countries. Here are some pros:

  • Comprehensive inspection of items. They cover most of the things in their assessment. So you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Detailed reports. Their detailed reports can boost your confidence in their services. And improve your business recognition.

17) QTech

QTech is a UK-based company. It offers its services in China. And many other sites like the USA, FRANCE, and many more.

It has the latest mechanisms to test the quality. Here are the pros of QTech.

  • All types of checks. They offer all kinds of testing services. Whether you want a sample inspection or a factory audit, they offer it.
  • Skilled experts. They have the best team. It is easier to get the best quality in the first look.

18) Quality Control Partners

Quality control partners offer multiple services. From product inspection to factory audit, you can grab every opportunity.

Here are some benefits.

  • Affordable factory audits. Their prices are not very high. They offer same-day reports for just 50 USD.
  • Expert Team. Their team has expertise. You can rely on them. And get the best quality.

19) Rich Forth

Want the best quality checks? Here is the Rich Forth. They have been working since 1995. You can expect the best quality. And enjoy the following benefits.

  • 20 years of experience. They have years of expertise. That makes them popular partners.
  • Affordable costs. It has lower prices compared to other inspection services. You can save bucks.

20) JSD

Founded in 2012, JSD has the best rates for the quality checks. They offer factory audits. Product inspection. And many other services.

Let’s check out the pros.

  • Instant responses. They give you an instant response. It saves time. And builds your confidence.
  • Lower prices. They offer competitive rates. You can save money. And increase your profits.

21) VeriQuality

VeriQulaity has one of the best rates among the 3rd party inspection companies.

Here are the pros of this firm.

  • 10+ years of experience. They have a high expertise in Quality control. You get better quality items.
  • Fast responses. They respond within 24 hours. That is relatively fast.

22) YEOA Inspection HK

YEOA Inspection HK is a Chinese company. They evaluate the quality risks. And get you the top items from China factories.

Here are the benefits of this firm.

  • Affordable prices. Their prices seem to be expensive. But that is cheap.
  • 20 years of experience. They have 20+ years of experts. It is excellent to work with some experts.

23) TipTop

TipTop mainly focuses on the Auto Industry. It has relevant quality checks. And an expert to handle all the inspections.

They have the following benefits for the clients.

  • 20+ years of experience. They have been in the industry for more than 20 years. You get a better, more trusted environment.
  • ISO certified. They have grabbed multiple certificates from ISO. That is the main feature.

24) QC Advisor

QC Advisor is a Chinese company. It has its main headquarters in Hong Kong. With 5+ years in QC, it has the best inspection services. You get the following benefits.

  • 24/7 support. Got a problem? No worries. Customer support is always there. It will get you out.
  • Instant Reports. They send reports within 24 hours. Such ultimate speed saves the hassle and tension.

25) GIS

GIS, or Guangdong Inspection Service, was founded in 2007 in Shenzhen. Over the years, it has achieved popularity for inspection.

Their team comprises 12 members who are very adept at testing the quality. And delivering the best items.

Here are some pros.

  • Check Variety of items. They allow you to TEST a variety of things. From electronic items to Toys, you can hire them to test the quality.
  • Full-fledged testing team. Their 12-member team is sufficient to check every single point of the product. You can expect better testing.

6. FAQs

1) Are quality control and quality assurance the same thing?

Nope. QC China is the technical term. It refers to the application of processes in inspection. Quality assurance or QA is the term used by suppliers or inspection firms. They guarantee the quality of the items. QA guarantees. And QC gets it. Both words can be exchanged with each other.


2) What is AQL?

AQL refers to an Acceptable quality limit. It is a specific percentage. For example, I set 3% AQL. That means 3% or fewer items can be defective out of 100%. The supplier has to follow AQL to meet my demands. And help me grab the items.

  • What are the risks of not hiring third-party inspection services?

You can face potential problems regarding the quality. And low-quality causes:

  • Negative reviews from customers.
  • Lower sales.
  • Bad reputation.
  • Failure of the business.
  • Lesser profit margins.

Almost all points are against your business.

3) What is the difference between inspection and QC?

In Inspection, agents check the quality. Get them through different testing in the labs. And ensure the quality. QC is the whole process of inspection. A company with good QC provides the highest quality of items.

4) What is IQC and OQC?

IQC is incoming quality control. It means the inspection of the first items. OQC refers to outgoing quality control. It implies the check after 100% of the things are made. Both are important for a business to show quality.


Quality is KEY for any business. It can guarantee higher profits. And 100% success. So do you want to get it?

Hire the right company. Check the prices. And work for more extended periods to get cheaper prices. It is not that hard with the right firm.

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