How to find low MOQ China suppliers?

By justchinait
January 5, 2021

Porodo is a well-known brand that provides the latest mobile accessories. The main products are tripods, camera lenses, earphones, power banks, car chargers, etc.

In March 2019, Porodo found justchinait through a search engine and put forward his needs to us. His main reason is that the color of the data cable needs to be tinted and the quantity does not reach the minimum order quantity of the factory tinting. Ask what we can do. So we gave a detailed solution:

The following is the demand table of Porodo:

3 in 1 data cable







Order requirements:

1、Blue is produced according to the normal color number BLUE C;

2、One-color LOGO;

3、Custom color box package

According to the normal delivery date and process

Data line color matching requires a minimum order quantity of 3000M=3000PCS to produce;

The delivery time of products requiring tinting is generally longer than that of normal colors. Normal color product factories generally have safety stocks. Toning products require the cooperation of upstream toner suppliers. It is difficult to complete orders if the minimum order quantity is not reached.

Conventional color data line production cycle: 6000PCS/10 days.

Need to color data line production cycle: 15 days, of which 5 days to color.

Justchinait has purchased Panton BLUE C color data cables in its trade in the past 11 years. Justchinait found the factory that produced this data line in the database and communicated the order details with the factory. Since the factory has produced the data line of this color, there is a record of the color adjustment, and the factory has the toner needed to modulate this color. After some communication between us and the factory, the factory agreed to accept 2000 as the MOQ. Since no toning is required, the production cycle only needs 10 days.

After communicating with the factory, Justchinait found a sample of the blue data cable that had been made, took a picture and sent it to the customer. At the same time, attach the factory information, unit price, delivery date and other information. After the customer saw the photos, he was very happy because the MOQ of 2000pcs happened to be in his plan. And the effect of this blue color is no different from what he expected, and the price is similar to the previous customer contact. The customer decided to place an order to this factory.

Finally, the supplier completed the production of these 6000 data lines as scheduled. After receiving the goods, the customer found that the quality of the data cable was better than the other data cables he had purchased before. The customer received feedback from the end customer: the quality of this batch of data cables is obviously better, and the joints are not easy to crack. Since then, customers have sought out Justchinait sourcing suppliers of Bluetooth headsets, power banks and other products.

The reason why justchinait can quickly solve these problems for customers is closely related to justchinait’s industry experience. If you find a trader that is not local in Shenzhen, he does not understand the local market in Shenzhen and does not have information about Shenzhen suppliers, then he needs to spend more time searching for matching suppliers, which means you have to pay more Of money.

Justchinait has the information of 3000+ digital consumer product suppliers in Shenzhen. And these suppliers are all suppliers that have cooperated before, so when you encounter problems, justchinait can always match you with the best supplier for you the first time. Solve the problem for you.

Because we just want to make purchasing easier.

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