How to find a good supplier?

By justchinait
August 19, 2020

Purchaser and sales each represent their own company. It is the window of the enterprise to the outside world, it is also a manifestation of their own lives. A person’s temperament will be brought to his study, work, and even life.

Purchasing tends to be relatively strong. When facing suppliers, they always feel condescending. In fact, in the eyes of many sales and suppliers, they don’t take them seriously. In fact, the interactions between purchasers and suppliers are the same as between people: to respect others is to respect yourself. Respect and support for suppliers will be exchanged for their redoubled efforts and persistent following. Even in extraordinary times, they are willing to sacrifice part of their profits to maintain this precious partnership. This is very common in Japanese companies. Many suppliers have grown as customers continue to grow. The basis for win-win cooperation comes from the trust of customers and purchasers. If the purchaser just blindly presses the supplier’s price to the extreme, even lower than the supplier’s cost, the supplier will naturally not be able to provide good products and services. This question is easy to understand. Think of yourself as a supplier, and you will know it by experiencing such a situation.

Good purchasers can persuade people and convince suppliers to be willing to cooperate with them. When suppliers are truly regarded as partners, they will also return customers. Sometimes, some suppliers will do some negative things, so what about the other side?

It is often seen that some suppliers are not at ease with their customers. It can also be said that these customers are not important at all. This kind of customer either has almost no profit from the supplier, or the payment is delayed, or the buyer disrespects people and makes the supplier feel unhappy in cooperation but reluctant to give up.

In the face of the current increased emphasis on the experience of interpersonal interaction, the purchaser style has indeed played a greater role in suppliers. If the purchaser is a person who is very active and pays attention to etiquette, then his supplier will also work hard to do his own supply and service work.

And some very good suppliers will also be broken by low-level purchasing management. Their own advantages will gradually disappear in the state of boiling frogs in warm water until they are surpassed by their peers or eliminated by the market. Because this kind of purchaser has no goals and no supplier awareness, they will develop excellent suppliers into moderate suppliers, let them settle for the status quo, and not make progress. Most of this is that the supplier has a major customer, thinking that the major customer can continue to support the factory operation. Once the major customer no longer has ordered or ceases business, the viability of this supplier will be greatly challenged.

What kind of suppliers are needed for purchasers?

In fact, what kind of supplier you want, just look for the supplier you like with what kind of attitude. Buyers need to know that good supplier are trained.

Some companies often use their strong positions to directly or indirectly force suppliers to accept some asymmetric conditions. This approach may bring some benefits to the company in the short term, but it is detrimental to the company in the long run, because although the supplier is forced to accept these conditions, but is not convinced. Once there is a better market, they will immediately “lover another”.

As a result, it is natural that the quality of products declines, the delivery period fluctuates, and the quality of service declines and the company naturally turns from a “beneficiary” to a “victim.”

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