How to evaluate suppliers?

By justchinait
January 11, 2021

Many buyers have the same problem: We spend a lot of time finding a suitable supplier, then how to determine whether a supplier is reliable? You can evaluate whether the supplier is reliable from before and after cooperation

Before the initial cooperation

A. Quotation sheet

A complete quotation sheet will display whether the salesman is professional.

The following two quotation forms, which one do you want to see?

A good quotation form will help you see at a glance, and you won’t be confused or have questions after reading it.

The professionalism and attitude of the supplier’s salesman are obvious through the quotation form. Of course, good factories also have poor salespersons, we can’t deny a supplier completely just because of this. Please see below more tips

B. Official website

The supplier’s B2B website is always exaggerated and decorated, while the official website is relatively real.

Browsing the official website of the supplier, we can know about the factory scale, development history, quality control, etc.

After cooperation

After cooperation, we need to evaluate suppliers more comprehensively

A. Professional degrees

Whether the product quality is qualified and stable?

Whether the order requirements are strictly enforced?

Good cost control and competitive price?

Standardization of production processes?


Whether the price is the best price?there is no arbitrary price increase due to raw material price increase.

Kept their promises, treated people with sincerity. Didn’t deliberately hide or change the product configuration privately.

C. Serious and responsible

Feedback in time.

Be able to take responsibility for problems.

Deal with problems quickly.

Actively cooperate with each request.

D. On time

Whether they can actively cooperate to solve nonsuppliers’ own problems? For example, if they can adjust the production schedule to finish the production in a time when the order quantity increases suddenly?

Delivery on time or ahead of schedule.

Confirm that the product isn’t damaged in transportation.

Problems can be dealt with within the prescribed time and can propose better solutions.

After each order is completed, it’s better to have your own manage form to record the problems in the order and the performance of the supplier to evaluate whether the supplier can continue to cooperate. 

Click on the sheet toget the manage form template.

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