How to ensure product quality and delivery?

By justchinait
January 14, 2021

The focus of production management is of high quality, low cost, and fast delivery, which is commonly referred to as QCD. Whether it is the spirit of ISO, PDCA or target management, the most important thing is to comply with the determined things.

The most substantive work of order management is reflected in daily management. We must give priority to doing well, manage the basic daily affairs, manage the things that should be managed, manage the right things, do the right things, and divide the work. Take responsibility and be organized so that you don’t get overwhelmed. As order management, there must be a standardized system, continuous management technology, and professional education and training.

After receiving orders from international buyers, Chinese suppliers generally manage how to manage and follow up orders effectively. Let me share my experience:

First, the supplier will follow up after receiving the deposit:

1. After the buyer’s deposit is paid, most suppliers will simply check whether the quantity, color and model on the purchase contract and PI are consistent. This is a manifestation of carefulness.

2. The buyer will ask about the production status of the order more than 3 times a week according to the determined delivery date.

The specific content includes:

(1) Are the production materials ready? If the person in charge of the production line gives the exact time, you can make an inquiry when the time comes. If there are products or parts that need to be shipped out or accessories in special colors that need to be ordered, important follow-up is required.

(2) On the basis of understanding the production line, the weekly production quantity of goods can be worked out, and then a specific production plan can be worked out. The plan should be specific to the content of each day. If there is a problem, it can be remedied in time.

(3) Regularly inform buyers about the production status of the products, take pictures of semi-finished products and send them to customers. If there is a possible delay in delivery, report to the buyer two weeks before the delivery date, and hope that the buyer confirms A new date and inform the buyer of the reason for the delay.

(4) According to the delivery date of the order, arrange the booking one week in advance, and ask the forwarder about the arrival and release time. Pay special attention to the customs cut-off time and the heavy container time. If there is a problem, you can negotiate with the buyer.

Follow-up after receiving the total payment:

1. Keep track of the time when the goods arrive at the port of destination and the status of the bill of lading.

2. After the goods arrive, ask the buyer whether the packaging is damaged and customer satisfaction.

3. From time to time, send relevant pictures and information of new products to buyers.

4. If the material increases, notify the buyer in advance so that the buyer can arrange the purchase plan.

On the surface, doing these things is for the benefit of buyers, but in fact, it is for our orders. In fact, I think everyone understands in their hearts that what we need is the awareness of preventing problems. Even if problems arise, it is our ability. Within range.

I think that only if internal communication is sufficient, there will be no problems with repeated confirmations or inconsistencies in confirmations. Therefore, the company should encourage various forms of internal communication and know-how effective the tracking is.

Follow-up is not only the responsibility of the foreign trade salesperson, but also the responsibility of purchasing, but the focus of each job is different. Purchasing mainly focuses on whether the order can be delivered on time, can find a lower price, and maintain a good relationship with the supplier. The foreign trade clerk is mainly to verify the production status, quality, and delivery date of the order. In fact, everyone’s goal is the same: to continue to satisfy customers under the premise of ensuring a certain profit. Only a unified concept can cooperate better and more efficiently.


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