How to quickly calculate the cost of the color box?

By justchinait
October 27, 2020

A creative, eye-catching and novel packaging can make the product more competitive.
Color box printing
Classification of color boxes:
Divided into two categories: outer liner and corrugated paper.
Generally, the commonly used color box papers are: coated art paper/grey card, etc.

The material of the color box is determined according to the shape and size of the product. Commonly used materials are: 280G duplex board, 300G duplex board, 350G duplex board, 260G duplex board with E single corrugated, 260G 2/S coated art with E corrugated, etc.
According to the packaging weight of the product and the positioning of the product, the commonly used materials are: duplex board: generally 250g-450g,coated art paper: generally 250g-400g.

Color box printing process:
1. Color box structure design
2. Drawing the outline of printing
3. Decoration pattern design
4. Plate making (film/screening)
5. Printing
6. Surface fishing (glazing, calendering/polishing, laminating)
7. Flute lamination
8. Die-sinking
9. Gluing box (folding, nailing)
10. Appearance inspection
11. Packing

Printing technology of color box:
The combination of the 3 processes of offset printing, gravure printing, and screen printing brings a strong visual impact to the color box, with post-processing procedures (for example gloss lamination, matte lamination, bronzing, concave and convex, spot UV, etc.)

The surface of the color box with gloss lamination is shiny, the bright part will reflect light, and it will be smooth.
The surface of the color box with matte amination is not shiny and it will be astringent.
Concave-convex effects are generally used in text or LOGO. Products that pay attention to brand quality will choose this kind of craft to appear high-end.

The cost calculation method of the color box:
Unit price = paper cost + pit cost + film fee + PS plate fee + printing fee + surface treatment fee + rolling work + mounting work + knife mold + paste work +1.5% loss + profit
1. Film fee: 0.3 CNY/color/square inch
2. Paper price:
Paper specifications: standard gauge 78.7 X 109 CM and large gauge 89 X 119 CM
Gray copper 4000CNY/T (futures) 4500 CNY /T (spot)
Single copper 7000 CNY/T (futures) 8600 CNY /T (spot)
Double copper 6500 CNY/T (futures) 8000 CNY /T (spot)
3. PS fee:
A. Small version 100 CNY/sheet
B. Large version 125CNY/ sheet
4. Printing fee (with 1000 sheets as the pricing unit):
The small version is calculated as follows (the large version is 1.25 times the small version
Below 1K 130 CNY /color (maximum)
1K-4.9K 100 CNY /color
5K-9.9K 75 CNY /color
10K-19.9K 55 CNY /color
Above 20K 50 CNY /color (minimum)
Pay attention to the following points:
1). The ordinary spot color is calculated as 1.5 times the ordinary color, (unit price*1.5)
2). Normal gold is calculated as 2 times normal color (unit price*2)

Generally, the cost of a color box requires an additional plate making fee and charge for die-cutting tooling. Normal size projection plate costs 300-600CNY, charge for die-cutting tooling is 150 CNY.

The general standard printing is 0.1 CNY/color, and the laminated is 0.6-0.8 CNY/M2

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