To Guide: How to Buy the Best China PCB Assembly

By HX Wenli
August 23, 2022

This is a complete guide on how to buy the best China PCB assembly in 2022.
First, do your research and find a reputable supplier.
Second, be sure to ask for samples before placing a large order.
Finally, be sure to inspect the finished product for quality assurance.
If you want to ensure you get the best China PCB assembly.
Then you’ll love the actionable tips in this new guide.
Let’s get started.

Chapter #1 How to choose the best China PCB assembly basic

The China PCB assembly is among the thriving sectors in China and beyond. As per the data given by CISION, between 2020 and 2025, the PCB assembly industry will have e a potential growth rate of $12.86 billion. Technavio also released a PCB market analysis which states that this industry’s CAGR will reach 3.60% coming years. 


If you’re looking for an industry and goods to import from China, this is it.   

What is China PCB Printed Circuit Board?

China PCB board is a part installed inside of the case and allows the devices to connect to the switch. This PCB board was first developed in the 1900s and has become an essential piece today. This board comes in single-layer panels and complex boards for many uses. It is why they are considered the core part of tech devices. 
This PCB has many components, including diodes, connectors, resistors, and capacitors. This board is usually rigid, while others are flexible—which lets the circuits flow. Both: rigid PCBs and flexible PCBs are the common types. 
Rigid-flex PCBs are a small subset of flexible PCBs. This rigid portion of the board is ideal for connecting parts. Flexible PCBs have malleable properties that allow the circuits to bend without breaking them. 

What is the purpose of the PCB circuit board assembly?

China PCBs have various uses in many devices today, such as:

  • Light PCB assembly: This type of PCB is present in home lighting, medical lighting, LCD, and vehicle displays. 
  • Medicine: Some medical tools that use PCB are CAT scanners, monitors, and infusion pumps. 
  • Car parts: The PCBs used are sensors, tracking devices, and controllers. 
  • Plane industry: The devices that use PCB in this field are power stores, CMMS, and communication tools. 
  • Tech products: The required PCBs in this field are home appliances, phones, and computers. 

Why choose China PCB assembly?

China’s PCB market has many foreign firms because of the quality and prices. This rate only proves how top-notch the china PCB assembly fields are. If you are still hesitant if it’s indeed one, the following reasons may convince you:

  • Cost: One of the most notable benefits of choosing PCB assembly is its prices. China offers low PCB prices at a high quality and even has excellent customer support. 
  • Quality and speed of production: China PCB assemblers use cutting-edge tools to make their products new and of high grade. Using these tools, they can produce a large quantity quickly.
  • PCB standard: China set the standard for making high rate, new, and in-demand PCBs. Customers can easily find the best ones in this field.
  • High capacity and experts: PCB assemblers in China constantly improve their materials and tools. They also have experts and team assembly that know what to do. They can easily make and meet all your PCB demands and criteria.
  • Swift timeframe: The PCB assembly firm must comply with the delivery time. However, this is not impossible in China because of how quick and easy their production and shipping times are. 

What is the difference between PCB assembly and PCB fabrication assembly?

There is a big difference between PCB assembly and PCB fabrication assembly. PCB assembly is the after-process of the PCB fabrication assembly. It is where the item sourcing takes place at the same time too. 
This assembly-type has led to links between the PCB board and other items. There is also the most typical type of PCB assembly which is SMT assembly. This surface mount technology is mainly engaged in the creation line with high efficiency. 
On the other hand, PCB fabrication assembly is essential for PCB service. This item plays a huge part in the foundation of digital things today. It is a process that transfers the design to the physical form. Without this fabrication, the whole board will not come to life. 

How much does it cost for a PCB assembly unit?

The China PCB board is one of the most significant goods China export. Each of these PBCs has its own set of qualities and a variety of prices. Most of the china PCB assembly units cost around $10 and $50. However, the performance, quality, and costs will vary based on many factors. 
Some of the common concerns that firms have when pricing their boards are the following:

  • PCB assembly
  • PCB material
  • Dimension and sizes
  • Surface treatment
  • Process and quantity
  • Board size
  • Numbers of layers
  • Design elements

What you’ve read above doesn’t stop there. There are still some factors that affect the prices. Through this, it will either go up or be minimal; some of these are:

  • PCB cost
  • Setup cost
  • PCBA testing cost
  • Quantity
  • Fast turnaround PCB assembly rate
  • Number of solder pads
  • SMT assembly cost
  • Stencil cost

Chapter #2 Types of PCB circuit board assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly refers to the items and services available for customers to use. This assembly means that the assemblers will handle all the project parts, including the PCB yield. Turnkey PCB assembly lets firms produce PCB fast and at a lower price. This solution gives customers an option to focus on designs while the assemblers handle the rest. 

Light PCB assembly

Light PCB assembly has a circuits board which is vital in powering LEDs. These tiny boards were used to join electrical parts and were built using fiberglass and metals. These light PCBs have the benefits of having the following:

  • The thermal emissions are low
  • There is low usage of electricity
  • Light PCB assembly is dust and moisture resistant
  • Constructed with lightweight materials
  • It has a simple making process and merging

PCB led lighting assembly

China PCB board is a vital piece that supports LED lighting. You can apply this assembly type to a wide range of uses due to high energy savings, low prices, and flexible designs—some of its applications include street lighting, flashlights, lanterns, etc. 

PCB electronics assembly

The china PCB (printed circuit board) is a crucial component in electronics. These PBCs are devices that use conductive paths, lines, and circuits to link the electrical parts and to be mechanical support. It is also an item that fills the electrical things for them to work. 

China flexible PCB

A flexible PCB is a circuit board that can bend and moves in any form. It is the most common type of PCB to use on high-density and strong-temperature components. Flexible PCB is a polyimide or a transparent polyester film with copper-based layers. It also has a dielectric layer with a thickness that ranges from 0.0005″ to 0.010.”

China multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB is a PCB with a circuit board and more than two layers. Compared to double-sided PCB, this multilayer PCB has at least three layers of conductive material. This multilayer PCB has various advantages such as:

  • It is versatile and can adapt well
  • Has small sizes
  • Has higher assembly density 
  • It has an easy control features
  • The wiring harnesses connection is not needed

Prototype PCB assembly

China PCB prototype is used to assess the features of new digital designs. This prototype aids in making sure the quality is top-notch, free of defects, and has no flaws. There are 2-3 cycles of a prototype PCB assembly to check if the outcome is working fine. 

Medical PCB assembly

Medical PCB is a vital tool for medical electronics. Without these PCBs, there will not be an improvement in the devices, and medical problems will arise. Some of the medical devices that need PCBs are the following:

  • CT scans
  • Scanners
  • Monitors
  • MRIs
  • Defibrillators

Chapter #3 The Advantages of china PCB assembly


Simple to source

The PCB market is ramping up, so many PCB assemblers have gained market share. Because of this, you can find the best of the best china PCB assembly online. You can also haggle more effectively and take the leverage of how assemblers will strive to provide you with the best product possible. As a result, it opens up options for buyers to scour the market by finding top PCB solutions.

Offers cheap PCB assembly China prices

One of the best advantages is the low PCB assembly prices in China. You cannot find low-cost PCBs made of high grade anywhere else except in China. Perhaps you inquire about medical PCB assembly quotes; assemblers may give you a cheaper price range. They will also give you the benefits of negotiating the lowest possible cost. However, you must note not to go too low beyond the valid prices since it may affect the quality and materials. 

Have the best PCB assemblers

As mentioned, China has a large market with numerous PCB assemblers. Some have over 10 to 20 years in this industry and have expert assemblers and new tools. Because of this, they are confident in providing the ultimate PCB assembly. 

Have a broad range of options for china PCB board

PCB assembly is a large market in China; you can expect a quality product from them. Each china PCB manufacturer has its own set of expertise and skills. From PCB assembly inspection to fast turnaround PCB assembly, these assemblers can offer them to you. You have the freedom to choose the variety of products and which assemblers you prefer. 

Fast turnaround PCB assembly

With China’s massive labor field, they could make large quantities quickly. They have a fast turnaround PCB assembly that cuts downtime and ensure the customers get their china PCB board in a shorter amount of time. 

Worldwide shipping

China can transport PCBs anywhere in the world at a low cost. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of shipping options, such as air freight, sea freight, air express, etc. 

Chapter #4 Tips when buying china PCB board


Research China PCB assembly online

The first step you will take is to look for China PCB assembly online. Many details regarding the product, component and top providers are available anytime. Before talking to a supplier or building your products, you will go through searching. It would help if you equipped yourself with any details, especially if it’s your first time sourcing china PCB. 

Look at what the china PCB manufacturer offers

If you are looking for china PCB assembly online, you will come across many suppliers and makers. They list all their products and services on their website or other China websites most of the time. It can be rigid choosing which one to go for with all the options you have. 
In this case, you need to look at which PCB assemblers have the best to offer, like if they have PCB prototype assembly quotes. You should check if they provide the specific criteria you have, such as sizes and design. It would help if you also weighed which ones will allow you to get the best deal possible. 

Find info about how to design a China PCB

Before making your PCBs come to life, you need a good design. If you’re not an expert in these things, you need to search. Many resources are available online, but your manufacturer can also help you. 
Since they have made many PCBs, they know what should be in your items and what should not. They can give you design solutions that are unique and made of quality. 

Sketch a design and circuit

In sketching your china PCB board, you can use the typical pen and paper. It will serve as an outline as you use software tools to make a schematic. Choose a software that will allow you to simulate and try the circuit’s behavior. The software should let you make at least one prototype to ensure it will work. 

Note the sizes and dimensions

It is necessary to get the correct sizes and dimensions for the board and designs. This part is vital, mainly if you want a customized china PCB board. Although, custom projects like this would cost twice as much. You may opt for the regular board if you’re aiming to cut costs. 

Examine your china PCB board for flaws

It’s best to double-check before ordering PCB from China with a large MOQ. Examine the prototype, design, materials, and layout. If not, it would cost you money to replace and re-do it again. If they have been shipped to your place already, you can check if the boards have damage and manufacturing flaws.

Chapter #5 How to pick the suitable PCB manufacturing and assembly

Choosing a China PCB manufacturer to partner with is never easy. Various PCB assemblers show something you choose from, starting with their expertise, styles, and enchanting offers. Following the development of the PCB design, they should make this well. 
A qualified china PCB manufacturer should be your number 1 option for these reasons. While searching for the most fitted assemblers and manufacturers, you can refer to the following guidelines and criteria. 



One of the things you need to ensure is how experienced the PCB board assembly manufacturing firms are. If you check their china PCB assembly online website, make sure to find the following details:

  •  How long have they been in this sector?
  • Are they considered to provide fast turnaround PCB assembly?
  • What PCB assembly services do they offer?
  • Do they focus on one industry, like light PCB assembly?
  • What are the sizes and designs they handle?
  • Do they provide PCB prototype assembly quotes?
  • Do they offer both PCB assembly and PCB fabrication assembly?

The price of PCB assembly

Costs are one of the crucial factors to consider. Most of the time, low prices are eye-catching. While cutting expenses is your aim, the fees mustn’t be too low. Many importers proved that low price fades far before the anguish of terrible quality. If you want to save, but get a china PCB board, balance the cost and quality. 

PCB assembly quality

When choosing the right PCB assemblers, quality should be your priority. PCB quality implies how you expect them to be, and there are no mistakes. If not, it can affect the company of your PCB assembly and yours. To check if all the boards come with high grades, here’s what you should note:

  • The china PCB board is in the correct size
  • Have a high-density design
  • All the holes are cut and placed correctly
  • Have long-term durability
  • Passes the bare-metal assessment
  • Have high-speed communication lines

Able to meet requirements

One of the questions you should include in your quotes is whether the PCB assemblers can meet your requirements. Some of these requirements you need to give are:

  • Can they accept the file format of your china PCB board design?
  • Are they able to meet deadlines?
  • Can they make many layers?
  • Can they provide various kinds of PCB material?
  • Do they accommodate special requests?

Certificates and standards

China PCB assembly firms must be qualified. Check if they have ISO, UL, and IPC PCB quality requirements. Shipping all your china PCB boards must come with a manufacturer’s certificate of compliance and have all the vital documents for customs. 

Skills in working together

Another critical factor is the PCB assemblers’ capacity to engage and form relationships. Pro-active ties with them can give you the benefits of creating top-notch designs, resolving item issues, and having a smooth trade. 

Customer support

One of the things you must look for in a china PCB manufacturer is how good or bad is their customer service. They should be willing to help you with technical talks, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the china PCB board. To guarantee that the manufacturer has excellent customer support, browse through their feedback, see their track records, and get testimonials.


One of the most significant aspects you need when looking for a china PCB manufacturer is what materials they use and where they find them. A top-notch PCB assembly firm will have high-quality materials. As a result, all the boards are consistent, high-performing, and durable. 
Ensure that the board is in good condition and complies with the standards. Some countries have limitations regarding toxic materials like lead, arsenic, and mercury. A PCB assembly inspection and checking of all the assemblers’ standard materials are necessary. 

Board testing

PCB assemblers and makers will always test their boards to ensure compliance. Make sure that you choose the company capable of doing these tests. 


Most china PCB manufacturer has a set of order quantities. If they are a big firm, you should expect that they will make large quantities of China PCBs and not cater to small orders. And a small firm will only give you small PCB prototype assembly quotes and low production quantities. 
It’s best to match the PCB assembler MOQ capacity. Before you place an order, you can inquire and gather quotes from multiple assemblers.

What to keep in mind when ordering PCB from China?

When ordering PCB from China, there are some considerations you need to make:

  • How fitted are your China PCBs for your circuit requirements
  • Know the various PCBs, such as multilayer, rigid PCBs, flexible PCBs, etc.
  • The cost of printed circuit boards
  • Work with the best China PCB assemblers 

Is it best to buy cheap PCB assembly in China?

China PCBs come at a low price compared to buying them from other countries. China PCB manufacturer has the means to gain many resources, has low labor costs, and has flexible laws. Even though you’re buying these PCBs at a low price, you will still get high-quality and durable ones. 


What are the PCB assembly methods?

As per Accelerated Assemblies, there are different assembly methods based on the types of PCBs. Here are the common ones for assembling traditional, through-hole, and surface mounts:

Traditional PCB Assembly

  • Applying the solder paste
  • Position the parts
  • Reflow
  • PCB assembly inspection
  • Insertion of a part through a hole
  • Cleaning and final inspection

Through-Hole Assembly (THT)

  • Position the parts
  • Correction of parts and inspection
  • Wave soldering

Surface Mount Assembly (SMT)

  • Applying the solder paste and printing
  • Position the parts
  • Reflow wave soldering

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