How To Buy the Best Charging Cable from China?

By Sarah
October 5, 2022

Gadgets are so essential every day. Charging any electronic device can sometimes damage or break the cable. But we know an original version like the iPhone fast charging cable is expensive. Good thing we can get the high-quality and best charging cable from China!

Chapter 1: Does China sell high-quality charging cables? 

China has been the supplier of all kinds of electronic cables for many years. Even before smartphones became available, you could purchase all types of charger cables and charging cables for different electronic products. You can buy them in bulk quantities and wholesale prices.

If you are in the business of selling smartphone charging cable like Apple USB C charge cable or an Android charger cable, you can find and buy them wholesale in China. 

1. Why buy a charging cable in China? 

You should buy a charging cable in China because you can find many trusted suppliers there. They are selling high-quality cables of different types. Unlike the branded cables that are so expensive, you can get a charging cable in China for a low price.

Are you selling retail cables in your online store? Do you run a business that sells an Apple USB C charge cable or an Android charger cable? Find the best charging cable that is durable, safe, and practical from Chinese suppliers.

You will profit well when you buy in wholesale or bulk amounts. You will not run out of stock because these charging cables, like type c charger cable, USB charger cable, or the best iPhone charger cable, are in demand.

2. Types of Cable China Sells 

They say that USB-C is not just the latest but also the port to be made for future gadgets. The old Micro USB charging cable that is used for Android phones is becoming obsolete. 

Phone makers are now switching to this new type of charging cable for time efficiency and durability. It is very flexible, allowing you to use it not just on phones but also on tablets, laptops, or power banks.

Whether you’re looking for an Apple charging cable or a USB charging cable for your Android phones and other gadgets, China has them! We’d like to differentiate and classify the types of cables you can outsource from Chinese manufacturers. 

  • Data cables by interface

When you refer to cable interface cables, we are referring to USB micro-data cables that are used for Android phones and gadgets. 

Another best example is the Type C charger cable for Android smartphones or what most customers say are best iPhone charger cable, or the lightning cable. 

Type C is trendy these days because its data transmission is faster. It also comes with fast-charging technology, so users need only a little time to charge their gadgets. However, they are more costly than the other types.

  • Data cables by materials

Some consumers would go for a nylon cable type rather than the usual TPE and PVC. This is what you mean by data cable by materials. It is basically what the outer covering of the cable itself is made of.

Nowadays, mobile phone makers like Apple uses TPE for their data cables. They are softer than PVC, but you cannot twist them easily, so it last longer. On the other hand, PVC comes with a high-strength and non-flammable feature.

Buy the Best Charging Cable from China

For nylon charging cables, it is very durable because it does not break easily. It comes in different colors and length, and they are very trendy.

  • Data cables by protection shell

The protection shell is the cable’s top interface, which you usually touch or pull when charging. These protection shells can be made of metal, plastic, or rubber. It is good to have these choices for your data cable to last longer and will not heat up. 

  • Data cable by function

The data cables by function are those you see with multiple features such as a 3-in1 charging cable, fast charging like iPhone fast charging cable, magnetic, and transmission cable.

Among the four mentioned above, the data transmission cable is the one hard to look for. It is because not all suppliers can really make these cables that can transmit data. For example, if you need a cable that can connect 2 computers to transmit data, you can look for the USB data transfer cable. You must know as well how to distinguish a USB charging cable only vs. a data transmission cable. 

Chapter 2: Where Can You Find Suppliers for the Best Charging Cable? 

Getting a reliable manufacturer is crucial for some business owners who are into selling charging or data cables. You must always put the quality of the product as your priority and remember that the price is also an essential factor in making it saleable in the market you are targeting.

If your target market is more on the economic side, you need to consider two critical factors: QUALITY AND PRICE. Are you looking for a supplier of these charging cables?

You have several options where you can find a supplier for the USB charging cable and all types of charging cables. Looking for a type C charger cable or an apple USB C charge cable supplier? We have three options for you:

1. Direct Manufacturers

For fast USB charging cables, direct suppliers in China can offer you competitive prices, warranty, and quality products. You can locate them with the help of sourcing agents. They have a list of qualified suppliers with years of cable industry expertise.

Buy the Best Charging Cable from China

Know that most direct factories in China are not easy to contact. They are not 100% reachable by foreign buyers. But if you want to Google, you can find a good source like iLINKE. They can customize your orders if you want to request an OEM for your brand. 

You can refer to JustChinait if you need help finding the direct manufacturers of charging cables like apple charging cable, best iPhone charging cables that Apple does not make, and all Android charger cables.

2. Chinese B2B Platforms

Aside from the famous Alibaba and AliExpress, you can find suppliers in Chinese online markets like Made-In-China or GlobalSources. You will find many suppliers and can directly inquire from them through the website.

You only need to remember that not all suppliers are manufacturers. Some are just trading companies. You need to research and check on their profile so you can distinguish and make sure you are transacting only with legit suppliers.

Buy the Best Charging Cable from China

Get charging cables like an Apple charging cable, USB charging cable, type C charger cable, and more by going to these Chinese marketplaces. They offer wholesale prices and low MOQ requirements. You get more discounts as your order increases.

3. Factories and sellers from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan

These cities are popular for having the most suppliers of the best charging cable in China. You can search through Google to look for these suppliers. When you want to use the Chinese platforms, just look for the supplier profile to see if they are from these cities.

Even if these cities have data cable suppliers you must do your research because not all of them sell durable, high-quality charging cables. You can find all types of alternative cables for the best iPhone charging cables, Apple USB C charge cable, or best iPhone charger cable that is not Apple brand.

If you need to save time and effort looking for a qualified supplier from these cities, JUSTCHINAIT can help source the right suppliers for you. They have access to a database of suppliers for data cables in these main cities. 

Chapter 2: How Do You Purchase a Charging Cable from Chinese Suppliers? 

Do you need durable, short/long, stylist and low-priced charging cables? Are you searching for a cable that also protects your device? We are sharing this guide so you can pick the best supplier of charging cable in China.

1. Check the seller’s MOQ

Depending on the type of seller, the MOQ can be small or big. Some suppliers will allow you to buy a minimum of 10 pieces, and this is common for those wholesalers or trading companies. But for major or direct suppliers, the lowest MOQ can be anywhere from 500 to 1000 pieces. 

You can negotiate with the supplier for the number of charging cables you wish to buy. The discount or price they will give you is always based on your purchase quantity. When you need only a few pieces of each type, look for a supplier from Chinese B2B websites. Some wholesalers can give you a reasonable price for low MOQ.

2. Check the wholesale prices

The wholesale prices are based on the sales bracket. If you want to buy a type C charger cable or the best iPhone charger cable that is fast charging, here’s a sample pricing of the seller from a B2B site. 

This wholesale price is not the same for other types of cables. A USB charger cable that is not Type C can be cheaper. It can be from $0.90-$0.98 for bulk orders. Direct suppliers can offer lower prices for bulk orders. 

Buy the Best Charging Cable from China

3. Get your China agent

Here’s one scenario- a client, ordered 5000 pieces of iPhone fast charging cable from a trader. When the client received the order, almost 30% of what the supplier quoted as the “best charging cable” was defective. The replacement process took longer than a month and caused more than what the client paid for in his original order!

Buy the Best Charging Cable from China

Your China agent will be a great help if you want to transact with a factory or direct supplier for volumes of orders. Here’s why you need them:

  • They can communicate with the suppliers who cannot talk other languages than Chinese.
  • They can help you in all stages of negotiation until you get the orders delivered to your business address.
  • They can do product inspections before, during or post-production.
  • They can verify the supplier’s authenticity and their business certificates and licenses
  • With a licensed Chinese agent like JUSTCHINAIT, you can have peace of mind through because they have transparency, expertise, and knowledge of the product or supplier sourcing.

4. Place orders directly to the seller

Do not pay your sourcing agent when making or placing an order. Always pay your sellers based on their payment terms. 

If you are paying through a B2B platform, you can pay through international payment channels. Alibaba has a payment protection program for buyers placing an order through their website. For direct suppliers, a T/T or wire transfer is ideal. You can secure a copy of the transaction from your local bank. 

The contract should always be the basis of your transaction. Securing a contract from your supplier or your China agent can keep you out of fraud transactions. 

Chapter 4: Buyer’s Ultimate Guide when Buying the Best Charging Cable in China 

Without seeing the product physically and performing a test, you will not know whether it will be a good buy. If you only rely on the product description, you should read the buyers’ reviews to get an idea of the quality of the product of that seller.  

So, what is the best thing to do? The answer is to buy (or request) a SAMPLE and do the following:

1. Check the physical qualities of the cable.

If you are very familiar with the product specification of a cable, you need to inspect the cable material used, the quality, and the length. Is it the same as the specs mentioned in the product description? What’s the current provided? 

Buy the Best Charging Cable from China

Is the item very light or easy to break? You can tell if a cable has good quality when you compare it to an original Apple charging cable or any USB charging cable. The weight, feel, and length of the cable should be observed.

2. Inspect the product before making a wholesale order

Use the cable multiple times and see if it can deliver its function. Comparing it with another brand or even a branded one like an Apple charging cable can help you gauge if the product will last. Does it fray easily? Does it break easily when you pull it from the phone or port?

A buyer usually looks for a USB charging cable that’s longer, so it can give them more flexibility. Using it several times and trying it on two or more gadgets will let you know if it will work or if it can last a long time. 

3. Do durability of function test

If you bought a type C charger cable, check if it works on an Android device and if it says it is compatible with an iPhone, check if it will charge or will be recognized by an Apple device. Apple data cables have a built-in chip, so you must use a phone to see if a pop-up window appears when charging. You must also connect the phone to a PC to see if data transmission is working as expected.

If you cut open the cable, you will see that there are several wires. For a data cable, a 4-wire structure is built-in. You will see more than four built-in wires in the higher plug version you buy. If the cable comes with a low-quality copper wire, it will not last.

4. Ask the seller if they can do customization.

Customization refers to the buyer’s request if they want to be customized for their brand. It can include color variations, packaging style, product logo, and more. Negotiating with a seller who is open to cooperating with your requests for product or brand enhancement is better.

5. Choose a cable manufacturer that has expertise on the product.

Experts on data cables produce charging cables that are good as branded ones but not as pricey as they are. They do not easily break, do not get damaged over a short period, and work as expected. Not all suppliers in China can do this.

If you want good quality charging cables, look for a supplier with long years of experience as cable charger makers. When you check their company profile, look at how long they’ve been operating and what their clients say about their products.

Chapter 5: FAQs

The best charging cable products people have bought in the last two years come from brands like Apple, Anker, Belkin, and some Amazon brands. Though they all come with a price, you can be assured of their quality and durability.

But many consumers these days do not go for branded ones all the time. Instead, they look for the best iPhone charger cable or an Apple charging cable in generic brands. So, if you plan to outsource it from China, you can surely get a lot of suitable suppliers that supply these cables.

Below are some more FAQs about charging cables:

1. What is the best iPhone charging cable aside from Apple?

You can buy from Anker or Belkin for a high-quality and superb performance. But if you are looking for practical ones that are only less than $5, you can go to Alibaba or AliExpress for generic types. To compare the specs, simply look at the product overview like the one below:

2. Do all Type-C cables support fast charging?

Not all USB-C cables have rapid charging feature. The typical brick and cable that came in the package will likely be able to fast charge your phone if it was made in the previous two years, but this does not guarantee that any other plug and cable will be able to do the same.

The type of fast charging technology your device utilizes will depend on the manufacturer—obviously it’s not universal. If you are thinking of buying stocks for the best iPhone charger cable type C at the moment, be sure to sell it within the year.

3. Can you get a high-quality iPhone fast charging cable in China?

Yes! The Apple charging cables that they sell in stores are also assembled in China. So, you can certainly find a generic version from any B2B marketplace and certified suppliers of authentic and high-quality charging cables.

4. Is there an iPhone charger not made in China?

Yes, some brands like Philips, Anker, Choetech, Amazon Basics, and Aukey are examples of the best iPhone lightning cables that are not made in China. Charging the device as fast as possible can give users many advantages, but for it to do its function, the cable must be MFi-certified.

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