How To buy sofas from China?

By Sarah
February 27, 2024


Don’t think of the furniture industry as a hit or miss. Instead, the industry is quickly taking you to five five-figure online stores if you get the right supplier.

According to Statista, the Global Furniture market stands at 557 billion USD. It is growing exponentially and a shoot-up success for a business.

Don’t you want to try out couches from China? For sofa lovers, we have decided to make a comprehensive guide on buying, shipping, and successfully operating your supply chain.

Let’s shed light on it!

1. Sofa Basics

1) What is a sofa?

The sofa is a very comfy type of furniture with parts like armrests, backrests, and upholstered fabrics, allowing the users to have complete coziness.


Remember one thing here. Most people often think of the sofa as a couch. There is a little bit of difference between the two. For instance, the couch doesn’t have an armrest. Plus, the sofa is often convertible. You can turn it into a bed as well. Those features are less likely to be available with the couch.

2) What are its types?

Sofa has various types based on the variety of materials and designs. If you look at the mid-century sofa, the design would be very different. On the other hand, modern furniture has a touch of contemporary designs. But both can be mixed up with each other quite easily.

Some types of sofas include:

  • Loveseat
  • Sectional
  • Modular
  • Leather
  • Fabric
  • Velvet

There can be recliners if you bring up a seater and three seater recliners in this category. Before you launch your purchase for the sofa, ensure it is the one you need based on its various types.

3) China Furniture Industry Brief

China is matchless in the furniture industry because of reliable suppliers and thousands of manufacturing setups ready to pledge their systems for the country’s exports and economy.

Here is some data taken from Statista about China’s furniture industry.

  • There are more than 7K sofa manufacturers in China.
  • China’s furniture market revenue is 82 billion USD!
  • China’s furniture industry shares 3% in the online sales of furniture.

All the data shows how a furniture giant China is, and the future growth will give a heftier prospect to thrive.

2. Why buy sofas from China?

You might have many questions: Why China? Is the Chinese sofa Good? Why should I keep the best sofa makers from China on my list?

Many reasons are why the TRUMP card compels you to not only put China in your dictionary but also buy the products. Check the following benefits.

1) Cost-effectiveness.

One of the big Cheeses includes the lower costs. China has the lowest price, to be honest, around the globe. Guess what?

It is easy to make more than 50% margins on most products.

sofa Cost-effectiveness

For example, suppose you buy a modular sofa at wholesale prices from top sofa manufacturers in China. The wholesale price was $400, and you sell it at $650 in the local market. The clearcut margin was 60%. Is that even less?

Such a symmetry in prices owes to lower production costs and labor costs. You save more money and raise your profit margins. TOTAL business under your regime.

2) Variety in designs.

Don’t worry at all if you want a specific design for a sofa.

For example:

You need a mid-century sofa design with a blend of 2020s designs. Top sofa manufacturers from China would get you that. How? Because of thousands of suppliers plus the customization. The R&D team is sitting with pad-wearing, ready to dress up all your dreams!

When working with the best sofa manufacturers from China, you’ll find all the categories and designs. Even most sellers will offer unique designs tailored to your brand. Such diversity is a neodymium magnet for B2B deals.

3) Quality considerations.

Cheap prices don’t mean shoddy quality. Most buyers often get a false impression. In China, you get a good quality and that at reasonable prices. Unbelievable, right?

It is not a bed of roses to sleep in. You must walk through the market and know the high-end sofa brands. Consider their products. Check quality. And fall for it only if you are 100% sure the supplier is reliable. And the quality is good too.

3. What to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

Before buying a quality couch from China, various factors should be considered. These can be;

1) Style and Size

Style and size are paramount for the furniture industry. A wrong size would drag the sales level to the ground—and an exact prediction for a lousy design. So, determine the ideal method you want to buy. Keep customer’s preferences on top.

2) Comfort

Is your sofa comfortable? Everyone wants to buy a sofa for solace! What if your couch does not offer that? Obviously, they will abandon the purchase and move to the next deal from your rival. So, comfort is vital here.

3) Quality

Target the best quality. Even if you have to hire the inspection experts, do it. But get the optimal quality. It helps you create a trusted environment. And skyrocket your sales.

4) Material

Leather or velvet? Leather is long-lasting and provides better protection if a child spills coffee. On the other hand, velvet is a more livable material! Look for the frame material, too.

5) Price

Price is a critical factor since the aim is to print money. So, purchase at lower costs and sell at higher prices. Keep this in mind and go on selling products. You’ll bathe in money.

customization sofa

6) Customization

Want to become more customer-centered? Turn heads to customization. Find the best companies that offer customization features.

4. How do you find a reliable supplier?

A reliable supplier isn’t on the road. You need to do research. Find out the best company. And deal with it. Here is how to do it all.

1) Online marketplaces vs. direct factory purchases.

Online marketplaces have two types of dealers;

  • Suppliers. These are go-betweens who arrange products for you. They get a commission.
  • Direct Factories. Direct factories have their production setup. And sell inventory to B2B buyers and suppliers.

Direct factories offer cheaper rates compared to the second option. Choose wisely at this point.

2) Attending furniture expos and trade fairs.

Furniture expos and trade fairs are places where suppliers come. Top sofa companies show off their inventory. And try to impress buyers.

It can be a great place to find suppliers. And manually check the sofa quality.

3) Tips for vetting suppliers and avoiding scams.

Weary of scams? Don’t worry. Many tips are life-saving for you. Here are some key points to look for in your supplier.

  • Experience
  • Quality Standard
  • Main client
  • Manufacturing scale
  • MOQ
  • Previous Record
  • Check Customer Feedback

Confirm the supplier is reliable. The sofa quality is good. And there is no MOQ.

5. Sofa Purchasing Process.

From negotiation to follow-up, you must know the step-by-step process. Here are five central points to understand.

1) Negotiation

First of all, negotiate. If the supplier offers a quote, convince him about the potential nature of your business. Tell him you can be a long-term deal for them.

To retain you, they will reduce their costs. Some buyers save up to 60% in this way. And get reduced prices. Do the same!

2) Terms, customization options, and warranties

Negotiation is not all about the prices. Let’s move forward to terms once you have made up the rates. Set up rules for the contract.


It will save the hassle of upcoming pauses. And let the deal go on.

3) Place the order.

Once you have agreed on all the points, it is time to hit the BUY button. Place the order instantly.

4) Payment

The next step is to pay for the order. The supplier will specify the payment options. Confirm they all are 100% safe. You can pay for the order.

5) Follow-up

Once you have paid, the supplier will start producing inventory. Get the lead times. Stay active on the contract. And know when the products will be ready.

You can even inspect it during the production process. And know how it is going for your business. Follow-up is 100% necessary.

6. Quality control

Quality is the crucial thing every business mind looks for. If you want to resell a sofa, get quality. Adorn your store with it. And win more consumers. Here are

1) Understanding Quality Control in Furniture Manufacturing

Invest some time in understanding the manufacturing system. Consider materials. Think of the frames and fabrics of a Chinese sofa.

Understand how the whole system works out here!

2) Setting Your Quality Expectations

What do you expect? What exactly do you mean by quality? Sometimes,  a buyer wants a combo of quality material and design. Some expect the products to last longer.

Decide what your aim is. Choose the relevant fabrics as well!

3) Pre-Manufacturing Checks.

Before the supplier even starts, do the following:

  • Check the quality of production.
  • Manually visit the factory.
  • Verify product quality.
  • Get a sample and send it for lab testing.

Once 100% satisfied with the quality, move one step closer!

4) In-process Quality Assurance

Take time and visit the factory. Observe the process. And know the machine quality too. The quality-controlled system is the optimal producer of the best sofa. Minimize the ratio of the defects. And consider the quality!

5) Post-Manufacturing Inspections

Once you have manually visited the factory, it is not enough. Wait for the final production of sofa batches.

Are all products ready to ship?

Wait a minute. Take a review of the quality. Run third-party inspection checks. And test the quality. Get a report from your inspection team. And boost up your trust in the sofa!

6) Common Quality Issues and Red Flags

Look. All 100% of the products are not accurate. Some products will have significant defects. Some others might have slight flaws. It is time to address all of the issues at such a point.

Check all the products one by one and make a list.

7) Working with Third-Party Inspection Services

Want to save the day? Work with third-party inspection services. They know about the whole process of qualifying. And guarantee the best quality products.

Talk to inspectors and confirm whether they guarantee quality or not. Manage them as per your schedule.

8) Handling Defects and Issues

If you have evaluated all the defects, it is time to contact the supplier. Raise a question about the flaws. And emphasize the product returns or compensation.

A reputed supplier will offer compensation returns.

9) Continuous Quality Improvement(provide feedback to suppliers for future orders.)

All done? Let’s give feedback to the supplier. And tell him about the quality. Ensure the following orders are perfect ones!

7. Logistics of Buying a Sofa from China

Buying from China is still not challenging, but how will you even ship? That is a matter of concern. For that purpose, you must know the shipping process.

1) Breakdown of Shipping process and cost

Shipping comprises shipping services. To use a shipping service, you must allocate a budget.

At this point, think about the shipping process. Specify the specific amount of money for shipping.

2) Find a reliable shipping forwarder.

Once you have a budget, it’s time to hunt down exemplary service! First, ask your supplier about the shipment. If the supplier agrees to doorstep shipments, great!


What if not?

Simple. Find the shipping company on Alibaba. Dhgate and 1688 also have shipping services. Explore them.

3) Confirm the shipping options.

A shipping process relies on the shipping method. For example:

  • Air shipping
  • Sea shipping
  • Railway shipping.

Sometimes, you get other terms like Express shipping or standard shipping. Inquire about all the shipping options.

4) Track your delivery time and order.

Express shipping is the fastest option. Sometimes, it comes with NO TRACKING FACILITIES! That is a drawback of a shipping service. Every single shipper wants to know where the product has reached.

Tracking and Delivery time will ensure that!

5) Deal with customs and import taxes.

In domestic shipments, there is no involvement of customs! In cross-border shipping, you must know it.

Check all the import duties.

For example, you live in the US. US customs will have a list of applicable import duties. Get that. And pay the amount! It often includes the charges of inspection of products by customs, too.

8. Top 10 High-Quality Sofa Brands from China

To get the top sofa brands under your belt, research is worth one’s weight in gold. But!!! You might land the fraud sofa manufacturers from China.

For that purpose, we have saved the day and got you a list of the top 10 high-end sofa brands from China.


KUKA is one of the top sofa brands in China, working globally. It ships to 100+ countries and has over 6000 stores around the globe.


Founded in 1982, it has some top-quality sofa products. Main products include:

  • Sofa beds
  • Mattresses, clothes dryers
  • Bedroom matching

Here are various reasons why it is the best.

  • Complete shipping facilities. It ships to 100+ countries, which is terrific if you are a foreign seller. Get inventory faster. Shine your brand.
  • R&D team. Their R&D team is ready to pledge their time just for your sake. Get the best and customised designs. Create a business repo.


Working since 1982, ZUOYOU has never disappointed its consumers. The team is speedy, offering instant solutions. Plus, Their new and innovative designs of the sofa are pretty impressive.


Here are vital products.

  • Sofa beds
  • Carpets
  • Coffee tables

Here is why you should keep it on your list.

  • Premium quality. Don’t expect less than world-class quality. They are the top furniture suppliers. Create a trusted environment.
  • Affordable prices. Their sofa prices are not high. Get competitive rates. Increase your profit margins.

3) Quanu

Don’t forget QuanU when searching for the sofas! Founded in 1986, QuanU has accomplished milestones in research and development. They bring up new solutions. And put consumers at ease.


Here are some crucial products from QuanU.

  • Sofas
  • Mattresses
  • Soft Beds

The best part? Here it is.

  • International Quality. QuanU’s product quality is marvelous. Foresee the best quality and sell internationally. The business expansion made it super cool!
  • Customization. They allow customization of the sofas. Launch customers’ favorite solutions.

4) LandBond

Are you looking for the best sofa brand in China? Welcome the Landbond, which has a premium inventory and the best quality products. This business was started in 1984 and has shipping access to 100+ countries.

Here are the top products.

  • Sofa
  • Wall carpet
  • Mattress

Why should you choose this brand?

  • Durable material. Their sofa is the best quality. So, it is long-lasting and excellent for your furniture business.
  • Customization. You can get the custom solutions. It boosts your brand presence.

5) SCI Home

SCI Home is a famous high-end Sofa brand founded in 1999. With 2000+ stores across the country, it has the top-notch quality. And a promise to export to 60+ countries.

Here are the top products.

  • Fabric Sofa
  • Modular Sofa

Here are key reasons to choose it.

  • Diversity of designs. SCI Home offers a variety of styles for sofas. So, you are out of worry about finding multiple suppliers for stylish inventory.
  • Premium products. Their product quality is matchless. Expect the best from this high-end sofa brand.


SUNHOO is also one of the oldest furniture companies, having three production bases. It was founded in 1980 and has over 10K employees. With a more extensive production setup, it can accommodate all your needs.

The top products are:

  • Wood sofa
  • Upholstered furniture

Here are various reasons why SUNHOO is the best choice.

  • Bigger production setup. They have three production bases in China. You can maximize product efficiency with it.
  • Quality products. Product quality is impressive. You can win more sales quite quickly.

7) Steel Land

Do you know about the Steel Land? If not, let me tell you what it is. Steel Land is a sofa manufacturer founded in 1993. Since then, it has served thousands of consumers. Shipped globally. And ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Here are the main products.

  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Living Room sofa
  • Study Room Furniture

Here is why you should choose it.

  • International products. Their primary focus is to facilitate B2B buyers. So, they manufacture products ready to sell in the global market.
  • Excellent export systems. They ship to over 160 countries. Complete facilities get you solace.

8) Jisi

Founded in 1998, Jisi has some of the unique designs for the furniture. They focus on home furniture. And provide excellent quality. Their factory covers an area of 400K square meters.

Jisi’s main products include:

  • Sofa
  • Mattress

Here are some features of the Jisi sofa manufacturer.

  • Affordable prices. The prices are not very high. Cheaper costs get you better profits.
  • Variety of sofas. It has various types of sofas. You get all kinds at one station. Great, right?

9) Nanfang

Nanfang belongs to the Sichuan, China. Since its establishment in 1991, it has never looked back. Do you know why? Because of premium inventory. Focus on a variety of sofa options. And durable options.

Key products include:

  • Home sofa
  • Office furniture
  • Hotel furniture

Top features include:

  • Diversity of Sofa styles. They have a variety of sofa sets. From beds to a recliner sofa, they are time-saving options. Get them!
  • Best quality. Quality is quite good compared to other brands. Grab this chance.

10) QM

QM is in the race for top Sofa manufacturers from China. It has won many awards. For example, the China Red Star Award. All praises for its premium products. And top-notch customer support for the loyal consumers.

Key products are:

  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Overall Furniture
  • Shelf
  • Bed

Here is why you should prefer it!

  • Classy designs. This sofa manufacturer has elegant designs. The simple and graceful look is eye-catching.
  • Diversity of options. They offer a variety of sofa options. You are at ease!

9. FAQs

1) Why are sofas from China so affordable?

Many people want to know why China sofas are so affordable. Many reasons:

  • The government implements less taxes.
  • Cheaper prices of the raw materials cause low-priced production.
  • Labor excess reduces the overall costs of the labor.
  • Competition among the best sofa companies leads to decreased prices.
  • How do I ensure I’m choosing a reliable supplier?

The reliable supplier holds many green flags. You need to look for that. These include:

  • Confirm the supplier location.
  • Know the experience.
  • Check the previous records.
  • Read consumer reviews.
  • Visit the suppliers’ factory to confirm the location and get some confidence in the supplier.

2) What are the common materials used in Chinese sofas?

First, a sofa comprises various components. One is the frames, and the second is the comfy material that supports you. And creates all the luxury you enjoy. Wood or metal makes up the frame most often. The material can be leather, fabric, or velvet. Sometimes, other materials can also be used in the fabric to add all the luxury you expect from a sofa.

3) Can I customize my sofa order from China?

Yes. For that reason, you must talk to your sofa manufacturer. Confirm whether he offers the customization features. After confirmation, you can send the requirements for the assessment. Only then will the supplier offer you a custom sofa.

4) What should I know about shipping and delivery times?

Shipping times vary from company to company. Express shipping often takes 5-10 days for an order to arrive in the US and other countries. Locally, you get it within a week or even less. Before you select a shipping company or method, know the estimated shipping time. It will help evaluate how many days you have to wait on average.

5) Can I return a sofa if I’m not satisfied?

Yes. 100% you can return the sofa. Reliable China suppliers offer a 20-30 day return policy. You can talk to the supplier if you think the product quality is poor. Tell him the whole scene. And return it. It is super easy!


High-end sofa brands prefer quality over quantity. You must find such suppliers. Confirm their lower prices. And buy. Make sure you have a legal contract to avoid any issues.

Inspect products. And ship it to your location. The whole process is complex for a beginner!

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