How to Buy Products from “Made in PRC”

By Sarah
January 10, 2023

Many items have been stapled with Made in China labels; you can see them on clothing, toys, devices, and so on. However, this label sparked negative reviews from many buyers worldwide. They believed that when they saw this label, the products were already fake and of poor quality.

As a result, it affected many businesses to the point that they decided to change the label. From Made in China, the labels are now Made-in-PRC. To give you more details, keep reading the eight sections below.

1.The Guide to PRC

We always see Made in China, and now Made in PRC in numerous products in the market. But what does this label means? In this section, we will define and differentiate them for you.

1)What is PRC’s meaning?

PRC is an abbreviation for the People of the Republic of China. This abbreviation indicates their origin and location of manufacture included on the products’ labels. The product is produced, designed, and assembled in China.

The Guide to PRC

2)What is the Distinction Between Made in China and Made in PRC

The Made in China and Made in PRC are labels attached to the products. The only difference these labels have is that Made in China has a bad reputation for many buyers. In contrast, Made in PRC has higher and better quality.

2.Why do Manufacturers Switch ‘Made-in-China’ for ‘Made in PRC’?

Made in China label has been the trademark of the manufacturing business. However, in the early 2000s, products made in China started to be in the transitional title of Made in PRC. This marketing strategy brings out the positive and the negative aspects. Although the new label, Made in PRC, is not as famous as the latter, it still definitely works.

1)Improved Product Sales

Made in China has a negative connotation. It means that people, mainly buyers, associate products with that label as poor quality. Many buyers won’t buy the products if they see this label. That leads to many businesses having poor sales.

Additionally, the market can collapse when people stop buying products labeled “Made in China.” To prevent this issue from rising, manufacturers choose to change the labels. In this way, buyers will be, at first, perplexed.

They will not be aware that both made-in-China and made-in-PRC products originated in China. They might discover its meaning later, but it will not stop them from rebuying the products. That makes this a valuable plan as it increases sales.

2)Create New Trademark

Changing the labels means having a brand identity. The Made in China labels have been noted for being poor quality and scrutinized over the years. In addition, “China” is not an official name for its origin.

For instance, if the product is made in China, the label should be “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.” These labels do not fit in the brands as it is too lengthy. So the Made in PRC labels made their way for the new trademark, which is catchy and unique.

Why do Manufacturers Switch 'Made-in-China' for 'Made in PRC'

3)Include the Official Name on the Labels

As mentioned, China is not the official name. It should be the People’s Republic of China or the PRC. Many people assumed that China was the official name of the country. The reasons? Various manufacturers have used this name in their products.

Since manufacturers saw the need to correct this mistake, they now incorporate the “Made in PRC” label. PRC is now notable for being China’s official name by buyers and people worldwide.

4)Appropriate for Foreign Companies

Changing the labels is a wise decision for many companies. This rebranding opened doors for sales since people pushed made-in-China products to the sidelines until they changed the labeling. This method also paves for the brands to show their high-quality products.

3.The Reason why Most Products Made in PRC

As per the data provided by Macrotrends, China had a manufacturing output of $4,865.82 billion in 2021. This value increased by 26.04% over the previous year. For this reason, it is unsurprising that most of the products you will see on the market come from China.

Whether in the PRC or China, you will notice some distinct characteristics of why many businesses today opted for products made in China and made in the PRC. Are you interested in doing business with China products? Here is more reason to convince you.

1)High-quality Products

Many businesses have a misconception about Made in China products: they are cheap and low-quality. That is not true. Contrary to this belief, Chinese products are excellent and of high caliber. How have you ever wondered where you’re shoes, “Adidas,” come from? Did you ever get curious about where your Apple products are made? If you’re thinking of China, you’re right.

China’s manufacturing industry is advanced and diverse. Popular brands worldwide will not manufacture their product in China because they see potential in the industry. China has all the means to produce high-quality goods, such as the proper buildings, new techs, custom tools, etc.

2)Accessible Materials

Manufacturing materials of all kinds are always available in China. Most factories can get raw materials as fast as they can. They also use cutting-edge tools that will help produce the highest quality products. With the material on hand, most manufacturers can already make your product fast and accurate. So if you want to customize something or a unique design, China’s industry is your best bet.

3)Low Prices

One of the reasons why Made in PRC products is a great deal, especially for start-up businesses, is price. Many companies choose to manufacture their products in China to cut costs. How do China suppliers sell at such low prices? The reason for that is the low manufacturing costs.

The manufacturer or supplier can price their products low because there is still room for profit. They would even set an MOQ for them to maximize their production capabilities. They also have various strategies, such as sourcing bulk raw materials and partnering with multiple providers.

4)Mass Manufacturing

The quantity that manufacturers can make is one of the reasons why most people around the world prefer to import goods from China. Most factories, suppliers, and manufacturers produce and sell goods in large quantities. With this strategy, the goods will be much cheaper.

That is good for both the manufacturer and the importer. It reduces the cost of product acquisition while increasing profits. In addition, if you require large quantities of products in a short time, China’s industry will be your best option.

5)Provide Better Service

Comparing China’s services with America, Chinese manufacturers provide better services. Most manufacturers in America cater to clients that can give them high profits. That means they will be unresponsive to small businesses. Although this scenario is also actual in China, we cannot deny that Chinese manufacturers are much more flexible.

They will be willing to work with you if you meet the requirements. For small businesses looking for their products, China is helpful in providing them. Remember, they are the best for producing “best of the best” products locally and overseas.

6)Lower Wages

China offers low labor costs, which leads to low production costs. You have to understand that competition in China is fierce. For a manufacturer to have their selling point, there will price the PRC products lower. There is no shortage of readily available cheap labor. It is available because workers are readily available.

We have mentioned that low labor costs imply low production costs. That means the final PRC products will decrease in value and become more affordable. However, since there is a change in time, the labor cost will also adapt to the needs of people. You can expect that it will be in a little higher range.

7)Masters Of Design

One of the reasons why China has been the go-to place for products is that many facilities can mimic one design or more. China is your best option if you want to customize something or mimic a specific format.

For instance, you want your product to have a specific dimension that looks like one object. You can send a sample layout to the manufacturer. Or avail of their custom services so that you will be satisfied with your products.

8)Business Ecosystem

The business ecosystem in China has improved over the last few years. Since the economy is expanding, they need to adapt. That’s why various networks exist from suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and customers.

These networks are crucial in making sure that the items are excellent and it will get delivered fast. At the same time, China has been notable for being the best in making products. Buying from there will also help your business.

9)Efficiency in Production

Another reason most products are made in China is the potential for increased output in a shorter period. Most companies in China can sustain your time frame. That means they can finish on time even those large orders.

What’s more exciting? They can ship and deliver your products on time. You will not have any problem with delays as most manufacturers are efficient. If we compare many American factories, they might put restraints on time before they can attain the output range.

10)Easy for Market Expansion

The manufacturing industry in China opens doors for market expansion. Many companies can use the services of factories to create their products. They can also use manufacturing in China and its supply chain as a way to sell their products.

For instance, they may opt for dropshipping, wherein you can customize your products, and the manufacturer will ship them directly to your customers. There are also no added costs because shipping expenses are excluded.

11)Excellent Logistics

China is one of the most developed countries. They have numerous railways, airways, roads, and ports that help transport goods. They also have a wide range of logistics companies that assist in transporting manufactured goods.

The people and government of China made significant investments in logistics. They even have a Belt and Road policy strategy that aims to improve the logistics of its neighbors. As a result, businesses have no problems shipping their products outside the country.

12)Low Relocation Cost

Many brands and businesses have their factory in China. The reason? It is cheap to relocate a factory to China. Other countries have other added, such as tax, which makes the price high. But in China, taxes are far lower. That makes building a factory in China and producing products there will be cheaper and wise.

13)Political Stability

The best thing about doing business in China is that their industry is stable. China’s People’s Republic is also politically stable. That means there is no political chaos that can halt production. Political unrest is avoided to reduce the risk of losing business. So, for over 20 years, firms worldwide have been less afraid to invest in China.

14)Established Supply Chain

The supply chain is among the reasons why many make PRC products. After many years, China’s industry has established a stable supply chain. That means the process will be much faster and more efficient. Supply chains also entice businesses to locate their operations in the PRC. That is why the widespread of China products is not surprising.

15)Chinese Firms have Extensive Product Knowledge

China has been the top country producing and exporting goods to different countries for the longest time. The people of China have been notable for being the best in business, mainly in making a specific product come to life. They even earned praise for their expertise and acquired the title of “the” experts.

In China, you will find the manufacturer of your liking. You have a wide range of options, one that may specialize in that specific product and industry. For this reason, they have been the most sought-after by many businesses globally.

4. Why do people mistakenly think made in China means poor quality?

For years, many people have been noting China products that are cheap and poor grade. But the thing is, it’s not, as the industry has become more competitive than before. There are new tech, factors, and processes to ensure that the product is in its best condition.

However, why do so many importers continue to receive subpar products from China? Here are some of the reasons:

1)Low prices result in low-quality products

Most importers want the highest possible quality of their products. The only problem is they are unwilling to pay the right price. The prices that the manufacturer set are lower than others. You can negotiate a lower price, but not “too” low.

Manufacturers need to earn too. If they accept a below-price range, you can expect that they have to cut down raw materials or processes to meet your budget. You don’t want to compromise the price-quality as it can affect your business in the long run.

Why do people mistakenly think made in China means poor quality

2)Unclear product requirements

Being transparent with your product requirement will eliminate the risk of poor quality. You need to provide complete and proper details to your manufacturer. This way, your manufacturer will know what they will do to meet your expectations.

For instance, if you leave out details of your details, your supply might assume otherwise rather than ask you to clarify. As a result, you will receive products that are not okay or suitable.

3)Not inspecting the products to ensure their quality

The most common reason why importers receive low-quality products is the failure to inspect them before shipping. It would be best if you made sure that before your products leave the factory, they align with your requirements.

If you are hesitant that your manufacturer will not send the right picture of the products, you need to hire a QC inspector. They will be the ones to go to the factory to see the products firsthand. Then, they will report their findings to you.

5.The advantages of Made-in PRC

Made in China or Made in PRC has been the number one trademark of many products today. Despite its negative connotation, this branding has been at the top of the game. Here are some of the foremost reasons why you should choose made-in-China products.

1)Lower Cost

China offering lower costs is not a new concept. It is the main reason why businesses worldwide choose to manufacture in China. You would draw less money from your cost, meaning more earnings. However, it doesn’t mean you would be paying less to receive low-quality products. This price range is reasonable.

For instance, China is notable for making steel items. Because factories already have the knowledge and expertise, they can lower the prices. In addition, there are other factors included in calculating this cost, such as the following:

• Raw material
• Shipping
• Custom services
• Labor
• Labels and packages

2)Speed of Production

One of the advantages of Made-in PRC is that it can be made and delivered to your door quickly. We have mentioned China’s supply chain and production process are efficient. Because there is a control, you save time shipping your goods to different locations. You can contact a Chinese manufacturer if you need products fast or in time for the seasonal state.

3)Product Quality

Quality has been improving yearly because more businesses are turning their business in China. Because of the striving force of growth, process, and standards, China has become the leading country. At the same time, the products from China conquer various markets.

If you want top products on the market, China will be an excellent place for that. Consumers wish for low-cost, long-lasting products; you can provide them with that. If you have to worry about the quality, don’t be. Suppliers will abide by their standards unless you request super low-cost or low materials.

The advantages of Made-in PRC

4)Incredible Efficiency

We have noted that China’s factors are highly sought after because of their speed and efficiency. They can begin making your products as soon as you make an order and with little to no interruptions. They will concentrate on making your products of quality and standards.

Even in the busiest season, they can still set their production based on your schedule. This scenario happens when the demand is high, and you cannot afford to waste even a single day.

5)Stable Infrastructure

As business owners, your products must be safe and of quality. One way to ensure that is to process products carefully, advance, and fast. That is why the Chinese government dedicates projects to improving buildings and infrastructure. At the same time, the main cities enhance their access to ports, labor, raw material, and new tools.

6. How to Buy Products from “Made in PRC”

When you want to buy from China, you need to understand the ways and steps you can take. Buying China products does not only revolve around finding reliable suppliers but also knowing the process, delivery, etc. In this section, we will provide the best ways where you can buy products from Made in PRC.

1)Buy from China wholesale websites

Today, you can buy products even from the comfort of your home. You can also apply this concept if you don’t have the means to go to China. There are different China websites that you may opt to use. But, we recommend these top 3 wholesale and B2B websites:


Undoubtedly, Alibaba is the best website that is easy to use and free. Since its establishment in 1999, they have become a key player in the industry. They have grown to the point that other industries cannot compare. Many importers worldwide use this platform as their go-to sourcing site.

For this reason, this is the website where you can find everything. You can choose products from their 36 first-class product categories. They also cater to many suppliers, from small ones to large corporations. You will surely get what you’re looking for, hassle-free and cheap!

How to Buy Products from “Made in PRC”

Global Sources

Another top website where you can buy products is Global Sources. Global Sources started in 1971 and aimed to serve the electronics and gift industries. But as they continue to expand, they now cater to more industries and are ready to sell more products.

Many importers worldwide commend Global Sources for having quality products. You can find their site on various product categories and suppliers. You will not have any issues using the website since it is safe and protected.

Made in China

Another popular website is Made-in-China. It began its operation in 1998, and from there, it rose to provide the best platform for buyers. Although this site is not as popular as the other two, we cannot deny that it has similar pros.

Among its similarities is that this website has various products you can buy. You can find items from clothing, appliances, home decorations, and so many more. Because of how diverse it is, it has become popular too overseas buyers.

2)Visit China’s export and import trade fairs

Trade fairs in China will play an essential role if you want to customize your products or order in large MOQ. At these fairs, hundreds and thousands of suppliers in various industries gathered. You can attend this fair to find a suitable supplier and ask for their details on hand. Some of the fair options you can go to are the following:

• The Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair)
• Bauma China 2022
• East China Import and Export Commodity Fair (ECF)
• The Yiwu Commodities Fair
• Beijing International Auto Show

3)Find reliable suppliers with the help of China sourcing agent

A sourcing agent will assist you with all the things that you need. They are experts in finding the best products and suitable suppliers for you. Their primary role is to help you, and with their vast networks, it is possible. They have a list of suppliers that they will narrow down to see who fits your requirement best. Through their services, they will ensure that you will receive quality products.

7.How to Select the Best Made-in PRC Products

One of the best things about buying items in China is that you have various options. You can get what you’re looking for. However, if you want to acquire only the best products, you need a suitable method. In this section, we will assist you in trying to locate the right products.

1)Conduct Market Research

Before anything else, you must have essential insights into the product you’re looking for, your requirements, prices, etc. You can do your research first, such as buying from different stores. Some of these stores/brands will provide you with added product details. You can also buy directly from the company, increasing your chances of getting the correct product.

Or you can also ask for help from the best sourcing agents like JUSTCHINAIT. This process would guide you in testing the waters first; remember, there are hundreds and thousands of PRC companies. Some of those are 3rd-party firms that sell fake items.

2)Quality Control

If you buy products in bulk, you need to be sure that the items you get are high-quality. The products’ quality will vary based on the manufacturer, material, specification, etc. That is why you need the proper quality control. The first step is to visit the factory where the PRC items are made or go to trade fairs. You alone can examine whether the products or the manufacturer meet your expectations.

If you don’t have the means, you can hire an agent or agency to do so on your behalf. You should choose one with the best inspection services, for instance, JUSTCHINAIT. This way, you can ensure that you will get concise and correct reports.

3)Select the Best Manufacturer

Finding the “best” manufacturer in China may appear to be an easy task at first. Despite your hundreds and thousands of options, we hate to break it to you, though it’s not. With all these options, you might find it hard to choose which one to work with. It can be time-consuming to sift through various manufacturers before settling on the best one.

In addition, some manufacturers front themselves as the best but have failing processes. A sourcing agent can be beneficial in saving you time, money, and effort. They have networks of trusted manufacturers who produce quality products.

How to Select the Best Made in PRC Products

4)Consider Price vs. Value

It is enticing to think that buying made-in-PRC items would save you notable money. Although it’s true, it would bring cons. For instance, the quality of products will depend on your price. The manufacturers can only give you discounts and price lower. But if it means paying the value “too” low beyond the standard, the manufacturer will have to compromise the quality and use substandard materials. As the saying goes, you will get what you pay for. So, if you want your customers to buy from you, consider which one matters, “price or value?” or maybe both?

5)Examine Online Platforms

The best way to know if the products are high-quality is through their manufacturers. Try to get to know the manufacturers by searching them on various online platforms such as the following:

• Alibaba
• AliExpress
• Global Sources
• DHgate
• Made-in-China

6)Hire a Sourcing Agent

If you are unsure if the products you will get are legit and high-quality, then a sourcing agent is your option. Sourcing agents like JUSTCHINAIT can help hire a trustworthy supplier or visit the factory on your behalf. They will do the process right and with fewer risks. They would even give you update to ensure that the products are in safe hands.

8. How to Select the Appropriate Manufacturer for PRC Product

Partnering with the best manufacturer for your PRC products is a factor that can make or break your business. That is why you need to pay attention to these critical factors. You can check this list to help choose the best manufacturer for your product.

1)Look into their Sourcing Options

When you choose your products, it’s time to decide which manufacturer to partner with. As mentioned, there are hundreds and thousands of manufacturers in China. It is best to narrow your searchers down by partnering with sourcing agents with sourcing options for finding suppliers and manufacturers.

If you don’t have the means to avail of other services, you can start sourcing online. Suppliers and manufacturers utilize online and B2B platforms to market their services. Because everything nowadays is done online, this would be the simplest way to get started.


The PRC products will either be high-quality or not, depending on the manufacturer’s ability. If you are keen on the results, you should know if the manufacturer can attain your specific product’s expertise, equipment, and production rate. In addition, these questions can guide you:

• Do they have a state of the art facilities?
• What is the total annual production capacity of their company?
• Can they handle shipping and customs?
• Do they have a specialization in the industry?
• What are their strengths and weakness?
• Will they assist you in getting the proper certifications and documents for your products?

3)Consider the Price

A tip: never sacrifice quality and security for a lower price. In most cases, choosing low-quality suppliers will have to cut down on quality to yield output. It will not be a suitable product to sell, and it might compromise your business in the long run.

Ask the supplier to send you a cost breakdown when you ask for quotes to ensure you get what you pay. They will then send back details containing the material costs, labor, margins, etc. It will allow you to compare one supplier with others.

4)Check their Documentation

When reaching out to manufacturers, always ask for their certificates and documents. This step will protect you from scams and possible risks. Regarding the products, you should always have documentation on hand so they can review if they can make the product. It will ensure that the requirements are clear from the start.

5)Ask for References

Manufacturers play a massive role in making your products come to life. That is why providing them with your precise requirements is always a good idea, and vice versa. Your manufacturers should also be able to show you their past works to showcase their skills and crafts. You can ask them where they reference the products they have produced from their other clients.

Though they may argue that it is confidential, which is true, they should give you other some older projects. It will help if you do not rely alone on the picture they display on their website.


The bottom line is that not everything Made in China is poor quality. In fact, the product from China can compete with the quality made overseas. You must be careful and ensure that the quality is something you expect. What is the best way to do that? Work with a sourcing agent.

Reputable sourcing companies like JustChinait can help you source the best Made in PRC products. They will not look only for the labels but go beyond to bring you the best! If you need help with where to start, this article will be.

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