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By Sarah
October 11, 2022

 1. How to buy from basic

1)What is China wholesale? is a wholesale website in China where you can shop products in bulk and various categories. This 1688 wholesale started its operation in 2010 and rose to become one of the best platforms. And because it is a subsidiary of Alibaba, it has similar uses and format. It was even referred to as Alibaba 1688 because it has identical sounds “Yao Liu Ba Ba” in Chinese.

Moreover, the main aim of 1688 is to cater to domestic trade. However, because of the broad range of suppliers that offers low prices, many foreign buyers started to use it. For this reason, this platform has garnered over 120 million users and 50,000 companies and suppliers.

1688 shop offers a vast option, whether with products or suppliers. You can use this website as your one-stop solution for your sourcing needs. You can also utilize the following features of 1688 to your advantage.

• It has precise criteria to help you find Chinese suppliers.
• You can search for products by category or keyword.
• It offers a 1688’s list of verified sellers.
• All the users of this website can get exclusive benefits.
• Sellers have a history of customer feedback.
• You can use this platform using the website or 1688 apps: 1688 android, Taobao 1688, and 1688 app store. wholesale


2) Why is buying from the 1688 shop important?

One of the best decisions a buyer can make if they want to buy in bulk in China is to use a China wholesale website like 1688. This website is among the most important ones to look for as an overseas buyer. It is easy to use (1688 app), affordable, and provides various product options.

You can meet original sellers and suppliers when you buy from China wholesale website, especially on 1688. It means they are a factory and manufacturers, not resellers or trading companies. For this reason, they can offer you better deals at low prices.

If you are also doing China sourcing of a broad range of products, your best bet is 1688 shop. They have a large selection of products from clothing, jewelry, electronics, and more. They are also flexible with their structure since they deal with B2B, B2C, wholesale, and manufacturing products.


 2. The Pros and Cons of Buying From 1688 China Shop

Like any other China wholesale website in China, also has its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s take more of a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages you might encounter if you buy from 1688.


  • Offers a diverse range of products
  • More reasonable costs
  • Holds a set of low MOQ
  • Retains a higher number of suppliers
  • More transparent
  • Fast communication response
  • Language and culture barrier
  • Limits on payments
  • Issue when it comes to quality checks
  • Packaging issue
  • Shipping issue


1) Offers a diverse range of products


We have mentioned that has a diverse range of products and product categories. You can get products of any kind, size, or color and customize them to your liking. Some of the products that you can get without hassle are:

• Jewelry
• Makeup items
• Home decor
• Accessories
• Clothes
• Office supplies
• Women and men’s underwear
• Shoes

1688 product categories

2) More reasonable costs

If we are to compare Alibaba and 1688 product prices, offers a lower price. Because most of the sellers on this platform cater to local customers, the costs can be slightly lower.

4) Holds a set of low MOQ

When you are China sourcing products that have low MOQ, is the best option. Many of the suppliers on this platform have a low minimum order quantity. You can get as low as two pieces at a meager price than others with an MOQ of 100 to 1000.

5) Retains a higher number of suppliers

There are many suppliers, especially because the fee is low compared to other websites. You can work with legit Chinese suppliers that are professional, expert, and can handle custom orders.

6) More transparent

One of the benefits of using 1688 when you buy from China is price transparency. The prices shown on the suppliers’ page are indeed accurate and legit. It is why you can place an order quickly and eliminate the need for further negotiation.

7) Fast communication response has different communication tools you and your supplier can use to negotiate and communicate. They also have an excellent 1688 app, Taobao 1688 app, and 1688 app store for iPhone, allowing you to use the platform anytime, anywhere. Most suppliers also have employees who will always respond to any questions or concerns raised within a few seconds. Thus, if you want fast transactions, this is your best option.


1) Language and culture barrier

Finding suppliers who converse in English is challenging since most are legit Chinese. If you’re an overseas buyer, you need to have a translator or get help from native speakers. This case will add to your expenses since you will have to use their services through the transaction.

2) Limits on payments

Most suppliers in cater to the domestic mode of payments, which is why they only accept payments using RMB and CNY. If you desire to do the transaction with them, you must exchange currencies, use an agent, or use the following channels:

• Cash
• WeChat
• Alipay
• Local bank transfers

3) Issue when it comes to quality checks

Since you have no one helping or assisting you in China, you are unsure if the product you’ll get is quality. You can end up getting poor products and spending more to fix them.

4) Packaging issue

The products you have purchased from are packaged in Chinese. Packaging will be an issue if you plan to resell it into the global market. You will need to avail of customization services with unique packages and labels using English.

5) Shipping issue

1688 shipping is minimal, and suppliers will seldom help you with this one. If you plan to buy from multiple suppliers on this platform, you can expect it to be high.


3. The Unique Features

If you are China sourcing products for a low price, your best bet would be 1688. This is super versatile, as you can use Taobao 1688 app, 1688 android, 1688 app store, and even the website itself. Compared to others, you can also get legit Chinese suppliers and factories on this platform. Moreover, here are some of the unique features that 1688 provides:

1) There are tons of products and category options

1688 is a China wholesale website offering a wide range of products made directly from factories. It is why you can see that there are trendy and unique products under the category: clothing, homeware, accessories, sportswear, beauty products, electronics, etc. Each supplier also offers products that are different from each other and which you can customize as per your liking.

These products also come at meager rates compared to other websites. For instance, the clothing price for 2 to 5 pieces is 19.5 RMB. Then for 6 to 25 pieces, the price will drop to 16.5 RMB. It would drop even more when the clothes you ordered reached 30 pieces or more.

China wholesale website 1688

2) Have a vast range of sellers  

One of the best features distinguishing from other wholesale websites is the range of suppliers and factories. These suppliers offer very low-cost local rates and welcome foreign buyers. You can get a much lower MOQ, which is almost impossible with Alibaba, Global Sources, etc.

The only downside to these sellers is that they find it hard to communicate in English. We have noted that they are legit Chinese and cater to Chinese buyers first, so you need a translator throughout your transaction.

3) Responsive sellers

Another best feature of the sellers at is they are easy to work with and very responsive. They have a team that will handle communication, so they reply to your inquiries within 24 hours or less. This platform also has various messaging tools, like mobile apps, so it’s convenient for you and the seller.

You may opt for a 1688 app download for iPhone or Android so that you can message through your phone. Or you can directly log in to your account using the website. Nevertheless, no matter what your messaging mode is, your sellers will reply to you using Mandarin, so you still need a translator.

4) Includes products with low MOQ

If you are trying to find the best China sourcing website that is flexible regarding their MOQ, 1688 is for you. has a set of MOQs that is relatively low. You can get products as low as 2 to 10 pieces for a low price. It is also why 1688 dropshipping is a method that any buyer would love to use to utilize their earnings.  

5) Easy to use

1688 China website has a design that is easy and simple. As you open the platform, you see it is labeled and organized. It means you can still use the platform well even if you are not techy. The only downside it provides is that it is centered on Mandarin. You will need a translator or a translating app to connect and navigate the website well.


4. Considerations You Must Take Before 1688 App

When you buy from China, especially on, whether in Taobao 1688 app, 1688 android, or the 1688 app store, you should know what you must consider. These platforms provide numerous benefits, but they might also have many drawbacks. To maximize the benefits of using this website and app, here are the following considerations you need to make:

1) Avoid products that have big sizes and heavy is not the best place if you want to buy large and heavy products. Heavy and large products require higher shipping costs and are sometimes prone to damage. If you still wish to purchase products under these criteria, read the description and inquire about the material quality and shipping method.

2) Check the stock data

When placing an order, you must note that the stocks are not always accurate. Sometimes, sellers can sell enormous quantities of products. However, you must confirm with your chosen supplier first if they have stock so that it won’t cause delays.

3) Know the purchase failures and invalid orders

You must note that you can encounter purchase failures from China, especially in 1688. When this happens, 1688 will notify you that your order is out of stock and you’re unable to check out your orders. You might also receive a sign that states “invalid,” which means you should look for other suppliers which can process your order.

4) Adjustment in the local shipping costs

You can ship from to any warehouse in China. It will fall under local shipping, where final costs are calculated based on the final weight of each shipment. From this warehouse, they will arrange or even consolidate products for you before shipping.

5) Possible timing and delays

Most 1688 shipping times will range between 1 and 5 days on average. And a smaller MOQ order can take 5-7 days to complete. However, you should expect this range to increase because of shipment delays.

6) Don’t rely on the image of the product

As a foreign buyer, you cannot sometimes distinguish whether the products posted on the site are authentic and the same in real life. You can avoid this case by ordering sample products to determine the material and quality of the products ahead of time.

7) Inspect the refund/return policy

One of the benefits of for buyers is the refund or return policy. Make sure that before you order from the supplier, check these policies. If the supplier delays or fails to deliver your order, you can always request a refund.

8) Collect proofs from the suppliers

Before you place a final order, always verify the supplier’s legitimacy. You can see that the verified suppliers have a blue checkmark beside their names. They also include authenticity badges, location, and even the number of employees.

9) Avail sample products

Sample products are a great way to know if the products you’ll be receiving are legit. It can protect you from scams and keep you in a smooth transaction.

10) Avoid payment transfers from a personal account

It would help if you did not pay with your supplier using your personal account. In the same way, you should not transfer any payments if the supplier doesn’t use their company’s bank account.


5. The Guide on Buying On

Buying from a 1688 shop is not as easy as it appears. You have to be prepared to face the cons, incredibly if you are not well-versed with the Chinese language. The entire buying process on this platform will be easy, depending on how you can do it. This section will guide you through the step-by-step on buying from 1688.


1) Sign up to create an account

If you are new to the platform, the first step that you should take is to create an account. Signing up will allow you to access the website once your certifications have been verified. It will also enable you to contact your chosen supplier on the platform.

create an 1688 account

2) Choose a product

Before ordering on, you must first know the products you are aiming to sell. You can do it by researching beforehand or through the platform. Type in a specific keyword search bar to look for the product result.

3) Choose a supplier

After choosing your desired products, it’s time to decide which suppliers you would like to partner with. 1688 website alone has at least 50,000 suppliers, wholesalers, and factories. It means you have many options, making sieving and selecting the best one tricky. Even so, you can identify the legit and best Chinese company to trade with through this platform.

4) Avail sample products

Before placing your final order, you should know how vital sample products are. It is an important step you should not skip. It will help you guarantee that the outcome will be the same quality as the suppliers’ samples.

5) Negotiate payments

The supplier will set their prices if you have confirmed that their products are excellent and ready for mass production. It is now your time to negotiate the final expense and allow it to be lower as possible. You can refer to the price negotiation guide we posted for a more in-depth discussion.

6) Place the order

The following step would be placing an order after selecting the specific products from the suppliers. When ordering from 1688 China suppliers, you must include necessary details such as description, prices, and quantity.

7) Make the payment

The seller will calculate all the expenses you’re going to pay. This way, you can resolve how much money you should pay for the products you ordered. You must also remember to get the seller’s payment information like bank details, account number, etc. Plus, you and your supplier should agree on which payment you may opt to make.

8) Quality check

When you buy from China, you must note that you can still get low-quality products. So you must do a quality check that will help you ensure that the products meet the quality standards. The final product must be accurate to the description listed in the 1688 product listing.

9) Shipping

1688 shipping is simply transporting goods from buyers who ordered from the platform. Different modes of transportation were available in 1688, such as air freight, sea freight, trucking, and rail freight. Your choice of this mode will matter based on you as a buyer and many factors like location, size, weight, etc.


6. Different Ways of Finding Suppliers and Factories On 1688

Aside from finding the best products, you can also find the most legit Chinese suppliers on the 1688 China website. You can choose from numerous suppliers, from new to the most experienced ones. And because it has a different structure compared to other websites, you should follow the five ways we have listed below:

1) Browsing the website

One of the essential things when doing China sourcing or when you buy from China, in general, is to browse the website. In the same way, you need to browse the website if you want to find trustworthy and reliable suppliers. If you’re going to use the 1688 China wholesale platform, you can use various ways. The first one is to utilize the 1688 China website. The next would be using the 1688 app and then Taobao 1688 shop.

Moreover, as you open the website page, you can see the “company” button on top, where you can search for the specific supplier you want. You can see a blue check next to the suppliers’ names that tell the verified ones. You can also spot the legitimacy of the supplier if they have listed all the necessary information, such as:

• Company name
• Registration location
• Main product
• Product specifications
• Partnership

When you note these tips, they can assist you in finding the best supplier for your needs. It can also help choose suppliers that are flexible with their 1688 shipping methods.

2) Check the suppliers’ number of medals

If you look into the 1688 China website, you can easily spot the best suppliers and factories. It is because of the number of medals they have received. The suppliers with more medals can indicate that they are reliable, trustworthy, and provide fantastic service compared to suppliers who don’t have one. You can check these medals on the supplier’s company profile.  

3) See the focus and expertise of the supplier

Another way you can if you want to find the best supplier and factory is to look for one with specific products and expertise. When choosing China sourcing in 1688, you must note that hundreds and thousands of products are from each category. It is why it’s best that the suppliers can maximize what they have, so you will know that they are indeed the best in the field.

4) Look for their posted pictures

You will know if the supplier can provide you with all your product needs by looking at their posted pictures. In their profile, you can see that they share photos of their factory, products, and production. This part is crucial in getting the information from your supplier, such as previous orders, shipping, products, etc.

5) Using a sourcing agent or company

Among all the ways in this section, the best and most recommended one is to use a 1688 sourcing agent or company. Sourcing agents or company has the skills and networks to find the best suppliers in China. They can give you many advantages, such as negotiation and shipping.

They can also help reduce the risks of scams and fix any damages with sourcing and shipping. You can also use their services if you’re unfamiliar with how to buy from China, mainly in the 1688 app and website.


7. The Steps to Locate Product On

China sourcing products is one of the ways that overseas buyers choose to do. It is why B2B platforms and wholesale websites like become their go-to. 1688 shopping experience is different from other platforms mainly because of the suppliers and products. If you are the same, who want to buy products from this platform, you can follow the guide below:

1) Use the camera icon

When you open the 1688 app or website, you can see a small Camera icon in the search bar. You can use this icon as the first step in searching for the products you want. You only need a pic of a reference of the products you want to sell, then post it in the meant icon.

Supposed you want to buy from 1688, you can search the picture of the specific products like “gold plated moon bracelet.” You can save your picture inspiration, then upload it to the camera icon. In less than a second, a few exact and similar results will pop out.

 buying from the 1688

2) Look into the product name

Another step that you can do is to search for the specific product you want. Put the name in the search bar, and it will return results immediately. For instance, if you search the keyword “gold plated moon bracelet,” it would result in having the available numbers sold by the suppliers.

3) Check the simplified Chinese characters

We have mentioned that the focus of 1688 is selling in the domestic market. It is why the characters and language are mainly Chinese characters. It is also rare that suppliers will put the name of products in English. Translating the product’s name to Chinese would be best if you want to be precise in what you’re looking for.


8. How to Avoid Scams In

Like any other China wholesale website in the market, you can encounter suppliers that will scam you with poor-quality products. It is the reason why you must be meticulous and clever. Moreover, you must keep these two things in mind to avoid scams when you buy from China, especially in 1688.

1) Buy sample products

One of the best ways to control receiving products that are poor in quality is to buy an order sample first. Sample products serve great purposes, such as ensuring that the result and production pass your criteria. You can check with your sample what you like and don’t like, then give your suppliers feedback.

To ensure that the product you will get fits your liking, you need to be as precise as possible. You can even direct to the following criteria: dimensions, materials used, the item’s weight, function, material description, and function description. This way, suppliers can resolve any minor issues during the production process.

2) Avoid cheap products

One scam you might encounter is buying cheap products at a lower price. This case will often result in poor quality products and high expenses in the long run. You must plan well, research, and double-check to avoid this scam.

If you buy cheap products to maximize your profits, you might as well choose other options. Remember, the prices you pay will reflect the product quality. So, if the supplier offers you prices below the price range, you can expect that you will receive low-quality products made of low materials, old equipment, and cheap labor.


9. FAQs If You Want to Buy from China 1688

1) What Is the distinction between and Alibaba?

As we have mentioned above, is a subsidiary company of Alibaba. There would always be a similarity, but they also have a few distinctions. To start,, as an option for China wholesale, focuses more on domestic trade.

This platform aims for Chinese nationals can do the transaction with the suppliers in China. It is also why this platform is made up of local suppliers, mainly from China. Compared to Alibaba, it caters to both domestic and international trade. It means you can use Alibaba if you want varieties of suppliers from all over the world.  

Both platforms have a high rate of products. However, the quality from 1688 is sometimes lower than that of Alibaba. 1688 also offers a low and fair price than the higher and more competitive price of that Alibaba.

2) Are there 1688 sourcing agents?

There are many 1688 sourcing agent that you can find who offers their services at a very reasonable price. You can find agents directly on google, but you can also investigate different sourcing sites. You also can choose 1688 shipping agents if you are concerned about the shipping process. For instance, JustChinait is both sourcing and a shipping agent that can help you find suppliers, ship products, and source the highest quality products from 1688.

3) Is it possible to make payment in US dollars at

You must note that when you buy from China, you can encounter drawbacks such as being unable to pay in US dollars. It is true, mainly if you use the 1688 shopping website since it only accepts RBM or CNY payments.

If you insist on paying using US dollars, you should convert it into RMB or CNY, then send it to the supplier. Another option is using an agent to assist you with the payment.

10. Conclusion is among the best China wholesale platform that offers a broad range of products at lower prices. However, it would help if you conditioned yourself that not all the time, this platform will be to your advantage. For this reason, you can use a sourcing agent or company like JustChinait to assist you. Our website has varieties of services that you can utilize. Take these services to your advantage by contacting us here.

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