How to Buy a Chandelier Home from China?

By Sarah
March 26, 2024

Do you love ceiling lights and Chandeliers? It can be a humongous opportunity to start in such conditions.

According to Statista, this industry has the potential to grow. In 2024, it can reach 40.92 billion USD! This industry’s annual growth rate of 5.28% is a remarkable achievement.

The best part is the lower competition. This business has just kick-started its journey. You can grow your sales over time. For that, you ought to dig through the finest suppliers.

If you don’t know about Chandelier manufacturers in China, don’t worry. We have evaluated and gifted you with crucial steps and added ten suppliers as a bonus. Read on to know!

1. Chandelier Basic

1) What are chandeliers?

Chandeliers are the most fascinating tools commonly used in homes and hotels. In actuality, they are fixtures of light having lights in specific branching styles.

What are chandeliers?

You can find many types of crystal to glass chandeliers in hotels and other places. Their elegant look makes it an excellent choice.

2) What are the different types of chandeliers?

Whenever you are buying the chandeliers, it can be tricky. Do you know why? Because there are many types of chandeliers. You must have the most trending ones in your pockets to run a business.

Take a look at various options vital for your business.

● Candle

Candle chandeliers have candles arranged in a specific pattern. It looks gorgeous, especially in the evening. When multiple candles light up, the scenario seems like a fairy tale!

● Antler.

It is not very different from the candle chandelier. One thing is unique. Instead of metal connections between candles, you can find more valuable antlers. They are suitable for outdoor or indoor purposes.

● Crystal.

Crystal chandeliers are very famous for their elegant look and unique appearance. You’ll find crystal-shaped lights in different patterns and structures. Such chandeliers stand out if you install them with other types.

● Glass.

Like crystal chandeliers, glass also comes in various shapes and structures. A bunch of glass lights gathered together in one place makes the whole place flare of beauty.


● Modern.

If you are thinking about the futuristic chandeliers, don’t miss out on the modern ones. Perfect design that enchants you. At first glance, you’ll love them deep down your nerves.

● Drum.

Do you know why we call them drum chandeliers? All credits go to its circular drum-like appearance, which holds all the candles. You can try minimalist or futuristic design combinations with such chandeliers.

3) Why should you buy a chandelier from China?

Maybe you want to buy the chandeliers from China. But think for a moment— why even think of China when France is famous for its chandeliers?

Let me tell you some reasons for that!

● Quality chandeliers

A business becomes successful when it starts selling quality products. You need to retain your consumers by offering the best services. It is possible to their satisfaction.

Therefore, focus on providing consumers with value, not a bunch of products that are total waste for them. China Chandelier Manufacturers ensure better quality. They go through pre-production and pre-shipment inspections.

● Massive production setups

Do you want 100s of articles at one time? It’s not a big deal for Chinese manufacturers. It is because of their extensive production setups covering thousands of square meters of area. Instant production of quality products stuns you!

● Easy export facilities

The best thing about the Chinese industry is its export facilities. They often ship to 150+ countries around the globe. Major countries such as the USA, UK, and Europe are always on their targets.

● Lower costs

Custom chandelier manufacturers from China are already well-known for their lower costs. If you go for bulk production, they offer even more discounts. Overall, it is a profitable deal for your business!

2. Determine Your Chandelier Needs

Before you jump into the purchase, wait for a moment. Know your choices. Here are some factors that will help you out in this situation.

● Decide on a style.

Different themes nurture different types of styles. Most often, you try to get a futuristic design. In that case, modern chandeliers are a perfect choice.

If you want something unique, crystal is not going anywhere. Plus, paradox styles often include glass types of chandeliers.

● Choose the size and shape based on room dimensions.

Hallways are the best places. Some hotels install them in the central area. That is a good choice, too.

However, the best practice is to measure room dimensions. Do research. Get a chandelier that fits your theme and room size.

● Determine the desired lighting effect.

Define your desired purpose. If you want to engage visitors, accent lighting is the best. You can find it in hotels where bright light catches your sight.

lighting effect

If you are a keen lover of work, go for the task lighting effects. Find a relevant chandelier option. You can turn heads to the ambient lighting to enlighten your room.

● Set a budget range for the cost of the fixture.

Allocate some budget. Doing so will save you from future hassles of short budgets. Moreover, you’ll know all the plans are going as per layout. It keeps optimizing your confidence.

3. Research Chandelier Suppliers in China

China is a library of suppliers for brands around the globe. There are multiple ways to find the Chandelier manufacturers in China.

● Search platforms

Your first focus should be on the online marketplaces of suppliers. Alibaba is a top name in this scenario. Plus, you can uncover custom Chandelier manufacturers from Global Sources and the Made-in-China marketplace.

● Visit trade shows.

Do you want to eliminate quality scams? Spare some time and visit the trade shows. Canton Fair in China can be the best place. You’ll interact with suppliers directly and settle your deals.

● Search Engines

Guess what is the most accessible resource to find a China chandelier manufacturer? What else can it be other than Google? Open Google Chrome and write:

Top Chandelier Manufacturers in China

It will get you a long list. Narrow down your research to a single top supplier and start dealing.

4. Vet and Select Reliable Chandelier Suppliers

Scams often happen when you run into contracts without thought. Here are some tips to save you from mishaps.

● Check the number of years in business and long-term clients.

First of all, confirm how many years the supplier has worked. High experience shows trust levels. Moreover, you can inquire about their long-term clients and get their recommendations.

● Look for suppliers with transparent company info and history.

If you are on Alibaba, it will show a detailed history of the supplier. Scan all the transactions, company info, and factory locations. Transparent info secures the best reliability of a supplier.

● Read multiple third-party reviews.

Reading reviews about a company helps understand its business venture. You’ll also get an idea of previous customers and their experiences: Open TrustPilot or SiteJabber for the reviews.

● Verify any quality or trade certifications claimed.

Does the supplier have claimed certifications? Go for a check of the certification authenticity and their providers. It will build your confidence.

● Ask for and check client references and testimonials.

Most suppliers have added testimonials. If they haven’t, you can ask for their past clients and testimonials.

● Evaluate communication style and responsiveness.

Does your China Chandelier Manufacturer respond within 24 hours? Great! It can be time-saving. Moreover, check professional behavior also.

● Compare pricing between suppliers for competitiveness.

Price comparison is necessary. Do you know why? First, you’ll get the lowest possible rates. Second, the best quality chandeliers will be at your doorstep.

● Ask about quality control practices and standards.

A successful business has a foundation of quality. Therefore, inspect the quality control. Confirm how the supplier meets the quality production demands.

● Request photos of the supplier’s warehouse/operations.

Not all the suppliers have a warehouse. If they do, get images of the warehouses. It will ensure whether your products will be safe there or not.

5. Ask detailed questions about the chandelier

There are various questions you should know about when talking to a supplier.

● Inquire about design, materials, dimensions, and weight.

Chandeliers are all about their materials, look, weight, and dimensions. Design is also crucial. For example, if you want the glass chandelier, inquire about the dimensions and weight. Check the material quality, too.

● Request more photos and videos of the actual product.

If you can’t manually visit the supplier, request real-time images of the products. It will ensure how exactly the chandelier looks. To get more confidence, you can ask for videos.


● Ask about customization options.

Have you resourced custom chandelier manufacturers in China? The first thing to ask them is their customization options. It will help you know how you can tailor the product and amplify your business sales.

6. Place your orders

It is time to hit the order. Before that, there are various tasks to do. These can be:

● Confirm final order details.

Go through order details and product specifications. Do these match your requirements? If so, that is great!

● Reiterate any customizations or special instructions.

If you have demanded the customization and the supplier agreed, it is time to remind the supplier. Repeat your custom demands and confirm how the supplier will implement the design demands.

● Verify total costs.

Take a look before you check out. Confirm whether the shipping cost is accurate. Notice the transaction taxes and additional costs on the products.

● Check the expected delivery date based on production time.

Validate both the lead time and expected delivery date. It must be what the supplier has promoted you earlier.

● Use Alibaba escrow services for pre-payment protection.

Alibaba escrow is a safe option that does not release payments until you confirm. You can keep yourself away from scammers by using the Alibaba escrow services.

● Pay via secure methods.

Do you use PayPal? It is pretty safe for transactions. Credit cards are also excellent options for secure payments.

● Obtain copies of all documentation.

After you’ve paid, save the invoice. Get a soft copy of the packing list to keep as a record of your transactions.

● Request order confirmation from the supplier.

Has the supplier confirmed the order? If not, you can message the supplier and ask about the order confirmation.

● Follow up if no confirmation is received within 48 hours.

If 48 hours have passed without confirmation, it is better to go for a follow-up until the supplier confirms the order.

Do a pre-shipment inspection.

Let’s go for the quality check before you even ship the products. Here are some factors to follow.

● Ask the supplier to provide photos/video of the chandelier before shipment.

Request the supplier to capture some photos and videos for the detailed analysis of the products. You can confirm the product quality by looking at your chandeliers.

● Thoroughly review images for any defects or issues.

Zoom in and out the images to spot any defects. There can be scratches or minor defects in the glass. Go for a thorough review of the photos.

● Look closely at the details.

Since chandeliers are ornamental pieces, their styles, materials, colors, and details are super important. Therefore, check all the aspects to prevent any problems later.

● Ask follow-up questions if any part appears questionable.

Is there any problem with the products? Open up your phone and talk to the supplier directly. You can ask for a careful review and confirm whether the products meet the agreed AQL.

● Request adjustments or repairs if needed based on the inspection.

If some parts need repair, don’t hesitate. Be liberal to talk to your supplier about this and request replacements or adjust the parts according to the quality demands.

● Consider a third-party inspection service for additional validation.

Third-party inspection services are there to help you out in this situation. You can hire them. They will go through the products before and after production. That is how you’ll confirm quality and comply with standard products.

● Only approve shipping if you get quality.

If products meet your determined AQLs and have minimal defects, you can decide whether to approve the shipping. In the case of 100% quality products, hit the agree button.

Shipping and Customs

There is much more to know about the shipping services. It is because of tracking, inspection at customs, and relevant fees. Take a look at the brief instructions.

● Ask about shipping costs and delivery timelines.

Whenever you are bargaining a product, ask about the shipping costs. These hidden charges can raise your product prices. So, never compromise on them. Settle the delivery times

● Clarify who handles customs paperwork and import duties/taxes.

Customs paperwork is necessary for clearance in cross-border shipments. Therefore, confirm whether the supplier will handle all the hectic paperwork.

● Ensure proper HS product codes are used for classification.

HS determines all your taxes. Every single item has a specific category and, hence, a unique HS code. Whenever the supplier classifies products, ensure the HS is accurate. Inaccurate HS codes can cause suspensions during customs inspection and are a financial headache.

● Provide suppliers with accurate commercial invoice values.

Customs also go through the commercial invoices and product inspections. Approval is only possible when you have every proof for your products.

● Confirm if a supplier can handle customs clearance on your behalf.

Some suppliers pay the customs charge for you. It is better to confirm whether the shipping provider will do so. If you have to pay the costs, you can better plan for it earlier.

● Obtain tracking number and monitor shipment status.

Once your product shipping is in transit, grab the tracking ID to know the real-time location. It helps estimate when the products will arrive and how you will receive them.

● Have shipping docs needed for clearance ready if self-filing.

Keep all the documents ready. These may be purchasing records, shipment invoices, and airport or seaport bills. You can fill out all the details and submit all the data for customs check.

● Prepare to pay duties/taxes upon delivery if not prepaid.

If the supplier hasn’t paid taxes and import duties, don’t worry. You can pay for it once the products arrive.

● Insure shipment in case of damage or loss.

What if your products get damaged in transit? Get insurance for your shipment in case of product accidents or damage. It will recover all your losses.

9. Top 10 Chandelier Manufacturers in China

There are hundreds of Chandelier manufacturers in China. But the risk factors relate to scams. Therefore, you can’t rely on every supplier. We have listed the top 10 custom chandelier manufacturers in China. Take a look!

1) Zhongshan Haomen Lighting

For craftsmanship, I vote it 5/5. Unique designs of the products are the glory of Zhongshan Haomen. Founded in 2012, keep it on the list for elegant chandeliers.


Here is what you can expect.

  • This supplier has a particular focus on Quality products. You’ll attract more consumers with quality.
  • Competitive prices are a huge favor for your profits. Enjoy it with this China Chandelier manufacturer.

2) Risen Lighting Manufacturer

For home lighting systems, Risen Lighting Manufacturer has roared like a champion. It is a China chandelier manufacturer founded in 2010 in Guangdong. Since then, it has evolved its lighting products. You can explore various products, ceiling lights, and chandeliers.

Risen Lighting Manufacturer

The main benefits are:

  • A Big Factory covering an area of 22,000 square meters is enough to meet your demands. Make up more sales.
  • High-quality products will amaze you. Skyrocket your consumer trust and get glowing reviews.

3) EME lighting

If you want a top China Chandelier manufacturer, keep EME lighting on your list. Established in 2004, it has evolved its inventory collection. Plus, a wide range of inventory guarantees your business expansion.


Here is why:

  • EME lighting facilitates Customization. Focus on your consumers and raise your sales graph.
  • Their attention to quality production will soar your business repo.

4) Kamable Lighting

Founded in 1999, Kamable Lighting is proud of its unique products. Two decades of experience have put it among the top Chinese suppliers.

Kamable Lighting

Here are two key reasons to choose it.

  • Various types of chandelier lights increase your vision. You can better expand your business.
  • Trusted lights guarantee a longer life. Improve your consumer experience at minimal cost!

5) Zhongshan Goldsun Lighting

You might consider Zhongshan Goldsun to be a newcomer. But don’t forget its attention to the best customer experience. It offers Chandeliers globally.


Here is why you should prefer it.

  • Best quality chandeliers would raise your business trust. Therefore, it can be the right choice.
  • Traditional to modern designs will shock your consumers. That is how you will increase your business reputation.

6) Weiyi Lighting

Weiyi Lighting has been in this industry for more than 15 years. Commitment to Quality and the best service is the preference of Weiyi Lighting.

  • No matter where you live, Weiyi ships products to your location. It can be a seamless experience.
  • The professional R&D team offers revolutionary designs. You can make your brand unique.

7) Yuyao MRL lamp

Yuyao MRL Lamp is one of the pioneers in the chandelier industry. Over 20 years in this industry have earned a name of quality.

Located in Zhejiang province, you can ship products globally. Key features include:

  • Various types of glass lighting are a vast treasure. Extend your chandelier approach.
  • No compromise on Quality is also beneficial for your business growth.

8) Proud Lighting Technology

If you are looking for fan lights, proud lighting is matchless. They are a specialist manufacturer since 2009. Plus, you get the quality chandeliers.

Here is why you should choose proud lighting technology.

  • This supplier has a Quality production setup. Rely on it to grab your chandeliers.
  • Prices are lower. That means you can make higher profit margins.

9) Shenzhen G-Fly Lighting Limited Company

Shenzhen G-Fly Lighting is a famous company for its premium experience. They deploy the best technology and innovate their collection with new products daily.

The main benefits of this supplier are:

  • A wide range of Chandeliers is available in this supplier’ collection. Shoot up your business sales.
  • Unique designs give a boost to your brand. You can buy them for your business growth.

10) Zhongshan Vane Lighting

Zhongshan Vane Lighting is a China Chandelier Manufacturer with the best experience. It has a decade of experience in nurturing consumers with quality products.

Key benefits are:

  • Excellent customer service supports you in difficult times. Optimize your business operations.
  • Shipping to 100+ countries is a fantastic effort. Relax and promote your business without shipping tensions.

10. FAQs

1) Which country is famous for chandeliers?

France is famous for its unique styles. But recently, China has shown speed in this business. You can rely on Chinese suppliers.

2) Is the chandelier business profitable?

Yes. This business has a fantastic potential to grow. You can make up to 50%, depending on your choice. Increase your profit margins and start selling in this industry.

3) Which type of chandelier is best?

I can’t give a definite answer to this question. It is most often your choice plus market analysis. For example, crystal chandeliers can be a premium option. But you get multiple other options that are suitable!

4) Why are chandeliers so expensive?

Chandeliers are pricey because:

  • They require more time to manufacture.
  • The number of bulbs and lights is high.

These factors can raise some costs of chandeliers.

5) How much does Chandeliers cost?

The cost depends on the type you choose. On average, it can take $100-500 out of your pocket. The prices can be higher too. It all depends on what type you choose.


Whenever you imagine your work with a Chinese chandelier manufacturer, consider the factors:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Shipping

If a supplier offers you all the options, you should work with it. Sometimes, you must involve the sourcing agents who know the market better. Make your choice perfect!

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