How Long Does Consolidated Shipping Take

By Sarah
December 6, 2022

Among the adverse decision a company can make when they ship from China is undermining the shipping cost and time.
Many businesses overpay couriers and shippers to receive their products fast, but it was the opposite.
The solution for this? You will combine your shipment.
Consolidating your shipment can streamline your shipment process.
As a result, it is much faster and more efficient.
In this blog, you will learn about the time frame of combining your shipment.
We will find out how long your consolidated shipment will take and how to shorten it even more.

1. Consolidated Shipping Basic

1)What is consolidated shipping?

Consolidated shipping is a process of shipping your items that is inexpensive and efficient is consolidated shipping. This way allows an agent or agency to combine a variety of freight into a single full load. It will allow shippers to pay only for a single truck and the space their cargo occupies.

What is consolidated shipping

2)Why consolidate your shipping orders?

There are many reasons why combining your orders with other orders is best. To give you the crucial bases: lessening shipping costs, much faster, and safer. Your customers will not also wait for long before they can receive the products.

2. Benefits of Consolidating Shipping As Business Owners

Combining shipping is not a new concept. However, it started as a way for shipping companies to merge smaller orders to save time and money. That concept gained much attention because of the changing buying, new tech, and customer expectations.

Also, retailers and business owners look for ways to ship their products in the most innovative and inexpensive way. What better method for that? A shipping strategy specific to the shippers’ and customers’ needs. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, here are the things you can take benefit of:

1)Better Customer Experience

One of the benefits, when you consolidate your shipment, is that you will have a better customer experience. With china shipping consolidation, sending your orders is much faster, cheaper, and more manageable. In this option, trackers have a full load to ensure that your orders will arrive at your site on time. At the same time, the time range of delivery will take 2-3 days.

As a result, items would reach your customers more quickly. And there will be better services to draw them to your company. If your customer service is high-quality and

2)Less Shipping Costs

In the typical shipment, shippers will have to pay for the entire space in the container. That is true despite only half or two-thirds of a trailer. That is why combined shipping is the way to save for high expenses. Consolidated freight shipping can combine shipping all at once with the same dropoff area. With this option, you will have to pay only for the space your freight occupies.

Also, shipping costs would be lower when you ship in a higher freight volume. Some shipping companies also charge a flat rate for specific weights or groups of shipments. As a result, you can avoid paying for the whole container and save on other freight charges.

Benefits of Consolidating Shipping As Business Owners

3)Efficient Supply Chain

Are you finding ways to enhance your supply chain? Do your weekly orders fill up, and you cannot handle all of them? If you one to increase your supply chain, it is best to enhance your consolidating strategy. This way, you can include your regular shipment with your other shipments.

You will arrange your orders ahead of time and adjust them based on the schedule. By identifying patterns, common pool points, and recurring orders, you will also know which orders are coming in each day and which are ready for pickup. Because it is much more efficient, there are fewer delays, and more orders will go through.

It also implies that the importers will have more control over the schedules and due dates. There will be no complexity and hassle on your part. Instead, you can also meet customer demand and maintain a steady supply chain.

4)Reduced Chance of Damages

One of the reasons why consolidating shipping has been the go-to process of many is because it costs them less damage. The method of consolidating shipping has minimal touchpoints. That means your orders will come directly from the seller and get delivered to a hub. This facility is where all of your orders will be handled and combined.

An assigned person will handle the consolidation when your orders are in the hub. You can get guaranteed that it will go through quality checks. With fewer touchpoints and proper handling, there is less chance of product damage.

5)Better Quality Control

Quality control is essential for your business. This step is a primary player in making your business grow customer expectations, quality service, and produce valuable products. One of the ways to ensure quality control is to combine all your orders into one shipping.

This method reduces the amount of time your orders are in transit. That means your product will go through less hassle and damage when transported. There would also be a team of agents that you can rely on for this one. Before shipping your products, they will be the ones to do the job of checking.

Once your orders reach their facility, they will combine them and identify the defective ones. They will then notify you and the supplier in the process. The products that will also arrive at your company are for sure safe. It will help you gain leverage as customers value products that provide the most bang for their buck.

3. Reasons Why Consolidation Shipping Help Provide A Better Customer Experience

There are many reasons why combining your shipment is a wise move if you want to have a better customer experience. When you mix and ship your package all at once, you will cut out time. Thus, faster and more efficient on your part.

1)Reduce Time and Money

One benefit of combining your orders for you and your customer is paying less and receiving the order fast. When the items are in a single shipment, you will be paying less. That is because carriers will determine the price based on the weight and dimension of the package. That means the higher the volume of freight, the lower the expenses you will be paying.

As a result, you will avoid renting a truck or paying undue services, leading to a higher amount. Instead, you can take advantage of the rates of shipping firms for overseas shipping. Since you already began your initial cause low, you can also price your items and shipping much lower. It will help you offer the best customer service that is open and viable to all.

Additionally, time is also what you gain and your customer as well. When you choose to consolidate shipping, various firms and persons are involved. That means loading and unloading are much faster with one package than with multiple packages. You will have a better cargo schedule. Your buyers will also get their orders much quicker and safer.

2)Enhanced Consistency and Reliability

One of the things you need to know is that customers have their buying patterns. You can use that patterns to make the best consolidation strategy. To start, you can already measure the number of products your customer orders from you. You will not scramble to fill their orders; instead, you already have it on hand.

For this reason, you can be consistent in shipping out products on schedule. It will also leave you enough room for the packages that will come for inventory. When you do this process, we assure you that you will have a consistent supply chain. That means there would be fewer delays in orders, failed shipping, incorrect billings, and so on. It will keep your business reliable, and it will also keep your customers happy.

3)Eco-friendly Shipping

One of the benefits of combining your orders with your customer services is that your process is more eco-friendly. Today, hundreds and thousands of customers look for ways to ship their products sustainably. What’s the best way for that? When you combine your products, it means you are importing them into one. So, trucks, fuel, and money would be less.

When fewer trucks are on the road, the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emission will also be less. Instead of shipping using three trucks on small shipments, one truck will be enough when the three loads are mixed into one. As a result, it can benefit the environment and strengthen your environmental business plans.

4)Safe Package

If you want your buyers to keep buying from you for good services, taking care of their products is your number 1 priority. However, even before your package arrives at the customer, some things happen in shipping. The products will be loaded and unloaded and even handled by many people. With this, the risk of getting the package damaged is high.

That is different when you consolidate shipping. Your package will be in much safer hands. That is true, mainly if you use a trusted shipping consolidator like JustChinaIt. We already have an established process in place. That means we have services that will fit perfectly into your business.

Moreover, the process itself of consolidation will require fewer people to handle the package. There will be a lower chance for items to go missing or get broken. There will also be fewer trucks that will transport the box, so it decreases the likelihood of an accident. These factors all add up to less delay and safe delivery. It is also the reason why it leads to a much happier customer after successful shipping.

5)Accurate Orders

Another benefit when you combine your orders into one is that you can improve the accuracy of your orders and shipment. What does it mean? It means that when the item is combined into one, the consolidator will ensure all the orders are taken into account.

They would record the items and check them well. They will also assign one of their staff to double-check the orders and give you updates before they send them to a carrier. They will also label and package it well as per your instruction.

With this, you can give your customer more accurate delivery ways. These will result in on-time delivery, correct tracking number, and even the proper billings. If they know that you can be transparent with the orders, they will indeed repeat orders to you.

4. Options for Shipping Consolidation Services

There are diverse shipping options you can choose from for your

1)Sea Freight

Sea freight is one of the most popular options because it is relatively inexpensive and can handle large shipments. It usually takes between 15 and 40 days. It depends on which port your goods are shipped from and which port they are delivered to.

2)Railway freight

Railway freight is faster than ship and cheaper than air. It is also more reliable, as there are no delays due to weather or other factors. The timing is very similar to sea freight. The main disadvantage of rail transport is that it is only suitable for some types of goods.

Options for Shipping Consolidation Services

3)Air freight

Air freight is fast, reliable, and relatively affordable. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive. Keep in mind that air freight can be subject to delays due to weather or other factors beyond the shipping company’s control.

4)Express freight

Express freight is the fastest and most reliable way to get your goods from one continent to another. Express freight is an excellent option for those who need their goods delivered quickly and reliably.

5)E-package freight

E-package is the most economical way to ship packages and is also reliable. Usually, it would cost about 2-4 weeks to receive the parcel. Best for small packages.

5. Points To Note To Make The Most Out Of Consolidating Shipping

There are hundreds and thousands of shipping consolidators or companies you can go to. They offer varieties of services that can be a big help to your business. Some companies may provide combining alone, while others have packages and shipping.

These factors are only half of what occurs when you want to combine your orders. The only problem is if you don’t have the means to consolidate your shipment or even hire someone to do it for you. If that’s the case, you need to consider the following points to make the most of your

1)Options for Repackaging

Most of the consolidated shipping company in China offers varieties of services. Among the services they offer is repackaging. In short, they will unpack the items from the original boxes and then repack them in a single large container. Other companies would repack the boxes without removing their content. They will bundle the smaller packages into one container without removing the items.

In most cases, consolidators will use three boxes: Small, medium-sized, and large. This master carton is suitable for keeping small packages intact and safe. The size and weight of the master carton will depend on the smaller ones. That is why you must know the right size and weight to estimate the price it will cost you.

Repackaging your packages will also depend on what type of shipping you prefer: LCL or FLC shipments. In an LCL shipment, your package will be combined with other packages. So, using only a single master box is best to keep your expenses low. On the other hand, FCL shipment will require you to fill the shipment alone. That means you have more options to let the consolidator package it in a medium-sized box to maximize the cost.

2)Box’s Dimensions

We have mentioned how vital the box dimension is if you want to maximize shipment. That is true, especially if the company offers to package but not ship. That means you must double-check if the boxes are in the correct sizes and if your chosen courier accepts them.

In addition, most carriers have their calculation of prices based on the box’s dimension. However, their commonality is that the larger the item’s dimension, the higher their billing. There is also a standard calculation wherein Length x Width x Height.

Points To Note To Make The The Most Out Of Consolidating Shipping

3)The Amount of Time Required to Consolidate a Shipment

One of the points you have to note is the time. You have to be sure of how long the time it takes to consolidate a shipment. That is why you must plan and set ample time ahead.

There are consolidation companies that combine your items as soon as they receive them. At most, they start their work within 24 to 48 hours. Depending on how fast the consolidator is doing its job, you can expect 1 to 2 weeks.

4)Address for Delivery

Among the common causes of delays in shipping is the wrong address. You must double-check that all your packages are sent to the exact location. For instance, if you have multiple addresses, what you can do is avail of services for multiple package shipments. In this way, you will eliminate the risks and save more money.

Moreover, you can also check the markings of the carton. You can ask your consolidator to send you the picture to double-check the layers. You can even ask the consolidator if you want to include a piece of specific information in the carton. However, the standard details you will see are the following:

•Box Dimensions
•Net Weight
•Total Weight
•SKU of the Supplier
•Box Number (i.e., Box 5 of 10)

5)Organizing Photos

One of the practical things you can do if you want to maximize consolidation shipping is to keep track of everything using photos. You can ask your supplier and consolidator to send you a picture as proof. You can save it and compile it.

This process will protect you from the shipment being damaged or lost during transit. If you are concerned about the company and believe it is not what it is deemed to be, these photos will serve as your proof.

6. Factors that Affect the Delivery Time of the Consolidated Packages

Consolidation offers both advantages and disadvantages, even for large companies. As a result, partnering with a sourcing and shipping company like JUSTCHINAIT is the best choice. As a 3PL, we can help you improve the pros of consolidating shipping while decreasing its drawbacks.

Consolidating shipping, like other shipping processes, also comes with a cost. Some of its top cons are delayed time, a very complex process, and mishandled cargo. Especially the first one; time is crucial in the process of business. To avoid these kinds of delays, you have to consider the following factors:


You must consider the requirements to have an adequate delivery time. What are the things needed when you import from China? Do you have certain documents to arrange with your supplier? What are the standards you need to follow in the customs? When you know the things you need to comply with, you will already handle them. Thus, there is a low chance for risks to occur.

For starters, some of the standard requirements that you need to comply with when shipping is:

•Bill of Landing
•Customs Declaration
•Invoice for Commercial Services
•Sales Contract
•List of Shipments
•Insurance Coverage

There are also additional documents, such as:

•Origin Certification
•Import Permit
•Certificate of Inspection
•Certificate of Import Quota

If you are also looking for the requirements for shipping packages, then here are the points you need to take note of:

•Product Information
•Product Description
•Product Condition
•Brand Name
•Material Properties
•Internal Packaging Details
•Manufacturer Name

2)Supplier Schedule

Most of the suppliers in China have an already set time frame in which they will propose to their customers. Suppliers will be the primary source before the consolidation warehouse combines the package. That means the time allotted for when and how you will receive your products will begin to them.

For instance, your chosen supplier is a stand-alone. They operate via their website and are not on any B2B platform. In most cases, when you confirm your order to them, they will have a 20-30 days time allotment to make your products. Then, they will ship it to the warehouse address after payment confirmation. This time will also depend on every supplier you have partnered with.

3)Freight Handling

One of the most crucial processes of loading and unloading your cargo at a particular location is freight handling. This freight handling involves ensuring that everything on the shipment is safe and it will get shipped smoothly. It is much needed to take note if you want a smooth sailing shipment and arrival time.

To understand more about the freight consolidation process, it combines several small packages into one big one. That means there would be different companies that work together to handle and accomplish the work. If the one that will take your packages is not trustworthy enough, there is a possibility that they mishandled the cargo and caused delays in the process.

4)System Complexity

Among the listed disadvantages of freight consolidation is the system complexity. Consolidation necessitates a network of suppliers, handlers, carriers, companies, etc. Furthermore, LCL imposes strict requirements and restrictions among freight transport modes. These limitations include dimensions, weight, sizes, deadlines, freight class, etc. For this reason, it requires more attention for everything to work together.

At the same time, it is costly for your business to devote resources to support this complexity. It will be even more expensive if there are delays that you can’t control. If you want to receive your cargo on time, consider how you can handle these processes.

5)Transit Time

Consolidation services allow you to combine your orders from multiple suppliers. That means your time frame will start from when you order the products to how long the supplier produces them to when they arrive in the warehouse. That is why consolidation services may take longer than standard shipping processes.

The added time for these processes can result in lost revenue. Additionally, it can result in your cargo not arriving on the said schedule. So, to avoid these kinds of scenarios, try to calculate the transit time and possible adjustments and partner with a courier to meet these deadlines.

7. How Can A Consolidation Agent Shipping Help With Delivery Time

Freight consolidators are the ones who will help you make consolidation easy and fast. They ensure that your supply chain and shipping process are well cared for. But their main plan is to help you combine multiple orders from various suppliers into a single full-load shipment.

That is why, whether by air, sea, road, or rail, they will help you get your packages fast. In addition, through a much-reduced cost, and with fewer transport risks. If you’re digging deeper into how these consolidation agents can help you, we have listed some points below.

1)Arrange Shipping Schedule

One of the things included in the consolidator’s packages is they will arrange the shipping schedule for you. They will ask you for details first on when and how they will receive the products from your suppliers. You can also avail of their services, wherein they will be the ones to contact the supplier and arrange the shipment.

Moreover, consolidators provide excellent assistance on shipping-related documents such as booking, booking, clearance, export services, etc. They also work with domestic and overseas businesses so that they can arrange schedules in a much more efficient manner.

2)Contact Suppliers

As mentioned, consolidators can contact the suppliers on your behalf. They will be the ones to ask for details from your suppliers as to when they can send, what mode of transport to use, and the location to deliver the products. It would be less hassle on your part and less time-consuming since they will be the ones to do all the work.

How Can A Consolidation Agent Shipping Help With Delivery Time

3)Oversees Combining Packages

Another method of how consolidators can help you attain timely delivery is that they will oversee the process from the start until you receive the item. The team assigned will start the process as soon as they receive the packages from the supplier in their warehouse. They will ensure that everything is complete, safe, and sound and arrive to you on time.

4)Keep You Updated

If you like to be part of your consolidation process from start to finish, consolidators will do so for you. Your chosen consolidator, for instance, JUSTCHINAIT, will give you updates on the process, products, and shipping. We can also take pictures to see first-hand what we’re doing.

5)Knows How to Handle Delivery Risks

Various things can happen in the shipping—or even before the shipment. However, using a freight consolidator’s services will allow you to lessen all these risks. Consolidators have a specific plan in place if ever an issue occurs. The thing is, they will prevent these issues from occurring. For instance, they will employ people who handle the items carefully and partner with trustworthy couriers.

8. FAQs When it Comes to Consolidated Shipping

Here are more of the questions to know more about consolidation shipping.

1)What is the estimated time for the consolidated package to arrive?

Many factors affect the time it takes for your package to get delivered. However, if you want an estimated time frame, you can start by allocating at least 3 to 4 months. This time will begin when you transact with the supplier until your products arrive.

2)How to make consolidation work for most businesses?

Consolidation is one of the most acceptable ways to maximize efficiency, cost, and time. If you want to make consolidation work for your business, here are some things you can follow:

•Creating and Implementing a Timeline for Meeting Deadlines
•Make a Consolidation Plan
•Choose the Company, Supplier, and Courier to Partner With
•Choosing the Best Consolidation and Reporting Package

3)What is the difference between LCL and FCL in terms of delivery time?

In terms of delivery time, FCL freight takes much faster to arrive than LCL shipments. LCL shipments combine your packages from others, so added days are needed. The time frame required to sort, load, unload, and transport your packages will also depend on other packages.

4)What other services can I get aside from combined shipping?

Relying on your chosen company, here are some of the services you can get:

•Pick and pack
•China Wholesale

5)What are the potential challenges with consolidated shipping?

Like any other process, consolidation also has its cons. Some of these are the following:

•Complex Scheduling
•Reverse Logistics Driven by Customers
•Quick lead times
•Time Required
•Choosing the Best Carrier


Consolidation has its pros and cons. As shippers, you need to know these and turn what you know into receiving your cargo on time. This article is what you need and will guide you on where to start!

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