How do you buy a container home from China?

By Sarah
March 5, 2024

Have you EVER wondered about the CONTAINER HOMES? They look aesthetic and offer nearly the best protection you can expect from a cemented home. Even the prices are lower.

Your customers are going to love it. Even the 61 billion worth of the C-container homes prove it. (Source: Yahoo)

So, don’t worry. It is a highly profitable business. Jump into the market with a quality shield. And get the expected sales and earn money.

But the question comes out: which containers are the best? And where should you buy it?

If you want answers to all your mind-shaking questions, I have them. Read this guide till the end, and you’ll know how to buy the BIGGEST container home from China.

1. Know About Container Homes China

1) What are Chinese container homes?

Have you seen the shipping containers? If yes, maybe you have never thought of their uses in the home and residential sectors.


Some people use them to make their dream home. Such homes are container homes. They serve for the complete residential operations and even look graceful.

2) Why are they used?

Container homes from China serve various purposes.

  • They can help reduce manufacturing costs. You get an inexpensive home.
  • The build quality is fascinating. You’ll love its 25-30 years of durability.
  • Design flexibility is possible with such containers.
  • An aesthetic look makes them get appreciation.

3) China’s Manufacturing Sector for C-Container Homes

When making the best quality C-container homes, China is no MATCH. It has premium containers. It ships products globally to every country because of its strong supply chain. According to the Data, China manufactures almost 96 percent of the dry goods containers and 100 percent of the refrigerated goods containers.

China has many major cities as its manufacturing houses. These are:

  • Guangdong
  • Zhejiang
  • Henan
  • Jiangsu
  • Shandong
  • Hebei
  • Shanghai

2. Six Benefits Of Buying China Container Homes

China container homes have various benefits. Various reasons compel you to buy from China. These are:

● Eco-friendly

Whenever you build a concrete home, it has various cruel processes. There is no eco-friendly nature.

But don’t worry about the China Container Homes. No environmental destruction is involved in China’s container homes. They are eco-friendly and get you more respect from consumers.

● Fast Construction

No, you don’t wait for years to build a home as you have to do in concrete buildings. Production of container homes is super fast in the factory.

Read customer reviews

Designing and arrangement take little time. So, you’ll enjoy time-saving opportunities.

● Design flexibility

Do you have some home designs in your brain? China Container homes are flexible and adjust their shapes according to your designs. So, you are out of this worry, too.

● Quality

China is already famous for its container homes. It is because of quality production setups. You get the best quality—and premium production of container homes.

● Cheaper rates

Prices are not high. They are far cheaper even if you compare them to the concrete hone. That means you’ll save more bucks.

From the selling perspective, you get higher profit margins.

● Timely shipments

Chinese suppliers have robust supply chain mechanisms. Therefore, they ship containers to your doorstep. Plus, they offer tracking facilities.

3. Four Ways to Search for the Supplier

Remember one thing. Finding suppliers can be a challenging row-to-hoe situation, but you have to think out of the box. And see the best suppliers. Here are four key ways to help you out in this process.

● Look for Recommendations

Do you have some business partners? Even as an individual business, you don’t have to worry. Just list all of your business friends.

If they have some connections with China, that would be even better. Otherwise, you can ask them about:

  • Best suppliers
  • Address
  • Website
  • Contact number

Once you have it in your hands, take some time to explore the suppliers. Talk to every single one. And let in the best-fitting.

● Search Supplier Directories

Do you want to know the best method to search for suppliers? It is nothing but a supplier directory. A directory is a website or library for the suppliers.

Almost all types of suppliers are there. The most famous sites are:

  • Alibaba
  • Dhgate
  • 1688

You have to visit these sites. Enter the search terms for your supplier. And let the search engine mingle and get you a list of top suppliers.

The best part?

There are tons of filters to find verified and gold suppliers. Hit them to get a list of reliable suppliers.

● Visit Trade Shows

I recommend trade shows to anyone. They have one problem. You have to visit the place manually. That can be hectic, but you’ll know with whom you are dealing.

visit trade show

Its main benefit is the manual check of the quality and verification of the supplier. In China, the Canton Fair is a very famous trade show.

● Use Online Websites

Here is the most straightforward method for Prefab Homes China— online websites. Open your Google on the smartphone. Write BEST SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME MANUFACTURERS China. You’ll get a long list of suppliers waiting for you.

Extract the contacts. And talk to them. Better discuss your projects and set up the demands. They will let you know whether they can cope with your needs. Or you have to head over to other suppliers.

4. Verify Suppliers

I have seen many people babbling over the scams.

I have received low-quality products. The supplier has scammed me!

If you want to be safe, think twice. Confirm whether the supplier is genuine. It’s because a bunch of scammers continually try to snatch your money. I have listed some tips to sunder out a real one from a scammer.

1) Ask for Factory

There are two types of cases you should know about:

  • Supplier. It is a middleman that facilitates the deal. For instance, the supplier will ship your products from a factory.
  • Manufacturer. It is the factory which offers the products.

First of all, define with whom you are working. If it is the supplier, ask for the business process. And factories for the supply of products. A manufacturer can show you a detailed manufacturing process.

 Chinese container homes factory

You can get the factory location. And know whether a factory precisely exists or not. A real-time location check can build your confidence in the supplier.

2) Get samples

One of the best ways to separate the scammers is to get samples. A sample is a prototype product that is most often free of cost. But Some suppliers have set the cost for it, too.

Ask the supplier whether it is a free or paid sample. Most of the time, scammers won’t send you samples. If they send you a sample, you can check the quality. Hire inspection experts. Test the product ingredient in the lab. And check the quality.

3) Know the manufacturing system

The manufacturing process also helps determine the process. A good quality factory has a smooth production process. It has:

  • Strict quality control
  • Inspection services

Inspection is the most important thing at this point. It would help if you considered assessments for your products. Sometimes, you can hire experts to check the quality as well. It depends on your choice.

4) Read customer reviews

First thing, work with an experienced supplier. Why? Because he has worked with customers. You’ll get a better record of previous deals.

 Container Homes customer reviews

Suppose your supplier has already worked with the customers, then what? Obvious thing! Read the reviews. Check out the ratio of positive and negative reviews of the suppliers.

Look over the negative feedback. It evaluates all the points where a supplier can improve. Then, I better determine whether I should deal with this supplier.

5) Get the previous record.

Do one thing if you are working with a supplier with many deals. Get the list of previous deals.

Why so?

There are many benefits of it.

  • You will understand how the supplier deals.
  • It evaluates the potential of the previous record.
  • Has the supplier gone the extra mile to satisfy consumers?

Deciding on all these factors is a treat. You will have confidence and deal effectively.

6) Know about customer satisfaction.

Only some of the suppliers are good enough to extend a helping hand. They don’t even try to satisfy the consumers. That can be a turning point for you!

There are some inquiries to ask yourself and your suppliers. Find out:

  • How is customer support?
  • Customer reviews about the deal.
  • Does the supplier offer after-sale services?

A reliable supplier offers A to Z support. Listen to all your demands. It goes beyond expectations to get the best solutions.

5. List of Top 10 Chinese Shipping Container Home Manufacturers

Stop your toil to find the best Chinese shipping container home manufacturers. Here are our top 10 picks.

1) Henan K-Home Steel Structure

Henan K-Home is very famous for its container homes. Established in 2007, it has ensured the Prefab homes in China. They listen to the consumers and meet their demands.

China Container House, Toilet, Modular Manufacturers, Suppliers

Here are some essential products.

  • Office building containers,
  • Modular school containers
  • Construction site containers.

You get the following benefits from this supplier.

  • Complete manufacturing. From raw materials to production, they have everything in one place. You can do an EASY business without much effort.
  • Complete shipment facility. They ship almost all the around. 70+ routes and doorstep shipments save you time and reduce worries.

2) Nantong Huasha Movable House

Huasha Movable is famous for its movable homes. It has expertise in container home production with 20+ years of experience.


Its main products are:

  • Expandable container homes.
  • Fordable container homes.
  • Mobile homes
  • Prefab homes

The pros include:

  • Lower prices. Prices are super affordable if you make a bulk inventory deal with them. So you are at ease.
  • Good quality. Quality is exceptional. It is time to activate the reputation mode for your business.

3) Henan Canglong Steel Structure Engineering

Canglong is a POPULAR steel manufacturing supplier. It also builds excellent quality home containers made of steel and other materials. Since 2003, it has been serving this industry till now.

Building Steel Structure,Light_Heavy Steel Structure,Color Steel Plat

The main products are:

  • Education buildings
  • Container homes
  • Farm buildings
  • Villas

The main benefits are:

  • International shipping. It ships products to 120 countries. Great numbers. You can ship to your location effortlessly.
  • Quality homes. No doubt about their quality. It is the best in the town.

4) Guangdong Aishang Guizu Modular House

Aishang Gaizu is a home for many types of containers. With its international presence, it has been working since 2008. Best quality container homes and premium shipping impress you.

GUIZU GROUP,Professional Customized Container Houses,Guizugroup

Their main products include:

  • Modular home containers
  • Foldable home containers
  • Detachable containers

Here are the top benefits you should know.

  • Wide selection of products. You get access to a diversity of products. It will elevate your product diversity.
  • Reliable production line. The production line has quality control. So, you can rely on the home containers.

5) Suzhou Zhongnan Steel Structure

Suzhou Zhongnan has 10+ years of experience. It is a perfect example of dedication. You get a variety of containers with guaranteed quality from the supplier.

ZN House_ Container Home Manufacturer

Here are some essential products.

  • Modular containers
  • Prefab homes
  • Toilet containers
  • Sandwich panels

Benefits include:

  • Reliable products. They have an excellent production system. You get durable home containers.
  • International shipping. This supplier ships internationally—no more worries about shipping.

6) Guangdong C.Box

Situated in Guangdong, C. Box company has revolutionized the container industry. You get the best quality containers. Plus, it has 15+ years of experience gaining your trust.

Container Home,Hospital Container,HDPE Portable Toilet - Guangdong Cb

Its main products include:

  • Container houses
  • Prefab homes
  • Portable toilets
  • Light steel villas

You get the following benefits from this supplier.

  • One-Stop services. Stop wasting time on other companies. It helps in production, shipment, and installation. Excellent business deal.
  • High production facility. The annual output of 200,000 container homes is mind-blowing. You also get a bulk production facility.

7) Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel Manufacturing

TD Container is a leading manufacturer in China famous for its home container supply. With 20+ years of experience, it has created a TRUSTED consumer environment and built the best quality home container manufacturing.

Suzhou Tiandi Color Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Here are the top products.

  • Flat-pack container homes
  • Prefab homes
  • Shipping container houses

The main pros include:

  • Quality manufacturing. The primary focus is to create an impression in the industry. Therefore, predict world-class quality containers.
  • Diversity of containers. They have different types of containers. You’ll get ease to enhance inventory range in your store.

8) Beijing GS Housing

Beijing GS has been working in this industry for 20+ years since 2001. It has earned a name due to bigger manufacturing setups. They ship products globally, decreasing the consumers’ hassles.

Prefab Home, Prefab House, Modular House - GS Housing

The main products are:

  • Flat-packed container homes
  • Resettlement houses
  • Prefab and modular houses

Main advantages include:

  • Bigger manufacturing setup. GS Housing manufactures 170K prefab and container homes annually. You can enjoy the bulk production facility.
  • After-sales services. Don’t worry. They are with you till you are 100% satisfied.

9) Shanghai Allstar Industrial

Since 2006, Allstar has offered the best solutions for consumers. It provides quality home containers.

Allstar Prefab House, For Your Customized

Following are its top products.

  • Detachable home
  • Foldable home
  • Prefab homes
  • Container homes

The main reasons for recommendations are:

  • High manufacturing capacity. This supplier produces 10,000 units of home containers internationally. It is a remarkable number.
  • International shipping. If you are not from China, Allstar still ships to your location. Let them know your address.

10) Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing

Zhejiang Putian is one of China’s largest container home manufacturers—all thanks to 300K annual production units and international shipments.

Prefab House - Prefabricated Building Manufacturer

The main products are:

  • Residential container buildings
  • Warehouse container buildings
  • Camp buildings

The benefits include:

  • Reasonable costs. Their prices are very competitive. Raise your profit margins by selling products to consumers.
  • Global shipping. This supplier offers International shipping to 100+ countries. No shipping hassles come your way.

6. Finalize Your Deals

It is time to close the bargain. The good thing is that it saves you from future hassles and ensures a smooth deal with a supplier. Take a look at the main points.

● Discuss the business scope

What is your business? How many months or years do you plan to work with the supplier?

It generates a massive impact on the supplier. Suppliers will go the extra mile to satisfy you with quality home containers if you are a long-term opportunity. You’ll open doors to customer satisfaction.

● Set realistic expectation

Only try to expect products that are feasible for a specific supplier. Set up realistic demands. For example, you can ask for the best quality. Go for the customization of Chinese container homes. And request for the fast production.

● Negotiate price

Want to pull down prices? Set the clocks for better costs. And negotiate it with the supplier. Most suppliers want to grab a long-term deal. If you assure them of your business, they will try to partner with you.

In that case, they give you higher discounts. You’ll make more profits this way.

● Get lead times

Lead times refer to an estimated time for C container home production. Short lead times mean you’ll get more inventory.

Short lead times but with quality inventory is a beating idea at this point. Therefore, ask about the lead times. If you need products quickly, request for fast production.

● Go for a legal contract.

Do you want to save yourself from legal issues? Get the legal contract. Mention the terms and conditions. And get it signed by the supplier. It will keep you from upcoming full stops in the deal. And equip you with a smooth-running business.

7. Ship products

Shipping can be challenging because you are working with a manufacturer rather than a shipper. Some suppliers bet on the shipping services for you, but only sometimes. Sometimes, you must explore the shipping provider. Follow crucial steps for your shipping.

● Choosing a shipping provider

If you have already used Alibaba as a supplier, go again. But this time, consider the best shipping service—set prices with different shippers. Know whether the shipping service is reliable or not.

Take advantage of every single point that causes the loss of your worthy products.

● Decide on shipping options.

Different providers: different shipping. Some suppliers only support express shipping, while others use standard air shipping.

You can also find ocean shipping services. Ocean shipping is the best option if you have 500 kg of weight in different containers. It will save you extra costs. Plus, you get guaranteed safety of the inventory during transit.

You can move on to express or air shipping for lower weight, depending on your needs.

● Get customs clearance

Are you shipping out of China? There are two main customs stations. First is the exporting region, China. Second is the importing region, your country.

You’ll have to face no issues from the china. In the importing country, customs rules will apply. Therefore, a recheck happens. They ensure you have legal products that are not prohibited. For this reason, a fee varies based on the duration and quantity of products.

So, how to do customs clearance?

That is not a big deal if your shipping provider is active. It provides you with customs clearance services. You can rely on the shipper and ask him to pay the customs for you.

● Ship products and track

Which company are you working with? What is your shipping method? Consider all the factors. Sometimes, standard shipments do not come with tracking facilities. But it depends on your shipping services.

If a tracking service is available, here is what you must do to track down the products.

  • Get the tracking ID from the supplier.
  • Ask about the website where to track the products.
  • Add the tracking number in the tracking box.
  • Hit the TRACK BUTTON!

You’ll get a real-time location of your home container. And know when your products will arrive. It is a super smooth and easy-to-do process.

● Receive them.

Look. Confirm from your shipping service whether the shipper will ship to your doorstep. If they do, you can receive the home containers at your doorstep.

Suppose they don’t arrange. In that case, you should go for the local shipping company to bring the products from import systems to your doorstep. It would include transport through truck methods. You can receive them at the doorstep.

8. FAQs

1) Can you live in a container?

Yes. The purpose of the container home is to make a dwelling. It is far cheaper than flats in a motel. You’ll save extra bucks when buying container homes in China.

2) What are container houses made of?

China container homes are built differently. Most often, there is corrugated steel that is very robust and offers protection in a harsh environment. However, you can use add-ons such as glass materials to enhance its beauty.

3) How long is a container life?

The container works for an average of 10-12 years in optimal conditions. Later that term, it began to lose its original performance. When they are 25-30, you must replace them with new ones.

4) How big is a container home?

There are often two primary sizes of container homes.

  • 40 feet by 8 feet
  • 20 Feet by 8 feet

You must know about the container sizes from your container home companies. They might customize the size based on your requirements.

5) How do you build a simple container house?

Here are some steps to build a perfect container house in China.

  • Think about the design
  • Get the relevant container sizes.
  • Make the pit in the ground.
  • Fix your container with excellent support.
  • Add doors and windows.


Don’t fall prey to scams. I repeat. Don’t fall prey! It is possible when you choose the suitable suppliers. Get the right deals. And ensure your supplier guarantees the best quality.

For this reason, you should consider various safety parameters. And get reliable shipping.

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