How do Chinese suppliers deal with quality problems?

By justchinait
December 28, 2020

For foreign trade personnel, such things are inevitable in the face of quality problems. First of all, the product itself has quality problems; there are problems in the procurement of spare parts, unreasonable packaging makes the products have quality problems in long-distance transportation or quality problems caused by poor management, and so on. These are our foreign trade people. Things you see often. Regarding quality matters, different companies and foreign trade personnel have different methods of handling matters. So how should we deal with the crisis? Today I talk about my opinion

1: The product itself has problems.

For this problem, I think the simplest, practical and reasonable way is to

1: Apologies to the customer first, causing losses to the customer

2: For products with quality problems, customers can solve them by themselves 3: We will re-produce 20% of the order as compensation. And the company bears the freight on its own. Although in this process, the company will lose some profit, but in the long run, this is a good way. Think about it, if you buy something on Taobao, if you encounter a bad product, or if you receive the goods, you will not be satisfied with it. We do business with foreigners for the same reason that requires return and exchange. It is not easy for a foreign trade salesperson to negotiate a customer. If the customer is killed because of quality problems, it is not worth it. You must not rush, you have to know that it is because your product quality has a problem, you must return it.

2: Unreasonable packaging, resulting in product quality problems during transportation

For such problems, you can do this,

1: I’m very sorry, because the quality is not good enough, so you have caused a loss

2: Thank you for your feedback, we will solve this problem immediately

3: We will compensate you for part of the loss (the amount of compensation depends on the customer’s order volume). At least, if you do this, the customer thinks that you still respect him, instead of taking his question improperly. When the customer thinks you are sincere, he may consider continuing to cooperate with you. Of course, you can think about it. , If a customer asks you this question, what if other customers also encounter it? If you solve this problem, can you save a lot of trouble? If there is a problem with quality and it is our own cause, we must be brave enough to take responsibility and solve the problem together with the customer. Only in this way can we continue to cooperate and achieve a win-win process. Think about how many bosses there are because we don’t want to deal with such problems. Things, or hastily, how many customers are lost. Remember one sentence; the customer is God; you solve the customer’s problem; your business will come.

It is inevitable that businesses will have unforeseen problems, just like the natural disasters in the world. It is precise because of these things that we have to hone again and again and grow again and again. This is how we do business. We will suffer immediate losses and put our long-term interests behind. In the first place, don’t always care about the gains and losses of hunger. In order to go far in the business field.

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