How do Chinese suppliers deal with foreign buyers defrauding samples?

By justchinait
December 21, 2020

Asking for samples is basically something that every international buyer will do, but in many cases, when we ask for samples from Chinese suppliers, we will be mistaken for them to obtain samples by fraud, so today, I will share how Chinese suppliers deal with international Buyers request samples.

Coping skills 1

First of all, there are often so-called samples in foreign trade business transactions. Some buyers will often urge to send samples before they get the samples from the suppliers. After receiving the samples, they will ignore the suppliers for a long time. There are roughly the following situations:

1.It is not an international buyer, but a trader who gets the sample. The trader provides the product to his customers(international buyers), so the sample is sent to the final customer for trial or exhibition. Therefore, the trader is waiting for the buyer’s reply, so naturally, they cannot tell the supplier. In this case, they will regularly follow up with customers in the next shift.

2.Buyers will feel dissatisfied after receiving samples, such as quality, style, etc.

3.It mainly depends on which category your sample belongs to. For example, textiles may have tests or component inspections, while electrical appliances have related certifications. This also requires a certain process. If this type of situation is true, there will also be hope.

4.International buyers just want to collect samples. They have found better alternatives or put your samples in their archives to collect data. There is no other meaning, so they will find excuses to shirk them, without any hope.

5.Maybe your sample is quite satisfactory, but the relevant trading conditions are unsatisfactory, some buyers will not say. Because he wants samples, and it’s not just yours.

Coping skills 2

For some novice buyers, suppliers usually explain to buyers that they are happy to recommend the latest trendy product styles to them for free at any time to attract more customers and business. But we are also facing the trouble of burdening a large number of express delivery costs. If the customer is willing to share the courier fee for us(for example, provide a payment account number), it will greatly support our work.

In this way, we can recommend more innovative samples to customers. Of course, in order to help buyers save on courier fees, we will recommend new items to customers from practical considerations. We will notify international buyers(photos for customers to see)before sending them. Buyers will send them after seeing and confirming their needs. I think this method will have a certain effect on some buyers who are really interested in developing business. Although their annual orders are large for those large customers, they usually send the following letter to the customers.

Dear Sirs,

Firstly thank you for your continuous supports in the past years; we wish both businesses snowballing in the coming years.

As per the summing-up made by our financial department in the last half-year, the statistics showed that we had a very heavy burden on sample cost, Just as you know, during the past years we supplied the small qty samples to our customer free of charge, in this way, we not only had to pay the samples to cost in our factory but also pay for the postage to express courier, such as UPS, FedEx, however, our profit is getting smaller and smaller, Under the above-The mentioned situation, we find it is getting difficult to run business in this way. In order to solve this matter in a reasonable way, we hope our customer could help to share the cost by paying the postage, So could you please inform us your account number of UPS or FedEx or another express by return? So that we could send samples by your account number, while we will supply the samples which are free of charge in normal small quantity as before.

We believe this will favor developing the business advertisement en-us, most of our customers is doing in this way now, we sincerely hope it will also be workable to you. Please kindly comment the new way and advise us of your A/C no. Thank you for your cooperation.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Coping skills 3

Although it should be flexibly controlled according to the customer’s actual situation, in general, regardless of whether the cooperation is possible, the value of the sample must be recognized by the customer.

1.Most samples, if considered from the perspective of individual production, the production process is almost the same as the various resources consumed during mass production. Therefore,it should be said that the production cost of separate proofing is expensive.

2.Even if the expensive sample production costs are not considered, and the selected samples are randomly selected from the assembly line or warehouse, then the various costs incurred on the samples in order to facilitate the order must also exist.

3.Most foreign customers, except for a few merchants who specialize in sample business,b with poor credit, and some merchants who are greedy for cheap prices, almost every honest merchant will consider the various costs and valuesof samples.

4.Considering Chinese factories’ perspective, long-term requests for samples can not make a few orders, or the actual value of samples cannot be reflected in oral or actual value in the actual orders. Then, over time, it is not just customers that are lost. The company’s resources will lose the more important company reputation.

5.Foreign trade customers request samples for a long time or frequently without placing an order. Although there are conventional and unconventional reasons such as price, quality, payment method, etc., as a trading company in terms of customer selection, supplier selection, and sample request, It still takes some time to accumulate into huge expenses.

Coping skills 4

It is true that the problem of sending samples is a tricky one. If you don’t worry about losing potential customers, you are afraid that the samples will never be returned. And when some company’s samples are of high value, or the counterparty wants a large quantity, it is even more difficult to make a decision! I have encountered many similar problems! Later my handling principle:

First, ask the other party to bear the freight, especially express mail!

Second, ask the other party to provide a fax or email, not just a phone call, so that it can be checked.

Third, when the value is high, or the quantity is large, the other party is required to pay half of the sample fee. Of course, if it is a long-term customer, forget it!

Fourth, contact them regularly after sending samples to confirm that the other party has different sample quality or appearance requirements or structure. This is the purpose of sending samples!

Sample response skills 5

After a long period of foreign trade, you will find that this is a common phenomenon.

1.The customer is Trading and needs to collect samples or wait for his customer to answer.

2.The client is a new start-up company, and everything needs time to confirm.

3.The product is a new project and needs time to confirm.

4.Your product is not competitive among peers.

5.How the customer works.

What you need to do:

1.Be patient enough.

2.Learn more about customer information, business models, main products, our products location, whether to provide more details, etc.

3.Remind customers in time.

Coping skills 6

In fact, it is not a bad thing to ask to pay on collection. We are willing to provide samples to illustrate our sincerity in doing business, and the other side of the other side to bear the sample freight also indicates whether the customer is truly sincere in doing business.

Sending samples abroad, if the sample itself is not very expensive, basically most of the cost is spent on the mailing fee. Therefore, it is insisted that the customer pays the postage, and the samples are provided free of charge. In this way, both parties bear a certain amount of cost, and there is a constraint on both parties. If the other party really wants to do business, he will definitely agree to this request. If the other party insists that we pay all expenses, the other party’s sincerity and credibility must be considered. It is best to ask the courier company about the shipping cost when sending the samples, and first inform the customers that we will send the samples by collect and how much the cost is so that the customers will have a bottom line. You can also consider paying half.

Coping skills 7

After thorough consideration and analysis, when deciding to send samples to this potential customer, the preferred method is as follows:

1.For the first time, customers

1)Formulate the company’s sample policy(hard). That is, sample fees and even courier fees are charged for any samples that customers want. But promise to deduct this cost from the total value of the purchase price when the customer places an order in the future.

2)Email or fax your company’s invoice to the customer for confirmation. And arrange to make samples, be sure to hand in the samples and related materials on time, correctly, and completely.

3)After receiving customer confirmation or wire transfer, arrange express delivery.

4)Inform the customer in time that the express delivery is stopped to facilitate preparation and customs clearance.

2.For old customers, I would like to flexibly decide whether to charge or not according to your company’s needs.

Coping skills 8

To put it simply, if you get BIG orDER without sending the second sample, then foreign trade is a bit too easy,of course, excluding experienced masters. This phenomenon will continue for a long time in the hands of our students, so patience is very important.

Speaking of sending samples,I always think you have to trust your customers. In fact, few customers will eat it and take the time to lie to you for a few samples. Generally, samples with low value will not make much cheaper even if they are free, and you will not easily send samples with a large value. Of course,it is very necessary to send samples for follow-up inquiry. Even if your samples are left aside, you may get feedback information about sample defects and deficiencies, which are already very valuable. Whoever sends the samples hopes to bring the order, but on the contrary, they try their best to find the reason from themselves and ask the customer for the evaluation of the sample quality. Let me say one more thing about myself.I have been in contact with a customer for more than half a year. Samples and samples have been sent. Later, the conditions of mail, fax, and telephone were negotiated. The last thing is to sign the contract and make the proforma invoice.I pass the contract and invoice, and he has no news.I have been doing foreign trade for some time, and I feel that this order is nailed, but it is still yellow. Finally, he contacted the customer to find out the truth. Our product just hit their side and told us to dump it. We only got the exact news after half a month. In any case, I know what the customer said is the truth, and I believe him!

Coping skills 9

The first time: An Indian customer asked for samples and offered to bear the cost. But when I calculated the sample fee and shipping fee and reported it to him, he said he was silent. I repeatedly urged him to wire the sample fee and shipping fee(he didn’t tell me that he had a courier account), but he never responded.

Second time: A South African customer sent an email to express interest in our products and asked for a quotation form.After the quotation form is provided, the customer emails again, requesting samples for promotional purposes, I replied that samples could be provided, but because there are too many customers who have requested samples recently, I am sorry that the customer’s sample fee and freight need to be paid. But since then, there has been no reply.

Judging from the above two experiences, I think that new customers should especially insist on charging for sample requests. If they are sincere customers, they should understand this request.

Coping skills 10

I also work in foreign trade. I remember that when I first joined the company, I encountered many customers requesting samples, so the manager told us about the following case and asked us to deal with it after learning:

Once, a Cyprus customer asked for a sample. Since he had signed a contract with the customer at the trade fair, he agreed to provide it for free even though the sample was large,but the customer agreed to pay the freight. Later, after the samples are sent to the other party, the customers may refuse to accept the samples or open a letter of credit due to changes in the customer’s market demand. As a result, in order to avoid the round-trip freight for returning to the country, after negotiating with the express company, the samples were destroyed immediately in the foreign country. At the same time, our company replenishes thousands of one-way freight(due to far, the freight is expensive).

In fact, there are more and more courier companies. In order to attract business, it is generally free to open an account. So basically, every customer will have a courier account.Don’t let the other party say that they don’t have an account.

Coping skills 11

Now, in the process of my own foreign trade work, if I encounter customers requesting samples,I usually do the following:

1)If there are few samples and the price is low.

I will agree to waive the sample fee. Then, I said to the customer: Since our company sincerely hopes to do business with your company, we are willing to provide samples for free, but please understand that because the quotation is already very favorable, please share some burdens with our company, provide account numbers, and shipping costs To pay.

If the customer really does business with you, he will forgive you and will not care about you under normal circumstances.

2)If the sample is relatively large, it is more expensive.

I usually tell customers: because too many customers come to ask for samples and there is no news at all when our factory hears of sending samples, there is not much confidence and reluctance to send samples. Therefore, please forgive me, first remit the sample fee and pay the freight.If there is no account number, the sample fee and shipping fee will be remitted.

3)In the second case,if the customer proposes to provide only the account number and pay the freight, even if the sample is more expensive,we must provide it for free.I would advise him:pay the sample fee and shipping fee first and then deduct the original sample fee from the order amount when a formal order is placed.

In this way, real business people will usually accept it without bargaining.

Coping skills 12

How to communicate with overseas customers after sending samples?

First of all: try to contact the customer as much as possible before sending the sample. For example, confirm the address again, fax him the proof when sending it, and follow up the mail and feedback it to him by Email; the content is fine, nothing else, Just to deepen the customer’s impression of us.

Second: Know as much as possible about the company’s strength and business scope, and get to know him through other customers, so that you won’t be aimless! At the same time, let the client know that you have friends you know on his site, and strengthen the relationship! Know the enemy and win every battle!

In this way, if there is any trouble after doing business with this customer in the future, we all know and take action.

Again: often contact the customer, recommend to him as soon as there is a new product, I hope he can support your business, you give him a good price, I hope to place a trial order, he determines the quantity! If he has a new product, we can help him develop it!

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