Hot China Products You Need In Life

By HX Wenli
July 16, 2022

Today I’m going to show you the hot China products you need in life that get:
The hot China products categories
Where to find the products made in China
How to find the best China product
Let’s dive right in.

Chapter #1 Importing china products basics

What are the hot China products?

If you’re a first-time importer, businessman, or interested in made in china products, you will pass on this profitable opportunity: hot China products. China has a high grade in China products yet low costs, which allows sellers to price higher and gain hefty profit margins. 
These hot China products are what customers seek and look for, mostly high-demand. Besides the products listed in chapter 4, here are additional china products:

  • Creative illusion lamp
  • Portable USB panel light
  • Virtual reality glasses case
  • Foldable Dish Drainer
  • Creative illusion lamp
  • Hardware products
  • Stationery products
  • Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toys
  • Mountain Gas Stove
  • Fake Nails Press China products

Why are hot China products important?

China is the manufacturing powerhouse, where hot China products came to life. In many top markets, even famous brands, you will see products from China. You can reap the benefits of sourcing products from China as these businesses take advantage of it. 
Here are among the reasons why hot China products are important:

  • China has low labor cost compared to other countries. Yet they produced high-quality products with various designs and elements for a lower price. 
  • China’s technology is advanced. China is capable of producing products that meet the requirements of each country.
  • These hot China products are trendy and top-selling in many categories. 

Chapter #2 Where to find products China to import

China Products Site

The best way to find China products for sale is through online China products sites. It is a convenient method you can do since it allows you to find suppliers anytime, anywhere. Here are the following websites you can go to:

In addition, if you have a prior experience in sourcing wholesale China gross domestic products and suppliers, then sourcing on these websites will be a piece of cake for you.

Wholesale Market

Going to a wholesale market in person is a traditional way of finding products from China. You can pick an actual product and meet the supplier or manufacturer first-hand. Going through many wholesale markets can help you gain experience and minimize risks if it’s your first time.
Here are some of the wholesale market places you can choose from:

  • Yiwu 
  • Guangdong 
  • Shenzhen 
  • Hangzhou 
  • Xin tang (Zengcheng)
  • Guangzhou
  • Dalang
  • Suzhou
  • Zhejiang
  • Jiangsu 

Trade Fairs

Trade Fairs have facilitated numerous B2B vendors and importers in successful transactions for the past years. Every year, there are many tradeshows that you can visit, such as:

  • Canton Fair
  • Yiwu Trade Fair
  • Beijing Auto Show
  • The Bauma Fair
  • The Shanghai Import and Export Commodity Fair

You can expect hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers in these trade shows. There is also a vast collection of products in China, in many categories, designers, and prices. 

Trade Fairs

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Jungle scout is one of the best websites you can use, primarily if it’s your first time sourcing suppliers. You can utilize Jungle Scout to examine your main competitors’, suppliers’ sales information, and product research. You can also gather daily, weekly, and monthly sales, average sales, average price, etc. 

.Jungle Scout Supplier Database

China Sourcing Company

If you are hesitant to place a large order of a product from China or do not trust online China websites, this leaves you with the option of choosing a sourcing company. You can find sourcing agents or companies like us, JustChinait, to assist you in finding and purchasing “China gross domestic products.” 
We have been working for over 11 years in this industry and have extensive experience locating high-quality China products to meet the customers’ demands. We also offer various services that will help you successfully source products and suppliers—from the start to the last. 

 best sourcing agent

Chapter #3 How to find the best china gross domestic product

You must note two things when starting a business and sourcing a gross domestic product of China: Buying cheap China important products and purchasing a profitable gross domestic product of China. 
Now the question is, how to find the best china gross domestic product that is high-quality and affordable? Say no more. We have listed three steps to help you navigate the success of your product sourcing. 

Study and list all the “China important products”

The first thing you’re required to do before anything is develop made in china products list you will sell. Concentrate on your niche and narrow it down to your main product line, so finding the exact China product and suppliers is easy. 
If you’re still researching the right market and products to get, you can refer to the data provided by globalEDGE

China important products

The next one would be looking for China essential products that will make you as much money as possible. However, you need to choose the hot products carefully in China that you will sell. Since they are high in demand, they will likely be costly, resulting in a low-profit margin.

Check the price and margins of made in China products

Now that you’ve executed your research and have a concrete made in china products list, it’s time to consider the price and profit margin. 
For instance, your chosen product is phone cases. Depending on the size, model, designs, and personalization, buying them from Alibaba would cost you around $1 to $5. Then, you can sell them on Amazon for about $10 to $20. Based on the calculation, you can expect a profit return of 15x.
The following tip will help you reduce your expenses:

  • Calculate all costs: Calculating the overall costs helps you price your products accurately. Expenses are capital, taxes, customs duties, shipping, and even packaging. 
  • Request multiple quotes: This technique would help you compare the suppliers’ prices, services, and potential price increases in the future. 
  • Sample and order china product

Don’t place a bulk China product order instantly. Always go for sample products first to examine the product quality, time of shipping, and ease of ordering. If everything is smooth and okay, you may place large quantities and be ready to sell. 

Chapter #4 Top 25 made in china products list hot in the market right now

China is well-known for being one of the countries with top industry. Almost every China product you will see in many supermarkets and malls came from them. The gross domestic product of China also continued to rise over the years. 
Because of this very reason, the “China gross domestic product” is super popular for many importers, businesses, and firms. Since China has everything, you can choose many “China important products.” It all boils down to the query, which is the hottest China product? And which is most profitable?
To save you time, here are the 25 made in china products list that is hot and super popular in the market. 

made in china products

Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are one of the products china is that is hot in the market today. They are in extremely high demand because people live up more to make their phones aesthetic yet protected. Phone technology is also constantly evolving; numerous ones are released yearly. 
If you plan to sell a product from China but have a tight budget, no experience, and wish to earn more, phone accessories are the best way to go. There are many types of phone accessories—for instance, protective glass. When you check the China products wholesale websites, their prices range from $0.13 to $1. 
If you compare them to retail websites like Amazon, you can see that they are listed for $10 to $15. You can make a significant profit large profit when you do the same! 
However, you have to remember that many china products wholesale websites usually have a minimum order (MOQ). These MOQs will depend on the supplier and manufacturer you choose. 

Phone Accessories

Fashion Accessories

Another china gross domestic product that many first-time sellers love to sell. Since it doesn’t require high capital to start and it’s very flexible. If you want to wholesale these cheap products from China, it’s best to choose 14K & 18K Fashion Jewelry and micro-fashion jewelry. 
The usual price of a single high-quality piece varies from $50 and $100. This estimate will still go up depending on the quality and other customization. Even though it’s pretty high compared to other made in china products, it’s only 10% of the selling price of many retail brands. 

Wireless Blue Tooth Speaker

Based on the data given by VOLZA, China is the number one exporter of Wireless Blue Tooth Speaker. They export it to top countries like India, the United States, and Peru. It is the perfect product from China to earn great profit and fill the demands for sound quality.

.Wireless Blue Tooth Speaker

Kitchen Tools

A profitable gross domestic product of China and include a wide range of products is kitchen tools. These types of products china is a need, mainly for home and cooking. As sellers, your starting expense to sell these is low, and you can earn by listing them at a higher cost on eBay or Amazon. 
For instance, rubber gloves are a kitchen tool that costs around $25 in retail stores. However, when you place a wholesale order, it only costs $0.3 to $1.5, depending on your order quantity.

Smart Control Home Panel Light

One of the “China hot products” hot in the market is this smart control panel light for homes. These type of lights comes in many shapes, sizes, and color. However, one of the trendy ones is the hexagonal panels, one-piece shape, or a combination of unique designs.
This product is an LED energy-saving and has a Bluetooth feature that controls components using other devices. For instance, the light color changes through connecting with your phone. 

It’s also compatible with any electrical wires, so DIYing it is simple and easy. Because of how profitable these products are, many consider them a gross domestic product of China. 

.Smart Control Home Panel Light

Pet Clothes

Under the pet supplies category, pet clothing is part of “China important products” with marketable value. Pet owners would love to buy cheap to expensive pet clothing to style. 
For this reason, these cheap products from China are perfect for selling to meet the needs of pet owners. They range from about $1 to $3, and you can sell them on Amazon from $10 to $20, and you can earn twice as much. 

Pet Clothes

Smart Backpack

This product from China has received much attention because of how promising they look. This backpack has various features such as a USB connection and battery where users can charge their phones. It is the perfect gross domestic product of china for sellers whose target buyers are travelers, students, tech collectors, and people who want convenient things. 
However, it contains batteries; shipping it by air will not be an option. If you still want to save time and don’t want to use sea freight, you can use JustChinait shipping services to assist you in transporting this to its destination. 
Nonetheless, this is still a profitable product that people will be eager to buy. Their cost listed on China wholesale websites ranges between $6 and $13. Plus, you can list them on Amazon for around $20 to $30, which allows you to make large earnings. 


A China gross domestic product that is profitable and in high demand is T-shirts. The T-shirt export in China in 2020 amounted to US$6.3 billion or 15.8%. This rate has continued to increase over the years. 
T-shirts can be for both men and women, in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes, and has many design option. You could always purchase as often as possible at a low price and sell it at a higher price on retail websites. 



Smartwatches are one of the most-sought china important products. These watches have advanced features like tracking your movements, calling or messaging, taking photos, etc. Using this product eliminates the need always to use a phone for everything since it’s compact, attached to your wrist, and has the same feature. 


Acne Products

China is also known for making good quality skincare, especially acne products. Since acne is a problem that many faces, people are always searching for the best products for chin acne, back acne, and different types of acne. 
You can take this problem to earn profits. Source wholesale acne products for a low price; for instance, Hydrocolloid Patches cost around $2 to $3. You can sell them to retail websites for around $5. 

Coffee Cups

Coffee cups are among the cheap products from China. If you plan to stick to a specific china gross domestic product or industry niche, coffee cups are a wise option. You might not be aware, but coffee cups are a household material that is always in demand. 
There’s no household or a person who doesn’t own one. So, if you want to succeed in this area, choose to be unique. Create a product line that has a trendy design yet is sturdy. 

Coffee Cups

Reverse Inverted Umbrella

This made in china products list consist of products that focus on innovation and technology. One of those things is this reverse inverted umbrella that is conventional to many but has upgraded features. This umbrella would also be a good investment for sellers since the capital is low and always in demand, especially for tropical countries or as a seasonal array. 


Socks are one of the important china products that will still be in high demand. Everyone requires them and will always buy them. Not only that, but their wholesale price is beneficial to sellers too. Supposed you plan to sell socks, then choose to sell printed, customizable, and personalized designs. 

Cleaning Products

Following the pandemic, cleaning products became hot China products sold out everywhere. The demand for products in this area continues to rise. Thus, every brand of mask, soap, hand sanitizers, and personal care product evolves. 
You can take benefit of this demand, create unique cleaning products, and sell them to every household. It will allow you to earn as much and become a long-standing brand. 

Cleaning Products


Pens are super popular products from China and among the most profitable products too. There is a dizzying array of pens to choose from. For instance, plastic pens cost $0.03 to $0.10, or metal pens cost $0.15 to $1.50. 
Because of how low priced they are, you can maximize your $1000 capital. You can still even buy cheap promotional products China aside from pens. Perhaps a notebook or other school supplies. 

Silicon Baking Tools

Among this made in china products list, silicon baking tools are well-liked by families. Of course, bakers, bakeries, and shops too! This China product is known for its long-lasting quality and usefulness. It is also notable for its safety even with high temperatures and is easy to clean. 
A popular gross domestic product of China is this silicon baking tools. It is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable yet profitable product. Their wholesale prices range between $0.74 and $1.5. However, this will increase depending on the type of tools, sizes, and other personalized tweaks.

Handmade Silicone Soap Crafts

This china product is best if you have a specific target market, perhaps an artisan, essentials, and craft supplies. This area is a thriving business as more people lean toward handcrafted items. It’s among the perfect china manufacturing products that are profitable and flexible. 
Handmade silicone soap crafts mold is fit for soap makers. More and more businesses create a unique soap that is non-toxic and natural. The perfect way to do that is a mold that comes in many shapes and sizes. The mold often comes in two sizes: 900g and 1200g. Depending on the seller, quality, design, and measures, prices will either go down or up. 

Essential Oils

Among the essential products made in china are these essential oils. It is a popular product with many beauty, massages, or fragrance uses. It is well-liked and consistently sold out because people search for products that improve better living conditions. 
Perhaps you plan to sell essential oils; you have many kinds to choose from, including body essential oils and roll essential oils. However, if you want a specific target market, you might want to sell traditional Chinese essential oils.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Apple invented the wireless Bluetooth earbuds; however, not all people can afford the price. This weakness point is ideal for businesses and sellers to take advantage of. You can source these cheap products from China with the same quality, performance, and trendy design but at a much lower price. 


Sunglasses is a must-have for many people. In fact, people nowadays don’t wear sunglasses for shade under the sun, but also as a fashion statement. If you’re looking for a gross domestic product of China that will sell, then sunglasses it is. 
These sunglasses are also cheap products from China because they cost around $1 and $3. However, when you see sunglasses listed in retail stores, plastic frame sunglasses cost about $9 per pair, and metal frame glasses cost about $14 per pair. This price will vary. 


Decorative Lights

Based on the data provided by Richard he, the lighting export industry of China is the US $ 7.429 billion during the first quarter of 2020. This rate has increased compared to 2019, wherein China’s decorative light exports amounted to the US $150 million. 
Decorative lights are one of the China important products used for indoor places and in areas you can think of. From being a seasonal holiday decoration, they now play a huge part in assisting consumers in becoming more active in the family environment. 
These decorative lights are cheap products from China that you can sell. They come at low prices and are small, making them easy to ship across many parts of the world.

Sport water bottle

Water bottles are a necessity for many people. Since every human needs to stay hydrated, they need a bottle to keep their water and bring them anywhere, especially going to the gym. This China product comes in various designs and aesthetics with many features like an insulator to keep water cool or warm.

Nail Sticker

Nail stickers are another popular China gross domestic product in demand and cheap. You can find two types of nail stickers: 2D nails and 3D nail patches. 
Suppose you chose nail stickers as a product of China to sell and source them on Alibaba for wholesale; you can expect a price range of $0.2 to $0.5. You can sell them on Amazon for $1, which is 5x times higher, making you a significant profit.

New Born Baby Gifts

According to GlobeNewswire, in the last 2021, It is expected that the Baby Products market will be worth US$1.7 billion, solely in the US. China, in 2026, is also likely to hit the market value of US $4.8 billion. Because of this rate, the demand for maternal and child products for a gift or for everyday use will rise over five years. 
Newborn baby gifts fall under maternal and baby products; it’s a large market to explore. Since a new baby is born each day, people always look for baby gifts. If you’re planning to sell in this area, you may start with clothes, newborn materials like toys, cribs, towels, or essentials like milk and food. 

Self Defense Products

Buying wholesale self defense products China is a wise choice. Anyone needs a handy hand to keep them safe, especially women walking in the streets alone. There is a vast range of self-defense products you can choose from with specific designs, materials, and colors. 
For instance, if you choose to sell Self Defence Set Tools Weapons Protection, you can get them on Alibaba for about $4 to $5. Then sell these in retail stores for about $10 to $15. 

Chapter #5 The notable China production industry in China this 2022

China steel production

Comparing “China steel production” to the US steel production is ten times larger. In 2020, the total global China steel production was 1877.5 million tonnes (Mt), around 57%. China is also the 1st nation who yield more than one billion tons of steel. It’s no surprise that they are the largest country to produce steel. 
Their output rate fell in 2008, 2009, 2015, and 2016 and began to rise once more in 2010 and 2017. As per the data provided by Trade Economics, here’s the China steel production rate for April 2021 to January 2022. 

China steel production

The China green energy production

“China green energy production” is the leading producer, more than twice as much as the second-ranked country, the United States. This industry is more fast-paced compared to steel products, for which it’s foreseen to add 43% to the green energy growth. Their percentage point has increased by 10.2% from 2015 and aims to be 80% energy supply mix by 2060. 

China green energy production

Video production in china

Video production in China is a great industry that has grown very fast since 2001. Many companies made their way to become top in this industry, such as:


China oil production

China ranks as the world’s largest primary energy consumption. Since the demand for these energies is high, oil demand in China is also high. Based on Worldometer, as of 2016, China yields 4 million oil barrels per day. And nearly 639 million tons of crude oil in 2018. China produces an amount of 7.1% of its total reserves every year. 
As per the data presented by Statista, Here’s the crude oil extraction in China from January 2020 to December 2021:

China oil production

China sugar production

“China sugar production” is third on the list trailing only Brazil and India. This sugar industry aided about 6 to 8 billion RMB in GDP (gross domestic product), or about 0.1% of China’s total GDP. To arrive at this rate, 70 sugar mills are operating; China is also using is 233 mills for sugarcane, 11 mills for refinery, and 37 mills for sugar beet. 
Here are some of the biggest companies in this industry:

  • Jinling Group 
  • Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Dongtang Group
  • Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group
  • Baotou Huazi Industry Co., Ltd.

Chapter #6 What to consider when China imports product

China imports product

Know what the market demands

Among the things you need to do to develop a sourcing strategy is to conduct market research. If you’re a newcomer to importing or sourcing “China gross domestic products,” you’ll face the daunting of this step. 
However, here are some of the tips to know which hot products to sell and how to do it properly:

  • Use keyword research software.
  • Utilize market intelligence software.
  • Perform keyword research on Amazon.
  • Discover profitable products imported from Alibaba.

Check what products are legal to import into your country

When compiling a made in china products list, check if the products are already available in your country. For instance, if you search on Alibaba, there is an option to see the availability of your country name with each product. You should also double-check if all the products are legal to import and can be shipped in your country. 

Know the specific rules and regulations

It’s critical to know the rules and regulations when importing China products. You must be aware of everything—from ordering products, negotiating, drafting contracts, even shipping. 
If you are importing from the US, here are a few specific rules and regulations to be aware of:

  • Tax 1D or an employer’s identification number (EIN) for products above $2500.
  • The products are labeled as subject to import duties.
  • Harmonized system codes determine the import duty rates.
  • There’s a merchandise processing fee (MPF) for all air and sea shipments.

Ensure the quality and shipping of products made in china

To avoid delays in shipping your products, ensure that you choose a supplier that quickly fulfills orders. You can also utilize the sourcing agent or company to connect you with the right supplier, review various factories, do quality checks, and ensure that the products arrive on time. 

Learn about China’s tariffs

Once you’ve received the product of your choice, quickly calculate the cost of shipping and customs duties. Based on China Briefing, here’s the formula to calculate Duty Paying Value (DPV) and Composite Assessable Price (CAP):

China's tariffs

Know how to deal with a price increase

Sometimes Chinese suppliers raise prices even after production begins. It is due to the increase in raw materials caused by natural calamities or unforeseen events. However, you can avoid paying additional large amounts when you do the following:

  • Make a deal with a minimum validity period of 180 days for the quoted price.
  • Ensure your supplier that you’ll re-order. 
  • Learn the cost of the raw materials used to make your products. 
  • Include clauses in your contract that will protect you from price increases. 

Select the best mode of international transportation

If you aim to cut costs with your sourcing in China, you must know the proper transportation and shipment methods. The three most used methods are sea freight, air freight, and express. It’s also best to research the incoterms you will use since it determines your responsibility and shipping payment. 

international transportation

Understand the contract forms in China

Contracts are required for Chinese transactions. Before signing any contracts with a supplier, it’s a must that you understand the context. It will help keep you safe from risk and damages in the future. 

Chapter #7 FAQs when sourcing products from china

What are the American products made in China?

Here are among the American products made in China that came from popular brands:

  • Nike Products
  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses
  • Gillette Razors
  • Barbie
  • Huffy Bicycles
  • Converse Shoes
  • Schwinn Bicycles

What are the Australian products in China?

Here are among the top Australian products in China loved by Chinese Consumers:

  • Health supplements
  • Adult milk powder
  • Infant and toddler nutrition
  • Emulsion and powdered drink mixes

What are trumps products made in China?

Here are some of the trumps products made in China:

  • Trump rectangular shaped eyeglasses
  • Ties
  • Shell for comforter
  • Pillows

What are the essential products made in China?

Here are among the essential products made in China:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Facemask
  • OTC and Prescription Drugs
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
  • Toilet Paper
  • Home Decor
  • Sunscreen
  • Makeup
  • Electronics

How do you buy china import products directly?

There are three steps you can take when buying directly from China:

  • Locate and investigate your wholesale China suppliers.
  • Keep track of and record the time, service, and location.
  • Note the MOQ.

What should I look for when sourcing products from China?

There is a wide range of types and brands in “China gross domestic products” at low prices. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll have large profits if you buy cheap products from China. When purchasing products, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • Shipping fees
  • Additional costs

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