Freight Forwarder China to Mexico: A Guide to Finding the Best Rates and Services

By Sarah
August 8, 2023

China and Mexico are long-term partners in importing and exporting products. You can assess the strength of the relationship by estimating the total exports.

In 2022, China exported 77.53 billion USD of products, according to United Nations COMTRADE data. In exporting products from China, shipping is quite an essential phenomenon.

There are tons of shipping services in China. Who to choose? Who not to choose? Do you want all the answers? Get with me. I will explain the total mechanism of China to Mexico shipping.

1. Freight Forwarder from China to Mexico

1) What is the shipping from China to Mexico?

Transporting products from one location to another is part of the shipping. When you ship from China to Mexico, what do we call it?


Freight Forwarder China to Mexico

It involves many steps. For example, you need a freight forwarder. Choose your favorite shipping method. And finally shipping of products.

Want to know more details? Let’s get into it.

2) Is it necessary to have a freight forwarder for shipping?

For shipping from China to Mexico, you need a company that can:

  • Store products.
  • Get customs clearance.
  • Ship products safely.

A freight forwarder from China to Mexico offers it all. What is stopping you from hiring a freight forwarder from China to Mexico?

Moreover, shipping needs a systematic approach through air cargo or sea cargo. You can’t have that in one place.

Therefore, hiring a freight forwarder is the BEST IDEA!!

3) Why should you ship from China to Mexico?

China is ahead of its competitors in the production race. It is called the world’s factory. Do you know why? Because it produces trillion USD worth of products.

Thousands of factories and freight forwarders ensure safe shipping to any country.

Here are more benefits compelling you to ship products from China.

● Product Diversity

Want to buy clothes? China has all types of apparel!!!

Want to buy children’s inventory? China has it…..

The Chinese industry is so creative; you can find prototypes of innovative products. Something you can’t buy in Europe or the USA, China factories have it.

Access to all types of products makes China an excellent choice.

● A large number of suppliers

Believe me; China is not a single market. In almost every Chinese province, you can find a significant manufacturing sector.

According to Statista, China has 441 thousand suppliers. Can you think about so many suppliers?

Many suppliers make accessing products with no MOQ and lower costs easy.

● Lower cost of product.

Do you know why the whole world purchases products from China? One reason is enough— LOWER COST!!!

Production cost is significantly less. What you can buy at $10 in other countries can get at $2-3 in China. Such a 200-300% price difference makes China an optimal choice for buyers around the globe.

● Variety of shipping services.

Have you purchased products from a China supplier and are now concerned about shipping? NO MORE!!!

China has an extensive logistic infrastructure. Finding the best company to ship products to your location in Mexico is not difficult.

2. Where do you get the China Freight Forwarder?

Finding a freight forwarder is a BIG DEAL. It happens when you don’t know about them.

I have some significant ways to explore all the top services!

1) Find on Google

Google is my favorite method. Do you know why? Because it is super easy. For example:

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Type “Best shipping services from China to Mexico.”
  • Check many online services.

Check their reviews and discuss. Negotiations further settle the best deals according to the current rates and shipping options.

2) Use Directories like Alibaba or DHGATE

Can’t find many companies on Google? There is one more problem with Google. Companies manipulate reviews. It can be hard to get the best service.

Is that so? No problem. Alibaba, Dhgate, or Made-in-China is there. You can deep dive into the supplier’s directories. Check the company profile. Assess their communication skills. Compare rates. And prefer a company that fits your shipping needs.

Not that hard!!

Where do you get the China Freight Forwarder

3) Use sourcing agents to find the best company

Sometimes, digging out through Google or Alibaba lands the scammers. Everyone wants to avoid the scammers.

Isn’t it so? There is one possible solution. Work with the sourcing agents. They know the local market. Contact the best shipping agents. And procure experience in shipping products.

It almost reduces all the scamming cases and puts your priorities on top. Sourcing agents lessen the language barrier. Manually verify the shipping service. And give you peace of mind.

4) Ask the business circle

Do you have some friends or family members who ship products from China?

If yes, nothing is better than that. You can use them to get the contacts of shipping services they have used.

Know their prices and read the reviews. Hire them only if you are 100% content with their shipping services.

One of the prominent advantages is the honest reviews from friends and family. There is no risk of scam.

3. 5 Advantages of China shipping services

Purchasing products from China suppliers is a different thing from shipping. Maybe you have purchased products, but where to store them?

Don’t you think it is a big deal? Yes, it is.


It is SIMPLE. Freight Forwarders from China to Mexico offer the following facilities.

1) Easy to communicate

As you can negotiate with China suppliers, so is with shipping providers.

They are lenient. Understand your business needs. And offer you the best shipping costs.

Do you want to settle the terms?

Go on. They can help you develop all the conditions related to shipping. Moreover, requesting them for customs clearance can bring you ease.

2) Full Tracking facilities

One of the critical phenomena in shipping is TRACKING! If a company doesn’t provide, that is a problem!!

But no worries when working with the China shipping services. They handle your products from suppliers to the Mexican border. Get your customs clearance. And ship products to your doorstep.

During this, you can trace the REAL-TIME location of your products. Get the estimated shipping date. And determine when you can receive the parcel. The whole process is fully transparent and gives you mental peace.

3) Have warehouses

Suppose you are shipping from a supplier to your doorstep.

It involves:

  • Shipping from supplier to a storage location.
  • Shipping from the storage location to customs.
  • Then customs to your doorstep.

From customs to the doorstep, there may be a temporary storage location. That is where warehouses become ESSENTIAL CONDITIONS.

Have warehouse

In China, most shipping services either own warehouses in China or have partnered warehouses. You don’t have to worry about shipping or storage when working with them.

4) Shipping cost is less

Are you short on budget? It happens with most of the buyers. They have a limited budget. And they want to save from it too.

Therefore, they compromise on shipping options and safety. But there are no such cases with Chinese companies.

Like the lower product cost, there is a lower shipping cost. Thousands of shipping services increase the supply of services. Therefore, the shipping cost is less and fits your budget.

That doesn’t cause a FINANCIAL HEADACHE!

5) Shipping is fast

One week is the minimum transit time if you ship products from China. The supplier has to process the order. Shipping company to send to the border. And then to your doorstep.

The whole process takes time.

However, the Chinese shipping services are super FAST. If they give you a time frame of 10 days, they will most likely ship products within seven days.

You don’t have to worry about the shipping anymore.

4. Necessary Documents for Shipping from China to Mexico

In all cross-border shipments, you need to encounter customs. They check the products. Ensure safety. And then let you ship.

For that, you must have the essential documents. Here is the list!

1) Bill of Lading

The Bill of lading shows information about the products. For example:

  • The type of product.
  • Quantity
  • Shipping method
  • Destination

It is the carrier’s note to the shipping company. For customs clearance at the Mexico border, the shipping service must submit it.

2) Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoice has information about the import duties and taxes. It must contain all the necessary information.

It might contain:

  • Complete business information of both parties— seller and buyer!!
  • Mexican tax identity number.
  • INCOTERMS between seller and buyer

A commercial invoice is necessary to document for customs clearance.

3) NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Country of origin is where your products have been manufactured, not where products are being shipped.

Is China your country of origin? Have it on your certificate.

Mexican customs authorities are going to verify the country of origin.

4) Packing List

Packing list all the product info. This document must have the word from the HS code to the technical product information.

You can verify and include the essential information.

5) Shipper’s Export Declaration

Shippers provide the export declaration at customs. It is a necessary document to have your products get a clean chit.

5. China to Mexico shipping options

China-to-Mexico shipping involves many shipping methods. You need to know about them before shipping inventory.

1) Express shipping

Express shipping is the EXPRESS!!

It is the fastest shipping method but also the most expensive. The shipping occurs on a priority basis.

Here are some pros and cons:

  • Fastest Shipping
  • Complete safety setup

Cons include:

  • Most expensive shipping

2) Air freight

Air freight is the second best option in terms of SPEED. It involves shipping through air cargo.

Here are some pros:

  • Fast speed.
  • Highly safe for sensitive inventory.

Here are some cons:

  • Expensive shipping option.

China to Mexico shipping options

3) Sea Freight

Are you looking for one of the most economical shipping options? The sea freight is pocket-friendly and offers an excellent shipping experience.

There are two types of sea containers.

  • FCL
  • LCL

Here are some pros.

  • Lowest cost
  • Effective shipping.

Cons include:

  • Shipping speed is plodding.

4) Door to Door delivery

Door-to-door delivery itself is not a shipping option. Some shipping services ship the products to your door. They charge extra bucks for this purpose.

However, shipping takes extra time from the fulfillment center to your doorstep.

6. How many days does shipping from China to Mexico take?

Shipping time from China to Mexico largely depends on factors. For example:

  • The shipping method you have chosen.
  • Is there any event that has happened recently?
  • Any holidays or outbreaks.

All these factors might affect the shipping speed due to fewer workers available.

However, I have listed an average transit time associated with different shipping options.

1) Express shipping

Express shipping is the fastest delivery. Freight forwarder from China to Mexico takes an average of 3-5 days.

The time may increase in cases of events.

2) Air freight

Air freight also has a good speed. For example, delivery takes 3-7 business days to reach Mexico.

A week is still not a slow speed.

ship from China to Mexico cost timing safety

3) Sea Freight

It is the slowest shipping option. On average, sea shipping takes 20-40 days for a shipment to arrive.

Shipping time varies depending on LCL and FCL freight.

  • FCL from Shanghai to Manzanillo takes 22 days on average.
  • LCL from Shanghai to Manzanillo takes 22-23 days on average.

LCL takes a bit longer than FCL.

4) Door to Door delivery

Have you shipped through air freight? Shipping time from China to Mexico is 3-7 days. After the shipment reaches Mexico, door-to-door delivery takes extra time.

A week or less is taken by the door-to-door delivery through shipments.

7. What is the shipping cost from China to Mexico?

Shipping cost from China to Mexico depends on several factors. For example, the shipping option. Weight. And shipping service.

Here are some general costs.

1) Express shipping

Express shipping is suitable for lightweight products. Sometimes you need to ship the parcel. Express shipping is a good choice.

It might cost $15-$30 per kilogram.

Note: The price varies from company to company. You should contact your freight forwarder from China to Mexico.

2) Air freight

Air freight charges cost less compared to express shipping.

For example, it charges $11-$13 per kilogram for weights up to 500 kilograms. The shipping speed is good.

It is better to contact your freight forwarder in this case too.

3) Sea Freig


Sea freight depends on whether you are shipping FCL or LCL.

  • A 20 feet container charges $1150 to $3250.
  • A 40 feet container sets $2150 to $4850.

Prices might vary from shipping company to company. And location to location. First, consult your shipping service.

4) Door to Door delivery

Door-to-door delivery has a different transit time and cost. Some shipping services include the price of the door delivery. While others might charge extra. There is no certainty for this shipping method.

You can negotiate with your freight forwarder and get the exact quote for your shipping.

8. Tips to Find the best shipping service from China to Mexico

Scams are common in China. And when you are ordering products of 10K USD worth, a single scam is going to hurt deep down your nerves.

So, how to avoid hiring scam shipping services?

There are many tips to do that!

1) Verify the company is genuine.

First of all, you should verify whether the company is genuine. There are tons of scammers. If you hire them, they indeed don’t have:

  • A proper track record.
  • Location
  • Registered company with the government.
  • Professional shipping services

You can manually verify the company through the inspection or sourcing agents. They’ll let you know about the details of the company. If you find anything suspicious, it is better to move to another company.

2) Check previous records.

An experienced company has a previous record of its customers. Most companies boast about their work when they have worked with large enterprises.

You should contact the shipping service. Ask them to provide you with the details of their past projects.

An authentic service will give you the previous records instantly. At the same time, a scamming service might not show. Moreover, they might have many incompleted or delayed shipping cases.

Look. There can be some new companies with NO EXPERIENCE! You need to differentiate them from the scammers.

3) Read customer reviews

Reading customer reviews is essential everywhere.

Whether you are buying a product or hiring a service, check it. Suppose a company has 100 reviews. Check the ratio of positive and negative reviews.

Reading the negative reviews might point out the flaws of the shipping service. A good rating is always around 90% or above.

Having 75% positive reviews does not make a company terrible, also. But ensure most of the shipping of their order are on time.

4) Negotiate the cost

Have you selected the shipping service? Or maybe you are going through the selection services. Isn’t it so?

You should always:

  • Grab the list of prices of all the shipping options.
  • Compare them with the other services.
  • Negotiate to reduce the overall cost.

Negotiation is a prime point. You can highlight the worth of your business. And then finalize the shipping deal.

5) Settle on the shipping terms

Shipping INCOTERMS are crucial to prevent any confusion later. Moreover, from cost to shipping method, settle everything.

Either prepare shipping documents yourself or ask the company to provide them. You can request them to get your customs clearance at the border. That is all you can do.

These terms will put your terms and business ahead.

9. Shipping companies for shipping from China to Mexico

Is it hard to find the best shipping company? Don’t worry, I can help. I have evaluated all the top shipping services available in China.

Let’s check them out!!

1) Maersk Line China

Maersk Line China is not a new shipping company in China. Instead, it was established in 1904 and is working to date.

Due to lower costs and premium shipping services, it is ahead of its competitors. The reliable shipping options offer you all the shipping options with the BEST RATE.

Here are the Benefits of Maersk Line China.

  • Reliable shipping service. They have been working for more than a century. Thousands of customers indicate the reliability status of this shipping service.
  • Best shipping rates. They do not charge high shipping rates. Fast and affordable shipping is their guarantee.

2) Mediterranean Shipping Company China (MSC)

MSC is one of the biggest shipping companies in China and worldwide. It is an extensive network developed in 1970 and still provides services to global customers.

They have the best shipping and top services.

Do you want to know their benefits? Here you can check:

  • Long shipping experience. They have been working for more than 50 years. Such a high experience puts them among the top professional companies in China.
  • Efficient shipping services. Shipping is reliable and fast. You can choose different methods to ship products.

3) Just China It

Do you want one of the best shipping services in China? JustChinaIt is your partner with more than a decade of experience.

They have a high customer satisfaction rate and provide the best shipping services. With many shipping options, you can get door-to-door shipping with JustChinaIt.

Here are the pros:

  • Multiple shipping options. They have truck delivery, air shipping, and sea freight. Door-to-door delivery facilitates you in the complete shipment process.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction. JustChinaIt believes in customer satisfaction more than anything. Therefore, they offer the best shipping service.

4) COSCO Group China

When shipping pops up, COSCO Group China is one of the names too. This forwarder China Mexico offers the BEST SHIPPING service.

It was established in 1961 and has more than 60 years of experience. Such a high experience makes them a top choice.

Here are the pros.

  • Reliable shipping team. They secure your sensitive products and ship them.
  • Real-Time tracking. You’ll get access to the shipping tracking services when working with them.

5) CMA CGM China Group

It is one of the oldest companies in China for shipping China to Mexico and offers complete shipping services with reliable tracking.

It was founded in 1978 and served customers to date. Here are the pros:

  • High experience. More than 40 years in shipping makes it a good choice.
  • Reliable shipping. You can track orders and get peace of mind with their reliable shipping services.

9. FAQs

1) What are the prohibited products for shipping from China to Mexico?

Mexico has implemented rules and regulations. You can’t import all the products to Mexico. Here is the list of specific products not allowed for shipment to Mexico.

  • Firearm or ammunition products.
  • Illegal products( that are illegal in Mexico).
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Spices.
  • Liquid.
  • Precious metals.
  • Images involving negative images of children.
  • Pornographic material.

Are you shipping any of these items? Leave thee in China. You won’t get a permit.

2) What import duties must I pay for shipping to Mexico?

Mexico has implemented import duties on all shipments. You do not have to pay if the value is below 50 USD. If it exceeds, there is a 19% import tax.

For example, suppose you order a product valued at $100. 19% import duties will be 19 USD. You’ll have to pay for it!

  • Can freight forwarders help with customs inspection?

Yes. Most Chinese Freight forwarders help in China to Mexico Shipping. Not only do they ship, but they also assist in customs.

They can:

  • Determine the total taxes.
  • Submit documents.
  • Pay import duties for you.

Whenever working with a company, discuss!! Know whether they are going to provide customs clearance.

3) What is the most economical way for China to Mexico shipping?

If you want the lowest rate, Sea shipping is the best idea. But it depends on the weight. Sea cargo is a good choice if the product weighs above 500 Kilograms. In other cases, air cargo is the second option.

You should choose the shipping method with:

  • Weight.
  • Budget.
  • Time.

10. Conclusion

Have you ever worked with the China shipping companies? For beginners, it can be challenging. Before choosing the best shipping options, note:

  • Shipping cost.
  • Shipping speed.
  • Shipping experience of the company.

All these factors will land you the BEST SHIPPING SERVICE you need!

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