Topics: List of Face Mask Manufacturers in China

By HX Wenli
May 31, 2022

This is the list of face mask manufacturers in China for 2022.
We’ve worked with China face manufacturers on this list to grow our business to serve 62+ customers per month
(and growing):
So if you want to get involved in the mask business, you’ll love these fantastic manufacturers.
Let’s get started.

Chapter 1: Overview of the Chinese Mask

1.Overview of Chinese Mask

So you see everyone wearing a Chinese mask in the last two years, and it seems this will continue for a long time. People are using disposable masks. Face mask vendors sell different protective masks to avoid contracting the Covid-19 virus.
Is your face mask safe? Do you want to import Chinese masks? This article will help you know about various face masks that you can buy from China
The popularity of a Chinese mask did not only start during the pandemic. But for years, the largest face mask manufacturers in China exported to different countries to supply the needs of the medical industry.
Are you looking for China face mask manufacturers? You might also be wondering if a face mask not made in China is safer. Find out and get answers to all these questions, so read on.

Why China has the Largest Face Mask Manufacturers

We know that China produces almost everything that consumers need. Hospitals and medical clinics import face masks from China because they are one of the world’s biggest medical supplies suppliers. It is not hard to find medical mask companies in China because they have thousands of suppliers. You can find a China disposable face mask factory even online.
Face mask manufacturers in China can be a 3 ply mask factories or quality medical surgical mask factories. They can produce a China dust mask or China disposable mask in a million quantities daily, weekly, or monthly. Companies worldwide import the famous China 3 ply mask continuously.
Before the Coronavirus, China produced half of the world’s masks, and it has increased manufacturing by roughly 500% since then. The medical industry in China supplied the world’s need for medical supplies, including the China disposable face mask.
In 2020, the world depended on China face mask manufacturers to produce disposable medical masks for virus protection. Countries worldwide look for the China disposable medical face mask, China FFP2 dust masks, and high-quality best disposable face masks to import and supply their citizens.
Back in 2020, at the end of February, the total daily capacity had risen to 110 million units. Though the need for a Chinese face mask is not as much as before, the world will continue to import China disposable medical masks from face mask manufacturers.

Face Mask Manufacturers

Best Disposable Face Masks for Corona Virus

Many ask if a 3-ply surgical mask is better than a KN95 mask. Some say the respirator type is more effective than an N95 mask. What type of mask is better to protect yourself from the virus?
It is not the Chinese mask design that makes a face mask safe. Is it the China FFP1 mask or the China FFP2 dust mask? The best disposable face masks for Coronavirus have a filtration system that is FDA approved and regulated. Medical mask companies follow safety and quality standards when producing them.
For each mask type, each country has its certification standard. Europe utilizes the EN 14683 standard for surgical masks, while China uses the YY 0469 standard. Each country’s norm differs slightly, but they are all roughly comparable. China utilizes the KN standard (e.g., KN95) for respirator masks, while the US uses the N standard.
Different face masks are being sold in the market today that claim can protect you from the virus. Chapter 2 will explain each type of mask and what it can do. We will define a mask rating and how it protects a user.

Chapter 2:  Types of Chinese masks

.Types of Masks

You probably have used more than one kind of a Chinese face mask in the last two years. Do all face masks offer the same type of protection?
Medical mask companies produce masks with different mask ratings. There are three types of disposable masks you can buy from the largest face mask manufacturers:

  • Single-use face masks– usually one layer, very thin, and are only good at capturing bigger dust particles
  • Surgical masks– have more strict standards for catching virus-sized particles (0.1 microns)
  • Respirators– Normally, >90% of virus-sized particles are captured by respirators or pollution masks. You can view the exact proportions required for each certification by using the rating system in the table above. These Chinese masks are N95, KN95, FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 ratings.

But of course, most of us were not aware of these Chinese masks until they became part of our daily protection from the pandemic. However, you want to know what is best to use, and we will explain more in detail. These are the common names of China disposable medical face masks from face mask manufacturers.

1. Surgical Masks (2-Ply/3-Ply/4-Ply)

A surgical mask also called a medical face mask or procedure mask is a piece of personal protection for breathing holes like the nose and mouth.
The 2-ply masks are in high demand in the food business like packaging and food processing plants, food stores, caterers, school lunchrooms, and other similar places.
It is vital for factory workers, spa workers, and pharmacists. It is suitable for anyone who works in an environment that could pose an issue with the product.
China disposable face mask manufacturers produce 3-ply, 4-ply, and 5-ply types of surgical masks. With four layers of cloth, 4 ply face masks provide the maximum level of protection. They’re identical to a 3-ply mask, but an additional layer ensures 99 percent bacterial and particle filtering.
You can find a 3 ply mask factory or a China 3 ply disposable face mask seller in many B2B marketplaces. If you want to import from a 3 ply mask manufacturer, you need help from a sourcing company like JustChinaIt to ensure you go directly to the factory supplier.

4.factory supplier

 2. FFP Standard masks

FFP stands for Filtering Facepiece. EN 149 is a European standard that specifies the testing and marking criteria for particle half masks. These masks cover the nose, mouth, and chin and may have inhalation and exhalation valves.
FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 are the three types of particle-filtering half masks defined by the EN 149 standard. You can find a China FFP1 mask or FFP2 mask supplier, as well as FFP3 mask factories in China. Here’s the difference between the three:


FFP1 can filter at least 80% of aerosol. It is used as a dusk mask when you work in places that can develop lung problems like anthracosis, asbestosis, siderosis, and silicosis. It can filter particles like aluminum, iron, ore, zinc, or dust clouds from silica.


FFP2 mask or China FFP2 respirator has an aerosol filtration of 94%. You can use the FFP2 mask in various industries, including the glass industry, foundry, pharmaceuticals, construction, and agriculture. It efficiently prevents the spread of powdered substances.
This mask can also guard against respiratory viruses. The virus can come from flu or respiratory diseases. It is sold by China face mask manufacturers in all countries.


Of the FFP masks, the FFP3 mask has the highest filtration of at least 99%. It guards against microscopic particles like asbestos and ceramic. It does not protect against gases, mainly nitrogen oxides.
You can order or import FFP standard masks from a China medical mask factory or a China disposable mask factory outlet. If you are working on jobs where you need maximum protection from dust particles, look for a dustproof mask supplier.


First, let us understand what N and 95 mean in this type of FFP mask.
N is the Respirator Rating Letter Class. It stands for “Non-Oil,” which means that if no oil-based particulates are present, you can use the mask in the workplace. 
According to Honeywell, masks that end in a 95 have a 95% effectiveness rate. The efficiency of masks that end in a 99 is 100%. Masks with a number ending in 100 are 99.97% effective, the same as a HEPA filter.
During the onset of the pandemic, many people used N95 masks for protection. You can find China n95 mask suppliers that sell N95 with an exhalation valve. It makes breathing easier but is an optional feature of N95 masks.


N99 masks are air protection masks that can filter out PM2.5 particles in the air. The letter N denotes the masks’ non-resistant quality, notably oil-based particles. The masks effectively filter out 99 percent of airborne particles, as indicated by the number 99.
N99 masks effectively filter viruses, bacteria, and other forms of chemicals. They are also available in various sizes, so it is essential to get the right size to cover the entire chin, mouth, and nose. For more helpful tips when buying an N99 mask, you can find some valuable guides here.


According to Primelayers, the N100 mask is a full-face respirator classified and rated by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This mask has the highest efficacy in filtering out non-oil particles. The N100 filters up to 99.97 percent of all breathing particles.
Protect yourself from dust, smoke, fumes,  coal, mist, iron ore, wood, metal, and pollen using the N100 mask. Non-oil liquids, such as chemical leaks, aerosols, and other dangerous droplets, can also be protected with the N100 face mask.


KN90 respirators comply with a Chinese government regulation requiring a lower filtering efficiency performance of at least 90% than NIOSH N95 respirators with at least 95%.
While KN90 respirators are a type of respiratory protection, the level of exposure reduction they provide is less than the U.S. government’s minimal requirement. 3M is one of the famous suppliers of KN90 masks. You can find a KN90 dustproof mask manufacturer in China.

mask manufacturer in China


KN95 face masks are the Chinese version of the N95 respirator used in the U.S. The standard for KN95 masks in China is set by a Chinese governing body similar to United States Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Since they’re built to meet a Chinese standard, KN95s are not regulated in the U.S.
Are N95 and KN95 the same? Both the N95 and the KN95 masks are guaranteed to filter 95% of particles. Only KN95 masks must pass fit testing among the small changes, whereas N95 masks must meet slightly higher ventilation standards. China KN95 face mask manufacturers have these required standards.
Find a China disposable mask from a reputable China KN95 mask company to ensure quality. Face mask manufacturers in China sell it cheaper than $3 when you buy directly from a face mask manufacturer. If you need to source China kn95 mask manufacturers, JustChinaIt can help you find the right source.


When searching for a Chinese mask, do you also look for KN100? If you ask a face mask manufacturer, they will say that KN100 has a 99.97% efficiency.
These masks, like N99 and N100 respirators, have been shown to provide a higher level of protection, although breathing through these high-performance filters is more challenging.
The largest face mask manufacturers in China can supply KN100 with a superior filtration system for user protection. KN100 is also a China disposable face mask. China disposable face mask suppliers offer reasonable MOQs for this mask.

Chapter 3: Top Medical Mask Companies & Face Mask Manufacturers in China

You now understand the difference between a direct supplier and buying from B2B platforms. Do you want to buy from the factory and China medical mask supplier? We bring you the list of the largest face mask manufacturers in China:

6.Mask Manufacturers in China

Guangzhou Powecom Safety Goods Manufacturing Co. Ltd

If you look for child face mask disposable factories, you can count on this manufacturer. They produce dustproof masks, 3-ply and 4-ply disposable masks, hay fever masks,  N95, KN90, KN95 masks, and PM2.5 masks. They also sell sanitary medical goods, such as PU foam earplugs and latex gloves.
This mask company also offers the following:

  • carbon masks
  • respirators
  • cartridge masks
  • valve masks
  • silicone
  • rubber masks

They have PPE Directive and NIOSH certifications. The European Union CE Certification Center granted them a quality management system certificate. They have a special protective clothing production license QS, and a safety certification marks LA.

Hubei Fullcare Protective Products Co., Ltd.

This company carries the FDA certification and ISO 9001 and 13485 for their disposable face masks, surgical masks, anti-fog masks, respirators, and N95 masks.
Other products like gowns, caps, body wraps, surgical packs, and beddings are among the non-woven sanitary items offered by Hubei Fullcare. They export 90% of their goods to the European Union, the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
Customers can choose from more than 100 mask models at Hubei Fullcare, including 3-ply and 4-ply non-woven face masks, antifogging masks with eyeshields, dustproof masks, and N95 respirators.

Yangzhou Vench Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Vench Medical Products is a famous manufacturer and supplier of disposable medical products. They have produced non-woven disposable masks and N95 surgical cone masks since 2012. 
Many hospitals, factories, laboratories, and restaurants use their products. Below are their other in-demand products:

  • disposable masks with transparent visors
  • surgical drapes
  • overalls
  • capes
  • tapes and bandages
  • medical cotton 

You can be sure you’re buying legit products because this company has FDA certification as well as ISO 9001 and 13485.

Changshu Yinuo Medical Articles Co., Ltd.

We have another manufacturer that is in demand when it comes to medical goods. The company follows GMP in its process. Some of their products are:

  • medical masks
  • dustproof masks with filtering valves
  • respirators
  • latex examination gloves
  • personal protection equipment
  • medical and surgical products

Changshu Yinuo Medical Articles was founded in Changshu in 1999. They export to Japan, South Korea, France, Finland, Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands. They have ISO certifications.

Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Dasheng is a professional mask factory in China and is considered a famous brand enterprise. It was built in 1997 and now has a modern factory with a 20,000 square meter area that has 300 automated machines for mask manufacturing.
Dasheng has applied copyrights for its newly-operated 60 automatic machines. This China disposable mask manufacturer exports masks to big countries like the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, and 60 more countries.
As a China mask manufacturer, they pride their excellent filtration system safe and hygienic products. Their essential products are:

  • surgical masks
  • FFP1NR
  • FFP2NR
  • FFP3NR
  • N95
  • N99 masks
  • P1, P2 masks
  • medical face covering

For their certificates, Shanghai Dasheng health products have the following Certification: ISO 9001 certified factory, AS/NZS1716 (Aus), EN 149 (Eu)NlOSH & FDA approved (US), LD29-2006, GBT2626-
2006, GB2828-87, GB2829-87 (China), DS-2 (Japan).

7.professional mask factory in China

Shenzhen HisoMedical Co., Ltd

When it comes to face mask production, Shenzhen HisoMedical Co., Ltd. is a market leader. They make high-quality, medical-grade disposable face masks. Their product line includes:

  • Antigen test kits
  • PPEs
  • Gloves
  • Face masks

This Chinese mask company sells surgical face masks and 3-ply disposable face masks. They also have respirators such as KN95, FFP2, and FFP3.
The company can make over 2 million face masks every day. They can quickly fulfill large orders from throughout the world. HisoMedical has 15 automated mask production lines that ensure certified and controlled masks for hospital use.
HisoMedical’s face masks passed the international standards. They have an ISO9001:2001 quality management system and  CE and FDA certificates

Chinese mask company

Shenzhen SoMedicalSupplies Company Ltd

Shenzhen SoMedical is an excellent choice if you want a China to face mask supplier that sells 3-ply non-woven fabric & high-density disposable masks. Their masks have greater than 99% bacterial filtration.
SoMedical is a China disposable medical face mask factory that caters to many foreign countries.
SoMedical Supplies is a recognized manufacturer of medical and surgical disposable personal protective equipment (PPE). They have a large factory in Shenzhen. Some of their products are:

  • disposable face masks
  • overalls
  • coveralls
  • gowns
  • SMS bed sheets
  • shoe covers
  • caps

SoMedical Supplies satisfies global import requirements such as CE for Europeans and FDA for Americans. They also have a company standard of ISO 13485. More than ten production lines and 300 sewing machines are available at the company. They can fill 120 HQ containers per month.
Their certification includes  Intertek EN 14683, NELSON Report & Medical License for government, and customs clearance in China (German import).

Shenzhen Linkhub Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

Linkhub is a Shenzhen-based face mask provider with experience in purchasing, quality control, warehousing, transportation, delivery, and customs clearing. This China medical surgical mask supplier is known for their services like OEM and labels customization for their clients.
Linkhub is a major supplier of Chinese mask designs like:

  •  N95 respiratory face masks 
  • 3-ply outdoor dust masks
  • 3-ply surgical face masks
  • hand sanitizers
  • face shields
  • goggles
  • surgical coverall supplies

This China mask wholesale supplier has key collaboration partners and third-party suppliers. For worry-free shipping, they choose a certified manufacturer. They carry certificates like CE certification, ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA, BSCI, CGPM, and more.

Rizhao Sanqi Medical and Health Products Co., Ltd

Another qualified and one of the top China disposable medical mask manufacturers is Rizhao Sanqi Medical. Nonwoven fabrics make up the product’s bottom and surface, with a high-efficiency filter material put in the middle and heated by a machine. The bacterial filtering efficiency of their Chinese mask is greater than 95%.
Rizhao Sanqi Medical and Health Articles Co., Ltd. is a multi-faceted production and export company that has R&D, design, manufacturing, and distribution of modern medical devices and health care items.
The primary products are medical gadgets, health care items, personal and professional labor insurance policies, and household products.
This China medical surgical mask company has FDA, 13485, 11135, 9001, CE, GMP, SGS, and other domestic qualifications. Rizhao Sanqi is one of China’s strategic store firms, according to the Ministry of Health. For years, the company has built a solid reputation by exporting millions of PPE goods.

Chinese mask company

Shandong Aida Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Shandong Aida Medical Products was founded in Weifang, China, in 2013. It developed a manufacturing center with a total size of 32000 square meters for research, production, and distribution. Their key products are:

  • N95 respirator dust masks
  • Cotton yarn disposable medical masks
  • PP nonwoven medical masks
  • 3 ply nonwoven surgical masks
  • Children face masks with valves
  • PM 2.5 anti-pollution masks with valves
  • Washable cotton anti-smog mask
  • Reusable cartoon design masks for kids

Aida also maintains a high level of hygiene during the manufacturing process. Currently, the company has three primary products: medical masks, work masks, and anti-haze masks. They also provide both ODM and OEM services.

Xiantao Rayxin Medical Products Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 mask company, Xiantao Rayxin should be one of your best choices. Since 2004, Xiantao Rayxin Medical Products has specialized in the production of disposable protective equipment.
Below is the list of their main products:

  • Disposable surgical plastic and cotton items(disposable masks, hats, coveralls, and shoe covers)
  • PP rustproof masks
  • Paper masks
  • Nylon beard covers
  • Plastic face shields/eye shields
  • Masks with transparent visors

Chapter 4:  Where to Buy Chinese Face Mask

Buy Chinese Face Mask

When looking for a Chinese face mask, there are two factors you must ensure-quality and price. Like black disposable face masks Chemist Warehouse brand, Australian-made masks are high-quality but expensive. A Chinese mask design is a better option, and you can buy it from a China face mask manufacturer.
Do you look for an FFP2 mask supplier or a  China type I mask wholesale? How can you recognize a spotless China disposable dust mask? You can find a China 3 ply face mask supplier from different disposable face mask factories. We will discuss them as follows.

1. Licensed medical mask companies

The top Medical Mask Companies and Face Mask Manufacturers in China mentioned in the previous chapters are licensed medical and best disposable face mask companies. They are reliable and in-demand suppliers of a Chinese face masks or China dust masks.
When you buy a China disposable medical mask, you must follow the standards that your country regulates. The same goes for a China disposable dust mask. Not all face mask vendors are licensed and sell FDA-approved products, so you must check their product specifications.
If you want more lists of a China medical mask suppliers and a China disposable mask factories, a sourcing company can help you. Like JustChinaIt, sourcing agencies can direct you to other reliable suppliers that sell Chinese mask disposable products.

Licensed medical mask companies

In some cases, the largest face mask manufacturers require big MOQ orders, and small companies cannot afford them. With the services of a sourcing agent, you can find a face mask manufacturer that can meet your MOQ needs. They can also provide some China disposable medical mask manufacturers who can ship out products quickly.
If you want to import and buy face masks from a China mask manufacturer, you have to identify the purpose for more effective usage. For the Covid-19 protection, you can refer to the types of masks mentioned in Chapter 2. When buying masks for Covid-19, World Health Organization recommends the following as of January 2022:

1. Non-medical masks that are reusable and meet ASTM F3502 or CEN Working Agreement 17553
2. Disposable medical masks that meet EN 14683 Type I, ASTM F2100 Level 1, YY/T 0969, YY
3. When other solutions are not available, other forms of well-fitting non-medical masks

2. B2B platforms

12. B2B platforms face mask

Have you heard about Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources, and other Chinese marketplaces online? The next resource for a Chinese mask is through these platforms. You can find almost any Chinese mask design here and buy from thousands of face mask manufacturers in China.
B2B platforms can be the easiest way to find a face mask manufacturer for some buyers. However, not all sellers on these platforms are face mask manufacturers in China. Most of the time, they are only called China mask supplier, but they do not produce their own China disposable protective mask.
These suppliers also buy from a  Chinese mask factory. They are resellers who put up their own trading business in the B2B platforms so they can sell to foreign buyers. They can speak English and can communicate well.
For example, if you are looking for a quality type IIR mask supplier or a China 3 ply non woven face mask, these sellers can look it up from their list of suppliers and then sell it to you with a price markup. They can
pretend to be face mask manufacturers, but the truth is, they are only distributors or resellers.
So if you are looking for a direct disposable face mask manufacturer in China, you need to thoroughly research or check the company profile. The edge of buying from these platforms is you can buy starting on a low MOQ requirement.
For example, a face mask not made in China, the black disposable face mask chemist warehouse brand, can be more expensive. But the China disposable medical mask or China disposable dust mask is cheap but good. You can earn a huge profit when you import and re-sell them.
B2B platforms have thousands of suppliers of a China dust mask and offer China type I mask wholesale prices. A China 3ply face mask can be bought for as low as $0.50 when you order 100,000 pieces. But if you want to buy it for as low as $0.1, you need to buy directly from a China disposable mask factory.

Chapter 5:  Tips When Buying Chinese Masks

Tips When Buying Masks

If you are in the US, you can only buy face masks that are regulated and allowed for use. You can buy the N95 masks. If you are in Australia, the black disposable face mask chemist warehouse brand is the popular choice. But what are the other things you need to remember when buying masks?

Do not buy unregistered medical products.

Check if the face masks you are buying have FDA registrations and are not included in the list of banned goods. Do not compromise the quality because your safety is important. Misbranded products can put your health at risk.

Be aware of scams.

Scams usually happen when you buy from the B2B platforms that misrepresent their company. When choosing a supplier to buy your China disposable mask wholesale price, do not deal with unlicensed sourcing agents.

Check on product compliance from the company.

Check the company certificates and the product description. If you need CE mask manufacturers, ask the supplier for a copy of the product certification. The same thing when buying other masks like a China 3 ply surgical mask, make sure that the supplier has quality assurance certificates.

Buying terms and conditions

Check on the MOQ, mode of payment, China disposable mask price, and delivery options. When the demand is high, the price and MOQ are also high. Check if the prices include shipping or if you need payment terms. Some companies want full payment before shipping.

Check on your freight forwarder.

This is important because you have to know the charges and other shipping expenses when you import from a China disposable mask supplier. The customs fees and other taxes, as well as delivery options, vary.
You can check how soon you can receive the goods. If you are shipping via ocean freight, it may take up to 60 days or more. The shipping price can be 200% higher when you want express shipping. Please note that the shipping fees for this year have increased.

Chapter 6:  What are Face Mask Not Made in China

Face Mask Not Made in China

An example of a face mask not made in China is the black disposable face mask chemist warehouse brand. In this section, we will look at some brands of face masks not made in China.
The Chinese mask design is almost the same as other non China disposable non woven face masks. The difference can only be in the filtration efficiency.

Made in USA face masks

NIOSH approved N95 masks to be used in the US. Some brands for dustproof mask company in the USA are DMB Supply, DreamHug, Cuffy, Armbrust USA, Luosh USA. They are the known brands for surgical masks, N95, 3-ply, cloth masks, and medical masks.

Made in India masks

There are brands you can buy from Amazon, a face mask not made in China but has high quality and passed certifications. These are brands like SG Health N-95 masks, Chitra, and Vandelay disposable surgical masks.
When choosing face mask vendors from India, always check the ratings and reviews, especially when you’re buying on B2B platforms.

Made in Eu masks

Some of the best brands and suppliers in the UK are Medline, Face Mask UK, PopOn Masks, Blazing Star, and Hardshell. Like a Chinese mask disposable, these companies supply premium-grade surgical masks and respirators.
They are known for being FFP2 dust mask factories, FFP3 respirator mask makers, and also manufacturing the Type IIR. During the onset of the pandemic, there was a high demand for facemasks in the UK, so they still imported China non woven face masks.

Australian face mask manufacturers

If you need a face mask manufacturer Australia-based, the black disposable face mask Chemist Warehouse brand is very popular.
Oz Medical is a company that supplies reusable and disposable face masks, antigen kits, and protective health products. Other famous brands like the black disposable face mask Chemist Warehouse are Clear Collective, TECMASK, Madeit, and AP Surgical. They also have designer brands like Living Masks.

Chapter 7:  FAQS on Chinese Mask

15.Chinese Mask

Many China disposable medical face mask suppliers carry a good reputation.  That’s why foreign buyers import China children’s masks, China FFP2 face masks, or Chinese mask designs from dust mask manufacturers in China.
Like the black disposable face mask Chemist Warehouse brand, you can find a China type I mask factory that can provide you with more than 95% filtration efficiency.
Type I masks filter greater respiratory droplets during expiration and have a BFE of 95%. People and patients can use Type I face masks to limit the risk of transferring the infection to others. They’re suited for usage in all public spaces and places where social distancing is required.

Who is the largest face mask manufacturer?

In terms of the customer base and marketplace, China has long been the world’s leading producer and supplier of respirator masks. Before the Coronavirus, China produced half of the world’s masks, and it has increased manufacturing roughly 12-fold since then. 
Since the breakout of the Coronavirus, China has doubled its effort to increase its production of surgical and respirator masks. The mask production increased from up to 115 million daily. There was a high demand for orders in 3 ply disposable face mask factories for China face mask surgical disposable products.
Even after two years, foreign buyers still import face masks from China. The price of face masks in a China FFP2 mask manufacturer and FFP1 disposable mask factories is way lower than any supplier worldwide.

Are FLTR masks made in China?

FLTR’s general-purpose face masks, FLTR95 sealing face masks, and NIOSH-approved N95 masks are all made in China at the moment.
FLTR N95 respirators have been shown to filter 95% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns. FLTR works with four NIOSH N95 plants, each with a monthly capacity of 16 million units.

Which is the best surgical mask company?

The top name of companies in the world that create the best surgical masks are the following:

  • Honeywell
  • 3M
  • Kimberley-Clark Corporation
  • Foss Performance Materials
  • Prestige Ameritech
  • Alpha Pro Tech
  • Louis M. Gerson Company, Inc.
  • Makrite
  • Moldex-Metric, Inc.
  • Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Company, Ltd.

 How can you tell a real KN95 mask?

Counterfeit or fake masks are everywhere. Since you can buy a KN95 mask in many online shops, they may all look the same. However, knowing you have the right mask will protect you from viruses or bacteria that can enter your body. There are two things you need to look for:


The most important thing to look for in N95 masks is that the respirator has been tested. It must be certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Look for the approval number on it, and “NIOSH” should be correct in spelling.
Earloops are not found on genuine N95 masks. Instead, straps or a headband are used, and there is no other cosmetic design. N95 respirators have headbands that secure around the head.

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